27 Best Time Billing Software for 2021

If you’re sick of the constant pressure to always be on top of billing and timing, especially in the busiest times, then you might want to know how to make this stage in a business transaction very professional and pain-free.

Covid has affected our professional life for more than one year and according to research, one of the biggest struggles firms have encountered due to the pandemic is maintaining financial stability.

We know that the final part of every business transaction is billing and sending invoices to the customer. So if we want to finish business strong we need to make sure that customers will stay and repeat the orders.

With the help of the right software, companies can reduce the time and effort required to manage bills and improve the accuracy of their billing processes.

What is Time Billing Software?

Time and billing management software helps companies track time spent on tasks and ensure a timely and consistent collection of payments. By using time billing software, teams can reduce the effort and time required for invoice management and increase the precision of their billing process.

With business time and billing software, you can manage all processes more efficiently and save a ton of time and money as a result.

One of the best features is billable time tracking.

Instead of requiring users to record their billable hours in a spreadsheet, billing software often offers time tracking capabilities. This allows employees to record the exact working hours they work on specific projects, and then bill at the rate that matches that service.

When is the Right Time to Look for the Best Time Billing Software?

As soon as possible!

The billing process involves the continuous entry of information, including private data and bank details. One simple typing error could cause a range of problems, from incorrect bank details to redirected payments.

Since efficient and accurate billing is essential for every firm, without it you may be losing your competitive edge.

Also, there are significant cost savings compared to manual printing and invoice delivery.

A wide range of industries uses time and billing apps, including startups, SMBS, nonprofits, and even independent contractors.

It could be problematic to find the right selection, with a big variety of tools on the market today.

We made the decision a bit easier for you by selected 27 tools that will help you with finding the perfect billing software to suit your needs.

1. Time Analytics —The Most Powerful Billable Time Software

Time Analytics billable time software

If you are looking to track, manage and optimize: time, client billing project details, expenses, or the productivity of your entire workforce, you may consider Time Analytics as a strategic partner to your success.

Time Analytics has all the features that software must possess: time trackers, timesheets, client invoicing, team overviews, expense reports, user-friendly interface, and more.

Time Analytics prepares invoice data based on solid facts and time utilization so you can: review which activities are billable/non-billable, and make a calculation of billable hours in excel and prepare an invoice based on settled hourly rates.

It takes a few minutes per day for each team member to fill the timesheet, thanks to the simple workflow and timesheet templates.

For Whom

For small firms in the field of accounting, tax, and audit, as well as other professional service companies, such as law firms, consulting firms, advertising agencies, etc.

Key Features and Benefits of Time Analytics

  • Comprehensive, intuitive, and detailed timesheets
  • Intuitive workflow logging
  • Calculation of billable hours, time utilization, total costs, and cost rate per client, activity, and project
  • Time review for a selected period per each person, task, project, client, and billable/non-billable activity.
  • Invoicing assistant—making a calculation of billable hours in excel and preparing an invoice based on settled hourly rates.
  • Preparing transparent appendix of the invoice as evidence that additional work is done

Cons of Time Analytics  – review on g2

„I had some issues with exporting data, but the Time Analytics team is very useful and responsive, so the problem was quickly solved.“


Monthly plan:

  • Free version for small teams
    Up to 5 users, 30 clients, 30 projects, and 100 monthly time entries per user.
  • Starter 99 $/ user per month
    Up to 15 unlimited users and up to 150 clients and 24h e-mail support.
  • Optimum plan 6.99$ / user per month
    Compared to the Starter version, you get an unlimited number of users and clients.
  • Premium plan 99$/ user per month
    Available for up to 15 accountants and 150 accounting clients.

If you have more than 50 users subscribed, Time Analytics offers a special pricing discount.

Annual plan:

  • Starter: $4.29/user
  • Optimum: $5.99/user
  • Premium: $10.99/user

Trial period

60-days free trial

2. Active Colab — All-In-One Project Management Tool

ActiveCollab billable time software

If you are looking for project management software that gives you complete control over your work, ActiveColab is the perfect solution. With this useful tool, you’ll always know where to start and what your team needs to do next.

