16 Best Toggl Alternatives

Toggl is considered one of the most popular time tracking tools on the market at the moment. The platform combines time tracking, project management, and HR-related features. It is often among the first results in Google searches, and its youthful approach and beautiful design attract many users.

However, the market for time tracking solutions is vast. This wouldn’t be possible if there was a single perfect solution that fits every business’s needs. In other words, despite all of its positive traits and usefulness, Toggl might not be the best option for you. That is why we have created a list of 16 software platforms that can be a great Toggl alternative.

But first, we made a brief comparison of the software divided into segments: Тime Tracking, Time Reporting, Extra Features, and Pricing.

Quick software comparison

Time Tracking Features:

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O – not fully met (e.g. if the free plan is marked with a circle it means that the product has a free version but with certain restrictions – number of users and the like)

Time Reporting Features:

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Extra Features:

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Pricing Features:

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Detailed review

1. Time Analytics

Time Analytics is one of the newer additions to the time tracking platform market. This Toggl alternative prides itself on its ease of use combined with a powerful set of features. It makes time tracking extremely simple but doesn’t sacrifice its efficiency.

The platform offers two simple ways to track time and complete timesheets. The first method is comprised of manual entries. The other, on the other hand, relies on an automatic time clock. The employees create a time clock entry and start the timer when they start working on a specific task. Then, they stop the timer once they’ve finished working on said task. Then, the entries will be transferred into the timesheet automatically.

The time is tracked by the employee, task, project, and client. This gives the management a great amount of insight into the status of every project. Even though the interface is very simple to use and doesn’t require a high level of computer skills, you will still get all the reports you need.

You can set up tracking forms with mandatory fields depending on the key performance metrics you want to focus on. this way your workers will avoid spending a lot of time filling in their daily timesheets while still providing all necessary information.

The employees have the option of marking their hours as either billable or non-billable. This helps employers and managers deliver accurate invoices to the company’s clients, as well as accurate salaries to its employees. in other words, billing and invoicing rely on realistic tracked time rather than estimates.

Time Analytics delivers accurate and diverse reports that can point out issues that you may have overseen. It also delivers this data through numerous visuals to make it easier to recognize your best-performing clients and employees.


  • Time tracking – track the time needed for different activities to see whether your entire team is functioning well. Great differences between different employees indicate that you’ll need to rethink the way you delegate tasks. After some time, you’ll be able to make more accurate estimates for your future projects as well.
  • Time off tracking – let your employees request leaves (8 different types of them) and always be up-to-date with the number of people currently working. This is a great way to avoid being understaffed or having schedule clashes.
  • Reports – receive accurate reports and have a firm grasp on your top performers, as well as profitability, time utilization, and numerous other KPIs
  • Billing and invoicing – create customized lists with accurate data that will explain your fees as well as the salaries your employees receive


Time Analytics offers multiple plans. There is a free option for up to five users. When it comes to paid plans, there are Starter, Optimum, and Premium. These cost $4.99, $6.99, and $12.99 per user per month respectively.

Time Analytics offers a 14-day free trial as well.

Try Time Analytics free for 14 days.

2. DeskTime



DeskTime’s biggest advantage is the minimum of interaction the platform needs. Simply put, the program will start as soon as your employees turn on their computers. The platform measures the time users spend at their desks, as well as their productivity levels during the day.

This platform offers a high degree of customization. You can set up different parameters to track either on the company level or for specific teams or even employees.

DeskTime is one of the stricter programs on our list, as it offers the options of tracking document titles, time spent offline, as well as apps, programs, and web pages the users are opening during their working hours.


  • Time tracking – track the time of your employees automatically and receive reports on their productivity
  • Pomodoro timer – use one of the most popular time management techniques right from the platform
  • Scheduling – schedule shifts and track time off for all your employees


DeskTime offers a free version with limited functionality. There are also Pro, Premium, and Enterprise options. The prices are $7, $10, and $20 per user per month. The platform offers a 14-day free trial.

3. Time Doctor


Time Doctor is one of the oldest and most reliable time tracking solutions currently available. It also offers some advanced monitoring techniques. These techniques include work reminders, which show up on the employees’ screens when they stay inactive for a while.

This Toggl alternative aims to increase employee engagement by delivering weekly and daily reports to the managers. Finally, if you want to make absolutely sure your team is using their time to work and not goof off, you can set up timed screenshots of their devices. The downsides of these features are lowered morale and the feeling of being micromanaged.


