25+ Time Tracking Apps for Small Business for 2022

25+ Time Tracking Apps for Small Business for 2022

March 3, 2022

Small business owners have recently been realizing the importance of time tracking of their companies. However, not all time tracking apps cater to a small team. That is why we are here to give you the best options for your business.

1. Time Analytics – The Perfect Solution for Small Business

Time Analytics is a simple time tracking solution and a powerful tool that enables the management to come up with better decisions. It focuses on tracking employee performance, billable hours improvement, and comparing project profitability and efficiency.


Time tracking

Time Analytics tracks each employee’s time per project, client, and task. It is extremely easy to log time. Once the user starts the tracker, they will see fields for client, project, and task selection. They only have to check the fields for that time period. After that, they will mark whether the activity is billable or non-billable as well. Additionally, they have the option of adding notes regarding specific tasks.

The users don’t have to enter their time into a specific project again and again. It is possible to create templates for recurring tasks. Namely, you can add them to a Favorites list, so all data is open with a single click, while the user only needs to log the time.


When a user logs their time, all data is transferred into a timesheet. A timesheet is a report that collects data from all timers and displays them in the form of a list. The timesheets contain data about the time an employee spends on different projects, clients, and work tasks, as well as time off.

A daily timesheet contains all data about time tracked:

  • Team member
  • Client
  • Project
  • Task
  • Note (this is a brief description your team member wrote during time recording in timers)
  • Information if the activity is billable or not
  • Billing rate
  • Hours recorded
  • Date of entry
  • Option for edit or delete

The timesheets can be exported into Excel for easier handling as well.

Cost tracking

The costs of performed services are calculated based on hourly rate costs.

For the first step, you need to determine and enter the hourly rate cost for each team member in the Team section.

After that Time Analytics automatically multiples hours tracked by team members with determined cost rate and allocates total costs to projects, clients, and tasks.

As a result, you get full reports indicating costs per project, task, client, and team member.


Team performance reporting

In the Reporting section for each employee you can see:

  • Effectiveness performances – the reports show the total number of work hours. When you compare this with the total work hour capacity for a certain period, you will see whether an employee was effective in the said period. You can also track total time off or all employees, including sick leave, vacations, daily breaks, etc.
  • Efficiency performances – you can calculate overtime and the time that hasn’t been logged based on the reports.
  • Productivity performances – the reports display billable vs non-billable hours, as well as employee utilization rate, where you can find productivity conclusions. You can compare the realized and planned utilization rates, so you can track whether an employee met the utilization expectations.

Project and Client Reporting:

Time Analytics offers a special kind of report that shows the performances of clients and project performances, as well as total, billable, and non-billable time and each client’s and project’s expenses for the chosen period.


Starts at $4 per user per month. There is a significant discount for teams with over 50 members as well.

2. TrackingTime


Tracking Time is a simple tool that offers two ways of entering time:

  • Manual – adding time to a specific project
  • Through a running timer – simply click a button and start tracking the time a person spends on a project

There are two basic views in the workspace – daily and weekly, or monthly. The daily view shows the tasks one under the other, and you can start a timer or manually track the time for each task. In the weekly overview, you can see a calendar that shows projects and the time they take for each day, as well as the total weekly time.

Besides, the managers can add or edit their team members’ time.

There is a Repeat option in the time logging model. This way you can create a schedule for future tasks.

Creating policies for time tracking and time off, as well as invoicing spent time are all important functions the program offers.

The basic reports come as timesheets, time cards, and project-related reports.


  • Time tracking – logging time manually and via a timer by the client, project, and task
  • Managing the billable hourly rate
  • Daily, weekly and monthly task overview
  • Project management – organizing work, tasks, collaborations, and deadline tracking
  • Timesheets – viewing online timesheets based on the logged time; the option to customize timesheets and manager approval for their team members
  • Time cards for an easy clock in and clock out
  • Reporting – showing the realized productivity per employee, different analyses of project, clients, and work hours
  • Attendance tracking – tracking time off, overtime, and attendance


  • Reports for Productivity Analysis
  • Customer Billing Reports
  • Reports for Payroll Calculation
  • Reports for Project Management
  • Reports for Control of Attendance


There is a free version for up to three users and a Pro version which costs $5.

