Converting financial statements to Roman numerals

Converting financial statements to Roman numerals

April 28, 2023

In the world of finance and accounting, the preparation of financial statements is an essential task that provides insight into the financial health of an organization.

These statements contain a wealth of information, including a company’s revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

They are typically presented in numerical form, but there may be situations where it is necessary to convert these numbers into Roman numerals. This could be due to legal or regulatory requirements, or simply for aesthetic or historical reasons.
Converting financial statements to Roman numerals may seem like a daunting task, but it is relatively straightforward once you understand the basic principles.

A  Roman numeral converter can be helpful in converting financial statements to Roman numerals. It can quickly and accurately convert numerical values into their Roman numeral equivalents, ensuring proper formatting and placement. However, it is still important to understand the basic principles and guidelines for conversion to ensure accuracy and avoid common mistakes.

Understanding Roman Numerals:

Roman numerals are a numerical system that originated in ancient Rome and are still used today. They use letters from the Latin alphabet to represent numbers, with specific rules for combining and subtracting letters to create different values. The system has been used throughout history for a variety of purposes, from numbering pages in books to representing years on clocks and watches. It remains a useful and distinctive way to represent numbers in modern times.

Reasons for Converting Financial Statements to Roman Numerals:

Financial statements may be converted to Roman numerals for various reasons, including legal or regulatory requirements, aesthetic or historical reasons, and educational purposes. In some cases, particular formats or contexts may require the use of Roman numerals to represent financial information accurately. Additionally, converting financial statements to Roman numerals can be a useful exercise for students or scholars studying accounting or financial history.

How to Convert Financial Statements to Roman Numerals:

To convert financial statements to Roman numerals, it is essential to understand the basic principles of Roman numerals and their corresponding values. A step-by-step process can then be used to convert each number in the financial statement into its Roman numeral equivalent, following guidelines for proper formatting and placement. It is important to be mindful of common mistakes to avoid, such as incorrect use of subtraction and non-standard formatting.

Examples of Financial Statements Converted to Roman Numerals

Examples of financial statements that could be converted to Roman numerals include income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. For each line item in the statement, the corresponding number would be converted into its Roman numeral equivalent using the principles and guidelines for proper conversion. Proper formatting and placement of the Roman numerals is essential to accurately represent the financial information in this numerical system.


Converting financial statements to Roman numerals can be useful for a variety of purposes, including legal compliance, aesthetic or historical reasons, and educational purposes. By understanding the basic principles and guidelines for proper conversion, financial statements can be accurately represented in this numerical system. Examples of financial statements that can be converted to Roman numerals include income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Overall, converting financial statements to Roman numerals can provide insight and understanding into financial history and accounting principles.

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10 best Deputy Alternatives for Time Tracking in 2024

10 best Deputy Alternatives for Time Tracking in 2024

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
April 28, 2023

Deputy is one of the most popular time-tracking tools today. However, due to problems like glitches, many users look for an alternative.

Some users have encountered problems with the software messing up the payroll, the Android app missing some features, and a lack of advanced reporting systems.

So, in this blog, we have gathered a list of the top 10 best Deputy alternatives for time tracking in 2024. If you wish to use the perfect deputy alternatives that will solve all your pain points, then continue reading ahead.

List of Deputy Alternatives

#1 Time Analytics ($4.99-$6.99 per user per month)

# 2 When I Work ($2.50-$6.00 per user per month)

# 3 Toggl Track ($0-$18 per user per month, custom plan available)

# 4 Clockify ($0-$11.99 per user per month)

# 5 Hubstaff ($0-$8.33 per user per month, custom plans available)

# 6 QuickBooks Time ($15-$100 per month)

# 7 Acuity Scheduling ($16-$49 per month)

# 8 Wrike ($0-$24.80, custom plans available)

#9 Connecteam ($0-$99 per month per 30 users)

# 10 Harvest ($0-$10.80 per seat per month)

1. Time Analytics

Time Analytics is the perfect Deputy alternative because it solves the biggest user pain point. With the ability to generate advanced reports and have a bug-free experience, Time Analytics has all the tools needed to become the perfect Deputy Alternative.

Time Analytics allows you to track time easily and effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and advanced project management features, I discovered it was among the easiest tools. What stands out from the competitors is that it is one of the cheapest tools, yet it provides some of the best features you can look for.

Time Analytics time tracking

Moreover, Time Analytics also has a free 14-day trial where you can access all the advanced features to leverage before buying the software. The features include Time Tracking, Time and Project Reporting, Team Performance Tracking, Online Timesheets, and Client Time Billing.

So, let’s talk about some of the features and see what makes Time Analytics one of the best Deputy alternatives.

Time Tracking Tools

Time Analytics provides some of the most immersive and useful time-tracking features for every business size. Whether you’re a freelancer, an individual, a small company, or a mid-size company, the tools here will allow you to track time easily and efficiently.

In addition to regular time tracking features, you also get a lot of customization options that never feel less. So if you want the perfect Deputy alternative, Time Analytics has some of the best productivity tracking features.

Some of the time-tracking features are as follows:

  • Daily or Weekly Calendar View
  • Team Project and Activity Management Features
  • Real-Time Revenue and Cost Tracking
  • Time Off Scheduling

Team Performance Tracking

Since Deputy is primarily a productivity tracking and team management tool, Time Analytics is a great competitor by providing all the team performance features. You can keep your team productive without even checking up on them constantly.

The time-tracking features send you a full report on each employee’s productivity and how much they got done. Here are some of the features:

  • Monitor your team’s efficiency
  • Evaluate the team’s productivity with advanced reports
  • Increase the team’s profitability by fixing management issues


Time Analytics provides many security features like Data Encryption, SSL Encryption, Third-Party Access, Backups, and more. Time Analytics aims to provide a safe working environment for all companies, and with their software containing all the necessary security features, you can rest easy and focus on winning.


Time analytics pricing

  • Free: 14 days full-featured free trial
  • Starter: $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user per month

Pros and Cons of Time Analytics

time analytics pros and cons

2. When I Work

When I Work is another amazing tool that lets you schedule faster, track time easier, and communicate better. It is the perfect competitor for Deputy because of its similarity when we look at its features.

                        Source: When I Work website

When I Work is the perfect tool for companies and online business owners to build their work schedules in minutes. The company has a track record of working with big brands like Harvard University, Massage Envy, Tesla, Soundcloud, and many more.

Here are some features that make When I Work a great Deputy alternative.

Time Tracking Features

  • Track attendance, breaks, and time off with ease.
  • Control cost with pay rules and schedule integration.
  • Turn any device into an employee time clock machine.
  • Eliminate paper time cards and replace them with mobile management time tracking features.

Scheduling Features

  • Save up to 15 hours per week by building an automated schedule.
  • Get more employees to be accountable regarding their work ethic.
  • Increase your company’s profit and make your work efficient.


  • Standard: $2.50 per user per month
  • Advanced: $6.00 per user per month

Pros and Cons of When I Work

When i Work pros and cons

3. Toggl Track

Toggl is an all-in-one solution for project management, performance tracking, and time-tracking. It has a beautiful interface that allows companies to manage their employees with ease.

