Best 20 Tools for Remote Workers Time Tracking

Over the past decade, new technologies have changed the way we work in general. Some companies were already embracing more flexible working hours or work from home days before COVID-19. The pandemic only accelerated the trend towards remote jobs.

remote team app

It’s a well-known fact that time tracking of your remote workers and managing their time allows you to increase company performance.

But, which option to choose from more than hundreds of time trackers out there?

In this article, you’ll find a list of 20 tools to monitor your remote employees with a detailed description. With these guidelines, we are sure you will have a clear picture of crucial features for your business.

What are the best time tracking tools for remote work?

1. Time Analytics Software – Work from Home Time Tracker

Time Analytics perfect reporting & invoicing assistant

Time Analytics is a cloud-hosted management tool for tracking time and cost per each project, client, or task.

With this tool, you can discover your most valuable clients, your time utilization rate for each employee, clients, and projects, what employees billable and non-billable hours, and more.

Learn how many hours you’re wasting on routine activities, so you can work out where you’ll be able to save time. Figure out where you’re losing billable hours and focus on these projects and clients to recover the capital.

Time Analytics integrates with Excel, making it your perfect invoicing assistant that presents your time data quickly as clicking a few buttons.

Special features

Timesheets online
Billable & non-billable hours
Performance management
Employee management
Client monitoring
Invoicing assistant
Time and cost tracking


  • Minimizing the unproductive behavior of employees
  • Preparing data for the invoice, based on hard facts
  • Data entry represents minimal engage


  • Issues with exporting data
  • Occasionally there are problems loading data

Best for

Time Analytics is suitable for accounting and tax advisors, consulting firms, law firms, the IT and creative industry, HR and recruiting firms, engineering and construction, architects, designers, etc.

Time Analytics tracking projects and clients


Web, Mobile


Monthly plan
Free: up to 5 users
Starter: $4.99/user
Optimum: $6.99/user
Premium: $12.99/user
Annual plan
Starter: $4.29/user
Optimum: $5.99/user
Premium: $10.99/user

*Custom pricing is available for businesses with 50+ users. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Here is a summary of the best time‑tracking tools:

Try Time Analytics free for 14 days.

2. TogglTrack – Remote Worker Time Tracking

Toggl track accurate and transparent

In 2020, Toggl changed his name to Toggl Track as part of a broader rebrand. They have a new look along with a new name, but the time tracker remains the same. Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire are two other tools that Toggl offers.

Toggl track collects time tracking data to manage projects across teams and make better business decisions, from project estimates and team planning to profitability analysis to accurate and transparent client billing.

The free plan covers only the basic features and is available for small teams of up to 5 employees. The bigger the team’s size, the bigger the price – depending on the number of users.

Special features

One-click timer
Performance dashboard
Tracking reminders
Background tracking
Calendar integration
Available via the web, desktop, or mobile apps
Over 100+ app integrations


  • Helps you increase productive time and tracking
  • Ability to classify tasks and schedule accurately
  • Very simple interface


  • It is difficult to create branded invoices and time logs for clients
  • It is difficult to see all tasks in chronological order
  • There is no way to share time reports directly via a private or public link

Best for

Toggl track is suitable for collaborative freelancers, small and large teams working on complex projects.


Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome extension


Monthly plan
Free: $0 (up to 5 users)
Starter: $10/user
Premium: $20/user
Annual plan
Starter: $9 per user/per month
Premium: $18 per user/per month

For more information on Toggl pricing, click here.

*Custom pricing is available for large or complex organizations, and all paid plans come with a 30-day free trial.

3. Hubstaff – Remote Team Monitoring

Hubstaff remote employee time tracking with screenshots

Hubstaff offers employee time tracking with screenshots, GPS tracking, reporting, scheduling, monitoring, budgeting, invoicing, and automated payroll. It has everything required to track remote teams, but it lacks customization.

The free plan covers only the very basic features, GPS tracking and invoicing are available starting from the Premium plan.

Hubstaff offers Hubstaff Tasks, a project management tool, and Hubstaff Talent a solution for finding remote talent across the world.