3. Harvest

Harvest combine time tracking and costs tracking in one

The overview of projects and clients the time is logged for make up Harvest’s basic workspace. You can log hours manually or by running a timer. The daily overview shows the list of all trackers, while the weekly view shows trackers for each day of the week.

The platform offers excellent reminders for the users who haven’t logged their time, as one of the more important features.

The basic package includes project profitability reports. There are visual reports that track profitability and display income, expenses, and profit. Harvest is one of the rare tools that track work expenses and additional specific project expenses as well as time.

Harvest isn’t a tool that monitors the employees by taking screenshots. It also doesn’t have a specific feature that tracks paid time off.

Our biggest issue with Harvest is its dated user interface, even though navigating the program is very easy. Additionally, the platform’s pricing is somewhat higher than average.


  • Time tracking – manually or through a timer, for each project and client
  • Invoicing – creating invoices is simple, and so is tracking their status (issued, charged, pending, etc.)
  • Reporting – tracking your team’s performances, as well as projects and clients through a visual overview
  • Integration with a large number of different tools, most notably Quickbooks, Asana, and different calendar apps


  • A wide selection of visual reports:
  • Project Reporting: track budgets and internal expenses with visual reports
  • Team Reporting: Visualize your team’s capacity so you can adjust their workload accordingly.
  • Custom reports and exports: Generate custom time reports, export them, and sync your data with third-party analysis tools.


The free version allows for a single project, while the Pro version offers unlimited projects for $12.

4. Timecamp

timecamp system

Timecamp is an ideal tool for small businesses that need to track employee time and issue invoices based on the logged time and billable hours.

You can track time per project, task, and client, by starting a timer, or you can log it manually.

Timecamp offers the option of automatic time tracking, automatic clock in and clock out, and many other options.

The most useful integrations Timecamp offers are with Click up, Asana, Github, Google Calendar, and Airtable


  • Automatic time tracking – Timecamp automatically scans the domains of all apps your team is using and groups them into predefined categories
  • Manual time tracking – the employees add time to different projects themselves
  • Time tracking through a running timer
  • Project performance tracking – Is your project still following the budget and what is its margin
  • Creating and tracking invoices – you can create different invoice templates, as well as add different categories into the documents (tasks, projects, hours, etc.)


  • 10+ built-in report types
    Option to generate customized reports
  • Exporting and sharing the reports in many formats



Starting from $6.3 per user per month

5. Hourstack

Hourstack is a time management solution used to plan, track and report on spent time. The software has a good overview of weekly tasks, which is the basic workspace at the same time. The weekly overview (in calendar form) shows all weekly work tasks in card form.

All tasks can be viewed by the user or by the team the user is managing.

The cards contain data on the project, client, and spent time.

Tasks can be imported from Asana.


  • Scheduling – a visual calendar that helps you plan time and optimize your schedule through individual and team calendar views
  • Time Tracking – starting the timer directly from the calendar through a single click
  • Reports – identify trends and receive a comprehensive performance insight through graphs and visualizations


  • Visualization and graphs
  • Adjusting the reports through filters, grouping, and sorting options
  • Data export in multiple formats


Two plans are available: Personal ($9) and Team ($12).

6. Desk time

DeskTime billable time software

Desk time is an optimized time tracking tool that offers employe monitoring and focuses on productivity. This simple activity tracking tool is designed for small and medium businesses. It presents the data on the employees and time tracking in a clear and intuitive interface while allowing for a quick clock in and out.

Track the way you and your employees spend your time on and offline; track time per project and calculate expenses automatically based on employee hourly rates. Plan employee vacations, calculate overtime compensation, and keep all team member information in one place.

If your company is looking for a good automated time tracking platform with a useful collection of tracking functions and productivity reports, Desk time will do the job quickly and quite easily.


