30+ Funny Time Management Memes

30+ Funny Time Management Memes

June 6, 2023

Procrastination is always the right choice



The most important thing is to manage time properly



On a job interview: I have a strong ability to multitask.



It’s not always what it looks like



There are always more important things



Try not to think on an urgent task and then eventually become irrelevant



Time management is cool sometimes



It’s all about not losing control



When they ask me to tell them about my experience in time management



Trying to cram 8 hours of work into the last 20 minutes



Time management is overrated



If you don’t look beneath the surface, everything below is invisible



There is always one thing that will drag you to the dark side



Every time I make a promise



Think about that






When you are not sure if you have lived in delusion



Looking at the ceiling also works





There is always one right choice








But there are a million other things to be happy about


Deadline loading



The art of distraction



Get more done – make a to-do list

My to-do list



What time management theory and practice look like



Prioritize your tasks and you will complete tasks faster



The most important thing is to know what the biggest distractions are



Start managing your time

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