  • Timesheets – create documents that show exactly what your employees have been working on
  • Screenshots – see real-time progress of any project and check in on user activity
  • Distraction alerts – if an employee spends a lot of time on a work-non-related site they will be notified


There are three plans Time Doctor offers – Basic, Standard, and Premium. Their monthly prices per user are $7, $10, and $20. There is also a 14-day free trial.

4. TMetric


TMetric is a Toggl alternative that aims to make time tracking and task management as simple as possible while delivering regular activity reports. You can monitor your projects in a way that ensures an increase in profitability through project budgeting and reports that show where and when you’ve gone over budget.

The platform offers a suite of different features that help the everyday functioning of any business. Its attendance and time off tracking feature will allow you to create shifts accurately and never worry about them again.

One of the platform’s biggest advantages is the variety of its integrations, which allow users to continue using their previous business software.


  • Time tracking – an automatic time tracker that also summarizes daily activity for each employee
  • Break tracking – get a notification when your employees aren’t using their computers
  • Billing and invoicing – create invoices through a few simple commands and make sure they’re accurate


There is a free version of the platform. The paid versions are Professional, which costs $5 per user per month, and Business, which costs $7 per user per month. You can use TMetric for two weeks for free as well.

5. ProofHub


ProofHub is a Toggl alternative that improves the time tracking experience, as it also offers some project management features. If you want to make sure all your projects are finished and delivered on time, this is a great option to keep your team accountable.

The platform’s interface is simple to use and navigate. You can be sure your team will be making the most out of it. ProofHub allows handling all aspects of any job, starting from the planning stage to reports.

There are also many collaboration tools, like chat, mentions, and announcements. They allow your team to keep their progress unified and avoid lagging behind.


  • Calendar & other views – see your projects through a calendar, different boards, or a Gantt chart
  • Time tracking – track the time your employees spend on different tasks and make accurate estimates
  • Communication – instantly inform all team members about any changes to the plan


ProofHub is different than most other Toggl alternative time trackers when it comes to payments. You can purchase any plan for any number of members for a flat monthly rate. Monthly rates are as follows:

  • Essential – $50 per month
  • Ultimate control – $150 per month

The length of the free trial period is 14 days.

6. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets)

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is a time tracking solution started by the popular accounting platform QuickBooks. Hence, this Toggl alternative has a high-quality integration with the accounting software. This gives it the advantage of simple payroll calculation and easy payments. Additionally, the invoicing process is very simple as well.

The solution is timesheet-based, and your employees can enter their time manually or through an automatic timer. QuickBooks Time has the upper hand over Toggl in the project management aspect. You can track the progress of your projects and check whether you’re meeting your deadlines or not.

Finally, the platform offers an HR toolbox, which allows the HR team to keep all employee data – evaluations, training manuals, employee charts, etc. – in one place.


Time tracking – know how your employees are spending their time in the office, including remote workforce

Payroll and billing – integrate the platform with QuickBooks and simplify these processes

Identification – your employees can physically check in at the QuickBooks kiosk


QuickBooks Time offers two plans – Premium and Elite. Premium has a base fee of $20 per month, to which you add $8 monthly for each user. Elite’s base is $40 and employee fees cost $10 per user per month. The platform gives you the opportunity to test it for 30 days for free.

7. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a Toggl alternative that focuses on tracking time for remote and field teams. The platform is available on desktop, mobile, web, and Chrome. That is to say, your employees will be able to accurately track their time from anywhere. The app’s GPS feature will confirm their location to make sure they’re being honest about their whereabouts too.

Hubstaff constantly provides the management with productivity reports. this way you will be able to see which team members are doing well, and which ones need additional help, or are experiencing burnout.

There are also other monitoring options with Hubstaff, as you will be able to see whether the employees are working or not by monitoring their keyboard and mouse activity. We warn you – this will not be the most popular feature among your employees!


  • Time tracking – easy-to-use time tracker and timesheets for accurate time logs
  • Employee monitoring – track keyboard and mouse activity to make sure your employees are actually working
  • Reports – get reports on every team member’s activity and the impact of their work


Hubstaff has multiple plans – Desk Free, Desk Starter, Desk Pro, and Enterprise. Desk Free is available for free for a single user. Desk Starter and Pro cost $7 and $10 per user per month respectively, while Enterprise is a custom plan.

