Top 10 Software to See How Remote Employees Are Working

There have been numerous changes on the market in the last few years. These changes have allowed a part of the workforce to begin working from home, as all of their work can be done on the computer or other equipment they have (i.e. headphones for customer service employees).

Still, many employers felt like it is much safer to keep their employees in the offices. The most common reason is the control an employer or manager has over their team when they’re on the same premises. Then, the 2020 pandemic made working from home a necessity. Many businesses had to adjust to remote mode and understood both its benefits and drawbacks.

However, the pandemic had an interesting effect on how we see work and productivity. In many cases, employers noticed a significant increase in the latter, and are now planning to allow their employees to work from home at least partially. That is why we came up with our list of the best remote employee software solutions that will keep your workforce at the top of their game no matter where they’re working from. Here are the platforms we will be covering:

1. Time Analytics

2. Harvest

3. ClickTime

4. Timeneye

5. RescueTime

6. TopTracker

7. Time Doctor

8. Toggl

9. Hours

10. Everhour

Why Is Remote Work Monitoring Software Important?

Before we get into the meat of things, any employer or manager needs to understand why they should invest in remote employee software. Hence, here are the biggest benefits of remote employee time tracking.


Each worker will send reports of their daily work. Their time and efforts will be allocated to a specific client. In other words, transparency of the entire business process will increase and motivate the workers to regularly produce results.


As you probably know, many clients have a goal of getting great service while trying to pay the least amount of money possible. That is why some of them will try to reduce the price of your work as much as possible. Having a nifty report of every activity that went into a specific project, including your billing rates is sure to prevent them from reducing the prices significantly.


Countries under the FLSA and other work regulations require accurate timesheets as a mandatory addition to each payroll slip. If you are running a multinational organization, these documents could be necessary even if your company doesn’t fall under these regulations. On the other hand, your employees will have an itemized list of their actions from that month, and see how their work impacts their payroll. That is to say, they’ll be even more motivated.

Increase Productivity

If you turn to an electronic remote employee monitoring, your employees will spend less time logging their tasks. The Pen-and-paper method isn’t easy to digitalize, and Excel sheets are more complicated than simply following a program’s instruction. This will leave your remote workforce with more time to dedicate to their tasks.

So, without further ado, let’s see the best remote employee software solutions.

Time Analytics – transparent insight in remote workers tasks

time analytics remote employee software

Time Analytics is a timesheet-based tracking solution. This type of time management software offers trust to your employees, while still holding them accountable. The most impressive feature of this platform is its simple interface that allows each employee to track their time quickly but in detail.

The program then uses the data to create and deliver comprehensive reports about your business’s progress. This includes many key performance indicators, as well as real-time tracking. In other words, you will be able to observe your company’s current state and compare it to historic reports.

Client tracking is one of the software’s biggest advantages. It allocates time and expenses automatically to corresponding clients. This will allow you to notice which contracts are either low-performing or even cost you money. Then you’ll have the basis to either renegotiate your contracts or terminate client collaboration.


  • Convenient design – each employee can complete their timesheets in mere minutes due to the system’s simplicity.
  • Time tracking – a trust-based system that still shows whether someone is slacking off
  • Payroll and billing – document each work activity taking place in your company even though your team works from home
  • Reliable reports – receive current and historical reports on your business so you can decide on your next steps
  • Automatic allocation – the system calculates the time invested in a specific project and allocates the costs to the client automatically


Time Analytics offers multiple payment plans:

  • Free
  • Starter – $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum – $6.99 per user per month
  • Premium – $12.99 per user per month

Trial period

14 days

Harvest – easy remote work control

Harvest remote employee software

Harvest is a powerful remote employee monitoring software. You can use it if your organization works with a large number of clients on a daily basis. Numerous integrations are one of the software’s biggest advantages, as you will be able to use it as an addition to other work management tools you already use.


  • Invoicing – create invoices no matter the time zones of your team and pay
  • Integrations – integrate the software with Paypal for easier payroll
  • Customizability – adjust the way you track to the specific client and their needs


  • Free
  • Pro – $12 per user per month

Trial period

30 days

ClickTime – Track remote employee productivity

click time remote employee software

ClickTime is a simple online timesheet remote employee software solution. It aims to improve all aspects of your business and enable companies to decrease costs while remaining transparent. It allows time tracking from mobile devices and gives employers an accurate insight into their company.