  • Time tracking – automatic productivity calculation, without manual time logging
  • URL and app tracking – the option to view web pages your employees visit. If there is no mouse activity for longer than 3 minutes, Desk time will become inactive
  • Document title tracking – track the time employees spend using certain apps, like Excel, Word, Photoshop, etc.
  • Web Timer – a simple tool for manual time tracking. It allows time tracking directly from the browser, with no need to download the software.
  • Auto screenshots – take a screenshot every 5,10,15, or 30 minutes to show unproductive behavior
  • Offline time tracking
  • Integrations – numerous options for calendar apps and project management software


All reports on employee time and productivity can be easily downloaded and shared with your employees, the company management, or clients when necessary.

There are several productivity reports you can create and download from Desk time.

  • The productivity of each employee and team
  • Improvement or decrease of your team’s performance
  • How much time do your employees spend in meetings


Desk time offers a single-user free version. The paid options start at $7 per user.

8. Toggl Track


By delivering detailed insights and opportunities to optimize your workflow, Toggl enables tracking daily activities on different platforms.

Toggl track is available through web and desktop apps (Windows, Mac, Linux), browser, and mobile applications (Android, Ios). Each of these platforms has its unique advantages, giving you access to detailed reports and project time tracking.

Both individuals and teams can use Toggl. Whether you’re running a small consulting business or a multinational company, the platform will make all business processes simpler and more productive.

If you want to connect other company processes as well, Toggl will allow it through over 100 integrations.


  • Time Tracking – one click-start/stop web timer, desktop timer, mobile app. The option to use a Pomodoro Timer.
  • Time Entries – entry includes information about the start and stop time, duration, the app used to track the time, description, project, and tag
  • Reports – all tracked information can be turned into reports. The data is synchronized on all devices and platforms
  • Team and Workspaces – the option to create new workspaces, invite team members and assign tasks
  • Integration and Extension – the most popular apps for project management, task management, productivity improvement, CRM software, web development, writing, communication, and more.


  • Create a summary, detailed, and weekly reports. You can choose the level of details you want to see, filter, sort, and create simple visual overviews and reports in CSV or PDF.
  • You can change the saved logs and forward them to your client via a link, so they can also see them online.
  • Receive the most important reports in your inbox regularly to stay in the loop even without logging in to Toggl.


Toggl offers a free version for up to 5 users. The prices start at $9 per user per month. Choosing a yearly license will give you a discount.

9. Timely

Timely time billing software for for engineers

Timely is a project management software solution that offers a complete toolkit for managing tasks. It gives the users complete control over their schedules, allowing them to determine meeting times, give notices, set automatic reminders, and generate reports. It encompasses functions that help calendar organization, efficient reservations, and time slot management.

The platform helps small and medium companies get the maximum out of their schedules through an adjustable interface and smart functions.

The software is available as SaaS on Android and IoS mobile devices.


  • Time Tracking – automatic logging of the time an employee spends in different work applications
  • Tracking Project – Scan real-time dashboards, get automatic notifications for critical budget movements, and dive deep into the granular details of tasks, activities, and performance.
  • Tracking teams – Monitor employee work hours, overtime, capacity, and workload in real-time to support team performance and wellbeing.
  • Tracking Plans – Accurate, real-time overview of all team activity
  • Integrations – integrate effortlessly with your entire digital toolkit


Reports are split into five main areas:

  • Business Performance
  • Sales and Financial
  • Appointments
  • Customers
  • Staff


The pricing starts at $8 and goes up to $20.

10. Click Up

This time tracking app covers all devices – you can use it as a desktop or mobile app, synchronize to its cloud, or add it to Chrome as an extension or your email as an add-on.

Click Up offers a plethora of highly customizable features. The developers are adding new features weekly as well, so the app is still growing despite being impressive already.

The platform is based on a hierarchy, which resolves the problem of organization structure no matter the size of your company. Every level in the hierarchy offers a higher level of authority and flexibility. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you’re leading a startup or an enterprise, Click Up has got your back.

