17 Best Work Hour Tracker Apps | 2021 Review | Free Plans | Pricing

Looking for ways to track the work (billable) hours of your employees? Do you want to be sure that your workforce is working on their projects? Are you tired of obsessively thinking about billable and non-billable hours? Do you want to improve your productivity? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ you may want to start using a work hour tracker.

After considering more than 30 work hour tracking tools, we have picked the top 17 employee hour tracking tools for freelancers as well as businesses and created a list.
Here is the list of the 17 best work hour tracker apps in 2021.

1. Time Analytics— The Best Timesheet Management software

Time Analytics work hour tracker

Time Analytics is one of the best and easiest to use timesheet management software on the market, and with a reason to be. It offers plenty of benefits for any company. With the help of Time Analytics, you will be able to easily discover who your most valuable clients are and discover the time utilization rates for employees.

Main features and benefits:

  • Transparent invoicing- Time analytics integrates with Excel making invoices an easy task
  • Intelligently manage your workforce- Time Analytics helps you have a precise overview of each one of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that everyone can work on a project that fits them the best
  • Monitor your admin tasks- Know how many hours you are spending on certain activities
  • Figure out where you need to make changes- Track how each client’s projects are performing and identify areas where increasing fees is necessary

Pricing: 4 plans available:

  • Free- 0 USD per month
  • Starter- 4.99 USD per month
  • Optimum- 6.99 USD per month (recommended)
  • Premium- 12.99 USD per month

2. ClockIt— Easy-to-use and simple time clock software

Clockit work hour tracker

ClockIt is a time clock software that tracks employee work hours. ClockIt software comes in handy with custom reporting, Slack integration, web clock, leave accruals and other things. It also offers timesheets that are used to effectively calculate payrolls.

Main features and benefits:

  • Generate reports- Time Clock Software meets your time and attendance needs with a dynamic reporting tool
  • Shift planning- An intelligent algorithm schedules shifts of employees
  • Time clock app- Time Clock App is available for both IOS and Android which enables your employees clock in and out anytime
  • Time clock kiosk- Set up a simple time clock kiosk and allow your users to clock in and out from different locations

Pricing– 14-day free trial.
No credit is required during the free trial. The price is set for the entire team.

  • XS- 29 USD per month (up to 10 users)
  • S- 49 USD per month (up to 20 users)
  • M-99 USD per month (up to 50 users)
  • L- 199 USD per month (up to 100 users)

3. Clockify— 100% free time tracking software for the team

Clockify work hour tracker

Clockify is a work hour calculator and a simple timesheet app designed to track the work hours of the employees. Track attendance, productivity, efficiency, breaks of your employees and manage your projects in a matter of time.

Main features and benefits:

  • Reporting-With reporting you can easily filter and customize reports, as well as share reports with others
  • Manage team-Track payroll, attendance, and activity of team members
  • Business intelligence- Business intelligence helps you analyze your company’s productivity and detect potential errors that could be improved
  • Bill clients- Track billable time and create invoices

Pricing- Free of charge forever

4. QuickBooks Time— Employee Work Hours Tracker

qucikbox work hour tracker

QuickBooks Time is a work hour tracker specially designed to track billable hours of the employees, invoicing and scheduling. It is very easy to use and it offers time tracking apps for all devices- PC, Mobile phone, Tablet. QuickBooks Time is a solution for freelancers as well for companies such as construction companies, landscaping businesses, small businesses and more.

Main features and benefits:

  • Timesheets- Easily track time and efficiently manage your team
  • GPS time tracker- Add a location to each time clock so the managers know exactly where every timesheet is coming from
  • Integrations- Sync time tracking data by integrating your chosen accounting software with QuickBooks Time
  • Reports- Real-time, interactive reports increase profitability, predict time needs for jobs costs, and more

Pricing- Free trial for 30 days

  • Freelancer/ Self-employed
  • Simple start- 12.50 USD per month
  • Essentials- 20 USD per month
  • Plus- 35 USD per month
  • Advanced- 75 USD per month

5. TrackingTime — Project Management and Work Hour Tracker App

tracking time work hour tracker

TrackingTime is a unique, easy-to-use project management and work hour tracking app made to help both managers, as well as employees, boost their productivity, efficiency, and organization. Because of these reasons, companies of all sorts use TrackingTime. This app offers a wide set of features that benefit the whole team.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time Tracker— Start tracking the working hours in one click
  • Project Management–– Project management to Improve Teamwork
  • Online Timesheet—Simple online sheets for successful payrolls
  • Time cards— Easy click in and out thanks to time cards
  • Attendance Tracking— Track breaks and attendance
  • Time reporting— Keep all your reports organized and in one place


14-day PRO Trial

  • Free- 0 USD per user- monthly (collaboration up to 3 users)
  • Pro- 5 USD per user/ monthly (unlimited collaboration)

6. Scoro — Work Hour Management Software

scoro work hour tracker

Scoro is a time management software that helps businesses with billing, project streaming, utilization optimizing, and others. Scoro also shows you what your time is spending their time on and shows what time is worth.

