15 Best DCAA Compliant Software for Employee Timekeeping

15 Best DCAA Compliant Software for Employee Timekeeping

March 23, 2022

DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) requires companies to follow certain time tracking rules. It also prescribes some accounting guidelines. We have found the best software to help you keep your records straight and ready for an audit.

1. Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a user-friendly DCAA compliant timekeeping solution. This tool with powerful performance doesn’t simply make your company audit-ready. It also offers a plethora of different tools and features that help companies of any size manage their business. Finally, it helps you make informed decisions about your future steps.

Time Analytics is a timesheet-based platform. It offers two ways to log employee time. to put it simply, your employees can start a timer related to a specific task and let it measure their time automatically. On the other hand, they can log their hours manually. The time logged through the program doesn’t simply measure the time a specific employee spends doing a specific task. It connects it to the related projects and clients at the same time. This means all costs are rightfully allocated to clients.

Tracking time through Time Analytics is simple for any employee. Namely, the platform has a streamlined design. You can figure out a template for your timesheets that offers all the necessary data. Then, you can save it and re-use it, so there is no need to create the timesheet again every day. Additionally, the software remembers all entries, with the most recent ones showing up at the top of a list. In other words, recurring tasks can be entered in only a few clicks.


The platform offers a wide variety of different reports, including

  • Top and low-performing employees and clients
  • Time utilization (the ratio of billable and non-billable hours)
  • Work hour capacity and the total number of work hours
  • Employees who aren’t filling in their timesheets, etc.

While time tracking is the main purpose of the program, you can also use it to create schedules. Namely, Time Analytics also offers time off management. In other words, the employees can track their vacations, sick leave, and other types of absences through the program.

Time Analytics was created with the goal of managing time and manpower. It does it in a way that will benefit any organization by increasing efficiency. It does so by helping the employees recognize their priorities and personal work rhythms.


  • Timesheets – create audit-ready DCAA compliant timesheets with all details about your employees’ activities
  • Time tracking – track employee time either automatically or manually. Either way, their time will be entered into their timesheets and allocated to clients
  • Reports – receive reports on time usage, resource allocation, client and project profitability, and top performers, and detect the first signs of burnout
  • Cost tracking – track all expenses (hourly and overhead rates) and the program will automatically allocate them
  • Billing – create itemized invoices that account for all time and resources invested in a project; add accurate lists of activities to employee payroll slips

For more information of Time Analytics you can watch quick video:


The pricing starts at $5.99 per user per month. Yet, you can get a discount for large teams. Another discount is offered to the clients who decide to purchase the annual license. To put it simply, they will get two free months.

2. Clockify

Clockify is one of the most popular DCAA compliant timekeeping platforms. The app’s primary form is a web browser add-on. However, there are mobile and desktop apps as well. It offers automatic and manual time tracking. The timesheets the program provides are simple to use and don’t interfere with employees’ workflow, as they take very little time to complete. The Dashboard feature breaks down the entered time. Finally, it visualizes it in different charts, breakdowns, and reports.

Clockify can be used as a time management tool as well. Namely, the platform allows for scheduling projects as well as team capacity visualization.


  • Timesheets – let all your employees fill their timesheets and be ready for an audit
  • Reports – See the ins and outs of your business through summary as well as detailed reports
  • Time off – stay informed about your team’s time off requests and avoid being short-staffed


The basic plan costs $3.99 per user per month, while the standard plan is $5.49

3. QuickBooks Time (Tsheets)

Tsheets is another platform that offers DCAA compliant timekeeping. The goal of the app is to simplify payroll, invoices, as well as job cost calculation. This automatic time tracker offers to track billable and non-billable time. So, the payroll and invoicing processes become extremely simple.

You can use the application from any device, which significantly simplifies leading field and remote teams. As you can guess from the name, the app is directly connected to QuickBooks. Hence, seamless integration and payment method are parts of the time tracker.

Finally, the app also offers a scheduling option, which enables managers a clear overview of their available team members. To put it differently, you can schedule shifts and never be short-staffed again.


  • Offline time tracking – track time even when you cannot access the internet
  • GPS and geofencing – know where your employees are clocking in from
  • Real-time tracking – see the performance of your team as projects progress and discover potential problems before they occur


The base rate for the program is $20, and using it starts at $8 per user per month

4. Replicon

Are you leading a larger team and want to ensure DCAA compliant timekeeping? In that case, Replicon could be a great option for you. Besides keeping your timesheets ready for an audit, Replicon also offers tracking billable hours. Additionally, you will get a deep insight into projects and clients, as well as company expenses. The application is available on all devices, so your employees can track their time from anywhere.

The reports Replicon offers are based on employee timesheets. They are highly visual as well. This way you can track the success of your projects at a glance. Finally, the app seamlessly integrates with other business programs.