The main focus point of Toggl is that it looks so aesthetically pleasing that it almost makes you want to use it. While spending my time with Toggl, I learned that the tool offers so many features, and some of them I didn’t even see in other tools.

toggl track deputy alternatives

                               Source: Toggl Track website

Toggl offers three main products for companies and that are toggl track, toggl plan, and toggl hire. Each of these have their own use cases, but in the case of Deputy, Toggl Track is the one we’re going to focus on. Here are some of the features of Toggl Track.

Employee Time Tracking

  • Get important employee data without disrupting your team’s workflow.
  • Track time with one-click and it automatically syncs on multiple devices.
  • Leverage powerful time tracking tools to make important corporate decisions.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Track billable hours for projects and clients with automatic calculation.
  • Generate transparent records of all the billable hours to build trust with your clients.
  • Get a complete summary and a birds eye-view of your expenses.


  • Get advanced reports to fine-tune your company’s expenses, prioritize the right effort towards the right project, and get ROI reports to make important business decisions.
  • Generate ready-to-share reports and send them to your clients for the best communication.


  • Free: $0 up to 5 users
  • Starter: $9 per user per month
  • Premium: $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing with unlimited users

Pros and Cons of Toggl Track


4. Clockify

Clockify is the best free time tracker you can find. The beauty is in its simplicity, and being able to track time anywhere makes Clockify the perfect Deputy alternative.

Clockify is the perfect tool for freelancers and I’ve been using it for quite some time now. Manage my workload, it makes management easier and quicker. You can even create projects, tags, and clients to manage your time and get important data easily.

Clockify tracking

                          Source: Clockify website

Clockify also allows you to leverage their Calendar, Timesheet, Kiosk, Reports, and a lot more. All in all, while Clockify isn’t the most advanced tool on the market, it gets the job done flawlessly for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses. Here are some of the best features that you should look for.

Time Management Features

  • Timer lets you track work hours in real time.
  • Timesheets allow you to enter time in a weekly sheet manually.
  • Calendar allows you to visually block out and manage time efficiently.


  • Custom report to help you analyze and export the tracked time.
  • Activity reports let you see who worked or works on what.
  • Rates reports let you see earnings, costs, and profits.


  • Free: $0 forever
  • Basic: $3.99 per user per month
  • Standard: $5.49 per user per month
  • Pro: $7.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $11.99 per user per month

Pros and Cons of Clockify

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff empowers teams from 1 to 1000+, meaning that it is the best solution for all sorts of audiences. It has all the features to become the best Deputy alternative and solve a lot of problems that you would get from it.

hubstaff deputy alternatives

                           Source: Hubstaff website

Hubstaff lets you leverage their advanced productivity tools, hybrid time tracking, workforce analytics, flexible payroll, and project cost and budgeting. Overall, if you’re looking for one of the most professional and feature-packed Deputy alternatives, then Hubstaff is the way to go.

Here are some of the  best features of Hubstaff to look out for:

Time Tracking

  • Track employees work hours across multiple devices with more accurate timesheets.
  • Get automatically generated timesheets.
  • Get detailed reports for your business to improve processes.

Employee Monitoring

  • Get activity level reports, screenshots, apps, and URL for better employee monitoring.
  • GPS location tracking to manage on-the-go work.
  • Built in tools for enhancing employee productivity.


  • Desk Free: $0 for one user only
  • Desk Starter: $5.83 per user per month
  • Desk Pro: $8.33 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Customized Plan and Pricing

Pros and Cons of Hubstaff

6. QuickBooks Time

Quickbooks Time is from the popular company called Intuit and they’ve been catering to the finance and business world for years. QuickBooks Time is a great Deputy alternative because it contains all the important products or features to replace it.

Quickbooks time

                         Source: Quick Book Time website

QuickBooks time offers simple timesheets with mobile time tracking so you can understand who’s working on what. With its customizable reports and seamless integrations, you can know the team’s productivity without affecting the workflow.

Here are some of the feature it provides:


  • Manage multiple timesheets and approve time when you’re ready.
  • Edit timesheets and mark them as billable to make invoicing easier.

Mobile Time Tracking

  • Android or iOS app available.
  • Track time on the go, whether you’re working on mobile or PC.


  • Simple Start: $15/month
  • Essentials: $27.50/month
  • Plus: $42.50/month
  • Advanced: $100month

Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Time

7. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is one of the direct Deputy competitors. It has everything you need to schedule, from automating payments to reminders.

While it’s not as advanced as some other tools on the list, if your priority is to mainly schedule things like business appointments, scheduling, and team management, then Acuity Scheduling is the perfect tool for you.

Acuity Scheduling

                      Source: Acuity Scheduling website

Here are some of the features you get by using it:

Organization Features

  • Auto-adjust time zones.
  • Easy reschedule and cancellation options.
  • Automated reminders options.


  • Emerging: $16 per month
  • Growing: $27 per month
  • Powerhouse: $49 per month

Pros and Cons of Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling pros and cons

8. Wrike

Wrike is the one platform to streamline all workflows. It’s the same claim as Deputy but Wrike takes the cake for being a more versatile tool. Companies like Google, Lyft, Nick, and Snowflake use Wrike for project management.

Wrike is a great platform that boosts productivity and focuses on work that brings ROI to your team. You can streamline and automate a lot of team-responsibilities, and manage projects easily and effectively.

                                Source: Wrike website

Here are some of the best Wrike features you get:

Advanced Dashboard

  • Prioritize instantly with project dashboards.
  • Maximize output with project management dashboards.
  • Save a lot of time with the birds eye view, and know what project to tackle first.


  • Free: $0
  • Team: $9.80 per user per month
  • Business: $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Enterprise-grade security and scalability
  • Pinnacle: Advanced tools and analytics

Pros and Cons

Wrike pros and cons

9. Connecteam

Connecteam is a perfect solution for managing your employees. It has great Deputy alternative features with all the business needs like communication, time tracking, scheduling, task management, and a lot more.

Connecteam established itself as a one-stop shop for all business operations. It has all the tools to let you manage  time efficiently and get things done quickly and paper free. With its powerful features, you can get the best team performance.


                            Source: Connecteam website

Here are some of the features you get by using Connecteam:

Employee Communication

  • Easily and quickly communicate with employees through the mobile app.
  • Give updates and announcements in chat without disrupting the work.
  • Gather employees’ feedback and thoughts.

Employees Time Clock

  • Accurately track your employees’ time and automate timesheets to payroll in seconds.
  • Avoid time theft with the built-in features that save labor costs.


  • Small Business: $0
  • Operations Basics: $29 per month per 30 users
  • Operations Advanced: $49 per month per 30 users
  • Operations Expert: $99 per month per 30 users

Pros and Cons of Connecteam

connecteam pros and cons

10. Harvest

Harvest is another amazing time tracking and timesheet tool that makes a great Deputy competitor. The scheduling features are more advanced and easier to use than Deputy, and if you’re looking for a solution that will let you leverage all sorts of advanced productivity tracking features, then Harvest is the ideal solution for you.

Harvest time tracking

                           Source: Harvest website

Time Tracking

  • Track time from browser, desktop, and mobile
  • Integrate with your workflow
  • Custom reminders for accurate time tracking


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $10.80 per seat per month

Pros and Cons


How to Choose the Best Deputy Alternative for You

To look at the best Deputy alternative, you’ll need to look at the following features in a time tracking tool:

Scheduling:The tool should have great scheduling abilities that will aim towards getting the labor cost lowered. From scheduling to automating the payroll, the tool should eliminate most of the manual labor for maximum efficiency.