The tool will free you from distractions thanks to the right set of features that helps you organize your work.

For Whom

For teams of all backgrounds – from large teams in international corporations to small startups.

Key Features of ActiveColab

  • Time and expense tracking— easily track the time required to complete tasks
  • Advanced task management — recurring tasks, task dependencies
  • Multiple task views— timeline view, list view, kanban view
  • Workload management
  • Ease-of-use — the intuitive user interface
  • Invoicing— create invoices in under a minute

Cons of ActiveColab

  • Impossibility to change tags from the project page
  • No check-in or check-out features


  • annual billing— starts at $6.25 per month,
  • monthly billing— starts at $7 per month

Trial period

14-day trial

3. Allhours – User-Friendly Time and Attendance Solution

allhours billable time software

Allhours is a cloud-based time and attendance system that simplifies the payroll process increases productivity minimizes risk and lowers labor costs. Allhours has different modes of clocking in and out that is very convenient.

For Whom

For small, medium, and large businesses.

Key Features of Allhours

  • Mobile app— app is intuitive and reminds your employees to clock in and out when they are coming to or leaving work.
  • Flexible payroll rules— tracking work hours, vacations, lunch breaks, business trips, etc.
  • Absence management— calendar view for easy and quick planning
  • Analytics and reports
  • Real-time presence— notice late arrivals and early departures

Cons of Allhours — review on Captera

Some syncing issues


The price depends on the number of employees.

Trial period

14-day free trial

4. FreshBooks – Insightful Time Tracker and Billing Tool

Freshbooks billable time software

FreshBooks has a longstanding tradition of providing outstanding services and building product that helps save you time.

This tool is an excellent time and billing software for owners who need to focus on the big picture – business, team, and clients. It allows sending invoices, tracking time, and capturing expenses in minutes.

For Whom

For self-employed professionals, business with employees, businesses with contractors and freelancers

Key Features and Benefits of FreshBooks

  • Professional looking invoices— with invoice generator it’s simple to create and customize your powerful invoice,
  • Insightful time tracking—billable hours tracking, recording time against a specific client, weekly and monthly views of tracked time, automatically bill for tracked hours
  • Web-based centralized place for file storage
  • Fast converting custom assessment estimates into ready-to-pay invoices
  • Insightful dashboards and reports
  • Mobile app
  • Integration with over 100 great apps

Cons of FreshBooks — review on g2

“The main issue I have found in this tool is that it is limited in its integrations and did not provide any option to add sticky notes especially in the project management feature.”

I wish there was an option to have invoice reminders sent “indefinitely” every X days until payment was received. “


  • Lite
    Yearly: $50 /month
    Monthly: $ 6.00 /month
  • Plus
    Yearly: $50  /month
    Monthly: $ 10  /month
  • Premium
    Yearly: $00  /month
    Monthly: $ 20.00  /month

Trial period

30-day trial

5. BigTime — Effective Billable Time Software

BigTime billable time software

BigTime will simplify your most complex problem while giving the entire team the tools they need to deliver billable work on time and budget. It will help you to better manage your firm with billable hours tracking expenses, billing, invoicing, and more.

For Whom

For professional services firms, especially accountants, engineers, architects, IT-service firms, and consultants.

Key Features and Benefits of BigTime

  • Time tracking— entering time is easy thanks to the timesheet that contains the fields you need
  • Custom billing and invoicing made simple —quickly sending custom invoices; managing bill rates in one place with the flexibility to replace them as needed.
  • Managing cash flow with flexible billing formats that support incremental invoicing
  • An overview of the status of every project in real-time on a single dashboard.
  • Advanced reports, analytics, and dashboards
  • Integration with QuickBooks and other tools

Cons of BigTime —review on g2

“The lack of ability to have a budget reoccur on recurring projects. There are so many features to learn.”

“Feature requests are not always considered and when they are, they take a while to implement.”


  • Express $10 per month
  • Pro $30 per month
  • Premier $40 per month

Trial period


6. Bill4Time—Affordable and Efficient Billable Time Software

Bill4Time billable time software

Bill4Time is the leading time and billing software with proven features and functionality.