The software comes with a calendar, an inbox, goals, reminders, and documents. The level of customization is extremely high, so Click Up can adjust to the needs of any team. As the app offers the features to help you plan projects, organize your teams, and collaborate, you won’t need separate apps fr each of these stages.


  • Notifications – they are grouped by the job, so each employee will get only the notifications relevant to their work
  • Inbox – each of your tasks will appear in your inbox and be sorted by the level of completion. You can set up reminders for smaller tasks as well
  • Favorites and Qucikswitch – Save your favorites (most common tasks) and find them with a single click
  • Track Time and Task Timer – understand how long you and your team are working on specific projects
  • Notepad – you don’t have to make notes in another app to write down your ideas
  • Integrations – Click Up integrates with over 1000 different tools


The reporting section shows:

  • How many projects has your team finished today, this week, month, or year
  • The progress of each project
  • Reliable measurement of team productivity and activity
  • Find out where and why is your team lagging and identify the obstacles
  • You can export the reports as CVS


The basic package, which is the best for small teams, starts its pricing at $5.

11. Clockify


Clockify is one of the most popular free time trackers no matter the size of the team using it. The app is designed as a browser add-on, but you can also download the desktop and mobile versions. The app has a large user base, ranging from freelancers to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It is free for an unlimited number of users.

Employees can simply log into the program, select an activity and manually enter their time. After this is done, the entered data is included in the reports and can be exported. It is a simple solution that helps managers stay focused on their work without worrying about what their employees are doing. They can track billable hours, schedules, and project status through the app.


  • Time Tracking: Employees can manually log their hours per day or project. They can also set a time tracker to automatically start tracking once the employee starts their browser. When an employee has logged their time a manager can approve it or make changes.
  • Project Tracking: You can track the time your employees spend on every task or project, no matter where they are. The employees can mark their time as billable, and integrate the data with over 40 applications.
  • GPS Tracking: Certain plans allow tracking the location of your employees through GPS
  • Calendars: Employees receive a visual overview of the projects and tasks they’re working on


  • Dashboard: An overview of the total spent time and the projects of all the projects your team is working on
  • Detailed time report: An overview of all time entries you and your team make
  • Summary time report: Breaks down all work hours per project and user
  • Weekly timesheet report: Weekly time entries divided by users and projects
  • Share reports: Send a public link to the reports
  • Custom reports: Create a custom report using pivot tables in Excel


The basic plan starts at $3.99, while the standard plan costs $5.49

12. Proofhub

This project management tool focuses on resolving all key project challenges. It allows users to plan and organize projects, as well as collaborate and finish them on time.

Proofhub offers many features, like Gantt charts, personalized roles for different positions, a calendar, etc. Its collaboration tools are especially impressive, including discussions, group chat, and a proofing tool. Your team and clients can collaborate when it comes to the most important project aspects. Different reports, timers, and timesheets will show project progress and steer your team in the right way.

Finally, ProofHub integrates with Google Docs and Dropbox, as well as including an API feature


  • Table view: Plan and display project information. Assign tasks, share important details, and log every step of your projects in one place.
  • Kanban boards: Divide tasks into phases and determine the employees in charge of each part
  • Gantt Charts: Helps teams plan projects, visualize tasks, and change schedules easily through the timeline view
  • Calendar: connect the ProofHub calendar with your favorite calendar app and stay organized with multiple calendar views
  • Chat: Send direct messages to your coworkers and receive replies quickly
  • Timesheets: Add multiple timesheets to record all time data from a birds-eye view. Have all employee time data on each project, calculate billable and non-billable hours, project progress
  • Email-in: You can share files and send and receive messages without logging in to your Proofhub account.


  • Project milestones: Get a visual overview of the crucial points in the project, and whether they are complete or not.
  • Burn-up charts: Receive information about the ratio of completed and total work needed for a project
  • Workflow task reports: Review all workflows and tasks within them in detail


The basic plan ($40) allows for 40 projects and unlimited users

13. When I Work

When I Work integrated online timesheets

When I Work is primarily a scheduling app that has other useful features. Communication and accountability are some of its most important aspects, as are time and attendance tracking. This toolkit is designed to grow any business.