Time Tracking: Time tracking is the feature that should be present and capture accurate timesheets and invoicing.

Integrations:  Having integrations saves a lot of time. With tools like Time Analytics and Harvest, you can simply integrate common tools to your workflow.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is the perfect Deputy alternative due to a plethora of reasons. Firstly, the tool provides great time-tracking abilities with online timesheets and an ease-of-use. Secondly, Time Analytics also features great integration options, easy billing, and invoicing. Lastly, you get a 14 day full feature trial that you can avail today.

Get Started with Time Analytics Today

Saad Ali

Saad started his Content Writing journey in 2019 on Fiverr, where he catered to over 100 businesses in different niches like SaaS, Crypto, Meta, Gaming, Entertainment, and more.

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Maximizing Your Time: How to Efficiently Develop an Application   

Maximizing Your Time: How to Efficiently Develop an Application  

April 28, 2023

App development has become an essential part of modern business. However, developing an application can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing time efficiently. The process of designing, coding, and testing an application can be time-consuming and challenging, even for experienced developers.

Developers often struggle to complete projects on time due to a lack of planning, poor organization, or inefficient work practices. This struggle can lead to missed deadlines, dissatisfied clients, and a damaged reputation.

If this is the concern you are also facing, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you maximize your time and deliver high-quality applications within the shortest possible time. So, let’s cut to the chase!

Plan and Organize

Planning and organizing your work is the first step in maximizing your time. Before you begin coding, create a plan outlining the project’s scope, requirements, and timeline. This plan will help you stay on track and ensure that you complete the project on time.

Divide the project into small milestones, set achievable deadlines, and prioritize tasks accordingly. Create a to-do list for each day, and stick to it. This will help you avoid distractions and ensure that you stay focused on your work.

Use the Right Tools and Frameworks

Using the right tools and frameworks can significantly improve your productivity and efficiency. Before beginning the development process, you must choose tools and frameworks appropriate for the project’s requirements and your skillset.

For instance, many developers use Heroku as a cloud platform for deploying their applications. However, depending on your specific needs and preferences, it may not always be the best option.

So, it’s essential to research the Heroku alternatives such as Netlify, Back4app, and Azure App Services that could potentially offer more value to your development process. They can provide you with more flexibility, customization options, and potentially lower costs and development time.

Write Clean and Maintainable Code

It means writing code that is easy to read, understand, and modify. It is essential because it reduces the time and effort required for debugging, testing, and maintenance. Clean code follows best practices such as using meaningful variable names, writing comments, and avoiding code duplication. It also includes following a consistent code style, using appropriate design patterns, and ensuring the code is easy to test.

Moreover, if you need to modify the code in the future, clean and maintainable code will make the process easier and more efficient. It will save time while ensuring app quality.

Test Early and Often

Finally, testing is a crucial step in the development process of any application. It helps to ensure that the application works as intended and that it is free of bugs and other errors. Moreover, detecting and fixing bugs early on can save significant time and money.

For this purpose, you can use different testing, including unit, integration testing, user acceptance, and regression. This will ensure that the final product is high quality and meets users’ needs.

Final Words

Developing an application efficiently requires a combination of careful planning, prioritization, and effective time management. By breaking down the development process into manageable steps, setting clear goals, and leveraging automation tools and frameworks, you can streamline your workflows and reduce the time and effort required to bring the applications to market. So, what are you waiting for? Try these tips right away!

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Teamwork Time Tracking – Feature Review

Teamwork Time Tracking – Feature Review

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
April 27, 2023

Do you want to learn more about Teamwork time tracking? We created an account and want to share our experience.

Teamwork is a time tracking platform with the goal of keeping all projects profitable. It features timesheets that contain valuable information on the time your team spends working.

The app also aims to help businesses understand resources spent on different activities. Hence, the users can manage them more efficiently.

We are here to take a closer look at the app’s time tracking feature. Let’s dive in.

Teamwork Time Tracking – an Overview

Teamwork billable time software

                               Source: teamwork website

Teamwork time tracking is designed to make the process quick and simple. The app has two time tracking options – automatic time clock and manual time entries.

The entries can be made directly onto the app’s timesheets. These timesheets contain logs of time spent on specific tasks. Additionally, they show the total hours worked in a day.

It is important to mention that the app allows users to add details to their time logs. Hence, the employees and employers can have a better understanding of everyone’s productivity.

Automatic Time Tracking

As we’ve previously mentioned, Teamwork time tracking has an automatic option. It contains a simple time clock with a clean design.

Each time entry is connected to a task. Thus, the app logs time entries into the timesheets as well.

  • Start – the employees simply click a Start button to start tracking time spent on a task
  • Pause – this option captures time not spent working – a quick break or a meeting, for example
  • Stop – once the employee is done with a task they click a Stop button to log the time

Time Reports

Simply recording time spent on tasks isn’t enough for a time tracker to help any business. That is why reports are a necessary part of all time tracking software solutions.

Teamwork isn’t an exception. Thus, the app delivers reports using the data it collects.

  • Graphs – there are two graphic views of the analyzed time
  • Total time – see how much time each employee has spent working in a set period
  • Utilization – understand the ratio of billable and non-billable hours for every team member

You can also see the data presented in percentages.

                                Source: teamwork website


Timesheets are another way to make time logs. They also serve as proof of work. Team members can overview their timesheets to make sure the information in them is accurate.

  • Review logs – a great way to keep tabs on your own productivity
  • Edit – make changes to the existing logs or create new ones when necessary
  • Add details – use tags and descriptions and add billability status

                                Source: teamwork website

Teamwork Time Tracking – Pricing

Teamwork offers five plans. In other words, businesses of all sizes can use it. Here is an overview.

Free forever (up to five users)

  • Basic task management
  • Multiple project views
  • Basic templates

Starter ($8.99 per user per month; 3 users minimum)

  • Time tracking
  • Basic integrations
  • Improved Gantt charts
  • Customizable branding

Deliver ($13.99 per user per month; 3 users minimum)

  • Unlimited clients
  • Project and portfolio health reports
  • Visual intake forms
  • Automation

Grow ($25.99 per user per month; 5 users minimum)

  • Resource management
  • Advanced budgeting
  • Capacity planning
  • Burndown reports
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Custom reports

Scale plan (custom pricing)

  • Powerful client work
  • Resource scheduling
  • Granular admin permissions
  • Custom and scheduled reports
  • Retainers and profitability management

Teamwork FAQ

Which types of teams benefit the most from using Teamwork?

Teamwork is specifically tailored to cater to client work. As a result, it is highly beneficial for teams involved in client work such as marketing teams, agencies, consultancies, business development and professional services, product teams, software development teams, and creative teams. These teams tend to derive the greatest value from using Teamwork.

Is Teamwork suitable for my team’s needs?

Without knowing any more about your team, it’s hard to answer that question. Based on our collective experience, this is how we’d recommend answering this question. (It’s the process many of our customers use to research project management software.)

  1. Look through the features list — does Teamwork have what you’re looking for?
  2. Check the price point —does it fit with your budget?
  3. Study third party reviews from Capterra, G2 or your go to
  4. Sign up for a free trial so you can test it yourself. (Or book a demo and fast-track your way through.)