Special features

Employee GPS tracking
Auto screenshots
Automated payroll
Online scheduling
Timesheet templates
Over 40+ app integrations


  • Good reporting functions
  • You can take screenshots of what they are working on.
  • It is straightforward to use


  • There’s no payroll integration with Payoneer
  • Tracking status notifications are sent twice instead of once
  • It doesn’t have the option to track overtime easily

Best for

Hubstaff is perfect for large companies or companies that employ remote workers who are often on the road.


Web, Mac, Windows, Chrome extension, Linux, iOS, Android


Monthly plan
Free: $0 (1 user)
Starter: $14/user (for 2 users)
Premium: $20/user (for 2 users)
Enterprise: $40/user (for 2 users)
Annual plan
Starter: $11.67/user (for 2 users)
Premium: $16.67/user (for 2 users)
Enterprise: $33.33/user (for 2 users)

*All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

4.RescueTime – Remote Worker Time Tracking

RescueTime Take back control of your time

RescueTime is web-based time management and analytics tool for remote workers who want to be more efficient and productive. It prevents distractions while keeping track of time spent on applications and websites, giving you a clear picture of your day.

RescueTime helps you understand daily habits, so you can focus and be more productive. RescueTime offers 4 – week Time Management Training Course as well.

No need to hit a start and stop button to switch tasks as RescueTime runs securely in your devices’ background. It also automatically tracks and categorizes where you use your time.

Special features

Automated time tracking
FocusTime distraction blocking
Real-time focus alerts
Track offline time with a single click
Weekly email reports
Integration with popular apps


  • It seamlessly works in the background and tracks time on  PC and Mobile
  • Automatic triggers can help you save time from distractions
  • It is simple and straightforward


  • Lack the polish and finish in UI and UX
  • Missing the possibility to assign work to projects and, clients
  • The exportation feature doesn’t have too many options

Best for

RescueTime is for companies of all sizes looking to increase their employee productivity and manage time well.


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple, Chrome extension


Monthly plan
Lite: Free $0
Premium: $12/user
Annual plan
Premium: $78/user

*Custom pricing is available for large teams. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

5. Time Doctor – Software to Monitor Remote Employees

Time Doctor detailed analytics

Time Doctor offers detailed analytics of where time is going, empowering your team to increase productivity and results.

In addition to the ability to track attendance and time worked by every person on your team, you will also be able to break down how much time is spent on each project, client, or task. The time tracking data is accurate, so you can see exactly where time is spent. These data can be used to bill clients or to have a precise record for payroll.

Special features

Daily and weekly summary email reports
Online timesheets & payroll
Project management & budgeting
Distraction alerts
Screenshots & activity levels
Offline time tracking
Over 60+ app integrations


  • It provides great support for administering to other team members
  • The Timeline Daily Report has all the information about employees
  • Ability to review screen capture


  • There is no option to check all the details in the application window
  • I can not generate reports for Night differential
  • Problem with syncing when switching between multiple computers

Best for

TimeDoctor is for individuals and teams who want to increase their productivity, time tracking for remote working teams, teams working in an office, and companies with a hybrid work model.


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, iPhone, and Chrome extension


Monthly plan


Standard: $10/user

Premium: $20/user

*Custom pricing is available for teams of 10+. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

6. Clockify – Timesheet for Remote Workers

Clockify free time tracker and timesheet app

Clockify is a free time tracker and timesheet app for remote teams of all sizes. It’s available for an unlimited number of users for free. It can work as an online app in a browser, but you can also install it on your computer or phone. Clockify offers its own servers for maximum security and privacy.

This platform enables you to specify time duration for projects, track remote employees’ hourly rates, view current activities, and more. Clockify has options for managers to generate, share, and export customizable reports in different formats.

Special features

Start/stop timer manual entry
Log activities in less than a minute
Dashboard and reports
Labor cost and profit
Over 50+ app integrations


  • Easy to sign up
  • You can do all the calculations within the app
  • Tracking of time is very easy and flexible


  • No upper limit to stop at even you forgot to stop it for days
  • Absence of Gantt Chart
  • Automatic time doesn’t save to the server

Best for

Clockify is one of the affordable options out there, making it suitable for freelancers, consultants, remote workers, small and medium businesses, digital agencies, and universities.


Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome extension


Monthly plan
Free version
Basic: $4.99/user
Standard: $6.99/user
Pro: $9.99/user
Enterprise: $14.99/user
Annual plan
Basic: $3.99/user
Standard: $5.49/user
Pro: $7.99/user
Enterprise: $11.99/user

*All paid plans come with a 7-day free trial; no credit card required.