User experience and ease of use are some of the app’s biggest benefits. The mobile app is intuitive and any employee can learn how to use it quickly and successfully. This means the training time is very short, and your employees will be able to quickly return to their daily routines with a simple step added.

GPS and live map features allow you to see the location of all employees, and a schedule-creating tool will help you create schedules easily and accurately.


  • Scheduling: Regulate time off, schedule and change shifts, and see whether an employee is available
  • Time tracking: An online stopwatch app with optional GPS features for accurate clocking in and clocking out on all devices.
  • Team messaging: keep your team updated in real-time


  • Automatic reposts: periodically generated reports delivered automatically
  • Attendance Notices Report: receive a weekly report on the attendance of all employees to measure performance.
  • Labor Breakdown Report: Compare your planned and realistic budgets to make sure you keep the project profitable.
  • Custom Exports: Export timesheets, shift requests, time off, and schedules.


The price for small businesses (up to 100 team members) is $2 per user.

14. Avaza

This business management solution offers a wide range of features, including time tracking, project management, resource allocation, billing, and many more. The software also prepares and delivers quotes and estimates to your clients based on the demands of the project. Avaza offers numerous integrations with all popular business management platforms.

Track time and expenses and receive payments through the platform. The system offers numerous reports on key metrics – expenses by the client, financial transactions, estimates, and others, to help you get a complete insight into your business.


  • Project Management: create tasks quickly and assign them to your team members. You can plan and track all tasks through Kanban and Gantt charts.
  • Project Resource Scheduling: get an insight into an interactive resource management plan. Your team’s schedule is also shown in the overview, and there’s an option to create tasks and turn emails into tasks.
  • Time Tracking: Simply start and stop a timer on any device regardless of the employee’s location.
  • Invoices: Generate professional invoices in a matter of minutes.


  • Choose filters for every report to see data per the period, client, or project.
  • Export the reports into Excel and PDF to share them with your team members.
  • Schedule reports and the user groups that will receive them regularly.


There is a free version for freelancers. The Startup plan is $11.95 per month.

15. Jibble

The basic version of Jibble is an attendance tracking software. Once you upgrade your package, you will have the option of choosing from a large number of time tracking features. This high level of customizability is great for companies that think outside the box. Clocking in and out is available through Slack, web browser, and mobile apps.

The software offers automated timesheets, tracking projects, and useful reports. Jibble easily integrates with apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you can track all activity in those platforms as well. The clocking in process can be confirmed through selfies as a simple way to record and identify your employees.


  • Scheduling: build multiple work schedules based on fixed daily hours, fixed daily times, and flexible weekly hours.
  • Clocking in and out: Mogucnostr postavljanja remindera koji ce zaposlene obavestiti da evidentiraju radno vreme. Clocking in I out moze see obaviti preko mobile app, web app, prepoznavanja lica I krz integraciju sa slackom
  • Facial recognition: AI-driven facial recognition algorithm scans employee selfies when they clock in to alert you when photos don’t match.
  • Timesheets for payroll: Timesheets that are payroll-ready to help you automatically calculate worked hours, overtime, and easily set up billable hours so you know how much to pay everyone.


  • Tracked time reports – View and export detailed insights on tracked hours to help you break things down by team member, activity, client, or project.
  • Payroll reports – highly accurate payroll reports that notify you of common overtime and help you prevent time theft
  • Attendance insights – learn when your team clocks in and out. This is important for punctuality’s sake and another measure against time theft.


Jibble offers a free version, while paid plans start at $2.50. you can create custom plans to fit your business’s needs.

16. Tick

Tick’s timecards allow users to select projects, tasks, and time. It enables adding notes and creates reports on budget feedback. The app’s timers work on phones, PC, tablets, browsers, and even smartwatches. Meanwhile, the administrators need only a couple of seconds to check project status.

