12 of the Best Time and Productivity Tracking Apps in 2022

You know that person in the office who gets it all done on time and makes it look easy? You’re always watching enviously thinking,  “What’s their secret?”  

I’m here to tell you: that person is probably logging in daily to a productivity tracker

Have you ever noticed that when you have less control over your schedule and actionable tasks, things feel more chaotic? You feel overwhelmed, overworked, and downright incapable of prioritizing your tasks. You feel the opposite of productive. 

Managing yourself and Managing Teams

We’ve all been there.  You have a to-do list a mile long. Multiple time commitments all requiring your full attention: 

  • Client projects. 
  • Administrative paperwork. 
  • Meetings to run, phone calls to make, and employee issues to oversee. 

The truth is, it can become really overwhelming, really fast. So, what’s the answer? 

You need a productivity tracker, and you needed it yesterday. If you have always wanted a one-stop shop to keep track of where time and money are being spent–and earned–a productivity tracker is your answer.  

In today’s world, the amount of tech available to us is staggering. The list of productivity tracking apps is almost as long as your to-do list. 

At Time Analytics, we understand this problem on many levels, and from many different angels. Let me explain. 

A Hierarchy of Needs

Managing a busy professional environment means being pulled in many directions. You often don’t have time to think clearly about what’s on your own list, let alone the list of each of your employees. You are juggling tasks and prioritizing both tasks that are billable, and those that aren’t. 

You know there are issues:

  • client projects that aren’t being completed on time
  • employees that aren’t using time or money efficiently
  • profits lost where they shouldn’t be

The reality of running a business means juggling all of these things on a daily basis while also crossing things off on your own list.  Gone are the days of simply clocking in and clocking out. You need to understand how employees are using their time and which clients are your most profitable; and you need all the information in one place. 

In a 2021 article on the subject, Forbes claims using a time and productivity tracker to analyze how you spend your time at work, as one of 5 tips to increase productivity in a professional environment. You need a productivity tracker that can keep everyone on the same page.

 Let’s explore your options. 

#1. Time Analytics -Optimize Billable Hours with Productivity Tracking

Time Analytics Software is our number one choice in productivity trackers. Time Analytics offers a comprehensive suite of productivity services that are ideal for the busy manager or administrator who needs information on productivity and profitability. 

Although it was originally created for and by accountants, Time Analytics timesheet tracking software works well for any business looking to unify information on:

  • employee productivity
  • workflow
  • client profitability

It truly is an incredible time-saving tool. 

​​Time Analytics tracks billable hours, effective time use, and cost of engagement. It also has the added benefit of excellent analytics for managing your clients, projects, and employees.

Here is a look inside all that that Time Analytics Software can offer:


  • Simple online timesheets for accountants
  • Time-tracking per employee, project, client, and working task
  • Expense tracking (cost allocation for projects and clients)
  • Client monitoring (billable hours, total hours, how time is used, cost of engagement)
  • Productivity management
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit calculation per each client and project (feature under preparation)

Best for: As mentioned above Time Analytics is mainly used by accounting, tax and audit firms, however its capabilities stretch far beyond that. The simple template and workflow is effective for any professional firm or service looking to maximize efficiency and productivity and minimize headache and lost time. 


#2. Time Camp

Time Camp is a great option if you are looking for something that’s user friendly. Time Camp can be synced with your G- Suite for easy, one-click logging in. There are many integrations you can use with Time Camp while tracking your employees productivity, performance and productivity. 


  • Automatic time tracking app–tells you how people are spending their time without the need for micromanagement
  • Productivity tracking–proof of your team’s work broken down into the different projects they are working on
  • Track hours as billable or non-billable

Best for: Marketing Agencies, IT businesses, and Designers. 


#3. Harvest

Our number 3 productivity tracker is Harvest. Harvest boasts multiple ways employees and managers can use their time and productivity tracking app in order to keep their productivity organized and in one place. 


  • Start and stop timers as you finish projects or enter hours
  • Track time and productivity across multiple devices–both mobile and desktop
  • Integrate Harvest with all the tools your teams already use
  • Scale your business with a painless system that works

Best for: Firms looking to scale their businesses and keep all of their employee productivity info in one place.


#4. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a time and productivity tracking app that helps you in multiple ways. If you have a big project,  begin a focused work session–and Rescue Time blocks out all other distractions. In addition, Rescue Time can help you discover which type of distractions you are losing the most productivity to. 

LIke the name implies, Rescue Time can help you get that lost time back in a productive way. 


  • Visual component that sets your focus and important goals for the day
  • Reminders to help you see what’ve accomplished and what you have left to do
  • Tracks and offers guidance into what the most productive time of day is according to the way you work
  • Set up to block distractions when you have something important to complete
  • Engage with a more comprehensive understanding of how you use your time and where you can cut out distractions from analysis reports 

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Students and Teachers


#5. Clicktime

Clicktime is a productivity tracker that boasts performance driven results.  Clicktime was founded by two productivity-focused brothers in order to help businesses track, manage and plan employee time. Clicktime’s features make it an easy choice for Non profit organizations, Consultants and IT Firms. 