Timesheets affordable employee time tracking software is an affordable employee automatic time tracking software for companies who want to save on payroll costs or increase invoicing. Remote employees can track their time wherever they are, or if needed, you can restrict their clock to a specific location. Reports can be integrated with several payroll and accounting software platforms, including QuickBooks.

Timesheets is user-friendly, and it can be set up in a few minutes. There are training materials and live support available which provide everything needed. Timesheets can be used for payroll or billing with GPS tracking and more security options.

Special features

Time & expense tracking
Leave tracking
Activity dashboard
GPS tracking
Payroll management
Clock in/out
10+ integrations


  • User friendly and integrates effortlessly with other software
  • GPS tracking capability
  • The reports are easy to use


  • The memo section needs to be visible on the mobile part
  • The mobile app version is less user friendly
  • Reports generated are basic

Best for is best for accountants, finance, legal, insurance agents, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, nonprofits, and other organizations.


Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android


Freelancer: free

Standard: $4.50/user

Nonprofit: $3.60/user

*Custom pricing is available. All paid plans come with a free trial.

8. Timely – Automated Work From Home Time Tracking

Timely first AI-based time tracking app

Timely is the world’s first AI-based time tracking app that helps 5,000 companies across 160 countries. It’s covering payroll, project management, team management, and planning. Timely offers user-level privacy and user–friendly design. It’s a tracking tool that keeps remote workers visible and manageable.

It’s possible to review the project’s dashboard, break down tasks, and see how much each member worked on the project. As for remote employees, it is possible to track KPIs, organize people in teams, etc. Timely also offers various reports for internal and external views.

Special features

Calendar management
Automatic time capture
Invoice creation and delivery
20+ integrations


  • The UX is constantly being improved by the team
  • Cost-effective, easy to implement
  • The interfaces are simple to understand


  • Minor issues with the memory app tracking
  • Needs improvement on mobile and web channel experience
  • The reporting function could use a little more branding

Best for

Timely offers solutions for remote teams, IT consultants, management consultants, agencies, accountants, and freelancers.


Web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows


Monthly plan
Starter: $10/user
Premium: $18/user
Unlimited: $26/user
Annual plan
Starter: $8/user
Premium: $14/user
Unlimited: $20/user

*Custom pricing is available. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

9. Harvest – Track Remote Employee Productivity

Harvest combine time tracking and costs tracking in one

With Harvest, you can start a timer from your desktop, phone, or browser to track time for different clients and projects. You can use integrations as well and turn that timesheet data into reports.

Many advanced reports can help you to manage your remote team and optimize their productivity. It’s possible to adjust budgets and quickly get information on how much your people work when they are working and what projects they are working on. After the project is done, you can create an invoice and sent it to the client from the app.

Special features

Easy to use
Invoice creation and delivery
Workflow capacity
Export data
Reminders to clients
100+ integrations
Support from real humans


  • Integrates directly with Stripe and Toggl
  • Invoice tracking is good and useful
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Project setup scenarios could be simplified
  • The Android app sometimes doesn’t sync in the background
  • There is no history of changed rates

Best for

Harvest is best for remote freelancers and startups because they can combine time tracking and expense tracking in one. But Harvest is also suitable for enterprises with advanced reporting and many integration options.


Web, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome extension


Monthly plan
Free version (1 user/2 projects)
Pro: $12/user
Annual plan
Pro: $10.80/user

*Custom pricing is available. All paid plans come with a 30-day free trial.

10. Tsheets

Quickbooks Quickbookstrack your team's time and location

TSheets is an employee time tracking and scheduling cloud-based solution. GPS Tracking is one of the features, so it is similar to Hubstaff. It enables managers to track your remote team’s time and location as well.

Whether they’re in the office or remote, your employees can track time from any location using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop in real-time. You can check estimated and actual hours worked, see where and how workers spend time on each project, etc.TSheets is now QuickBooks Time, and it’s the time tracking system embedded in QuickBooks.