Main features and benefits:

  • Holistic Time Management- Know exactly what you need to work on and when
  • Easy-to-use Platform- Choose the way you get your work done
  • Profitability- Time is money so make every minute matter
  • Integration with your favorite tools- Integrate Scoro with the apps you already use

Pricing: Get started for free, no credit card required

  • Essential- 28 USD per user per month
  • Work Hub- 42 USD per user per month
  • Sales Hub-42 USD per user per month
  • Ultimate- Pricing upon request

7. Project Hours— Tool For Monitoring of Work Hours

project hours work hour tracker


Project Hours is an easy and simple time tracking app that enables you to organize your projects and have a clear and precise picture of how the employees are using their time. Focus on the things that matter with the Project Hours app.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time Tracking- Track time manually or with a timer
  • Materials- Register materials used for a project
  • Project Costs- Use hourly rates per user to calculate the cost
  • Reports- Report on total costs, hours and material used

Pricing: 2-month free trial

2 USD per person per month

8. HourStack— A Simple Time Management Tool for Teams of All Sizes

hours stack work hour tracker

HourStack is a simple-to-use time management software suited for tracking billable hours of the employees, invoicing, and project planning and management. HourStack is the easiest way to boost the productivity of both you and the members of your time so that every task is delivered on time. Start intelligently managing your time now.

Main features and benefits:

  • Track with Ease- Log the time without using the calendar
  • Analyze with Insight- Visual reports help you improve time utilization
  • Plan your success- Build transparent schedules that maximize productive time
  • Remote Teams- Monitor work progress of the whole team

Pricing: Free of charge for 14 days, cancel anytime

  • Personal- 9 USD per month/annually, 12 USD per month/monthly
  • Team- 12 USD per month/annually, 15 USD per month/monthly

9. Everhour— Time Tracking Software with Integrations

ever hour work hour tracker

Everhour is an accurate time tracker for client invoicing, expenses, billing and budgeting, project management, painless payroll and visual planning. It is a project management tool that will help your company grow and profit.

Main features and benefits:

  • Quick Setup- Connect Everhour app with your tool and start tracking working hours
  • Native Integration- Time tracking control automatically appear inside your project management tool
  • Automatic Updates- Your reports will always show the freshest data

Pricing: 14-day free trial

All-in-one: 10 USD per user per month

10. Easy Projects— Employee Work Hour Tracker with Measurable Success

easy project work hour tracker

Easy Projects is a project management software designed to simplify managing projects, finances as well as to track work hours. Using Easy Projects, you can easily increase your profit, reduce stress in employees, save time while working on projects and others.

Main features and benefits:

  • Integration with the most important tools- Connect the app with Google, Outlook, Slack, and more
  • Project & resource planning- Plan projects and prioritize resources
  • Project finances- Track all relevant finances and calculate a potential profit


  • Team- 24 USD per user per month
  • Enterprise- Upon request

11. GoodDay— Productive Work Management and Work Hour Tracker

good day work hour tracker

GoodDay is a work hour tracking software that enables transparency, brings motivation and agility. It is a modern designed platform that tracks billable hours of the employees, helps you with project and task organization, and boosts the productivity of you and your workforce.

Main features and benefits:

  • Project management- GoodDay connects project management with execution and collaboration
  • Team collaboration- GoodDay connects project planning and management with collaboration
  • Product management- Manage of all aspects of product development
  • Marketing teams- GoodDay will improve your marketing team’s productivity and collaboration


  • Free- Free of charge forever for 1-15 users
  • Professional- 4 USD per person per month for a group of 15-250 users
  • Enterprise- Upon request

12. Jibble— Time Clock App for Work Hour Tracking

jibble work hour tracker

Jibble is a work hour tracking app specially designed for tracking projects and the attendance of the employees, payroll, and projects. Its easy-to-use automatic timesheets and reports make your payroll a cat’s paw.

