A company for strategic
development of performance

Time analytics LLC is a management solutions consulting company that develops an online platform for planning and monitoring productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Our essential activity is based on value creation with developing solutions for companies that need to improve their key performances.

When our parent company, which performs finance and management consulting services, decided to develop a digital solution it decided to create a new company Time Analytics LLC. New concept was born in 2019. At 2019, we started developing beta version of the Time Analytics product. When our client base started to grow in invested in more features development and started to create real value for our customers worldwide.

We altogether applied 15 years of expectance in supporting various industries in making strategic impacts. We have been included in operational business challenges in the most complex environments. We see our solution as an on-going service of improvement performances of our clients.

As result, we designed strategic tools for automation planning and monitoring productivity, efficiency, and profitability for clients. As software as a service (SaaS) company we are mainly focused on accounting firm, tax practices, financial advisory firms, law firms, human resources companies, creative industry, marketing agencies and engineering firms.

Our team includes ten professionals with valuable experience in consulting services, software development, digital marketing and business processes design.

We are focused on real needs of our clients and deliver new added value for both our existing and our future clients.

We trust that corporate culture is the most relevant leverage of doing business. Our culture is based on principles of confidence building between clients and employees, transparency, care about each individual and client, open and frequent communication between professionals, entrepreneur spirit development, empathy development and equality between executives and employees. Caring for each individual and client, open communication, and encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit of each individual is the starting point for achieving our goals.

Our mission is to create and maintain organization that is use environmental challenges in order to secure a foundation for long term stability and healthy growth, with highly customers and employees satisfaction.