10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Agencies in 2022

10 Best Time Tracking Apps for Agencies in 2022

July 8, 2021

Do you want to intelligently manage your workforce and labor costs? Do you want to know which employee is the most productive? Do you want to be sure that your employee is actually working on his task instead of procrastinating? Do you want your agency to be organized? If your answer to the following questions is ‘yes’, then you may try to consider using a time tracking app.

What is exactly time tracking apps/software?

Many businesses around the globe have made billing per hour a common practice. Time tracking software is mainly used for the purpose of managing the labor costs of a firm or an agency. They give managers availability to track the working (billable) hours of the employees. Most businesses use time tracking apps for their freelance workers, mainly because the manager and the employee are not physically close.

Time tracking tools also measure how much time the workers took to complete the given task. Also, time tracking tools ensure an error-free schedule because having too many people in one shift can lead to a lower budget in the long-term run. Such software is also a great tool for reducing employee turnover. Employee turnover makes a great impact on labor costs. Turnover costs include sourcing, hiring, and onboarding new employees.
That being said, time tracking apps are considered to be an effective way of managing labor costs.

Which tracking app should I consider using for my agency?

In 2021, there is a sea of tracking apps on the market, and choosing the perfect fit for your agency can be a pretty difficult and daunting task. Some are specially designed to meet the requirements of certain businesses.
Therefore, we have created a list of the top 10 time tracking apps for agencies so you can save time and don’t have to spend hours on Google searching for the best tracking app. It is important to note, however, that every tracking app is unique in its own way, and there is no ‘one size fits all.’
This list will definitely help you decide which app is the ideal solution for your agency.

1. Time Analytics– Professional Service and Agencies Time Tracker

time analytics time tracking for agencies

Time Analytics, the timesheet management software, helps both you and your team run projects as efficiently as possible. It easily tracks everything with its comprehensive, simple, intuitive and detailed timesheets. Besides this, Time Analytics also helps you identify who your most valuable clients are, as well as discover what your time utilization rate for employees is.

Main features and benefits:

  • Transparent invoicing- Time analytics integrates with Excel making invoices and presentations an easy work
  • Powerful productivity tools- With the help of voicing assistants, advanced expense tracking, and management functionality, Time Analytics is a perfect solution to boost your firm’s efficiency.
  • Intelligently manage your workforce- Time Analytics helps you have a precise overview of each one of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that everyone can work on a project that fits them the best
  • Monitor your admin tasks- Know how many hours you are spending on certain activities
  • Evaluate and optimize your overall ROI- Discover where your ROI is underperforming and how you can improve overall productivity and your firm’s activities
  • Choose the perfect pricing structure for new engagements- Optimize every new client by diving deep into your data to know how much you should be charging
  • Figure out where you need to make changes- Track how each client’s projects are performing and identify areas where increasing fees is necessary

Pricing —4 plans available:

  • Free —0 USD per month
  • Starter— 4.99 USD per month
  • Optimum— 6.99 USD per month (recommended)
  • Premium—12.99 USD per month

2. ClickTimeIncrease Employee’s Productivity With its Easy Timesheet

clicktime time tracking for agencies

ClickTime is a time tracking software that drives the performance of the employees, increases the overall productivity of the firm, improves operations, and increases the visibility of all projects. With the help of its simple timesheets, it is extremely easy to record employees’ working hours no matter if they work at the office or remotely.

Main features and benefits:

  • Quickly approve employees’ hours- Lock timesheets for approval and confirm overtime hours
  • Built for every business- Ideal tracking solution for agencies, nonprofits, universities, consultants, IT, healthcare and more
  • Resource planning- ClickTime helps you optimize employee hours and manage availability
  • DCAA/Audit Trial- Track any changes made in ClickTime
  • Payroll integrations- You can export timesheets to payroll and set automatic reminders
  • Powerful reports- Understand budget availability, employee utilization, project performance and more

Pricing- Free of charge for 14 days. Later on, you can choose the plan that fits your needs. Available plans include:

  • Starter- 9 USD per month (free trial)
  • Team- 12 USD per month (free trial)
  • Premier- 24 USD per month (schedule demo)
  • CALL- upon request (schedule demo)

3. ClockIt – Easy-to-Use and Simple Time Clock Software

clockIT time tracking for agencies

ClockIt software helps you track employee working hours. It offers various optional features such as leave accruals, custom reporting, web clock, Slack integration, mobile apps, and others. ClockIt uses artificial intelligence to calculate working hours with the highest possible accuracy. Its timesheets help you calculate payrolls fast and easily thanks to the time card calculator.