The platform offers a 14-day free trial.

8. nTask


nTask is a Toggl alternative that also includes project management features, which gives it the upper hand over Toggl. Its time tracking relies on timesheets. The entire system is very simple and takes very little time to get used to. This means that your team can integrate it into its workdays with very little hassle.

The platform allows task allocation and a visual representation of project progress. From planning to the finished product, you can do it all through nTask’s interface.

nTask offers a plethora of collaboration tools, which is a great benefit for remote teams. It also delivers a variety of reports, including project progress and risk management.


  • Time tracking – use timesheets to know exactly which tasks your employees are working on
  • Visualization – see your projects through visual aids, including Gantt charts
  • Meeting management – make sure everyone needed for a meeting is available and you’re not interrupting them


There are three available options – Premium, Business, and Enterprise. The first two plans cost $4 and $12 per user per month, while Enterprise is a custom solution. You can check out the platform in a 14-day free trial to make sure it fits your needs.

9. ManicTime

ManicTime is a Toggl alternative that offers an interesting approach to time tracking. It is a hybrid of automatic and manual time tracking that could be a great solution for many. Namely, you can turn the program on and leave it in the background during your workday. Then, at the end of your day, you simply do a review of the recorded work, tag tasks, and create a timesheet.

the timesheets are sent to the ManicTime server, which turns them into a variety of reports. This makes reviewing your business’s state a breeze. You can also automate the report generation and get them in your inbox every week or month.

You can create accurate bills and invoices with transparent data for your clients. This will solve any questions related to your fees and keep your reputation safe.


  • Time tracking – track employee time automatically with manual revisions
  • Absence tracking – get notified if an employee doesn’t show up for work
  • Remote-friendly – you can track time from anywhere and be sure the data is accurate


You can choose between purchasing a yearly license for $120 for a minimum of 2 users with additional custom pricing depending on the size of your team. On the other hand, you can get monthly or yearly subscriptions in two plans – Standard and Ultimate. The fees for the plans are $24 and $30. You can try the program out for two weeks for free.

10. Mavenlink

Mavenlink software to track billable hours

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project and time management tool. Again, the project management element is what sets this platform apart from Toggl. Mavenlink relies heavily on resources and makes estimations about different parts of the business process based on their availability.

The platform then makes workflows automatically and optimizes them according to the resources you have for each project. you will be able to visualize the execution of any project upfront and make sure you’re following the predicted timeline.

You can also make sure you’re staying on track by tracking time spent on different projects and tasks. Measure the time invested in each client, so your invoices remain accurate and well-justified.


  • Time tracking – mark time spent on different tasks as billable or non-billable for accuracy
  • Workflows – plan, visualize and execute all projects so they fit your plan
  • Resource management – make sure you’re always on track and aren’t using more resources than planned


Mavenlink’s pricing is entirely custom and depends on your business’s industry, the number of employees, and your goals

11. TrackingTime


TrackingTime is an easy-to-use time tracking software. This Toggl alternative relies on automatic time tracking. You simply leave the timer running in the background when you start working, so you’ll be able to focus on your work.

Again, this is one of the options that heavily use employee monitoring. The management can see the progress of any project in real-time by checking in on the employees. as we keep insisting – this may not be the best option for company morale.

TrackingTime offers integrations with the most used and loved business applications, as well as a web tracker for Firefox and Google Chrome.


  • Time tracking – start tracking time with a single click and create online timesheets
  • Project management – plan and delegate different tasks for your team and see them being completed in real-time
  • Reports – receive reports on each employee’s time and make sure to pay them accordingly


There is a free version of the platform with limited functionality. However, if you want to use all the features the software offers you can get the Pro version for $5 per user per month.

12. Paymo


Paymo is another Toggl alternative that serves as a time tracker and project management tool at the same time. Its goal is an overall increase in productivity, the way you can achieve that with Paymo is through the app’s feature set.

The app offers an automatic timer. The employees start the timer when they start working on a specific task for higher accuracy. The timers are also available to the management in real-time. This makes the transparency higher. It also allows the management to delegate urgent tasks to the employees who are not currently working on something crucial.

The application is a great solution for invoice generation as well. You can include all timesheet data in invoices for your clients to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. The clients will see exactly where your fees are coming from.