By the time you’re done, you’ll either have your answer or you’ll have a lot of questions for our support team!

Is Teamwork easy to switch to?

We strive to make the transition as effortless as possible. If you’re currently using popular project management tools such as Wrike, Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Trello, or Monday, you can seamlessly import all your projects with just a single click.

How does the 30 day trial work?

To maximize success, we recommend that our customers upload a few actual projects and thoroughly test them with their team. The readily available templates make it easy to get started. This approach allows everyone to provide valuable feedback on their experience, leading to enhanced adoption when the time comes to make the switch.

Can I switch plans simply?

At any time, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan directly from the settings menu.

How can we pay?

For monthly subscriptions, we accept credit card payments, including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. If you prefer an annual subscription, we also accept payments by bank transfer. If you need to use a different payment method, please reach out to support for assistance.

Are there automatic contract renewals?

No. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time without incurring any cancellation fees.

Interested in an Alternative? Try Time Analytics!

As you have seen, Teamwork time tracking could cause some issues when it comes to its pricing.

Namely, the app’s price point is quite steep compared to its alternatives. Additionally, there are user minimums that can cause problems.

Time Analytics is a time tracking solution that avoids these problems with its straightforward fees. It also has a sturdy time tracking feature that helps companies plan future steps with ease.

Time Analytics time tracking

                             Source: Time Analytics website

Automatic Time Tracking

Time Analytics features a simple time clock as well. This accurate stopwatch has a simple Start/Stop system that allows anyone to use the feature without training.

  • Task list – the users can choose a task from a provided populated list of upcoming activities
  • Time and cost allocation – all tasks are connected to their respective projects and clients
  • Simplicity – just click the Start or Stop button and the time will be logged automatically

Time Analytics Timesheets

The software relies on timesheets to keep all time logs in order. The users can use these documents to manually add time entries as well.

  • Simple tracking – create time entries directly in the timesheets if that’s more convenient
  • Two overviews – the timesheets are presented in daily and weekly overviews for easier use
  • Billable hours – mark each activity as either billable or non-billable and get time utilization reports
  • Invoicing – export the timesheets and use them as an appendix for your invoices


Time Analytics offers a plethora of accurate reports. keep track of all key performance indicators in visual and clear analyses.

  • Team productivity – understand each team member’s workload and plan future projects
  • Project insights – determine which projects are profitable and analyze them further
  • Client reports – recognize your most important clients and negotiate or terminate unfavorable contracts

report for Customer Service Representatives

Time Off Scheduling

The application features an easy way to plan according to availability. Users can mark their vacation, PTO, holidays, etc. Then, this information is presented in a clear overview.

  • Booking time off – choose whether you’re using vacation time, sick leave, or holiday
  • Break tracking – manage regular daily breaks with simple timers
  • Reviews – let the managers review time off and availability anytime

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics comes with two simple plans without any user limits. You can try them in a 14-day free trial.

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Time tracking per client and project
  • Two timesheet views
  • Overtime and time utilization tracking
  • Time and cost allocation and reports
  • Time off tracking
  • Performance overview
  • Billing and pay rates

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • All features from the Starter plan
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit reports
  • Custom onboarding for new users
  • Email reminders

Time Analytics FAQ

Does the end of my free trial period entail any charges?

We don’t need your credit card details during the trial, and there won’t be any charges. When selecting a paid plan after the trial period, the charges will be determined by the plan you choose.

By what means do I determine the cost of the license?

Find the final cost by multiplying the number of active (enabled) users in your organization with the price per user/month specified in the pricing plan.

By what means do you calculate the user count for billing?

Only the users (team members) marked as Enabled in your Team section incur charges. Simply mark individuals as Disabled if they leave the company or if you no longer need to monitor their time. Users who are disabled or deleted do not contribute to the billing calculations. Data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be securely stored.

How do monthly and annual payments differ?

If you decide on an annual license, you receive a significant discount (equivalent to two months at no cost), will be issued just one invoice, and are required to pay for a full year’s subscription. There are no discounts available for monthly-based payments, and you must manage the invoices each month.

Is there a possibility of getting discounts?

A discount of 30% is applicable to teams with over 50 employees subscribed. Additionally, if your user count exceeds 150, you may be eligible for an additional discount.

Can I terminate my license at any time as per my requirement?

Yes, that’s an available choice. Time Analytics will put an end to the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will be concluded at the culmination of your present subscription period (monthly or annually). You retain access to Time Analytics until the conclusion of your subscription period, and no reimbursements are applicable for the interval between the cancellation date and the end of the subscription period.

Is there an option to export my data after my subscription concludes?

Definitely, all your data entries can be exported after your plan is over.

Can I rely on the security of my data?

We are fully committed to data security at Time Analytics. Our servers are housed in a top-tier data center that benefits from 24/7 surveillance, and we continuously update our application to ensure it is protected by the latest security patches.

Teamwork Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

As we’ve previously mentioned, there is a big pricing difference between the two apps. However, when it comes to time tracking features, they are pretty evenly matched.

If you are looking for a time tracking solution that will accurately log employee hours and give you reports on team and company performance you can’t go wrong with either option.

Teamwork Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

Starting with Time Analytics

If you want a simple, quick, and user-friendly solution, we definitely recommend checking out Time Analytics. The application’s transparency and ease of use are sure to help any team.

The app has been designed to help companies avoid micromanagement as much as possible. Instead, it lets the managers take care of their employees’ issues productively.

The same applies to tracking business performance. Namely, the app delivers informative reports on employees as well as clients and projects.

Give Time Analytics a try to lead a happy team and a successful business!

Jelena Lukic

Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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Noko Time Tracking Review 2024 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Noko Time Tracking Review 2024 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
April 27, 2023

We live in times where time is money and every minute counts. However, a lot of time is generally wasted and under-utilized.

It is time to fix this gap by introducing a user-friendly time tracking app to your business.

Time tracking has become a leading prerequisite for teams to follow an organized work structure to start, create, and successfully complete projects.

The goal is to provide optimum value to all stakeholders by ensuring that every team member is productive, performance satisfactory, and profitability rapidly increasing.

However, there are multiple time tracker apps available in the market. Today, I will be speaking about the Noko Time Tracking software.

We will also be exploring the Time Analytics app as an alternative for Noko, something I strongly recommend after first-hand use.

Let us begin by looking at Noko’s features, pros, and cons.

Noko Time Tracking Review

Your search for a flexible and easy-to-use time tracking solution ends with Noko Time Tracking. There are organizations, which have used over four different time tracking apps in the past but have finally found stability with Noko.

With Noko, business owners can move away from the responsibility of managing time around various business activities while running around the clock to now getting some actual work done.

This tool offers all the basic features, which makes it stand out as an optimal time tracking and productivity tool.

You can make the most of this app for time tracking, unlimited project management, fast and flexible reporting, and easy invoicing. This affordable app also provides quick support.

Improves Efficiency 

If you wish to make the most of your available time, Noko Time Tracking will show you the way.

This app will help make every member of your team efficient. When working on this app, all you will have to do is hit a keystroke to get a new project started.

Enjoy working with keyboard shortcuts in the timer while entering time on every page.

Fast and easy is what best describes this app.