Tick allows your team to have an insight into the entirety of business processes, from setting up the project with tasks and budgeting, tracking progress, and identifying problems in time. The platform gives you a clear picture through a bird’s-eye-view.


  • Time tracking: track time through a single or multiple timers as you switch from one task to another
  • Instant Budget feedback: After logging the time spent on a specific task you get to see how many more hours the project needs.
  • Assignments and Notifications: Quickly assign projects to the right people. You will be able to share project budget information with your employees without revealing sensitive data.
  • Reports: Built around actionable data, the reports help managers make the right decisions.
  • Recurring projects: Set up recurring tasks that reset monthly.


  • Time reporting by client or person: A time report of the hours each team member logged for that week, month, or custom period.
  • Detailed reports: The possibility to show and receive more specific details about a client’s or team member’s time details
  • The possibility to export the reports into Excel or Quickbooks


There is a free single-project version, while 10 projects cost $19 per month.

17. Replicon

Replicon is a tool geared towards larger teams that need to track their billable hours and get a better insight into project expenses. It enables you to allocate time and resources optimally. Replicon offers an optimized user interface for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, so you can record all activity on any project.

The platform is highly customizable, so it can be used for all types of employees and working hours formats. It allows you to transform timesheets into visual metrics to make sure you are running your business in the best way possible.

Replicon offers numerous integrations with other applications, so you can avoid double entries and share data effortlessly. The billing and invoicing functions enable users to configure billing options considering different clients.


  • Scheduling – Create schedules for individuals and teams so everyone stays up-to-date and informed.
  • PTO – Create and make changes to rules regarding time off and availability. The employees can send time off requests within the app, and managers can approve those requests with a single click.
  • Accountability – clock in and verify your identity by taking a photo at a dedicated workstation.
  • Time tracking – simply review employee timesheets and get all the information you need about your employees’ clocking in time and working hours.


  • Administrator reports
  • Team reports
  • Project reports
  • Resource reports
  • Program reports
  • Client Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Cost reports
  • Payroll reports


Starting at $5.

18. Workpuls

Workpuls enables managers to track every minute of their employees’ workdays. The platform measures employee productivity and increases it. Periodical screenshots will give you accurate information about your employees’ time and the ways they waste it. However, this feature is optional and can be manually turned on.

The app is directly focused on tracking the needs of small business employees. It offers automatic attendance verification once the employees log in so wrong manual entries are avoided.


  • Screenshots and Activity tracking: track active and idle time and approve manual entries
  • Manual time logging: Clock in and out manually
  • Alarms: Employees will receive warnings on their activity levels and unwanted activities
  • Timekeeping: Access data up to two years later
  • Project Management: Kanban board to access all project data
  • Real-Time Monitoring


  • Receive regular reports about your projects automatically, or export them from the dashboard manually.


Starts at $8 with a significant discount on annual plans

19. Apployee

Apployee allows time tracking with a single click through its desktop app. A Pomodoro timer will make sure you remain focused on your tasks. There is also the possibility of manual time entries through the web dashboard.

The process of calculating daily or custom work hour schedules is very simple. You only need to invite the employees to become members of your organization after you register. The software offers numerous options, like time tracking, payroll management, billing clients, and leading a successful team.


  • Time Tracker App: you can choose between an automatic and manual timer, and there are time log notes, pause options, and different additional features.
  • Task Time Tracking: create and assign tasks, and then measure the time they take to complete.
  • Project Time Tracking: Keep track of the time a project takes, assign roles and stay within budget limits.
  • Dashboards: An overview of your most productive team members, best assigned projects, activity, ongoing tasks, etc.
  • Remote track: See the ratio of active and inactive working hours with employee device screenshots every 10 minutes.
  • Invoice: Create client profiles and generate tax-deductible invoices you can send directly from the Apployee web app.
  • Payroll: Set up billing rates and decide whether you will pay your employees at a one-time or hourly rate.


  • Activity and productive time reports: Average activity, productive and unproductive time reports.
  • Weekly Report: Receive emails with weekly reports
  • Export report: Choose between ODF, CSV, and Excel formats for your reports


Starting at $2 per user with a 10-day free trial.