Main features and benefits:

  • Timesheets for payroll- Jibble generates timesheets that are essential for a precise payroll
  • Selfie clock-ins- Verify your staff with a facial recognition
  • GPS attendance- Know where your employees are located
  • Project costing- Track projects and work activities easily

Pricing: Free of charge forever

13. HiveDesk—Time tracking software with screenshots for remote work

hive desk work hour tracker

Hivedesk is a time tracking software perfectly designed for employees working from home. With help of Hivedesk software, you will increase productivity, track time and cost, as well as take periodic screenshots so you can see the activity of your employees.

Main features and benefits:

  • Employee time tracking- Track where the employees spend working hours and when the employees are actively working
  • Task management- Organize your tasks so you can avoid procrastination
  • Automatic timesheets- Timesheets are automatically generated from time tracking
  • Project cost management- Track the cost of each project and manage the budget
  • Automatic screenshots- Take periodic screenshots to see the activity of team members

Pricing: 14-day free trial. 5 user plans are available:

  • 5 User plan-25 USD per month
  • 10 User plan- 50 USD per month
  • 20 User plan- 100 USD per month
  • 50 User plan-250 USD per month
  • 100 User plan- 500 USD per month


14. BigTime— Billing and tracking of your most important assets

BigTime work hour tracker

BigTime is software created for the purpose of time tracking, billing, and invoicing. Besides this, BigTime also offers a set of features such as resource allocation, project management, reporting and analytics, integrations.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time tracking- Easily visible and transparent data of your team members’ activity
  • Billing & invoicing- Send custom invoices quickly and effortlessly
  • Project management- Organize budgets, expenses, billing, and projection creation
  • Reporting & Analytics- Have a clear picture of how your business looks like with the benefit of advanced dashboards, analytics, and reports.
  • Integrations- BigTime is cloud-based, designed to be integrated with the apps you use the most such as Google Apps, Slack, and many other.

Pricing: BigTime, besides a free trial, offers three plans:

  • Express- 10 USD per month
  • Pro- 30 USD per month
  • Premier- 40 USD per month

15. TaskWorld— Work Smarter Not Harder

task world work hour tracker

TaskWorld is an innovative work hour tracker and project management platform that will be useful to you as well as to your team members.

Main features and benefits:

  • Task Management- Effortlessly track your tasks and projects
  • Project planning- Organize workflows easily with automated templates
  • Team Communication- Attach files, update your employees via direct messaging, public and private channels
  • Analytics- An interactive overview dashboard keeps all projects and invoices in one place

Pricing- Get started for free

  • Professional- 15 USD per person per month
  • Business- 30 USD per person per month
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing

16. BloomUp — The intuitive tool for organizing your teamwork

bloomup work hour tracker

BloomUp is software designed to capture all activities during one’s working hours. Organizing your tasks, knowledge, and processes have never been easier. BloomUp offers all essentials for stress-free work as well as essentials for an organized, clutter-free interface of your tasks.

Main features and benefits:

  • Your projects and knowledge in one place- Keep everything in one place and you won’t be afraid of missing any conversation, document or personal note anymore.
  • Organize according to your needs- Structure your projects as you want. A simple and organized interface shows your tasks, notes, calendar view clearly.
  • The right information at the right time- Focus on the essential information so you’re not distracted and so you are not missing what is important anymore
  • Everyone knows what to do at all times- On account of a to-do list, everyone knows their task
  • Save time at each new project- This feature helps you increase productivity by converting your projects into a template

Pricing– Pricing depends on which plan you choose. You can choose one of four plans:

  • Freemium-0 EUR per month
  • Team- 39 EUR per month
  • Business (recommended)-79 EUR per month
  • Large enterprise-Upon request

17. My Hours— Report Your Work, Organize Projects, Track Time

MyHours work hour tracker

My Hours is a work hour tracking app perfectly suitable for freelancers and members of a team who wish to actively manage their time and work hours. It is also completely beginner-friendly which makes it extremely easy to use.

Main features and benefits:

  • Timesheet report
  • Timer or add manually
  • Timesheet view
  • Task and project templates


  • Free- 0 USD per person who just started using the app
  • Pro- 7 USD per person per month


Why should one consider using one of these work hour tracking apps? As we all know, time is money and time is a powerful resource. For your company’s profit and growth, every minute of an hour should matter and that is why it’s important to track time- both billable and non-billable.

Choosing one of these work hour tracking apps is going to change your business for the better. Your company will be more organized, employees will be able to focus on their tasks instead of worrying about constant manual check-in and check-out payments, budgets and invoices will be more organized and accurate and projects easier manageable.
Choose your favorite work hour tracking app and start managing your business’ key performance indicator more efficiently and smarter today!


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