Special features

Mobile timesheet app
GPS and geofencing
Time kiosk
Alerts & approvals
Smart reporting
Payroll management
Real-time reporting


  • Easily acceptable anywhere you are
  • Intuitive pop-out window navigation
  • Customizable fields allow for advanced tracking


  • The clock on the tool is not very useful
  • Unable to schedule a future time
  • Integration with Quickbooks has become a mess

Best for

TSheets offers solutions for everyone, from freelancers up to big enterprises.


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android


Premium: $8/user and $20/base fee

Elite: $10/user and $40/base fee

*All paid plans come with a 30-day free trial.

11. Everhour

Everhour track of all your projects, budgets, scheduling

Everhour is one of the web-based time tracking tools for remote employees. It keeps track of all your projects, budgets, scheduling, alerts. You can build different kinds of reports and send invoices to the clients.

Over 3,000 companies in over 70 countries trust Everhour. They offer integrations with your project management tool so you can track time on projects from Asana, Basecamp, Trello, Jira, GitHub, and more. All data collected for your projects will automatically sync with Everhour.

Special features

Billing and budgeting
Reporting & statistics
Workflow management
Automatic updates


  • Easy-to-use reporting tools
  • Time can be added individually or in batches per week
  • Very simple yet powerful


  • No offline functionality
  • Pages sometimes slow to load
  • The pricing model is a little expensive

Best for

Perfect for project-based teams


Web, Google extension, iOS (beta)


Monthly plan
$10/user (minimum five users)
Annual plan
$8.5/user (minimum five users)

*Custom pricing is available. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

12. HourStack

HourStack schedule tasks, track time, export reports

HourStack is a transparent time management tool that doesn’t require additional training. The calendar helps you see, plan, and track your remote team’s time through tasks and projects.

It is possible to schedule tasks, track time, export actionable reports, and customize your coworking spaces and permissions. It can even take care of the clock to help you stay within the frame you set.

HourStack is a time management software company based in Seattle, Washington. Users can sync their data from other apps with ten integrations in-house and over 1,500 integrations via Zapier.

Special features

Calendar management
Time tracking
Task management and scheduling
Timely support
Export data
100+ integrations


  • The ability to tag a project or label
  • Easily drag and drop calendar invitations into the calendar
  • Reports are easy to generate


  • Missing some features for the administrators
  • More options are needed to add more categories
  • There are bugs every once in a while

Best for

HourStack is appropriate for freelancers, agencies, remote teams, and companies.


Web, Android, iOS


Monthly plan
Personal: $12/user (max 1 user)
Team: $15/user (any size)
Annual plan
Personal: $9/user (max 1 user)
Team: $12/user (any size)

*Custom pricing is available. All paid plans come with a 30-day free trial.

13. TimeCamp

TimeCamp automatic employee payroll and invoicing

TimeCamp is a free work from home time tracker for an unlimited number of users and projects.

TimeCamp is automatic time tracking software that measures the time spent on activities, after which it categorizes these activities. So, it enables you to see people’s productivity during the day. It is possible to create automatic employee payroll and send invoices to clients.

It is suitable for both employees working from an office and remote employees. Integration is possible with over 100 different applications.

Special features

Automatic tracker
Invoice creation and delivery
Customizable templates
Real-time data
Attendance tracking
100+ integrations


  • The reporting function is excellent
  • It’s very easy to switch from a task to another
  • Incredibly easy to set up and use


  • You must double-click the timer button to start the clock
  • Mac OS desktop app is a sometimes not very easy to use
  • The website is frequently long to load

Best for

Perfect for project-based B2B companies


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome extension


Monthly plan
Free for unlimited users and projects
Basic: $7/user
Pro: $10/user
Annual plan
Basic: $5.25/user
Pro: $7.50/user
Enterprise: Customized

*Custom pricing is available for enterprises. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

14. Timeular

Timeular web app or physical time tracker

Timeular is an easy way of tracking time and improve how it is spent. They offer to use their web app or physical time tracker.

The time tracker dice has eight sides, so you can connect each side to a different project and switch between them by flipping the device. The device is a visual reminder and can work without an internet connection.

You can track, analyze, and manage your remote team’s time data in a privacy-friendly environment. Understand where the time goes with the web app and use the data to build reports, bill your time or be more productive.

