Apploye Time Tracking Review – Features, Pricing, and an Alternative

Apploye Time Tracking Review – Features, Pricing, and an Alternative

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
May 12, 2023

Are you looking for an honest Apployee time tracking review?

Look no further! we tried the app and want to share our experience.

Apployee is a time tracking software solution with a wide variety of features. That is to say, users are completely capable of keeping their business under control using it.

The application is extremely user-friendly when it comes to creating timesheets. Additionally, organizations can use it to track budgets for all projects with ease.

The application also caters to remote, field, and hybrid teams, as it has a GPS feature. It ensures all team members are at the job site and records their time there.

Apploye Time Tracking Review

Apploye Time Tracking Review

                       Source: Apploye website

As you know, there is no perfect time tracking solution for everybody

Apploye Time Tracking

Time tracking is the app’s basic feature. Users can log their time against tasks and projects to give the management a comprehensive insight.

  • Tracking – track time automatically and accurately via a Start/Stop timer or make manual entries
  • Timesheets – see all time logs made in a specific period in a comprehensive overview
  • Notes – add comments about specific tasks whenever you need to
  • Time off – manage time off directly in the app and get reports on a yearly basis
  • Idle time tracking – recognize breaks and unproductive time and remove them from the timesheets


We couldn’t write an Apploye time tracking review without giving the app’s reporting a look. the app delivers a variety of reports on team and organization performance.

All reports are accessible through a dashboard. They are visual and point to all issues with a single glance.

  • Project and team member reports – see the performance of different projects and team members
  • Comparison – compare your team members’ performance
  • Activity reports – recognize the employees with the highest and lowest activity levels

apploye Reporting

                                      Source: Apploye website

Staff Monitoring

Large organizations often need a firm grasp of employee activity. Hence Apployee offers RemoteTrack, an optional suite of employee monitoring features.

  • Employee activity – see the URLs and apps your team is interacting with
  • Screenshots – take a screenshot of employee monitors every ten minutes or at random – multiple monitors supported
  • Productivity ratio – see how much your team interacts with their devices – keyboard and mouse clicking and moving

Of course, we need to warn you – this level of monitoring is sure to spark some negative feelings. Simply put, the employees won’t feel like the management trusts them.

Task Management

Apployee gives its users a simple way to manage tasks. Hence, the app can be used to monitor and regulate internal workflow.

  • Task assignment – simply create tasks and allocate them to specific assignees
  • Two views – see tasks either per project or per team member
  • Task time tracking – understand how much time goes into different activities

apploye task management

                      Source: Apploye website

Project and Budget Management

Understanding the progress of different projects is the key to successful business management. The application gives an insight into budgets as well.

  • Project summary – understand the time and money spent on every project
  • Project budget – evaluate how much you can invest into projects and make sure you’re on track
  • Roles – give different permissions to project managers and team members


Apployee has a client management feature. It allows users to create client profiles. Then, they can issue invoices for each client individually.

  • Client profiles – create a database that contains all your clients
  • Project assignment – connect projects to their respective clients for easy invoicing
  • Invoicing – create custom invoices based on time spent on projects or fixed fees

Team Organization

The platform has an administrative role that helps organize teams. Each manager is able to see their team’s performance and do their part in handling the workload.

  • Screenshot settings – track and manage screenshots and set their frequency
  • Individual tracking – set rules for each team member when it comes to activity tracking
  • Manual permissions – decide which team members can and cannot add time manually


Showing appreciation to your employees is a crucial element of business. And nothing communicates this more clearly than transparent and accurate compensation.

  • Pay and bill rates – set up billing and pay rates for each team member
  • One-time payment – an additional option for payments for any team member
  • Payroll history – keep all payment information in one place, ready to review

Support Options

Apploye has a help center with instructions on all important features. The site features a 24/7 support chat. Additionally, you can send an email to their team.

Apploye Time Tracking Pricing

There are five plans available. Here are the specifics.

Solo ($4 per month, single user)

  • Time tracking
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Task management
  • Projects and budgeting
  • Clients and invoicing
  • Dashboard and reporting

Standard ($5 per user per month)

  • All Solo features
  • Task management
  • Real time activity view
  • Integrations
  • Team and admin
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Payroll and members

Premium ($6 per user per month)

  • All Standard features
  • GPS location
  • Project and member view
  • Geofencing
  • Location notes

Elite (7 per user per month)

  • All Premium features
  • Optional screenshots and real-time screenshots
  • Tracking apps and URLs
  • Activity and engagement analytics
  • Screenshot monitoring


Custom plan and pricing for big organizations

Pros and Cons

Apploye Time Tracking Review – User Scores

apploye review

Apploye FAQ

Which elements does Apploye monitor?