20. TimeDoctor

Time Doctor tracks every team member’s time and analyzes the total time spent on each project, task, and client. The platform delivers weekly reports to managers. These reports are based on web pages and applications their teams are using.

This tool enables you to be more engaged and informed about every project and encourage your team when it’s most needed. If you are skeptical about screenshots, you can turn this option off as well.

Time Doctor offers integrations with the most popular tools, like Slack, Todoist, Asana, etc. It is available on all devices and can be run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome OSs.


  • Project Management: coordinate projects and their budgets, create tasks, assign projects and track their progress
  • Payroll: completely adjustable settings, integration of timesheets and payroll
  • Distraction Alerts: once an employee’s computer is idle for too long, they will receive a pop-up reminder
  • Screenshots and Activity Levels: taking screenshots every few minutes and mouse and keyboard activity tracking


  • Activity Summary: the share of active minutes, active seconds, unproductive, manual, and mobile time for each user over a selected period.
  • Attendance: an overview of whether the employee was present or not Tracked: how many hours each user tracked per day, per week, or in any selected date range
  • Project and Tasks: how much time was spent on each project and task


Basic plan includes a single user and costs $7

21. Time camp

TimeCamp tracking time in consulting

This tool helps you make informed decisions about your business by tracking employee time and marking applications and activities as either productive or unproductive. You can keep your workflow as productive as ever, as Time Camp integrates with the most popular business applications.

The platform offers a free plan limited to a single user and includes only time tracking. To access more complex features, like integrations and invoicing, you will have to upgrade your plan. Time Camp can be useful to any company looking to understand how the employees spend their time. The options of tracking billable hours and organizing time per project and client make it a great solution for agencies and non-profit organizations.


  • Tracking time: start an automatic timer for the most accurate data
  • Project profitability: know whether you are staying within your budget at any time
  • Tracking employee productivity: see the percentage of time employees spend on work-related activities, apps, and sites
  • Billing: differentiate between billable and non-billable hours for every employee for easier invoicing


  • 10+ build-in report types
  • Default reports
  • Sharing in any shape or form
  • Inviting a client to their projects reports


The plans start at $7, and Timecamp offers the option to adjust the program to your business’s needs.

22. Rescue Time

Rescuetime tracking time in consulting

Rescue Time is a time tracking app that helps you understand your biggest work distractors and notifies you once you lose your focus. The free version is very good in and of itself, but the Premium plan offers a more detailed analysis.

Once you install the application, it will track the applications you use, the web pages you visit, and the files you open. Once it collects the data, the app will categorize your time either as productive or unproductive on a five-step scale.

The platform is primarily designed for time tracking, but the users can also use more advanced features, like monitoring phone calls, breaks, meetings, etc.


  • Focus sessions: Block the biggest distractors so you can have a productive work session
  • Work goals: The software sets up daily goals for all users and tracks their progress
  • Behavior analysis: Learn which timeslots are the best for deep work based on your time logs


  • Daily reports – a breakdown of computer usage for every employee
  • Focus session reports – learn how well the focus session worked
  • Weekly overview – see all the tasks and productivity reports every week
  • Activity reports – Rescue Time will show you how much of your working time went into work or personal activities


Rescue Time’s plans start at $6.50.

23. Connecteam

Connecteam is a time tracking software solution that features an automatic stopwatch for precise time tracking. The platform offers more than that, though. It features different work tools and features to keep your team engaged and productive. These features include push notifications, to-do lists, and communication channels.

The platform focuses on simple onboarding, so your team will be able to return to their usual workflow after the integration rather quickly. For example, there is a drag-and-drop feature you can use for scheduling in only a few clicks. The employees can refuse shifts through Connecteam as well, so you will instantly know whether to make changes to the established plan. The employees can check in from anywhere, as the app offers GPS stamps. This makes Connecteam a great choice for remote and field teams.