  • Contributes to the efficiency of the team
  • Offers direction
  • Provides a user-friendly interface
  • Extensive features that work at a click of a button

Anywhere, Anytime Use

You can work with the Noko Time Tracking App from anywhere and at any time. Noko is compatible with MAC, iPhone, Android, and mobile web.

The best part about working with this app is that you can start your work on the desktop with the timer on and at any point switch to your laptop or mobile app. When you do so the timer will follow you, which means no time lost.

If you have software developers on your team, they will be happy to track time directly from their Beanstalk or Github commit messages.


Now that we know how good Noko is at helping users make the most of their time, let us now look at how this app performs in terms of integrations.

This light and agile app seamlessly integrates with various tools and apps, some of which you may already be using.

Let us look at the apps that Noko integrates with:

  • Basecamp
  • Quickbooks
  • Github
  • Zapier

Support Options

If Noko’s features seem to appeal to you, you should definitely consider using this app. As you set out to do so, you would want to know what support options this app offers.

For starters, you can try to go through the topic-wise articles and draw material to understand the way ahead.

Similarly, you can write to the support team by sending a message straight from the Noko official portal.

Noko Time Tracking Pricing

  • If you are interested in using the Noko Time Tracking App, you can choose from three plans namely Team, Organization, and Enterprise.
  • Each of these plans is priced at $49 per month for 5 users, $199 per month for 25 users, and $499 per month respectively.
  • The team plan offers time tracking, reporting, invoicing, entry approval, and email support.
  • Organization, which is the most popular plan, offers everything under the Team Plan plus an audit log and priority support.
  • Enterprise plan offers everything under the organization plan plus concierge set up and account manager.

Pros and Cons:

User Reviews

Now that we have gone through the features, pros, and cons of Noko Time Tracking, let us look at how users rate this time tracking app.

Noko time tracking

Time Analytics as another option

Now that we know everything that the Noko Time Tracking has to offer, it would help to explore an alternative before taking the final call.

I strongly recommend giving Time Analytics a shot because personally, my business has benefited multifold times from using this app.

Time Analytics makes an excellent pick for anyone looking to maintain online timesheets while enjoying the liberty of manually or automatically tracking time entries.

This time tracking tool is equally efficient in deriving profitability across different clients and projects, which prevents you from making wrong business decisions. Let us now look at the various features, of this app in store.

Time Analytics time tracking

Achieve Customer Delight

Time Analytics is the tool you need, if you are keen on moving away from repeat client acquisitions to a client retention module.

This becomes possible by achieving customer delight, something that the Time Analytics tool helps to achieve. 

Here is how this tool makes it possible:

  • Time Analytics helps to maintain a record of the performed work. This offers clients in-depth clarity and helps the internal team to avoid missing billable minutes at the time of invoicing.
  • Improves the level of transparency in the process of generating invoices and appendices.
  • Allows to easily export invoices and related invoicing data

Cost Management

The amount of profits you generate from your business depends largely upon how well you handle costs. This is where the Time Analytics app comes to your rescue.

With this app in use, you can make out the projects that eat up most of your financial resources. Information in this regard helps you to better plan your future moves wherein you can either decide to reduce projects of this nature or increase the cost to the client.


Users trust Time Analytics app with information that can make or break their business dynamics. I can say the team at Time Analytics is well aware of this and thus holds security in high regard.

Security measures taken by Time Analytics include

  • Data Encryption
  • Blocked third-party access
  • Everyday data backups
  • Personal Communication SSL encrypted 

Support Options

Now that you are getting ready to work with the Time Analytics app, you would want to know the support options this app has in store


Time analytics pricing

The Starter Plan is available at $4.99 per user per month. Under this plan, unlimited clients, projects, and users can work.

This plan is suitable for freelancers and teams looking to restrict admin work. 

Signing up for this plan would help improve productivity and increase billable hours.

You will have to pay $6.99 per user per month for the Optimum Plan.

This plan is ideal for companies looking to increase profits across projects and clients. 

With this plan, companies can enjoy improved transparency and accuracy in their daily operations.

Pros and Cons:

time analytics pros and cons

Noko Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

Now that we have taken a thorough look at all that the Noko Time Tracking App and Time Analytics have in store, it is verdict time.

If you ask me, I’d say it is ideal to opt for the Time Analytics app because first of all, it is affordable as compared to Noko Time Tracking App. You have a 14-day free trial available as well, which can further aid decision-making.

Most importantly, with the Time Analytics tool, there is no force to go 100% automated as it has provision for making manual time entries as well.

Two simplified plans to choose from further does away with the confusion related to decision-making.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a great app for anyone looking to track billable and non-billable hours. Growing your company could not have gotten any easier.

This app is perfect for anyone looking to analyze projects in terms of the profitability each project generates thus allowing smarter decision-making in terms of client selection.

The best part about Time Analytics is that its pricing is highly competitive. Since there are only two pricing plans, specific to particular target groups you can make an easy choice. Don’t miss the 14-day free trial this app offers without the need to enter your credit card information. 

Time Analytics is indeed a savior for your business. Go get it today.

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Deputy Time Tracking – Feature Review and Comparison

Deputy Time Tracking – Feature Review and Comparison

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
April 25, 2023

Want to know more about the Deputy time tracking feature? Read on!

Deputy is a time tracking and scheduling software solution. The app features useful options like scheduling, payroll calculation, and a mobile app.

The platform is, hence, a good option for construction teams and other field staff. The app’s main goal is to reduce admin time and help businesses focus on delivering projects.

Today, we are going to look into the app’s time tracking feature. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether you’d like to purchase a plan.

Deputy Time Tracking Overview

                                          Source: Deputy website

Deputy relies on simple timesheets to untangle a team’s working day. The tracker automatically records attendance and helps calculate payroll accurately.

The employees don’t have to worry about learning complex time tracking processes. The app features a simple clock-in system that leaves no place for confusion.

The app uses facial recognition and GPS location to ensure no one is buddy punching. This way, managers can be sure of their employees’ honesty.

Accuracy is a high priority when it comes to payroll and charging your own clients. Deputy aims for transparency in both cases.

Simple Time Capturing

Using Deputy is extremely simple. The employees only need to click a button and the app will start tracking their time on the job automatically.

The platform uses a simple time clock for this purpose. The clock also features a break button.

  • Time clock – use the most precise method of employee time tracking
  • Breaks – catalog breaks and divide them into paid and unpaid
  • Timesheets – the software creates automatic digital timesheets with the data it collects

Timesheet Verification

Deputy aims to eliminate buddy punching and other forms of time theft. These issues usually happen in field teams, as well as organizations with a large number of employees.

  • Real-time attendance – check in on your team and see who is present whenever you need to
  • GPS location – get an insight into the whereabouts of every team member
  • Facial recognition – use biometric data to verify each employee’s presence at the job site

Thus, the managers can make sure everyone has worked their shifts without constant check-ins.

Timesheet Approval

Managers need to be sure that timesheets are accurate. Even though the Deputy time tracking feature has face recognition and GPS tracking, it also makes reviewing extremely simple.

  • Individual approval – make sure a specific employee has been truthful with their timekeeping
  • Bulk approval – approve the entire group’s or team’s timesheets at once
  • Export – send all timesheet data to your payroll app with a single click

Wage and Break Compliance

As we’ve mentioned before, Deputy includes a break button. Moreover, the app makes sure that employers are giving all their employees their fair share.