Main features and benefits:

  • Set up your account in a few minutes- It takes you only a few minutes to set up your account. There are also tons of video tutorials in case of any difficulty with the setup
  • Shift planning- A smart algorithm perfectly designed to schedule shifts of the employees so that everyone can pull out their best performance
  • Vacation of employees- ClockIt offers a unique and flexible attendance software that comes with interesting features that include time tracking, leave account management, reporting as well as setting up vacation days and overworking hours
  • Notifications – ClockIt time clock sends you notifications to inform you about your time clock events
  • Generate reports- Time Clock Software is designed in a way to meet your time and attendance needs with a dynamic reporting tool
  • Time clock app- Time Clock App is available for both IOS and Android so that all your users can clock in and out anytime
  • Time clock kiosk – Set up a simple time clock kiosk and allow your users to clock in and out from different locations

Pricing– 14-day free trial. No credit is required during the free trial. The price is set for the entire team.

  • XS- 29 USD per month (up to 10 users)
  • S- 49 USD per month (up to 20 users)
  • M-99 USD per month (up to 50 users)
  • L- 199 USD per month (up to 100 users)

4. Chrometa– Time Tracking For Agencies, Teams and Attorneys, Architects, Freelancers, and Others

chrometa time tracking for agencies

Chrometa is a unique automated time tracker created to record all billable activities including meetings, communication with clients, and other tasks in a matter of time. It offers a wide set of features including desktop tracker, android tracker, billing, project management, teams, security, and other features. It is a perfect fit for everyone no matter if you are a lawyer, architect, freelancer, or a member of a team. All of your activities and tasks are tracked and easily visible.

Main features and benefits:

  • Automatically track time on any device- Unique time trackers designed for your Mac and PC watch the app you use, your keyboard, as well mouse. It records how much time you are spending on writing and responding to emails, how long you are on websites, and more. No stopwatches are required.
  • Automatically allocate time and to clients and projects- Allocate time automatically by using keywords, email addresses, and/or mobile numbers. At the end of the day, you will get an automatically generated timesheet.
  • Monitor project time and budgets- Track budget and billing for your clients and be notified before your projects overrun budget
  • Maximize team productivity- Stay informed and updated about every employee’s progress
  • Less admin work- This feature ensures effective time management by making the administrative tasks easier so that architects/attorneys can focus on their actual tasks.
  • Show proof of your work- Avoid long hours going through emails and justify your activities and invoices
  • Track your finances- Chrometa makes billing an easy task so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Capture all billable work- Chrometa captures every activity such as communication with clients through email or phone and makes the work billable

Pricing– 30-day free trial. After 30 days you can choose a plan that fits best your needs. The three plans include:

  • Standard- 19 USD per month
  • Plus-29 USD per month
  • Premium-49 USD per month
  • You can change between the plans or cancel the subscription at any time, free of charge.

5. Bloomup – The Intuitive Tool For Organizing Your Teamwork

bloomup time tracking for agencies

Bloomup is software designed to capture all activities during one’s working hours. Organizing your tasks, knowledge, and processes have never been easier. Bloomup offers all essentials for stress-free work as well as essentials for an organized, clutter-free interface of your tasks.

Main features and benefits:

  • Your projects and knowledge in one place- Keep everything in one place and you won’t be afraid of missing any conversation, document or personal note anymore.
  • Organize according to your needs – Structure your projects as you want. A simple and organized interface shows your tasks, notes, calendar view clearly.
  • The right information at the right time- Focus on the essential information so you’re not distracted and so you are not missing what is important anymore
  • Everyone knows what to do at all times- On account of a to-do list, everyone knows their task
  • Save time at each new project- This feature helps you increase productivity by converting your projects into a template
  • Integration of your tools- Connect all your favorite and often used tools such as Zoom to Bloomup and save time on a daily basis.

Pricing– Pricing depends on which plan you choose. You can choose one of four plans:

  • Freemium-0 EUR per month
  • Team- 39 EUR per month
  • Business (recommended)-79 EUR per month
  • Large enterprise-Upon request

6. Clockify100% Free Time Tracking Software For Teams

clockify time tracking for agencies

Clockify is a time tracking and timesheet app used to track the work hours of the employees. Thanks to Clockify you can easily track attendance, productivity, efficiency, and billable hours with a time tracking and timesheet. This way you have a precise overview of your team’s activity, as well as of all projects and deadlines.