Special features

Automatic timesheet
Eight fully customizable sides
Start/stop tracking
Export customized reports
100+ integrations


  • The app is well designed
  • It’s easy to use and sync
  • Super easy transition to incorporate into the daily work routine


  • The application versions do not respond correctly
  • Sometimes the app is a little slow and clunky
  • The application takes several seconds to respond

Best for

Timeular is a good solution for small teams, freelancers, lawyers, software developers, agencies, or consultants.


Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and Chrome extensions


Basic: $89 (+tracker device)

Pro: $129/12 months (+tracker device)

*All paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

15. ClickTime

ClickTme analyze your time into 80+ pre-built reports

With over 20 years of world-class support and service in over 65 countries, ClickTime offers phone and email support, and a support center is needed.

ClickTime’s easy-to-use automatic time tracking software can help reduce costs, improve operations, increase remote employee productivity, increase project visibility, and understand performance.

It is possible to track time on your phone or laptop and analyze it into 80+ pre-built reports.

Special features

Easy for everyone
Real-time reporting
Management tools
80+ pre-built reports
30+ integrations


  • The reporting is extensive
  • Super intuitive with great customer support
  • The workflow efficiency


  • The expense report tool is terrible at using date
  • The design is very dry, and it mimics an Excel sheet
  • It does not integrate with Quickbooks

Best for

This solution is best for agencies, nonprofits, consultants, universities, architects, IT, healthcare, and similar.


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone


Monthly plan
Starter: $12/user
Team: $16/user
Premier: $28/user
Annual plan
Starter: $9/user
Team: $12/user
Premier: $24/user
Enterprise: Customized

*Custom pricing is available for enterprises. All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial.

16. actiTIME

actiTIME track with intelligent data

actiTIME is time tracking software for any data-driven company. It helps thousands of companies to track remote workers’ time effectively. Your remote team can register times off and sick leaves along with worked hours, generate reports, issue invoices, etc. It is free for three users, and a credit card is not required for the trial version.

The solution is available online and on-premise, and it is easy to configure. Besides, it offers support and is frequently updated.

Special features

Customizable reports
Overtime calculation
100+ integrations


  • Collecting data using useful reporting tools
  • Multiple tools to maintain perfect control of the different employees
  • Easy to enter time each day


  • The free version has certain limited or unavailable functions
  • This application does not have a menu very easy to understand
  • Unable to customize reports

Best for

Some of the client industries are consulting, design, education, engineering, healthcare, IT, small business, etc.


Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and Chrome Extension


Monthly plan
1-3 users: Free version
1-40 users: $7/user
41-200 users: $6/user
Annual plan
1-40 users: $6/user
41-200 users: $5/user

*Custom pricing is available for businesses with 200+ users. All paid plans come with a 30-day free trial.

17. Replicon

Replicon track your remote teams time and expenses

Replicon platform helps in tracking time and costs across your company for better performance. Notifications, GPS tracking, invoicing, and other features can help to focus on more strategic decisions.

You can capture, analyze, and manage time, your organization’s most important asset, to improve performance and employee satisfaction. Replicon is suitable for remote employees working on payroll because it is simple to enter time, vacation, and expenses through mobile or web applications.

Special features

Billing & invoicing
Activity tracking
Payroll management
GPS monitoring
Team calendar


  • The team is quick in their responses
  • Very straightforward
  • Very easy to use and configure to our specifications


  • You cannot see comments quickly for each entry.
  • The main timesheet entry controls are not intuitive and not very customizable
  • There are many limitations to how information is displayed and organized

Best for

Replicon has a solution for IT services, Government contractors, consulting, marketing, engineering firms, nonprofits, architectural and federal agencies.


Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone


TimeBill Quick Start ($60/month for up to five users + $10/additional user)

TimeBill Plus ($22/user/month)

Enterprise Time Tracking (custom pricing)

*Custom pricing is available for enterprise time tracking. Some plans come with a 14-day free trial.

18. MyHours

MyHours designed for remote teams and freelancers

MyHours has been on the market since 2002. It is an easy to use cloud-based time tracking solution created for remote teams, startups, and freelancers. Track time on projects with tasks, generate insightful reports, and send invoices to clients.

You can track time on projects, generate reports and create invoices, but it does not record your employees’ desktop. There are no screenshots, no tracking apps, but you can view logs that your remote team members have entered. You can also find Android and iOS mobile apps for free.