  • Timesheets – documents containing all employee working hours data and clocking in time to avoid time theft
  • Scheduling – find the best way to organize your team’s time without being short-staffed
  • Identity verification – Employees can clock in by taking photos at their workstations


Replicon’s pricing starts at $5 per user per month

5. Hour Timesheet


Hour Timesheet is a time tracking solution available on all devices. The platform prides itself on being a comprehensible solution. In other words, it solves all timekeeping problems for any company. The interface is simple and can be used by anyone, no matter their computer skills. Yet, the platform still provides complex features and a lot of important information.

Hour Timesheet provides its users with a leave time management tool as well. This way you can see employee availability at a glance and plan your next steps accordingly. Finally, you can monitor job costs by entering employees’ job codes into the system.


  • Location tracking – see where your employees are clocking in from in real-time
  • Mobile app – your remote and field teams can log their time spent on commute, breaks, etc.
  • Timesheets with daily reminders – make sure your team stays current with all its audit trails


Hour Timesheet offers its services for $8 per user per month

6. Beebole

This simple DCAA compliant timekeeping platform offers many features despite its ease of use. Besides logging time spent on tasks, clients, and projects, it also offers information on attendance and absences. The mobile version of the app tracks time even without internet access. Then, it adds the data logged offline to employee timesheets. Timesheet control is also made very easy. Namely, the managers can control (reject or approve) the timesheets in bulk.

Toggling between different clients, tasks and projects is very simple. Hence, any employee can track their time through this platform, no matter their computer skills. The data the program collects is used to create powerful reports and help managers lead their teams more efficiently.


  • Time tracking – track time accurately in only a few clicks, even with multiple clients
  • Project management – see how your projects are progressing in real-time and make sure you’re staying within deadlines
  • Time reports – accurate details on the time spent on different tasks, projects, and clients


All Beebole’s features are available at € 6.99 per user per month

7. Conecteam

Connecteam is a DCAA compliant timekeeping software solution that focuses on precision. This precision is possible due to the software’s reliance on automatic stopwatches. It is geared toward out-of-office (field) teams and also provides easy onboarding for maximum efficiency.

The app features a communication channel that makes sure all your workers are on the same page. In other words, you can forget about issues when it comes to updates, current work status, events, as well as casual chats with coworkers. It also offers a way for the employees to track their own progress. Namely, they can add checklists and forms for different tasks and projects. Tasks can be entered quickly and simply, as the platform records all of them and offers them as recurring tasks.


  • Time clock – track time spent on tasks accurately to the minute for easy invoicing
  • Checklists – create lists and never forget any important detail again
  • Communication – send instant messages to your team members and keep in touch with them


The pricing starts from $39 per month for the first 50 users

8. Bigtime

BigTime time billing software for for engineers


Bigtime is a DCAA compliant timekeeping platform that features a plethora of different features. The software’s purpose is to automate professional service companies. Additionally, it helps them regulate their business on multiple fronts. The program offers a timesheet feature that helps employees avoid accidental overtime (i.e., the entries are auto-completed). Finally, you can create a template for your employees. Simply set up fields that have to be filled to submit the timesheet.

Bigtime makes scheduling a breeze. Namely, you can see employee availability and optimize both manpower and resource allocation. The platform also provides business owners with many important reports, analytics, and dashboards to observe their business.


  • Timesheets – have all employee time data in one place without worrying about accuracy
  • Reports – receive all important metrics in the form of customizable graphics and reports
  • Billing – create custom itemized invoices for your clients to avoid any confusion or questions


Bigtime’s pricing starts at $10 per user per month, with 5 being the smallest number of team members

9. Journyx

Journyx time tracking solution for architects

Journyx is a DCAA compliant timekeeping software solution aimed at mid-size and large organizations no matter their industry. This platform is extremely simple to use while still giving managers a large amount of data to observe. You may notice this is a trend in many apps. For example, timesheet validation can be automated. This is a way to prevent mistakes as well as a long review process.

The platform is also available as a mobile app. Thus, your employees can check in and track their time from anywhere. In other words, Journyx is a great option for remote and field teams. It also makes the payroll process much simpler, as it accounts for all employee time and expense data.


  • Timesheets – this feature is very simple, yet offers some advanced options, like smart suggestions
  • Project tracking – track time and expenses by the project to make sure you’re remaining profitable
  • Payroll – export all files necessary for providing payment for your employees


The platform charges companies individually and the pricing depends on your business

10. WeWorked

WeWorked is a timesheet solution that enables DCAA compliant timekeeping. The goal of the software is to reduce administrative time as much as possible. This, on the other hand, leaves your team with more time to spend on billable tasks. In other words, general productivity is meant to go up while reducing stress and time spent on menial activities. You can track your time by clocking in on the location or filling in online timesheets.

The platform is very particular about being accurate. Thus, the timesheets can get approved on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly basis. WeWorked provides managers with comprehensive reports that show all the details of your business.


  • Timesheets – record all employee activity and make sure to have all logs in one place
  • Time off balances – let all employees know how many free days they’ve accrued
  • Invoices – calculate billable project rates and export them in Excel


The pricing starts at $12.50 per month for 3 users

11. Clockwise

Another DCAA compliant timekeeping software, Clockwise is a modern and sleek solution. The platform’s flexibility is reflected in automatic schedule creation. The schedules are set to fit all team members’ schedules. One of the platform’s leading features is Focus time, a time blocking option. Using it allows all users to concentrate on their most important tasks. Focus time is also a tool that reduces distractions and allows deep work.