Bill4Time helps you with customizing and generating invoices and detailed billing with terms, discounts, and fees. Flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use online invoicing makes billing fast and painless.

For Whom

For professionals that need a complete legal time billing/expense and document solution.

Key Features and Benefits of Bill4Time

  • Flexible online and offline time tracking with one-click timers
  • Easy time entry
  • Fully customizable invoices
  • Mobile snapshot- the ability to take photos of your account directly from Bill4Time mobile apps and sync with your account
  • Software support and integrations

Cons of Bill4Time —review on g2

“Sometimes the mobile app doesn’t operate as smoothly as you want. Could use a few more future predictions to schedule projects.”

“A little difficult to search through long lists of clients with many matters.”


  • Time & Billing
    Yearly: $27per user / month
    Monthly: $ 29 per user / month
  • Legal Pro
    Yearly: $45  per user / month
    Monthly: $ 49 per user / month
  • Legal Enterprise
    Yearly: $80 per user / month
    Monthly: $ 89 per user / month

Trial period

14-day trial

7. DeskTime—Automatic Time Tracking and Billing Software

DeskTime billable time software

DeskTime is real-time tracking software that helps businesses of various sizes maximize team productivity and project management.

With features like project tracking, scheduling, and optional screenshots, DeskTime is bound to have the ability to help your employees become more productive!

Additional features include cost calculation reports and detailed project billing for customers.

For Whom

For all businesses and freelancers.

Key Features and Benefits of DeskTime

  • Automatic time tracking—no manual data entries; DeskTime automatically tracks and calculates productivity
  • URL and app tracking—see what program, applications, and websites your employees use
  • Document title tracking— recording titles of documents and time spent on each of them
  • Auto screenshots—a screenshot is taken every 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes
  • Offline time tracking
  • Cost calculation and project billing—know how much each project costs the company and how much you need to charge your customers for the integrated timekeeping feature.
  • Pomodoro timer—a reminder of pausing work to prevent burnout

Cons of — review on g2

“Hard to read reporting interface. The individuals and groups and time slots are too confusing.”

“No ability to clear the completed / old tasks within a project. No ability to quickly switch between tracking time & private time on the tracking app like other competitors.”


Prices depend on the number of users. There is a Lite Free Version for 1 user only.

Trial period

14-day trial

8. Elorus – Business Software for Project-Driven Teams

Elorus billable time software

Elorus is an online invoicing, time-tracking, and fully-featured billing software, and expense management platform that provides solutions to agencies, freelancers, and startups.

Interactive dashboard informs you about business statistics regarding tracked business hours, payment, and bills’ status, as well as your balance and net cash flow.

Elorus also helps you make clever decisions based on a detailed reporting system.

For Whom

Elorus is designed to cater to all business sizes; from freelancers to SMBs and more.

Key Features and Benefits of Elorus

  • Invoice project hours & expenses—set project hourly rates and record time and expenses, and let the software do the math and customize your invoices.
  • Timesheets— registering time weekly and in blocks; managing billable hours via the timesheets
  • Real-time team monitoring- monitor who’s currently working on what with the help of browser extension
  • Automated payment reminders— sending payment reminders and managing outstanding bills
  • Monitoring expenses and controlling project costs

Cons of – review on g2

“The Support is not 24/7 so you have to wait.”

“The framework of the layout of the invoice is kinda outdated.”


  • Free
  • Starter
    Annually: $7 / month
    Monthly: $ 9 / month
  • Standard
    Annually: $15 / month
    Monthly: $ 19 / month
  • Premium
    Annually: $30 / month
    Monthly: $ 39  / month

Trial period


9. Invoice2go —Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Invoice2go billable time software

Invoice2go is an invoicing application that allows independent contractors and small businesses to create and send professional invoices, accept clients’ payments and generate performance reports.

Invoice2go also includes appointment scheduling, time tracking, expense tracking, and more.

For Whom

Popular with independent contractors, freelancers, and small businesses.