Special features

100+ integrations


  • Super simple and reliable to track projects per client and invoice out at the end of the month
  • Very friendly to use, and it is free
  • The system provides various views


  • Missing the option to update hours on the mobile app without recording a time
  • Its user interface is pretty, fast-reacting, and intuitive
  • Filtering is limited

Best for

The software is for small teams and freelancers who track and bill their working hours per client or project.


Web, Android, iPhone


Monthly plan
Free for unlimited users and projects
Pro: $7/user
Annual plan
Pro: $6/user

*All plans come with a 30-day free trial.

19. BeeBole

Beebole track time and control expenses

BeeBole is the remote employee time tracking system for businesses of all sizes. With BeeBole, you can track time and control costs with a lot of configurable elements. BeeBole is GDPR compliant. It is available in a mobile app that can work offline and online with all available features.

With BeeBole, your employees can enter data on attendance, vacation, and sick leaves. There is a one-click timer, automated reminders, and you can upload the holiday calendar, etc.

Special features

Time tracking
Real-time reporting
Clock in/out
Sick leave tracking
100+ integrations


  • The ease of manipulation
  • The support team is very efficient.
  • Ease of use inputting hours


  • If  the system does not work, the sheets become blank and update slowly
  • Changing past submitting timesheets is a bit difficult
  • Lack of proper mobile application

Best for

Their customers range from small businesses to companies with hundreds of remote workers.


Web, Android, iPhone


Simple: $5,99/user (monthly)

*Plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

20. WeWorked

WeWorked remote employee time tracker

WeWorked is a time tracking software used by remote teams everywhere. It can provide holiday tracking, timesheet approval, reminders, and billable calculation. WeWorked is free for up to three users with two projects, unlimited clients, and tasks.

This online timesheet app and time clock is trusted by freelancers, government contractors, small businesses, nonprofits, and similar organizations in over 120 countries.

Thanks to the PayPal partnership, it is possible to create invoices from entered time and receive payments over the web.

Special features

Time capture
Project templates
Email reminders
Overtime calculation
10+ integrations


  • Easy to manage, add and remove staff
  • Very good reminder to pending activities ensuring that nothing is left suspended
  • An easy system to use


  • Unattractive user interface
  • Key features are missing.
  • Entering the hours via the phone app is complex

Best for

WeWorked is suitable for everyone, from small to large companies.


Web, Android, iPhone


$9.99/month (includes three users)
$19.99/month (includes ten users)
$39.99/month (includes 25 users)
$79.99/month (includes 100 users)

*Custom pricing is available. There is a 17% discount for annual payments. All plans come with a free trial.

Will Remote Time Tracking Software Benefit Your Company?

Avoid Confusion of Excel and Paper Timesheets

Many businesses have been using paper timesheets and excel timesheet templates to track remote employee time. Yet, these methods are well-known as unreliable and time-consuming. Nowadays, Excel and paper have become obsolete, as many electronic remote time tracking software solutions became available.

Besides taking a lot less time to use day-to-day, time tracking platforms also deliver reports on important metrics. They also notify both the employees and management if an employee isn’t filling their timesheet. You will be able to easily understand how your remote team is functioning. Additionally, the pricing of these platforms is usually quite affordable, which makes these solutions especially convenient for many employers.

A work from home time tracker is a great tool if you are aiming to increase efficiency, as they don’t require a lot of time to use. They can be filled in a couple of minutes at the end of the workday. The systems automatically allocate employee time to different projects according to the information they provide.

A Simple Solution to Save You Trouble

Currently, there are many remote time tracking software platforms available on the market. Their quality and vary, so you may be wondering which to choose.

Take a look at the structure of your employees. Are their schedules flexible enough to allow them a significant amount of time to fill numerous categories each day? Are they well-versed in IT and can learn to navigate a complex tracking system? Do you have the time and resources to train the team and troubleshoot individual problems?

To put it plainly, a simple platform won’t take away your valuable time but still provides you with sufficient data is the best option.

Billing and Payroll with Remote Employee Time Tracking

Reputation can make or break a professional service business. Any complication regarding a company’s practices can hinder its growth. However, many clients will try to abuse this and ask for unwarranted discounts or question the pricing when they receive their bills. A time tracking system will decrease or even prevent these occurrences, as they enable you to supply your clients with an itemized list of all billable hours and resources their project took.