Main features and benefits:

  • Boost productivity- Discover on which activities you spend the most time, improve your time management skills and avoid procrastination
  • Bill clients- Track billable time, see how much money you have earned, create invoices
  • Manage team-Track attendance and activity of team members, see who works on what project, track payroll
  • Business intelligence- Business intelligence helps you analyze your company’s efficiency and detect potential errors so you know what to improve
  • Reporting-With reporting you can easily filter and customize reports, as well as share reports with others


Free of charge forever

7. Hivedesk – Time Tracking Software with Screenshots For Remote Work

HiveDesk time tracking for agencies

Hivedesk is a time tracking software perfectly designed for employees working from home. With help of Hivedesk software, you will increase productivity, track time and cost, as well as take periodic screenshots so you can see the activity of your employees. The solution is suitable for digital agencies and designers.

Main features and benefits:

  • Employee time tracking- Track where the employees spend working hours and when the employees are actively working
  • Project tracking- Track project status and the direction of the project
  • Task management- Organize your tasks so you can avoid procrastination
  • Automatic timesheets- Timesheets are automatically generated from time tracking
  • Project cost management- Track the cost of each project and manage the budget
  • Automatic screenshots- Take periodic screenshots to see the activity of team members

Pricing-14-day free trial. 5 user plans are available:

  • 5 User plan-25 USD per month
  • 10 User plan- 50 USD per month
  • 20 User plan- 100 USD per month
  • 50 User plan-250 USD per month
  • 100 User plan- 500 USD per month

8. BigTime – Billing and Tracking of Your Agency Most Important Assets

bigtime time tracking for agencies

BigTime is software made mainly for the purpose of time tracking and billing & invoicing. Besides this, it also offers a set of features such as resource allocation, project management, reporting and analytics, integrations.

  • Time tracking- Easily visible and transparent data of your team members’ activity
  • Billing & invoicing- Send custom invoices quickly and effortlessly
  • Resource allocation-Assign the right people for certain tasks
  • Project management- Organize budgets, expenses, billing, and projection creation
  • Reporting & Analytics- Have a clear picture of how your business looks like with the benefit of advanced dashboards, analytics, and reports.
  • Integrations- BigTime is cloud-based, designed to be integrated with the apps you use the most such as Google Apps, Slack, and many other.

Pricing- BigTime, besides a free trial, offers three plans:

  • Express- 10 USD per month
  • Pro- 30 USD per month
  • Premier- 40 USD per month

9. ClockShark– All-in-one Toolkit For Agency Time Tracking and Task Management

clock shark time tracking for agencies

Clockshark is a timesheet app designed for team management, team communication, and invoicing. With the help of Clockshark, working hours can be tracked on Mobile, Website, and Kiosks.

Main features and benefits:

  • Paperless job management- ClockShark offers all the tools needed for quick job management to make the task easier and less dull
  • Team & Employee scheduling- Scheduling fieldwork offers transparency, as well as the organization
  • Quotes, invoices, payments – To create as accurate invoices as possible you need a trusting app, and ClockShark is a great solution for managing finances
  • Integrations- Integrate ClockShark app with some of the leading apps such as QuickBooks, Sage 100 Contractor, Xero, ADP, Paychex, and more
  • Automatic mobile phone tracking- Employees’ smartphones will contain paperless timesheets so that employees are able to see their working hours, jobs completed, as well as locations visited in real-time
  • Schedule your jobs and team- Schedule new jobs, make a calendar and share the schedule with team members

Pricing– the price is calculated for a user, not the whole team
Two months free of charge when billed annually

  • Basic- 3 USD per month
  • Standard- 6 USD per month
  • Pro- 8 USD per month
  • Expert- 12 USD per month

10. When I workTime Tracking Software For the Modern Companies

whenIwork time tracking for agencies

When I work is a time tracker software and scheduling app designed to improve the whole team’s organization and efficiency, to improve communication, to boost accountability, to track time and attendance, as well as to reduce chaos, costs, and turnover.  The platform is ideal for marketing and advertising agencies and interior designer.

Main features and benefits:

  • Track time easier- Your schedule can be integrated with the time clock so the labor costs are reduced
  • Communication- Communicate 1:1 in group chats
  • Schedule faster- Create the perfect work schedule in just a few minutes
  • Team Accountability- Mobile clock in, shift confirmation, team tasks
  • Team Management- Review shift trades, approve time-off requests
  • Team empowerment- Employees are free to manage availability and collaborate on shift trades


  • Small business (Up to 100 employees)- 2 USD per user per month, free trial available
  • Enterprise (More than 100 employees)-Upon request, only when demo version is scheduled


Finding the perfect time tracking app for your agency is, by no means, not an easy task. Once you have found the tracking app that fits your needs, you can expect to have a more diligent workforce, productivity boost, transparent invoicing, shift planning, reports, recorded billable activities, organized payrolls, and other benefits.


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