Key Features and Benefits of Invoice2go

  • Sending an invoice via email, Facebook, or messenger and more
  • Businesses can keep records of previous transactions and remind customers about due payments
  • Start accepting payments online—get paid up to 6-days faster
  • Tracking how your business is doing with easy-to-use charts and graphs

Cons of – review on g2

“The themes and templates are so limited and are overpriced to buy one.”

“The costs are a little much considering what you get.”


  • Lite $00 / month
  • Standard $33 / month
  • Advanced $00 / month
  • Unlimited $34 / month

If you pay annually, you can save up to 50%.

Trial period

30-day free trial

10. Mavenlink— Get the Most from What You Do

Mavenlink billable time software

Mavenlink is one of the best project management and cloud software that offers services and solutions for resource planning, project management, collaboration, and project accounting.

Mavenlink integrates with many third-party applications, including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google, Workday, Hubspot, and JIRA.
With this tool, you can run the entire business through one application, while still using your other productivity tools, such as Gmail and Excel.

For Whom

Mavenlink is suitable for professional service businesses, especially those in the management consulting, public relations, IT services, educational industries, marketing, and advertising.

Key Features and Benefits of Mavenlink

  • Allows you to get paid faster
  • Financial management functionality—the accounts receivable reports provide an overview of the payment status for every project so you can manage all outstanding invoices.
  • The centralized dashboard informs users about the latest activities and progress of each project.
  • Accessing accounts from anywhere

Cons of Mavenlink – review on g2

“Even when you are an admin, you cannot join certain projects unless someone invites you.”

“The platform can be clunky and it has some latency issues in the timesheets and task tracker view.”


Prices depend on unique needs.

Trial period


11. Myhours— Flexible Billable Time Software

MyHours billable time software

Myhours is a cloud-based time-tracking software that enables organizations to monitor employees’ billable hours. Software tracks time manages billing and assists in the scheduling of tasks.

It also allows managers and leaders to delegate tasks to team members in real-time and calculates costs for each employee.

For Whom

For small teams and freelancers who need to track and bill, hours worked per client or per project

Key Features and Benefits of Myhours

  • Ability to manage many different projects and tasks for many clients
  • Intuitive dashboard analyzes and summarizes time spent by calculating billable time
  • Project management — managers can create projects specific to client, assign tasks and HR to projects.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Available as an app on the phone
  • Meaningful reports
  • Delegating work to team members in real-time
  • Integration with Quick Books and Zapier

Cons of Myhours – review on g2

“I wish it was a little easier to create projects and tasks for assigning to a client and/or new client.”

“The Description Field could be easier to organize and should be included in the invoice by design.”


  • Free $0 — for individuals or teams just getting started with time tracking
  • Pro $6 — per active team member, per month, billed annually

Trial period

30-days free trial

12. ProofHub —Online Project Management Tool

ProofHub billable time software

ProofHub is a web-based project management software that comes with an integrated chat group, quick discussions on projects, workflows and boards, project reports, and many more powerful features.

It helps teams to stay connected and to communicate over projects in an easy and flexible way from one place. Android and iOS operating systems are also available.

For Whom

ProofHub is made for all from freelancers to large-scale corporations.

Key Features and Benefits of ProofHub

  • Gantt charts, to-do lists, calendaring, milestones, timesheets
  • Easy-to-understand with little to no learning curve
  • No per-user fee and simple fixed price plans
  • Planning and presenting project—relate data in a well-organized manner and get a clear idea of which task is a priority
  • Generating custom reports

Cons of ProofHub – review on g2

“Limited app integration is something that these guys need to work upon to make the software even more impressive.”

“Overall the tool is pretty awesome, but it would be great if it had more app integrations.”


  • Essential
    $45/month billed annually
    $50/month billed monthly
  • Ultimate control
    $89/month billed annually
    $99/month billed monthly

Trial period

14-day free trial

13. OfficeTime—Easy Time and Expense Tracking

Officetime billable time software

OfficeTime is a fully-featured time tracking solution designed for enterprises, startups, and SMEs. This tool balances features and ease of use, allowing you to easily track exactly what you do every day.