You will be able to nip the questioning of your business practices in the bud once you add time logs to your invoices. This is especially important if the client is questioning the number of billable hours.

On the other hand, you will also be able to provide your employees with a list of their hours worked. Additionally, timesheets are a mandatory addition to payroll slips in some countries. A timesheet program will prevent you from needing additional time to prepare these documents.

There are other benefits to keeping electronic timesheets. Firstly, you will be able to compare different team members’ productivity. Thus, you will be able to discover your top performers, as well as the team members who are lagging. You will also see whether the members of your staff are respecting their contracts. Finally, you will be able to predict if a team member is approaching burnout.

In other words, both payroll and billing processes will benefit from a remote time tracking software solution.

Track Your Business’s Profitability

Time tracking through an electronic timesheet platform offers many benefits. Project profitability reports are one of the most prominent ones.

You can get some truly valuable insights by using time tracking software on the company level. Key performance indicators (or KPIs) show the current and historic state of your company. You can get them by using time tracking platforms.

KPIs and project profitability will point you to low-performing clients and projects. Once you know who is costing rather than making you money, you will be able to negotiate your fees or even terminate unfavorable contracts. In other words, you will be able to optimize profitability while decreasing the workload.

profitability per project

Hours Structure Optimization

Hours structure is an indicator that represents the number of billable and non-billable hours in total working hours. A work from home time tracker can help you optimize this ratio – or, to put it simply, increase the number of billable hours. The way to do it is by reducing time-consuming activities (daily meetings, phone calls, etc.) that you don’t charge. Instead of spending time that way, you will be able to dedicate it to tasks and projects with higher billing rates.

Hours Structure Optimization

Increasing Personal Productivity

By now it is clear why business owners and managers can benefit from a time tracking platform. However, if your employees are using the platform right, they can learn a lot about measuring their productivity. Understanding the way you spend your time at work and identifying your most productive periods is the key to accomplishing more while avoiding overwork and burnout.

Detecting the times of day you’re most productive will enable you to divide your work so your most demanding tasks correspond to them.

Time Tracking Regulations

Labor is regulated by many laws around the world. These laws can vary greatly in different countries or even regions of the same country. They often also dictate how you can or cannot track employee time. Understanding time tracking regulations is especially important if you are running an international remote team.

For example, some regulations don’t allow taking screenshots of your employees’ devices, while the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) demands running accurate timesheet logs. To put it differently, you may need to have employee logs ready for a government audit at any time. Using an electronic timesheet platform will provide you with the logs containing all necessary data automatically.

Remote Employee Time Tracking vs Time Theft

Different time tracking techniques have become a problem in many businesses. Time theft represents the time employees spend away from their work but end up getting compensated for anyway. It is comprised of many different methods. Here are the most common ones:

  • Fudging with numbers
  • Signing in to work late and/or leaving early
  • Buddy punching
  • Managing non-urgent personal matters during work hours
  • Taking long or multiple breaks
  • Unnecessary overtime
  • Stand-in attendance
  • Chatting with coworkers

Of course, buddy punching (the practice of signing in instead of your coworker) is impossible when it comes to remote work. However, there are some ways remote employees can commit time theft impossible for in-office employees. This is possible since managers won’t be able to see what the employee is doing. Hence, leaving for a quick run to the store isn’t impossible.

Time theft prevention can be one of the biggest benefits of time tracking. To put it plainly, an employee who ‘’steals’’ time doesn’t have the time necessary to finish all their tasks. You will discover these individuals with ease once they start tracking time.

If you want even quicker results, a time audit is a great option. This practice is also beneficial to the employees themselves. After closely tracking their time for a week, they will be able to discover their work patterns and make their workdays more convenient and productive without overworking themselves.

Curb Unnecessary Overtime

Overtime isn’t a new concept, but it has recently become prominent in many offices. That is why many countries have overtime regulations with the goal of protecting employee rights. Most often these regulations demand paying employees higher fees for the time they spend at work after their regular hours are over.

Different factors create the need for overtime. An increased workload or returning from a leave are reasonable reasons. However, overtime can also mean the employee is not utilizing their time well. Finally, there is the option of faking overtime – simply staying on the clock while not getting any work done.