Apploye offers two plans: Monitored Time Tracking and Unmonitored Time Tracking. With Monitored Time Tracking, the system monitors various activities such as application usage, URL visits, keyboard and mouse activity levels. Additionally, random screenshots are captured every 10 minutes. On the other hand, Unmonitored Time Tracking focuses solely on capturing the total time spent on projects and/or tasks, without monitoring specific activities.

Is it possible for me to cancel the current plan?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade to another plan at any time.

Do you monitor keystrokes?

We only track the number of keystrokes for activity calculation. We do not collect or track any specific data from the keys pressed.

Is it possible to delete a screenshot? If so, how can I do it?

Yes, you can delete a screenshot in Apploye. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access the web application and navigate to the “Daily Timesheet” section.
  2. Locate the specific timesheet entry that contains the screenshot you want to remove.
  3. Delete or edit the relevant timesheet entry to exclude the portion of time that includes the screenshot.
  4. By removing the corresponding timesheet entry, you can ensure your privacy and prevent the organization owner or project manager from accessing the screenshot.

Can I plan for a large team?

Certainly, you can plan for a large team. If you have more than 300 members, please get in touch with us to discuss further.

Does the application function offline?

Yes, the application is designed to work offline. However, please note that while offline, certain features such as login will require an internet connection. Once you are online or connected to the internet again, the application will automatically sync the data and ensure it is up to date.

Is it possible to receive alerts for screenshots?

Yes, you can configure the application to receive alerts for screenshots. To enable this feature, open the desktop application and navigate to the “Settings” section. From there, you can activate the Screenshot Alert option to start receiving alerts whenever a screenshot is captured.

How are members calculated?

Members are calculated based on the number of employees within the organization. The subscription is determined by the total number of members, excluding the organization owner. Clients are also not included in the member count.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we provide a refund option. If you wish to receive a refund, please notify us within the first 30 days of your subscription. Please note that refunds are not available after this specified time limit.

Am I able to send invitations to my clients?

Absolutely, you can send invitations to your clients without any limitations or charges. Feel free to invite as many clients as you need without incurring any additional costs.

Time Analytics as an Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics is a user-friendly and lightweight time tracking solution. It heavily relies on timesheets. The platform offers a seamless experience with its intuitive interface, allowing for easy integration into any organization’s workflow.

Regardless of their computer skills, teams can quickly adapt to the system without the need for extensive training. Time Analytics provides both manual and automatic time tracking options, ensuring accurate logs.

Additionally, the solution offers affordable pricing and is suitable for teams of any size.

Time Tracking

Time Analytics offers two methods for tracking time:

  • Automatic time clock – simply click a Start/Stop button to create time entries
  • Timesheets – select tasks from a pre-defined list and add time entries

All tasks are associated with their respective projects and clients, allowing for easy allocation of tracked time.

In the unlikely event of any errors, employees have the flexibility to edit, copy, and move entries. This ensures that the data accurately reflects the time invested in various activities.


Time Analytics simplifies time tracking by offering automatic timesheets. This allows users to focus on their tasks and increase productivity.

The timesheets provide a comprehensive overview of team activities. Hence, they reduce repetitive administrative work.

  • Overview – select the specific period you want to review within the timesheets
  • Category selection – choose which items to include in the timesheet to avoid overwhelming data
  • Two views – opt for a daily or weekly view depending on the project’s scope

These customization options ensure a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

timesheet time analytics

Client and Project Reports

Time Analytics includes powerful features for evaluating project and client performance. The software enables users to gain deep insights and make informed decisions for increasing profitability. Here are the key benefits and functionalities offered:

  • Profitability assessment – gain visibility into the profitability of each project or service line.
  • Efficient cost allocation – ensure accurate allocation of costs to the respective clients
  • Revenue Estimation – estimate revenues for all projects and clients.

Time Analytics reporting

Team Insights

Tracking team member activity is crucial for managers. Yet, there is a challenge in finding a balance between monitoring and maintaining morale within the company. Micromanagement can be time-consuming and detrimental to employee satisfaction.

Time Analytics offers valuable employee insights without the need for constant monitoring. Hence, it provides a solution that promotes a happy and productive team.

  • Billable and non-billable hours – observe the breakdown of billable and non-billable hours for each team member.
  • Milestone and goal tracking – track progress towards set milestones and goals.
  • Task structure analysis – analyze the structure of tasks to increase productivity
  • Utilization rate comparison – compare the actualized utilization rates with the planned rates.