  • Works across desktop and mobile devices
  • Tracks employee productivity, time off and overtime
  • Tracks expenses and project budgets
  • Comprehensive reports make it easier to see what’s working and who needs support

Best For: Non profit organizations, IT firms, professional consultants and service providers

#6. Tracking Time

Tracking Time productivity tracker sells themselves as the “set it and forget it” of time tracking apps. Among the many features of Tracking Time, you can integrate their software with many of the other business apps you might already use. For example, do you use Asana to organize your tasks? Install a Tracking Time button right into your Asana app to help keep track of what you’re spending the most time on.



  • Integrates with your other most loved business and productivity apps
  • Track clock in and clock out time–especially helpful for remote workers
  • Track both time and budget for all of your projects
  • Specify employee roles and schedules to keep everyone on the same page


Best for: Graphic Designers, Remote Workers, Architects, Marketing Teams, and Freelancers


#7. Everhour

Everhour is the time and productivity tracker that’s easy-to-use. Everhour integrates seamlessly with most of the other business and organizational apps you might already use. This creates a comprehensive productivity suite that helps to manage everything you need for task completion in one place. 


  • Track time spent on tasks, hours of work and breaks for employees
  • Track employee productivity and attendance
  • Estimate time, set budgets, build reports and create invoices start to finish for every project
  • Integrate with other productivity tools like Asana, Trello, Clickup and others

Best for: Accounting Firms, Computer Software Designers and Developers, Marketing Agencies


#8. Replicon

Replicon is the easy-to-use and easy-to-configure choice for your time management and productivity tracking needs. One-system employee tracking allows you to track all employees from any location–in office or remotely. It has customizable timesheets so you can reduce errors and improve your compliance while streamlining your business needs. 


  • Track productivity, time and attendance
  • Manage project expenses and resources
  • Invoice clients
  • Automate and enforce all time-off policies


Best for: Computer Software companies with 50-200 employees


#9 Timely App

Timely App is a productivity tracking app made to use on either a desktop or a web-based device. Timely App offers real time dashboards, and powerful planning tools. All of these components help teams to manage capacity, deadlines, overtime, billable and non billable hours. In addition to this, Timely helps employees to budget both money spent on projects and time with individual clients. Timely works in the background so you can focus on your deliverables without interruption or distraction. 


  • Streamlined logging in process
  • Fast and efficient onboarding processes 
  • Manage and allocate tasks in one place for visible productivity tracking
  • Transparent and accurate client billing
  • Manage energy output, resource utilization and budget capacity in one place
  • Uncover “hidden” billable hours 
  • Multiple integrations available for maximum efficiency and productivity tracking capabilities


Best for: Consulting firms, Software companies, Designers and Creatives, and Lawyers


#10. Hubstaff

Hubstaff, a clean and lightweight productivity tracking app, is the complete platform for time tracking, workforce and project management. Hubstaff is versatile–made available for use on desktop, web, mobile and chrome-based devices. Additionally,  its GPS capabilities make it ideal for businesses with a remote workforce. The simple timesheet design gives you control and access to working hours and attendance without micromanagement.  Hubstaff wants you to spend less time tracking and more time growing your business.


  • Quick and easy set-up and onboarding
  • Track employee time-use and attendance
  • Track productivity 
  • Detailed reporting
  • Over 40 integrations
  • Online timesheets all in one place 


Best for: Accountants, Construction, Software developers, E-commerce, Healthcare


#11. actiTIME

Bring your business to the next level with Actitime productivity tracking software. Actitime can help you manage time across individuals and teams in order to better allocate projects and tasks. Additionally, Actitime helps find where your teams are losing time in order to use resources more efficiently and speed up project deliverables. 

Actitime works to review project activity in order to effectively compare estimates with the actual time spent. This helps you to plan your workload more efficiently.


  • Transparent time and productivity tracking
  • Manage teams more effectively
  • Optimized for profitability focus
  • Manage invoicing and project cost analysis
  • Make data-driven business decisions
  • Over 2000 software integrations


Best for: Architecture, Education, Design, IT, Healthcare


#12. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is the time and productivity tracking software that scales as your business grows. Time Doctor is a great option for managers, employees,  and for the whole organization. It offers detailed tracking of time in order to see clearly where employees or teams are excelling and where they might need supervisory support. Employees using Time Doctor are better able to see areas of strength and areas for improvement–allowing for improved performance and better self-direction. The whole organization benefits from the transparent nature of Time Doctors–allowing all stakeholders to work together and work more efficiently from anywhere in the world. 


  • Automatic time and productivity tracking
  • Analyze and measure how teams spend their time
  • Helps employees see their strengths and notice when they are underutilized
  • Enterprise-level security and deployment
  • Custom user roles and settings
  • Integrates seamlessly with over 60 different tools


Best For: Technology providers, Agencies, Outsourcing, Contact Centers


Help Your Employees Help You

When it comes down to it, you need to be able to feel in control of all the different types of tasks you are expected to complete. Whether you report to a manager or are managing teams of people, using a productivity tracker is a great way to do multiple things without feeling overwhelmed. 

Having one easily accessible, transparent platform that performs many duties can help you run your business bigger and better than trying to do these things alone. Don’t make the mistake of trying to do it all–let Time Analytics give you the productivity tracking support you didn’t even know you needed! 


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