  • Wage calculation – automate the calculation process including contract terms and local laws
  • Work rates – set up specific hourly rates for different positions within the company
  • Break scheduling – make sure you’re compliant with the local laws and set up automatic breaks

Deputy Pricing

Deputy pricing

Deputy offers four pricing plans with different features.

Scheduling ($3.50 per user per month)

  • Unlimited shifts
  • Auto scheduling
  • POS integration
  • Leave and PTO management
  • Task assignment
  • Open API
  • Dashboard
  • Schedule templates

Time and attendance ($3.50 per user per month)

  • Unlimited timesheets
  • Integration for payroll
  • POS integration
  • PTO and leave management
  • Task assignment
  • Performance and journaling
  • Biometric and GPS location capture
  • Custom fields in timesheets

Premium ($4.90 per user per month)

All features from the previous two plans

Enterprise (custom pricing)

  • All features from Premium
  • SSO
  • Custom roles and permissions
  • Custom structure
  • VIP support
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Demand planning
  • Training matrix

Time Analytics – an Alternative

If you’re looking into Deputy, you’re probably searching for a simple, remote team-friendly time tracking. In that case, Time Analytics can be a great alternative.

The application was built to help organizations remain profitable. However, it also makes sure your relationship with both employees and clients becomes healthier and stronger.

That is why the app doesn’t rely on micromanagement and monitoring. The employees simply create time entries and let their work speak for itself.

Time Analytics time tracking

Automatic Stopwatch

Time Analytics has an automatic time tracking option. This is possible due to a simple time clock within the app. It allows extreme accuracy in task time tracking.

  • Task list – the employees are provided with a pre-populated list of current and upcoming tasks
  • Simple tracking – the clock has a Start/Stop button the employees click to track time
  • Breaks – simply stop the timer when you need to take a break and start it again when you’re back at work

Manual Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking could be inconvenient for different reasons. That is why all team members can simply add time spent on tasks manually.

All they need to do is simply choose a task from the list and type in how long they’ve worked on it.


All collected information is turned into timesheet entries. The timesheets themselves are the proof of work both for internal and invoicing purposes.

  • Billability – the tasks contain information on the project, client, and custom billable rates for all employees
  • Two views – view either daily or weekly timesheets depending on the scope of the tasks
  • Time utilization – you can mark all tasks as either billable or non-billable
  • Invoicing appendix – export and convert the timesheets into PDF or Excel to send to your clients

Timesheet software

Time Off Tracking

Time Analytics also makes scheduling simple with its time off tracking feature. Namely, the employees can mark their time off in advance.

This enables the managers to create shifts and schedules with a clear understanding of employee availability.

One more advantage of time off tracking is that you’ll be able to improve your relationship with clients. Namely, you will be able to assign tasks without worrying about being understaffed.

TA Mobile App

Time Analytics has a fully functional mobile application. Hence, it is also a great solution for field teams that don’t spend their time at computers.

The app features all the options the desktop version has. However, it doesn’t have any intrusive monitoring options. This is another way to show employees you trust them.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time Analytics has two affordable pricing plans.

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Time tracking per project and client
  • Two-view timesheets
  • Time off tracking
  • Overtime and utilization
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Performance dashboard
  • Visual reports
  • Billing rates
  • Time and cost reporting
  • Data import
  • Exportable reports

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • Every Starter feature
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit reporting
  • Email reminders to submit timesheets
  • Custom onboarding

Both plans have 24-hour email support. You can try them for free in a 14-day free trial.

Time analytics pricing

Deputy Time Tracking vs. Time Analytics

Deputy is a solid time tracking and scheduling software solution. However, after trying the product we realized that it wasn’t very versatile when it comes to the customer profile.

Additionally, reports and analytics are available only for companies that have over 250 employees. This is true as they are only featured in the Enterprise plan.

On the other hand, Time Analytics offers reports on all key performance indicators to users on all tiers.

When it comes to the time tracking features themselves, both apps are very similar.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is an extremely user-friendly solution. There are zero distractions within its interface. thus, the time tracking process is effective and quick.

Besides being popular among employees, the app also delivers accurate reports to management. In other words, it eliminates the need to monitor and micromanage your team.

Additionally, you will be able to compare different projects. Simply put, determining low-performing employees, contracts and clients is as simple as clicking a button.

To conclude, Time Analytics offers transparency in all aspects of the business. Using it to track time will help you lead a more successful business, as well as a happy team!

Jelena Lukic

Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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The Benefits of Automating Server Management Tasks

The Benefits of Automating Server Management Tasks

April 25, 2023

If you running a website, it’s highly probable that you host it on one of the available server solutions – like a  Linux VPS, a dedicated server, or something else.

Running a website, however, is not only associated with developing the website itself and filling it with new content, but it also involves a variety of other routine server management tasks, that cannot be omitted if you want your website to always work well, have maximum uptime, and be resistant to cyber-attacks.

However, there are ways of making your life easier and they are presented by different tools and methods that allow for automating your server management. Why is proper management of your server important and what benefits its automation can bring you? Let’s see.

Why server management matters?

Although a lack of management doesn’t mean that your server won’t function, server management determines how optimized your server will be.

Regular server management will mean that your resources will always be up-to-date and adapted to the newest challenges. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects that are determined by it:

System availability

A properly managed server is a server whose every component works in the right way. This contributes to how well your apps function and reduces the number of bugs that can cause your system to stop working properly.

Better performance

Many aspects of server management contribute to your website’s successful performance. This is achieved both by regular updates, patches, and bug fixes and by the automatic analysis of your website’s current performance and suggestions on how it can be improved. The more carefully server management is performed, the more of its performance potential is actualized.

Safety of your data

Your website consists of data that is stored at some particular place, a particular storage drive at a particular data center. However, due to human or technical error, the data or the drive itself can be damaged, leading to the loss of precious information. For this reason, one of the essential precautions for every website owner consists in performing regular backups of your website, in this or that form. Automation here can be helpful as well, making sure that your backups will be performed regularly without you even thinking about them.

Optimal security

The security side of server management is another essential aspect supported by regular server management.

Regular updates of the software that fix bugs that always occur and can be exploited as breaches in security, security patches, and firewall configuration are all necessary elements of server management that can be taken over by server automation tools.

What kind of server management automation tools are there?

Server management can be automated with the help of a wide selection of applications. Let’s have a quick look at what operating can be automated and what are the most common utilities of this kind.

  1. Configuration management tools: These tools can automate server configuration and deployment. They include such tools as Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.
  2. Monitoring and Alerting Tools: These tools can automate the monitoring and management of server performance, uptime, and health.
  3. They include such tools as Nagios, Zabbix, and Prometheus.
  4. Backup and Recovery Tools: These tools are responsible for automating backup and recovery of server data, applications, and configurations. They include such applications as Veeam, Acronis, and Commvault.
  5. Patch Management Tools: These tools can automate the installation of security patches and updates on servers. Some common ones include Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and WSUS.
  6. Virtualization Management Tools: These tools can automate the management of virtual servers. They include such solutions as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

The advantages of server management tasks automation

The automation of server management tasks can bring a great number of benefits given that they save your time and guarantee that certain tasks will be done automatically.