Invoicing Assistant

The timesheets provided by Time Analytics offer essential elements for precise client billing. This includes hourly billing rates and tracked hours allocated to projects.

The application generates accurate and comprehensive reports for each project. These itemized task lists can be valuable proof of work. You can include them as an appendix to client invoices. The process is simple and efficient, involving the following steps:

  • Select the client for billing purposes.
  • Choose the specific items to include in the invoice.
  • Export the invoice to Excel format.
  • Make any necessary final edits or adjustments.
  • Send the completed reports to clients within minutes.

Time Analytics and Security

At Time Analytics, we understand that our users entrust the application with sensitive data. This includes client information, profit details, and historical task data. Therefore, we have implemented several measures to prioritize client security and safeguard their information. Here are the key steps we take to ensure data protection:

  • Data encryption – all user data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and secure
  • SSL-encrypted communication – The communication between clients and servers is SSL-encrypted. This protocol adds an extra layer of security to protect data during transmission
  • Daily data backup – the app performs daily backups of the data to prevent data loss

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

There are two options available for you to select from.

Option 1: Starter Plan ($4.99 per user per month)

  • Tracking of time spent on different clients and projects
  • Daily and weekly views of timesheets
  • Tracking of overtime and time off
  • Assessment of time utilization
  • Allocation of costs
  • Generation of time and cost reports
  • And many other features.

 Option 2: Optimum Plan ($6.99 per user per month)

  • Includes all features of the Starter Plan
  • Assistance with invoicing
  • Reports on revenue
  • Email reminders
  • Customized onboarding process

Time Analytics FAQ

Will I incur any charges once my free trial period concludes?

No, a credit card is not necessary during the free trial period, and there are no fees during this trial. Upon choosing a paid plan following the trial period, charges will be based on the selected plan.

What is the method for determining the license cost?

Calculate the total cost by multiplying the number of active (enabled) users in your organization with the price per user/month mentioned in the pricing plan.

What is the method used to tally users for billing purposes?

Billing is applicable only to the users (team members) marked as Enabled in your Team section. To stop tracking the time of someone who has left the company or is no longer needed, just mark them as Disabled. Users who are disabled or deleted are not included in the billing calculations. The data linked to the deactivated or deleted user will be preserved.

What distinguishes monthly payments from annual payments?

Opting for an annual license grants you a substantial discount (equivalent to two months free), results in a single invoice, and requires payment for a full year’s subscription. Payment on a monthly basis does not include any discounts and necessitates monthly invoice management.

Are there any discounts available?

For teams with more than 50 employees subscribed, a discount of 30% is available. If you exceed 150 users, you may qualify for an extra discount.

Is it possible for me to cancel my license whenever I want?

Absolutely, you have the option. Time Analytics will cease the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will conclude at the conclusion of your current subscription period (monthly or yearly). You can continue using Time Analytics until the conclusion of your subscription period; thus, no refund will be provided for the period between the cancellation date and the end of the subscription period.

Is it possible to export my data once my subscription expires?

Absolutely, you can export all your data entries once your plan expires.

Can I trust that my data is secure?

We prioritize data security at Time Analytics and take it very seriously. Our servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data center with round-the-clock surveillance, and we consistently update our application with the latest security patches.

Apploye vs Time Analytics

Apploye offers a multitude of useful features. There are some issues with the platform, though.

Firstly, some of the advertised features have been in development for quite a while. Hence, you won’t be getting the entire app at first.

Secondly, the app’s interface can be confusing due to the number of commands. In contrast, Time Analytics offers a clean interface without distractions.

Finally, Apploye has a set of features that enforce micromanagement. This includes

  • Screenshots
  • App tracking
  • URL monitoring
  • Mouse and keyboardactivity tracking

As you may imagine, these features aren’t great for company morale.

On the other hand, Time Analytics nurtures a more transparent approach. It delivers crucial reports without relying on spying on employees.

Starting with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is an excellent choice for businesses of any scale aiming to enhance their overall performance. It provides comprehensive insights and impactful reports without being intrusive.

The software prioritizes the quality of data it collects over quantity. It allows you to establish mandatory fields and timesheet templates, eliminating unnecessary information.

Moreover, managers can effectively address seemingly minor issues by promptly identifying them through real-time and cumulative reports.

The tool is remarkably user-friendly while delivering essential information. Hence, it is vital for running a prosperous business.

Optimize your time utilization with Time Analytics!

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