OfficeTime solution is designed for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

For Whom

For small businesses, contractors, solo entrepreneurs, mid-sized businesses, and consultants.

Key Features and Benefits of OfficeTime

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Easy to use
  • One-time fee for purchase
  • Friendly reporting tools and invoice generation
  • Quick access— changing timings without leaving the software
  • No need to pause

Cons of OfficeTime  – review on g2

“The lack of collaboration and integration between other apps and services can prove to be a roadblock.”

“The fact that this product doesn’t work for more than one person makes it unfortunate.”


  • OfficeTime for Mac 40,22 €
    Includes free upgrades for all 1.x releases.
  • OfficeTime for Windows 40,22 €
    Includes free upgrades for all 1.x releases.

Trial period

Free three-week trial period.

14. Replicon — Software for a Deep Project Management

Replicon billable time softwareReplicon is a time tracking software that provides advanced project management.

Replicon platform increases billing potential by mapping high-value resources to a key customer project and managing different billing rates by role.

Replicon’s finance and project management teams choose Replicon because their success depends on precise, detailed, and real-time reporting.

For Whom

Replicon provides services to enterprises of all sizes.

Key Features and Benefits of Replicon

  • A comprehensive solution that will make your office paperless
  • SSL encryption to keep the data safe
  • Project, client, and staff management
  • Document management and due date tracking
  • Excellent timesheet reports for CPAs and accountants

Cons of Replicon – review on g2

“It needs active internet at all times. I wish it could also work offline.”

“The performance of its mobile applications is lousy, the training options are not very good, the price is very high for a software of this type.”


  • TimeBill Quick Start ($60/month for up to five users + $10/additional user)
  • TimeBill Plus ($22/user/month)
  • Enterprise Time Tracking (custom pricing)

Trial period

14-day free trial

15. RescueTime—Time Tracking and Distraction Blocking Software

ResqueTime billable time software

ResqueTime is web-based time management software for workers who want to be more efficient and productive.

With this tool, you can see exactly where your time passes, block your worst distractions, and get powerful reports and tools to improve every aspect of your day.

The upgrade version has an advanced report, unlimited data, real-time alerts, and more!

For Whom

For companies of all sizes.

Key Features and Benefits of RescueTime

  • Automatic time tracking — without timers and no manual entry
  • Detailed reports and insights
  • One-click offline time tracking
  • Project and document time tracking – track how much time is spent on each document or app
  • FocusTime distraction blocker

Cons of RescueTime – review on g2

“I wish there can be some improvement on the mobile app to prevent it from crashing/closing itself when not in use.”

“Constant updates need to be done and sometimes the app does not record time as desired.”


Monthly plan

  • Lite: $0
  • Premium: $12/user

Annual plan

  • Premium: $78/user

Trial period

14-day free trial

16. Scoro—Award-Winning Work Management Software

Scoro billable time software

Scoro helps professional service businesses simplify projects, automate quoting and billing, and optimize utilization.

It enables you to control your entire workflow in one place.

Integrations include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Dropbox, and MailChimp. Support is offered via video tutorials, user guides, email, and phone.

For Whom

For small to medium companies in advertising, consulting, IT, and other industries.

Key Features and Benefits of Scoro

  • Time tracking
  • Detailed dashboards
  • Shared team calendar: daily, weekly, and monthly settings that will break down all tasks by priority and hour.
  • Holistic time management
  • Integration with 1,000+ other tools through Zapier
  • A section of documents and files in each task to where you can upload documents, images, and tables.

Cons of Scoro – review on g2

“I would really like to see better view options, especially for the planner.”

“Scoro requires some training to get started and it is not always easy to find sections that you need.”


  • Plus $ 22 user/month
  • Premium $ 33 user/month
  • Ultimate $ 55 user/month

Trial period

14-days free trial

17. Teamwork ProjectsProject Management with Time Tracking

Teamwork billable time software

Teamwork is a cloud-based project management software that helps teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability, and ultimately results.

With Teamwork’s project planning software, you can make project planning simpler, more efficient, and more impactful.