  • Time tracking – create detailed and accurate timesheets quickly and easily
  • Reports – receive numerous reports on your business’s progress
  • Browser app – allow employees to track their time without disrupting their workflow


  • Starter – $10 per user per month
  • Team – $12 per user per month
  • Premier – $24 per user per month

Trial period

14 days

Timeneye – Simple tool to see what employees are doing

Timeneye remote employee software

One of the simplest remote work monitoring software solutions on our list. The platform focuses on being user-friendly and non-invasive while rising overall effectiveness. It is a good tool if you consider time blocking a good option.


  • Project monitoring – see the progress of your company at a single glance
  • Automatic time tracking – never forget to keep on track
  • Reports – follow the reports for each team member and stay on top of efficiency


  • All-in-one – $7 per user per month

Trial period

14 days

RescueTime – Remote employee monitoring software

Rescuetime remote employee software


RescueTime is an employee productivity platform. It is suitable for remote teams, as it is web-based and can be run from anywhere. The program doesn’t interfere with work, as it runs quietly in the background. Its goal is to allow users a great degree of control over their time.


  • Employee monitoring – know which apps and websites your employees are using
  • Distraction blocking – customize the sites your team can access during work hours
  • Productivity goals – receive notifications when a task takes too much time


  • Lite – free
  • Premium – $9 per user per month

Trial period

14 days

TopTracker – track results of your remote team

TopTracker remote employee software

This remote employee software solution is geared toward small teams. It features a multifunctional dashboard that shows employee productivity. The platform offers the option of taking screenshots of your employees’ devices as well for more control.


  • Employee monitoring – take screenshots of employee devices and track their activity
  • Invoices – prepare itemized bills for your clients
  • Dashboard – get a view of all projects your team is working on at any moment


  • Free

Time Doctor – best tool for remote or hybrid teams

Time Doctor remote employee software


Time Doctor is one of the oldest and most famous time tracking platforms on the market. Clearly, they wouldn’t be able to stay afloat if they didn’t make their service exemplary. It calculates many different important metrics for any business. It also offers customizable monitoring levels.


  • Automatic time tracking – the app runs in the background after you turn the timer on
  • Employee monitoring – see which websites are being visited and receive screenshots
  • Reminders – an employee will receive a notification once they are away from their work for a while


  • Basic – $7 per user per month
  • Standard – $10 per user per month
  • Premium – $20 per user per month

Trial period


Toggl – simple remote team tracker

Toggl remote employee software

Toggl enables you to see whether your remote team is fulfilling their end of the deal or not. This youthfully designed solution is a great solution for small teams and startups. The app delivers detailed reports on time spent, and you can export the data if you need to.


  • Browser extension – track time through a plethora of tools
  • Time management – virtual timesheets that keep all vital information in one place
  • Employee monitoring – track keyboard activity to make sure everyone is working


  • Free
  • Starter – $10 per user per month
  • Premium – $20 per user per month
  • Enterprise – custom plan

Trial period

30 days for Premium users


hours remote employee software

Hours is another high-quality remote work software solution. It is available for iPhone and macOS users. It includes a list of timers users can toggle between on their devices for accurate time tracking. Even though the application is simple, the developers are adding new features and increasing functionality.


  • Timers – automatically track time spent on different tasks
  • Invoicing – create and customize your invoices easily
  • Reports – receive data-driven reports on your team’s activity and your business’s progress


  • Free
  • Pro – $7.99 per user per month

Trial period

No information available

Everhour – schedule tasks for your remote employees

everhour remote employee tool

Our final pick, Everhour, is another web-based remote employee software platform. It tracks time spent on different tasks and breaks during any given workday. It offers comprehensive reports and budgeting options. finally, the platform offers tips, guides, and templates for successful time tracking.


  • Dashboard – see how your projects are progressing in real-time
  • Invoices – generate itemized invoices for your clients
  • Editable time logs – don’t fret if you make a mistake, as you will be able to fix it


  • Cloud – $10 per user per month, starts at 5 users

Trial period

14 days

Final words

Remote work is here to stay. Whether you like it or not, it is time to adjust and take control of your team yet again. There are many time tracking remote solutions for remote employees out there, but we have found the best ones.

Read through our list and see which solution fits your needs the best. Do you need a complex system or a simple tracker? How much control do you want over your employees’ devices (and have you checked the regulations regarding this)?

Hopefully, you will be able to find the best remote solution for your team with a little bit of help from us!


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