Here are some of server automation advantages:

Reduced Workload for IT Teams

Regular server management tasks like server patching, configuration management, and software updates do take time, which is indeed a worthless resource. However, if you set up server management for these routines, your team will be able to focus on other things that are more closely related to what is special in your project. This way they can have more to do with application development, creating content, or promoting your project.

Increased efficiency

Although humans are smart and good at problem-solving and creativity, their resources are indeed limited and prone to making arbitrary mistakes and forgetting.

When a certain activity can be reduced to a sequence of repetitive operations, an automation tool can show off significantly more reliability. Giving a specific task to a computer program will make sure that this task will be done, and done as it is supposed to be, timely and quickly, excluding human error.


Automating server management tasks will reduce the number of human hours when it comes to server management. In this way, you can avoid hiring additional employees or outsourcing parts of your workflows.

And this is not to mention the minimization of potential revenue losses due to a lack of server management.

Improved security

One of the main goals of server management is regularly updating the security of the server, by updating the software and installing patches. By automating server management you get a guarantee that all these measures will be always up-to-date, so its protection from any cyber threats will be as high as possible.


Automating your server management tasks is an efficient way of simultaneously saving time, and costs, and making sure that all the necessary operations are performed on time. We hope that this article was enough for you to understand the essential benefits of server automation and we wish you to organize your server management in the most efficient and beneficial way. Stay tuned!

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Sage Timeslips Review 2024 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Sage Timeslips Review 2024 – Features, Pros, and Cons

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
April 25, 2023

Time tracking support is one of the best ways of ensuring fair billing while capping on value-driven and profit-oriented projects.

The popularity of time tracking tools has led to the dominance of endless alternatives in the market that assure on-point time tracking.

Today’s topic of discussion will be the Sage Timeslips app which stands out for its time tracking effectiveness and billing capabilities. We will speak about Sage Timeslips’ pricing, features, pros, and cons.

On the side, we will also look at Time Analytics, a time tracking app that aids with full-proof billable and non-billable hours tracking. Let us now get straight into the discussion.

Sage Timeslips Review

If you are an attorney, accountant, or consultant looking to introduce time tracking cum billing software in your routine operations, you will likely find support in Sage Timeslips. Having been in business for over 3 decades now, Sage Timeslips has been successful in creating a clan of loyalists who trust this software.

One of the first purposes for which you can utilize Sage Timeslips is to ensure that you do not miss any of the billable hours. Doing so would ensure that you make consistent profits in your practice.

Apart from this, Timeslips works equally handy in generating professional invoices. This software helps to generate and deliver accurate invoices to the client.

It is now time to look at Sage Timeslips’ features.

                                  Source: Sage Timeslips website

Intuitive Interface

One of the foremost reasons for you to choose Sage Timeslips is its intuitive interface. The said interface makes it easier for users to navigate on the app and make the most of all the features Timeslips has in store.

With this app, you can easily track your billable time. The best part, however, is the provision of multiple time entry methods that helps you to optimize the use of this app and work along seamlessly.

Most importantly, assigning rates on tasks and employees is automatic on Timeslips. This further adds to the convenience of use.

  • Allows you to get a business perspective
  • Stands out as a comprehensive app
  • Makes way for better control

Improved Billing Customization

You may first look at Sage Timeslips’ cost while deciding on whether to go ahead with the same. However, if you look at the high-level customization this app offers in terms of billing customization; you might not even want to look any further.

This invoice billing software is equipped to help you send out professional invoices.

Most importantly, this app also allows access to industry-standard billing formats. Above all, every invoice is independent of the others on this app, which allows personalization in terms of the billing arrangement, rules, and rates.


Now that you know about the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sage Timeslips app, you would be up to trying it, not unless you know how well it fairs in terms of its integrations.

There is good news in this regard as Sage Timeslips effortlessly integrates with your favorite systems and legal software. Most of which you already use in your law firm can be integrated with this app.

The entire integration process is simple and time-efficient.

Integrates with-

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage 50
  • LawPay
  • Paya Integrations

Support Options

Now that we know how perfectly the Sage Timeslips app fits into your legal ecosystem, you would be interested to know the support options it brings to the table.

Once you start using this app, you have easy access to customer support. You can also take help from Grad Caps, which are essentially in-built training modules. Alternatively, you enjoy remote access through the eCenter as well.

Support available across:

  • Product-wise support
  • Resource Center
  • Sage Community
  • Blogs and FAQs

Sage Timeslips Pricing:

  • If you plan to work with Sage Timeslips, you can choose one among the aforementioned four plans namely Starter, Standard, Pro, and Elite Plans.
  • The starter plan is priced at $52 per month, Standard at $98 per month, Pro at $130 per month, and Elite at $145 per month.
  • The target audience for the starter plan is a business that requires a single license, standard is suitable for businesses requiring 1 to 4 networked licenses, Pro for growing teams with flexible billing requirements, and elite for large firms requiring customized solutions
  • Free trial available 

Pros and Cons:

Sage Timeslips pros and cons

User Reviews

Now that we have gone through the features, pros, and cons of Sage Timeslips, let us look at how users rate this time tracking app.

Sage Timeslips review

Time Analytics as another option

If Sage Timeslips has failed to impress you or you do not fall in the categories that form a target audience for this app, you may have to look beyond this app.

Of course, it’s difficult to miss its first-class time tracking and invoicing abilities. However, you can always switch to a competitive counterpart like Time Analytics, which has much more in store.

With this app, time management shall become a cakewalk for you. A few seconds is all it would take for you to punch in time logs.

With two straightforward pricing plans and a string of effective features, Time Analytics is all you need to track billable and non-billable hours. Let’s look at the further details.

Time Analytics time tracking

Time and Cost Tracking

Time Analytics shall work as a go-to time tracking app for you especially if you are looking to handle time and costs efficiently. With this app, you can track time using the following two methods.

  • Manual entries 
  • Automated Time Tracking

When dealing with multiple projects, it will take only a single click for you to read costs across different projects. Automated cost allocation, billing and fixation of pay rates, and on-point management of time entries are other add-ons offered by this app.

Measuring Project Profitability

Businesses run for profits. What is important is to keep a track of profitable projects and maximize incoming on similar lines.

This is where Time Analytics comes to your rescue.

With this app, you can track billable hours and billing efficiency. Most importantly, you can measure profitability metrics across individual projects and clients.

This app also allows tracking missing profits.


Every user is likely to load sensitive information on the Time Analytics app. Thus, it is critical to maintain the confidentiality of such data.

Security infuses by Time Analytics

  • Data Encryption
  • Blocked third-party access
  • Everyday data backups
  • Personal Communication SSL encrypted 

Support Options

Working around the Time Analytics App is seamless. However, any time you feel stuck you can explore any of the following support options.


Time analytics pricing

If you opt for the Starter Plan, you will have to pay $4.99 per user per month. This plan is available to unlimited clients, projects, and users.

The Starter plan is suitable for freelancers and teams looking to restrict admin work. 

Signing up for this plan ensures improved productivity and increased billable hours.

You will have to pay $6.99 per user per month for the Optimum Plan.

This plan is ideal for companies looking to increase profits across projects and clients. 

With this plan, companies can enjoy improved transparency and accuracy in their daily operations.