By using project management software with a built-in time tracker you will keep focused, deliver work on time, and get better insights. Teamwork can be integrated with applications such as FreshBooks, Dropbox, Google, Box, and more.

For Whom

For in-house teams and agencies

Key Features and Benefits of Teamwork Projects

  • Access controls, permissions, and business process automation
  • Projects, tasks, and milestones— Gantt chart for easy project planning
  • Messages, files, and notebooks—a built-in massage function so users can directly communicate with the team with the proper work context
  • Board view, portfolio, workload, time tracking, and more
  • Customizable templates and third-party integrations

Cons of Teamwork Projects – review on g2

“Reports should be upgraded so that they can be more versatile/adaptable.”

“The pages should refresh more often so that you can get a better sense of how long they take to load”


  • Free forever $0
  • Deliver
    • $10 / user/month, billed annually
    • $12.5 billed monthly
  • Grow
    • $18 / user/month, billed annually
    • 22.5 billed monthly

Trial period

30-day free trial

18. TickTime and Billing App

Tick billable time softwareTick is a time management software that gives you the most direct way to track your time against a budget.

It has integrated apps for phones, computer desktops, and browser extensions.

Tick allows you to export your time entries to Quickbooks or Freshbooks for simple invoicing.

For Whom

For companies and professionals looking for a straightforward web-based time tracking application.

Key Features and Benefits of Tick

  • Simple time management software
  • Instant budget feedback in the timecard
  • Easily generates accurate precise and timely reports and invoices
  • Time reporting by person or tasks
  • Tick’s in-app timers —tracking your hours for you

Cons of Tick – review on g2

„Mobile app is difficult to use and hard to manage with poor UI.“

„The large range of options to break down projects into smaller segments and sub-projects/tasks often distorts from the bigger picture and bogs you down in detail unnecessarily.”


  • 1 Project– free
  • 10 project – $19 / month
  • 30 Projects – $49 / month
  • 60 project – $79 / month
  • Unlimited Projects – $149 /month

Trial period

30-day free trial

19. TimeLog —Easy and Efficient Time Tracker

TimeLog billable time software

Time Log is a cloud-based time-tracking and leading financial project management solution for consulting-oriented businesses.

This billable time software helps businesses manage resource management and invoicing operations.

Time Log integrates with several third-party platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Outlook, SharePoint, Fortnox, Exact and more

For Whom

For medium-sized (10-500) consulting firms, IT companies, consulting, engineers, accounting firms, public organizations, digital, PR, and marketing agencies, and global organizations with multiple locations.

Key Features and Benefits of TimeLog

  • Time tracking—flexible and intuitive
  • Project management—complete overview of projects and support for all the project manager’s work processes in one system
  • Automated project invoicing—keep track of your project economy with eight different contract types and get the full financial overview
  • Reports—more than 80 management reports ensuring you always have a clear view of your company’s performance.
  • Resource and HR management

 Cons of TimeLog – review on g2

„The mobile app doesn’t have the best user evidence and sometimes retrieving information from the tool is a manual process.“

„Linking TimeLog to financial management processes is where we experience some challenges.“


TimeLog Projects

  • Basic 5€ per license/month
  • Basic Plus 10 € per license/month
  • Advanced 25€ per license/month

TimeLog Invoicing

  • Basic 8€ per license/monthly
  • Basic Plus 16 € per license/monthly
  • Advanced 35€ per license/monthly

With a yearly plan, you can save 10 %.

Trial period

30-day free trial

20. TimeSolv — Legal Time Tracking and Billing Software

TimeSolv billable time software

TimeSolv is a cloud-based time and billing software for legal professionals looking for a comprehensive yet easy-to-use legal billing and management solution.

TimeSolv helps teams increase their billable time and get paid faster.

It offers two-way integration with QuickBooks, as well as with Xero Accounting, Dropbox, and NetDocuments. Also, it offers Android and iOS apps for remote usage.

For Whom

For attorneys and other professionals and firms of all sizes.