  • Time tracking: Your employees can clock in through a mobile app or a physical checkpoint that requires a pin
  • Task lists: Never forget an important task or a deadline again, as you will get a push notification on your phone
  • Communication: Individual and group chat for immediate feedback and easy information sharing
  • Scheduling: Drag and drop employee cards to create a color-coordinated schedule


  • Rewards: reports and recognition of your most hardworking employees
  • Employee timeline: see how your team functions and make informed decisions about work delegation and promotions


There is a free version with basic features. The paid plans start at $39 per month for 50 users

24. Tsheets

Tsheets (or QuickBooks Time) is a time tracking solution that makes job costs, payroll, and invoicing simple. The app is available on all devices and can be accessed from any location, which makes it great for remote and field teams. The solution is integrated into QuickBooks, so you can track time directly from this popular app as well.

Time tracking is automatic, so it doesn’t cause a lot of hassle while being very accurate. Additionally, it tracks billable time, so the processes of invoicing and creating payroll become extremely simple. You can create employee schedules through the mobile app or web dashboard and avoid schedule clashes and being short-staffed.


  • GPS and geofencing: make sure your employees are at the worksite to avoid time theft
  • Billable rates: set up the billable rates for your team members so the program can calculate their payroll accurately
  • Offline time tracking: Employees can log their time even if they can’t access the internet
  • Electronic payments – as Tsheets is a part of QuickBooks, you can easily receive payments through the software


  • Real-time tracking – track project progress as your team members work on their tasks


The plans start at $8 per user with an additional base rate of $20 per month

25. Beebole

Beebole is a simple time tracking system that tracks attendance, absences, as well as time spent on specific projects, tasks, and clients. The platform has a mobile app that can be used even without internet access and seamlessly adds new data to the reports. The managers have the option to approve or reject submitted timesheets in bulk, without having to go through individual documents.

Beebole’s interface is very intuitive, so, yet again, the platform is great for all teams, no matter their members’ computer skills. The platform prides itself on its safety, making sure your employees’ and company’s data stays secure.


  • Time reports: Receive reports on how your employees, teams, and departments use their work time
  • Regulatory compliance: Beebole complies with GDPR and DCAA
  • Integrations: Integrate Beebole with Google Workspace
  • Customizability: control the data you receive and assign roles to team members to control the data they have access to


  • Employee reports: receive information about user activity on different tasks, projects, and clients
  • Overtime: understand when your team is overwhelmed with work and needs more time to finish a project
  • Sharing: export the data to CSV, PDF, or Google Drive to share it with the employees and management
  • KPIs: choose the key metrics most important for your company and track them to avoid being overwhelmed with data


The plan costs € 6.99 per user per month.

26. ClockShark

If you are running a small construction business, ClockShark could be a perfect time tracking solution for you. With a simple interface and a focus on geolocation, this platform is a no-nonsense tracking tool that allows the members of your team to focus on their work while quickly clocking in and out.

The platform relies on employee location and photos to keep the management up-to-date with all projects. This is important, as teams can communicate with their supervisors and show concrete issues and progress. The app also allows the scanning of receipts and other documentation.

Even though the user experience is streamlined for the employees, the managers still get the opportunity to manage projects and have all the necessary documentation in one place.


  • Time tracking – a simple clock-in and clock-out feature with geolocation
  • Schedules – create a color-coordinated shifts schedule you can change at any point for more convenience
  • Timesheets – receive information on different aspects of the project as it progresses, including who did which task and the expenses of every job
  • Documentation – keep all the details about any given project in one spot for easier management


  • Location: Know where your employees were at any given point
  • Project reports: Understand how far along every project has gone and whether it’s staying within its budget
  • Payroll: An itemized list of performed tasks per employee that makes paying your team extremely simple


The pricing for ClockShark starts at $3 per month per user with a $20 base fee.


Small businesses, especially new ones, can benefit greatly from using a time tracking platform. The variety of reports, as well as understanding the inner workings of your team on a personal level will help you distribute the workload appropriately and avoid overworking your team.

We hope our article has helped you find the perfect fit for your organization!


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