Pros and Cons:

time analytics pros and cons

Sales Timeslips vs Time Analytics:

We have now taken a close look at both the Sales Timeslips and Time Analytics app. It is now time to decide what makes it worth the go-ahead.

It is understood that the preliminary choice depends upon what your business goals are or what it is that you are seeking out of this app.

If one of your major priorities is to settle for a budget-friendly time tracking app, it would make sense to opt for Time Analytics. This is because Time Analytics is competitively priced as compared to Timeslips.

Apart from this, Time Analytics is suitable for a wider target group as compared to Sage Timeslips, which is more inclined towards law firms and consultants.

Going ahead with the free trial is one of the best ways of taking the final call.

Getting Started with Time Analytics:

Time Analytics works as an excellent app, if your goal is to transition from tracking employee hours to growing your company.

This app allows you to track time across projects with one click. You can manage all time entries, set billing, pay rates for your team, and automate cost allocation with this app.

This is your chance to make your organization reach new heights by turning to Time Analytics, which helps with on-point billable and non-billable hours tracking.

This is your app if improved team productivity and keeping project and client-wise track of performance and profitability is your priority.

The best part about Time Analytics is that it is priced competitively. Since there are only two pricing plans, you can make an easy choice. Not to miss the 14-day free trial this app offers without you having to enter your credit card information. 

Let us now track time smartly only with Time Analytics.

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ClickTime Timesheet – All You Need to Know Before Buying

ClickTime Timesheet – All You Need to Know Before Buying

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
April 21, 2023

Want to find out more about ClickTime timesheet? Let us guide you.

ClickTime is a time tracking tool that understands the value of your time. That is why it provides businesses with a simple way to map out each employee’s workflow. The secret? Simple timesheets.

The application takes a holistic approach to time tracking. In other words, it helps users with each step of all projects. From planning to data analysis, the platform has something to offer.

The app also has a native mobile version. Thus, it helps hybrid and remote teams keep track of all activity.

ClickTime Timesheet Overview

ClickTime managing your time with online timesheets

                                       Source: Clicktime website

Timesheets should be as simple to fill out as possible. ClickTime has designed this feature to be extremely user-friendly.

The employees can fill their timesheets either via a web browser or iOS and Android mobile apps.

On the other hand, managers have the task of making sure the documents are accurate. Hence, they will be able to fix any mistakes before the timesheets are approved and sent.

This is very important, as the timesheets contain information that helps calculate payroll. Moreover, they are designed to be sent to clients as proof of work.

ClickTime Timesheet Accuracy

ClickTime helps users fill in their timesheets as accurately as possible from the get-go. This reduces the time managers need to spend controlling them.

  • Easy access – employees can simply log hours via ClickTime’s web page or on their phones. This is a great option for remote and field teams, as they don’t spend their days at the office.
  • Auto-fill – the timesheet has a pattern recognition feature. The time entries are pre-populated with information about the project and the task. All the employees need to do is enter the time they’ve spent on the task
  • Stopwatch – if you want absolute entry accuracy when it comes to time, this feature is very handy. Simply start tracking time through the stopwatch, and then allocate it to a specific client, project, and task

ClickTime employee timesheet software solution

                            Source: Clicktime website

Workflows and Approvals

Each ClickTime timesheet needs to be approved by the management. This way, you will be sure all information is accurate and there are no accidental mistakes.

  • Permission control – allow managers and admins access to specific timesheets to control. Each manager can control their own team or department
  • Automation – the app has a notification system that alerts employees to fill and submit their timesheets on time
  • Accessibility – the process of submitting completed timesheets is quick and simple. The employees can do it from their computers or mobile devices

Timesheet Completion Tracker

Managers’ time is extremely valuable. That is why every ClickTime Timesheet has a place in a completion tracker. The managers can easily see every timesheet’s completion status.

ClickTime Pricing

clicktime pricing

ClickTime has four pricing plans. These are their most important features.

Starter ($13 per user per month)

  • Time tracking
  • Pre-built reports
  • Email reminders

Team ($17 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Workflow approval
  • Advanced billing rates
  • Managing time off

Premier ($28 per user per month)

  • All Team features
  • Utilization goal tracking
  • Project budgets
  • Resource planning

Enterprise (custom pricing)

  • All Premier features
  • SSO
  • Account manager role
  • Custom integrations

Looking for an ClickTime Alternative? Give Time Analytics a Try!

ClickTime is a great time tracking solution. However, some businesses may be thinking about an alternative due to its steep pricing.

Time Analytics is a more affordable lightweight solution. However, its timesheets are on par with ClickTime’s.

The app reduces time spent on administrative repetitive tasks. This is how it helps all involved – employees and managers alike – dedicate more time to actual work.

Let us see how Time Analytics’ timesheets compare!

Time Analytics time tracking

Simple Time Entries

Time Analytics has an extremely user-friendly design. Thus, creating time entries takes very little time. This is important, as the app’s goal is to not interrupt employees’ workflow.

  • List of tasks – simply choose a task from a pre-populated list without constant entry creation
  • Manual and automatic tracking – start a simple time clock or add all time data manually depending on what’s more convenient
  • Entry management – make edits to the entries, move, or copy them
  • Time utilization – simply mark the time spent on a task as either billable or non-billable


The app’s timesheets offer deep insights into your team’s time. employees can track time against tasks, projects, and clients. This allows great insight into the overall state of your business.

  • Choose a period – choose the dates you want to see in a timesheet to make the timesheets as concise as possible
  • Choose what to include – pick the categories you want to see in the document (e.i. project, client, employee, etc.) – this also eliminates overwhelming and unnecessary information
  • Two views – pick between a weekly overview and a more detailed daily report

Timesheet Management

Managing employee timesheets is a crucial part of tracking time. This is why Time Analytics offers several simple editing options.

  • Review – make sure time entries, billing rates, and billability are in order before approving the timesheet
  • Make changes – add notes to time entries, edit, remove, and filter them in seconds


Do you want to use timesheets as proof of work for your clients? Time Analytics has your back.

  • PDF – print out the documents and send them to the clients as a billing appendix
  • Excel – analyze the information and manage the timesheets

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

You have the choice between two plans – Starter and Optimum. You can try either one for free in a 14-day trial.

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Simple client and project time tracking
  • Exportable and visual reports
  • Cost allocation
  • Time utilization and overtime tracking
  • Two timesheet views
  • Billing rates
  • Manager role
  • Data import

And more

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Invoicing
  • Email reminders
  • Custom onboarding
  • Revenue reports

ClickTime Timesheet vs Time Analytics

Both applications offer simple time tracking and informative timesheets. However, Time Analytics offers them at a much more affordable price.

Let’s look at the features side by side

clicktime timesheet


Trying Time Analytics

Time Analytics has been created with the end-user in mind. However, the popularity of the app with the employees isn’t its only benefit.

The app offers comprehensive reports any business can use to plan the next step. Whether it’s organizing the workload more equally or terminating an unfavorable contract – the app will help you make an informed decision.

Understanding how your team ticks (remote and hybrid teams included) will point you to your top performers. Utilize this knowledge to help other team members and reward the hardest workers.

Time Analytics is a tool that can help you obtain a deep understanding of your team members’ habits. Moreover, it will do it without micromanagement.

In other words – allow Time Analytics to increase transparency and your team’s happiness!

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