Key Features and Benefits of TimeSolv

  • Offline and online time tracking
  • Faster, automatic, tax billing custom invoices with a flexible easy-to-use template
  • Secure, reliable, and fast document management
  • Expense tracking
  • Reporting—31 different reports covering accounts receivable, billable hours, performance, expense tracking, and more.
  • Intuitive reports can be viewed in 10 formats, including Excel, PDF, Word, and others
  • Comprehensive project management

Cons of TimeSolv – review on g2

“Certain functions are not intuitive and can be difficult to solve without TimeSolv support.”

“Certain invoice formats can be difficult to utilize.”


  • 1-4 users – $39.95 per user per month
  • 5-14 – users – $34.95 per user per month
  • 15 + users – $29.95 per user per month

Trial period

30-day free trial

21. Zoho Invoice – Complete Online Billing Software

Zoho billable time software

Zoho Invoice provides a complete billing solution. This robust tool supports every feature needed for managing online billing, from invoice management and sending payment reminders to getting paid online.

It also allows you to log and track time spent on assignments.

For Whom

For small to large-sized organizations.

Key Features and Benefits of Zoho

  • Invoicing—sending professional invoices, automated payment reminders, and accepting payments via the Internet
  • Faster online invoice payments—set up your payment gateway, and start accepting card payments
  • Time tracking— every minute that is charged is recorded and entered in the calendar format
  • Expense tracking
  • Mobile accessibility

Cons of Zoho – review on g2

“It does not allow access to the platform if we do not have a good internet connection, making productivity within the company a little difficult.”

“The platform lacks languages other than English, this makes it a little difficult for advisors who are not familiar with the language.”



  • Yearly: $ 0 /organization/month billed annually
  • Monthly: $ 0 /organization/month billed annually


  • Yearly: $ 9/organization/month billed annually
  • Monthly:$ 11 /organization/month billed annually


  • Yearly: $ 19/organization/month billed annually
  • Monthly:$ 22 /organization/month billed annually


  • Yearly: $ 29/organization/month billed annually
  • Monthly:$ 33 /organization/month billed annually

Trial period

15-day free trial

22. TransparentBusiness —Simple Solution to Monitor, and Analyze the Work Done

transparentbusiness billable time software

This time tracking solution ensures real-time analytics and data on the cost and the status of all projects and work tasks. It is designed to help remote teams increase transparency, accountability, and productivity.

Transparent business uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to securely store and protect sensitive data on the cloud.

For Whom

For remote workforce management

Key Features and Benefits of TransparentBusiness

  • Virtual teamroom
  • Project management and task management
  • Progress monitoring tools and screenshots
  • Real-time timesheets
  • Smart Gantt chart
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Certification in cloudworking
  • Multi-factor authentication

Cons of TransparentBusiness  – review on g2

“It can be improved loading speed of the options of the different functionalities”


  • Monthly fee is 30 USD per user
  • Special pricing for SME

Trial period

14-day free trial

23. Vericlock —Customizable Time Tracking Software

VeriClock billable time software

VeriClock is a cloud-based solution that saves your money and time by removing manual timesheet entries and gathering more accurate data.

It helps you keep your project on time and track.

Not only will VeriClock help to run efficient projects but it will also give a boost to your entire business.

For Whom

For businesses of all sizes

Key Features and Benefits of Vericlock

  • Cloud-based—track time easy from anywhere
  • Simple interface—easy and fast integration with devices you already have
  • Real-time data—viewing employees clocking in and out, when and where it happens, in real-time
  • Clock in any way — use the app, make a phone call, enter a text message, or use the website.
  • Seamless integration with accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll software— exporting data in a compatible format into accounting software

Cons of Vericlock – review on g2

“It doesn’t always load right away which can be annoying.”


After the 30-day free trial period, pricing starts from $ 5 per month for one user.

Trial period

30-days free trial period

24. Timesheets.com —Time Tracking Software for Small Business

Timesheets billable time software

Timesheets.com provides cloud-based time tracking for companies who want to save on payroll costs or increase invoicing.

Timesheets.com makes planning and tracking time off a simple, fast, and enjoyable process.

Reports can be integrated with several software platforms, including QuickBooks.

