12 reasons to use online timesheet software

12 reasons to use online timesheet software

October 22, 2020

Should you use an online timesheet software or not?

Below are 12 reasons why it is useful to use a time tracking solution:

1. Online timesheet software and coronavirus disease (COVID19) – how do those two relate?

The situation with Coronavirus is quite serious, it has been going on for a long time, and the end is not yet in sight. It is very certain that such crises will happen more and more often in the future. Online timesheet software, however, can be a solution for current and future situations like this, at least one that is related to business.

Effect of COVID 19 on remote work

2. Increasing business flexibility

How flexible is your business at the moment? How many challenges do you think your business can face? Modern business requires full flexibility and customization, which is exactly what the tracking solution can provide you.

Time tracking software improves your flexibility

3. Automation of working time management

Save your employees time. How much time do employees spend filling in what they did every day and how much time did they spend in unreliable and useless tools, or worse, do not keep these records at all. The Timesheet web application is an easily accessible, simple and affordable tool that employees will easily master and adopt.

Easy time entries = Automation of time controlling

4. Automation of working time reports for management

Save your time, because time is money. How much time do you spend reviewing various inadequate employee reports on their activities and time spent on a particular project? For instance, attendance software will save you time and significantly increase the quality of the reports you receive.

Automation of tracking employees

5. Troubleshooting the organization

Timesheet online software helps in the mission of improving your organization. Generated management reports allow you to easily see the current state of the organization. If you see the current state of your organization, you can easily bring your organization in top shape or equalize controllability and flexibility.

Troubleshooting the organization

6. Increasing employee effectiveness

If employees do the right things your business will be well on its way to being successful. The key is that the right things are not easy to determine and delegate to employees. If your goal is that your employees be effective, staff tracking tool is the right solution.

7. Increasing employee efficiency

If employees do the right things in the right way, your business will definitely be successful. In order for this to happen, management must know the performance of all its employees. Based on the report from the timesheet web application, you will be able to determine the capabilities and limits of each employee and in this way you will increase the efficiency of employees and the efficiency of the entire business.

Increasing employee efficiency

8. Monitoring of current KPIs

The advantage of using timesheet online software is not only in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of employees but also in monitoring current KPIs. This solution allows you to monitor financial, marketing, productivity and other KPIs through different types of reports. Based on quality information on key KPIs, the right decisions can be made that will improve business.

9. Planning future KPIs

If we have adequate reports on the basis of which the management will know the current KPIs, future KPIs can be planned in the right way. Timesheet software allows monitoring of both realized and planned KPIs, so that deviations can be easily noticed and analyzed as needed.

Planning future KPIs

10. Facilitated communication

The Timesheet web application responds to the most modern challenges in communication. This solution in itself is sufficient for the realization of all types of communication, primarily between management and employees, so that on this basis, business can be improved.

11. Increase of outsourcing

Timesheet software is especially suitable for tracking outsourced businesses. According to the latest research, the attractive countries for business outsourcing are China, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and the countries of Eastern Europe. Above all, India proved to be the most attractive country without competition in the first place.

12. Increase of remote work

Did you know that remote workers are 29% happier than other workers? Between 40% and 50% of employees would like to work remotely in the future. Therefore, a time tracking tool for remote employees such as Time Analytics is the right solution if you want to increase remote work, make your employees happier, and consequently increase the value of your business.

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