  • Time tracking – an automatic timer that transfers the data into a timesheet
  • Task management – plan and adjust work schedules for each project to make sure you deliver it on time
  • Billing – include an itemized list of tasks done for a client in their invoice


There are two options for a single user, which are great for freelancers. You can choose between a free basic version of the program, or use the full suite for $5.95 per month. On the other hand, the plans available for businesses are Small Office ($11.95 per user per month) and Business ($24.95 per user per month). There is a 15-day free trial available.

13. Clockify


Clockify is also a well-known time tracking platform. This time tracker relies on automatic time tracking and timesheets. In other words, you can use the app to track time automatically or make time entries manually.

All time tracking software solutions have the goal of increasing employees’ awareness of the time they spend on projects as well as their office downtime, and Clockify isn’t an exception. You can easily plan projects and see how they’re progressing in real-time to make sure you will be able to deliver them in time.

Clockify takes the data employees submit and creates reports. you can choose whether you want a general overview or a more detailed and intricate report.


  • Time tracking – add time entries manually or use the automatic time clocks
  • Reports – export detailed or general reports to make sure your business is on track
  • Time off tracking – track the team’s requests for time off as well as national and religious holidays


The basic feature of Clockify – time tracking – is free. However, if you want full functionality, you will have to purchase a plan. There are four plans – Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Their prices are $4.99, $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99 per user per month respectively.

14. Harvest


Harvest is yet another excellent time tracking platform. Even though the system is simple to use, it also provides the management with enough data to create reliable reports that can help the company stay within its means and deadlines.

This Toggl alternative provides the users with a simple time tracking system, and reminders to use it regularly. This is a great feature, as we all know we can forget things very easily when in a hurry. The app is available as a desktop and mobile app, as well as a browser extension, which means the employees will be able to track their time from anywhere.

Harvest analyzes the data your employees enter into the program and turn it into various reports through analysis. This way, you’ll be able to keep your projects on budget and make sure you have enough manpower for future projects.


  • Time tracking – a simple and reliable time tracking system to keep you informed
  • Budget tracking – make sure you aren’t going over budget in any aspect of your business
  • Cost analysis – understand how your business spends money and make more accurate estimates in the future


There is a free version of the program for freelancers. On the other hand, teams can use Harvest for $12 per user per month. The platform has a 30-day free trial as well.

15. RescueTime


This automatic time tracker has the goal of allowing employees to understand the way they spend their time at work. This means deep-diving into their everyday activities and allowing them to understand what’s hindering them.

One of RescueTime’s main advantages is its Focus Work feature. This feature sets a daily goal for each employee and motivates them to finish it. If an employee is distracted by some other activity during their Focus hours, they will receive a notification reminding them to continue their work.

The platform encourages its users to find their strengths and incorporate better work habits into their everyday routine. It also points out potential areas for improvement.


  • Time tracking – track time with a single click, whether you’re online or off the web
  • Activity monitoring – measure the time your team spends using different apps, websites, and documents
  • Distraction blocking – disable access to distracting websites and apps during Focus time


RescueTime’s pricing depends on your industry, the size of your company, and other factors. the prices start at $6 per user per month.

16. FreshBooks



FreshBooks is an accounting software solution. You can use it as a Toggl alternative, as it also offers a time tracking feature. This feature allows users to conclude how long each type of task takes to complete. You can be sure the data is accurate as well, as the time is measured by an automatic timer.

The accounting aspect of the software ensures all revenues are calculated properly, as well as your bills and salaries. Avoiding mistakes is the reason the platform is focused on accuracy above all.

Same as many other time tracking programs on this list, you can use this platform to create professional invoices. However, as accounting is the main focus, the accuracy and professional appearance of the invoices are front and center.


  • Time tracking – track time automatically and make sure everyone is working on their tasks
  • Expenses – track business expenses by connecting FreshBooks to your bank account
  • Invoicing – create professional-looking invoices for your clients in a matter of a few clicks


There are four plans – Lite, Plus, Premium, and Select. The first three cost 15, $25, and $50 per user per month respectively. Select is a custom plan and its prices depend on your needs. The platform also offers a 30-day free trial.


Toggl is a high-quality time tracking software solution. Yet, it isn’t the only one on the market. We recommend doing some research before making your final decision. That is why we’ve brought you 16 Toggl alternatives to consider.

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