For Whom

For accountants, finance, legal, insurance agents, construction, nonprofits, and other organizations.

Key Features and Benefits of Timesheet.com

  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking for billing and employee reimbursement
  • Powerful and useful reporting
  • Time off tracking and accrual management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile employee time and expense tracking

Cons of Timesheets.com – review on g2

“Some of the features are a little confusing and frustrating, like requesting time off. The way the dashboard is laid out is a little bit confusing.”

“If you are using 12-hour formats you do have to put in am or pm. But that is eliminated with the 24-hour format.”


  • Freelancer: free
  • Standard: $4.50/user
  • Nonprofit: $3.60/user

Trial period

15-days free trial period

25.  Ztimesheet –Perfect Solution for Billing System

Ztimesheet billable time software

The ZTimesheet web-based solution enables planning and monitoring activities of the involved resources, analyzing the cost-effectiveness of each project, and reducing the time of administrative management.

With a timesheet you can: automatically feed the company’s management, accounting, and billing systems.

It provides complete solutions designed for Windows.

For Whom

For companies that offer maintenance services, cleaning services, surveillance services, and the building industry.

Key Features and Benefits of Ztimesheet

  • Invoice management,
  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Employee database
  • Automatic time capture,
  • Time tracking by the project at one place


Software pricing starts at $1.29.

Trial period


26. BillQuick —Expense and Time Tracking and Billing Software

BillQuick billable time software

BillQuick is a cloud-based business management package based on time tracking, project management, and billing capabilities.

The software offers an intuitive, user-friendly billing and time tracking solution for SMEs.

For Whom

For professional service firms.

Key Features and Benefits of BillQuick

  • Timesheet automatically fills in projects based on the activities from the previous week
  • Run multiple timers at the same time
  • Creating time entries from to-do items
  • Tracking personal time off, overtime, compensation time, sick time, vacation, and holidays
  • Invoice management and creation
  • Feature-rich invoicing
  • Automatic billing
  • Print pre-billing reports
  • Mobile app

Cons of BillQuick– review on g2

“It requires a lot of time to make invoices and financial reports and also it is very expensive rather than the other software.”

“The manual import is hard sometimes. It does not have a MAC installation so it has to be run through IP.”


Pricing plans aren’t publicly available.

Trial period

15-days free trial period

27. Time Tracker —Simple Billable Time Software

Time Tracker billable time software

Time Tracker is a fully-featured billing and invoicing software that provides end-to-end solutions designed for Windows.

This tool is everything you need to track employee time for billing.

For Whom

For business teams of all sizes.

Key Features and Benefits of Time Tracker

  • Free mobile apps
  • Customizable time tracking
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Time clock attendance tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Time entry approvals
  • Creating a professional branded invoice in seconds
  • Bill from anywhere—sending branded invoices from desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

Cons of Time Tracker – review on g2

„There is not a place to sign and date the approved timesheet that is compliant with a WSDOT standard.“

„The pop-up that comes for time-tracker is kind of disturbing when an employee is doing work.“


Time Tracker

  • Annual: $6 per user/monthly
  • Monthly: $ 7.5 per user/monthly


  • Annual: $10 per user/monthly
  • Monthly: $12.5 per user/monthly

Trial period

14-days free trial period


Without the mentioned tools, it’s almost impossible to stay ahead of the competition, optimize workflow and contribute to business growth.

More and more billing and invoicing tasks are becoming automated, reducing the need to manually track transactions with each customer, and also reducing the possibility of errors and missed payments.

How to Choose the Right Time and Billing Software?

To qualify for inclusion in the Time and Billing software category, a product must:

  • have a section where you can create projects, categorize them by clients, and create tasks on projects
  • have an option of setting a different hourly rate for each employee, task, project, and choose what’s billable and what’s non-billable.
  • allows tracking time via timer or manually logging time into a timesheet
  • have summarized time and billing data
  • allows you to create invoices based on your billable hours in just a few clicks

Now the next step is to carefully research, review and test-drive some of this software and choose the tool that best fits into your company’s workflow.

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