Billable Hours Tracker

Keep track of the employee timesheets, analyze billable vs non-billable time and improve your business’ profitability.

Time Analytics benefits

Welcome to Time Analytics.  A simple tool for making smart business decisions and improvement of company performance.

Time and cost tracking

Time Analytics is a management tool for time and cost tracking per each project, client or working task.

Track employees billable and non-billable hours and improve their productivity.

Monitoring where total hours are going will allow you to improve company cost management, profitability and efficiency.


Time and cost tracking

Timesheets online

Time Analytics helps companies to work smarter not harder.

Simple timesheets provide more automation in the planning and monitoring of daily business activities. Improve relations and contribution of your employees and clients based on realistic time records.

Get insight into time utilization,  details of tasks performed, hours spent across projects. Track billable rates and invoice transparent charges.


Timesheets online


Make smart business decisions based on detailed analytics.

Improve overall company performance with high-level information used in powerful reports from the timesheet calculator.  The Real-world data allows you to get detailed insight into cost structure calculation, productivity, efficiency and profitability.


Who Time Analytics is for?

Accounting and Tax Advisors | Consulting firms | Law firms | IT and Creative industry | HR and Recruiting firms | Engineering and Construction | Architects and Designers

For companies

Create a system to manage your time and track your billable hours and rates. As a service provider, delivering high-level quality services is a priority but charging them should be No2 for you.

For teams and departments

Improve your team or department efficiency with time tracking of their activities. Set an effective cost management and organization design. A simple timesheet solution require only 5 minutes per day for time recording.

For remote workers

Control time consumption and efficiency of your remote team. Minimize time wasting and unproductive behavior. Track time structure per working tasks and projects. Sign-up and discover free version of Time Analytics.

Did you know?

  • Senior managers spent in average 16 days per year for searching of printed documents. (TechJury)
  • Based on research, an employees spend only 27% of total working time to skill-based tasks. (TheDrum)
  • Senior staff spend only 7% of working time on business development
  • 15% of  total hours during work is spent in business and other meetings (Tameday)
  • About 37 USD billion are spent on unproductive meetings (Tameday)
  • An average employee spends 2.6 hours per day on emailing. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Cost of time theft amounts 400 USD billion in lost productivity only in the USA
  • 7.4 USD billion is lost due to unrecorded working activities (Finances Online)
  • More than 85% best in class companies implement timesheet or time tracking system

Time Analytics is a simplified and user-friendly solution for an overall time management

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