The app offers an automatic scheduling feature as well. Namely, it joins all personnel’s calendars and creates a sustainable daily plan for every team member. All of this is possible through the app’s AI background. Namely, it discovers the best times for each task or meeting while not disturbing the workflow.


  • Time tracking – know what all of your employees are doing every day
  • Focus time – find time for deep work each day and dedicate it to your biggest priorities
  • Team time sync – detect the best time to schedule an appointment while not interrupting anyone’s focus


Clockwise starts its pricing at $6.75 per user per month if charged annually

12. BQE

BQE Core time billing software for for engineers

BQE is a time and expense tracker that aims to reduce business expenses and optimize project management time. Time and expense tracking through the platform are intuitive. It can also be done from anywhere. The AI system pre-fills weekly timecards for the employees. Hence, they can only make the slight changes they need.

Billing is one of the platform’s biggest advantages. For example, the itemized invoices can be adjusted to fit any industry’s demands. It is also very convenient, as it shortens the invoicing process significantly. This system is a great option for businesses that practice different kinds of contracts. Whether it’s full-time, fixed feel recurring, or other – your arrangement is covered.


  • Time tracking – track your time through timecards and automatic timers
  • Dashboards – dashboards that contain different reports and widgets that offer an insight into your business
  • Billing – create detailed itemized invoices that fit your company’s industry and individual needs


Pricing depends on your company and is completely custom

13. TimeCamp

timecamp system


TimeCamp is a DCAA compliant timekeeping platform that offers time tracking and invoicing features. The program tracks billable and non-billable hours and bases its reports on the information your employees log. They can enter their time manually or log it through an automatic timer. The platform allows managers to see how their teams are performing on any given task with a single glance.

One of TimeCamp’s most prominent features is the domain name scanner. This feature recognizes the domains of the apps a team member visits. Then, it categorizes them into pre-defined groups. This way the platform raises the employees’ awareness of the way they spend their time and can help them organize their days more efficiently.


  • Time tracking – use an automatic timer or enter your time manually
  • Performance tracking – learn about the habits of your workforce and see whether they meet your expectations
  • Productivity measuring – divide all apps and domains into productive and non-productive


The pricing starts with the Basic plan at $7 per user per month

14. Timerack

Timerack is a DCAA compliant suite that aims to provide businesses with many administration-related features. It includes time and attendance tracking as well as payroll integration. Finally, some HR options are available as well. The time tracking portion of the suite is completely automatic. Hence, human error is eliminated and the tracking is very precise.

Besides providing software solutions, Timerack also offers its users different hardware options. Your team will be able to check in through biometric identification or contactless clocking-in hardware. If you are leading a field or remote team, the platform’s mobile application with geofencing and GPS location will make sure everyone stays truthful when clocking in.


  • Time tracking – completely automatic, time tracking through Timerack is very accurate
  • Identification – the platform uses biometric and contactless options to make sure there is no buddy-punching
  • Reports – the logged time is turned into reports that show real-time and aggregate statistics


Pricing is not detailed on the site. For this information contact the Timerack team

15. ClickTime

ClickTime is a DCAA compliant timekeeping software solution. It focuses on making logging time as simple as possible for all team members. This benefits both the employees and the managers reviewing the timesheets. The platform offers comprehensible reports and aims to make the entire business process easier. Additionally, it can point business owners to the best decisions they can make for the future of their organizations.

ClickTime offers project cost estimation based on previous entries. It also reviews the productivity and efficiency of your team through the said entries. This way, the managers will always be sure all timesheets have been completed, as the platform checks for this as well.


  • Time tracking – timesheets that track employee time on a project and time off, ready for an audit
  • Reports – recognize your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and make changes to optimize your business
  • Integrations – Clicktime offers numerous integrations with the most popular office programs


The pricing starts at $9 per user per month

16. Zoho

Zoho task management

The last entry on our list, Zoho is another great DCAA compliant timekeeping solution. The platform’s primary focus is HR. Yet, it offers numerous other features that enable your team to track their time. Additionally, it allows managers to see the realistic state of their teams. You can set goals for different teams and employees and monitor whether they’re being met and how long they take.

The platform automatically turns time logs into timesheets ready for an audit. That is to say, there is no need to double-enter. You can also use the platform to schedule shifts without clashes or over and understaffing.


  • Time tracking – track your team’s time and project progress
  • Reports – receive insightful analytics on your business and make informed decisions
  • Attendance – track the availability of your team members and their planned paid time off


The pricing starts at €1,50 per user per month


DCAA is a regulation that requires a lot of specific ways to keep time logs. We found the best time tracking solutions that comply with these rules by default. This way, you don’t have to worry about an audit ever again. We hope you’ll find the best option for your business among these options.

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