Remote time tracking software will register and calculate overtime as soon as it happens. Then, it will allocate the hours to the client and project the time was invested in. Once the managers have the information about the overtime and its results they can adjust the pricing and prevent unauthorized overtime in the future.

Track Time Off Automatically

Remote teams cannot function without clear communication. Knowing whether an employee will be working on a certain day is the basis for that. That is why each company should have a clear time off policy available to each employee.

This is how you will be able to create shifts without clashes or being understaffed. A remote employee time tracker will register attendance or lack thereof automatically in case there is an emergency.

Expense Estimates

Remote Employee Tracking Software calculates the price of a working hour. This price consists of direct  (dependent on the employee’s salary) and indirect costs (dependent on other expenses, like an office lease, bills, etc.). When you enter these rates into the system, it will calculate the price of a working hour and allocate expenses to the clients the employee is engaging in.

Logging time through a remote employee time tracking platform is a great way to approach cost management. It will allow you to simplify the process which will, in turn, improve overall productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Employee Time Tracking

How Does Time Tracking Work for Remote Employees?

Remote employees log their time spent on a specific task, which is allocated to a client. They mark the time as either billable or non-billable and add their hourly billing rate (if it isn’t automatically determined). The program recognizes these hours and allocates the costs to a client.

Templates are a great feature of many timesheet programs. It works on the following principle: You can create a timesheet spread that fulfills all the needs of your business and gives you all the metrics you need. Then you can save it as a template and simply use it daily without having to create it again and again.

There are two main ways a time tracker can function. The first one involves an automatic timer that the employees start and stop. The other consists of the employees entering their time into a timesheet manually.

When the program receives enough data, it starts creating and delivering reports on different aspects of your business, like productivity and top-performing clients and employees.

Remote Time Tracking Software and Employee Privacy

Most teams will most likely have some issues when you implement a time tracking procedure in their daily workflow. This is especially relevant if your team works from home and uses their own equipment. Understandably, most people won’t be thrilled if you demand they install a piece of software that tracks their behavior.

That is why you should make sure the platform you choose prioritizes employee privacy. This makes the platforms that monitor user activity by logging keystrokes and mouse activity less desirable. There are even more severe options, like tracking documents and websites employees interact with or even taking screenshots of their devices at random.

On the other hand, a trust-based timesheet program that allows users to track their time on their own is a non-invasive method. You may be afraid people will lie in their timesheets, and no one can guarantee that won’t happen. Yet, people who want to trick any program will find a way to do it.

The programs themselves will give you the solution by providing you with productivity reports. Hence, it is better to keep a sufficient level of employee privacy and good will than to scare and force them into constant work.

Remote Time Tracking Software and Company Security

Any company that starts using a time tracking platform offers a significant amount of information about its business. That is why it is important to look into the measures the software takes to protect the data it collects.

Time Analytics takes multiple measures to make sure your data is available only to you. The company will never sell your information, or use it for any other activity except tracking time and generating reports. If you are interested in finding out more about the way we keep your data secure, you can learn more about it on our Privacy Policy page.

Can Both Small and Big Businesses Benefit from Time Tracking

Time tracking is an essential practice for all businesses, regardless of their size. Even some freelancers decide to use time trackers, as they help them manage their time more efficiently. Time tracking software can help your employees do the same, and allow them to be more productive while working the same amount or even less.

You will be able to find your top and low performers among the staff and clients alike. Then, you will be able to provide more guidance or find a different solution, such as renegotiating your contracts. If you do a time audit through your time tracking software, your employees will be able to identify distracting factors in their environment and eliminate them.

Finally, it is important to balance the workload according to your team’s expertise and current workload. This way your team members will be able to avoid burnout and overwork.

All these benefits can help any business and individual, as long as you use them to be proactive instead of for punishment.

Is a Free Work from Home Time Tracker Good Enough?

If you are just starting to look for a time tracker for your remote team, you may be overwhelmed by the variety and sheer quantity of available options. You have probably also noticed that some platforms are available for free, or at least offer a limited free trial. These solutions seem tempting, but are they good enough for you?

The truth is – there is no universal solution for every single company. Some employers are looking for a simple way to record employee time, while others want to get up close and personal with their business with a variety of features and reports.

The first group of business owners will be happy to use a free solution, while others will look for a more reliable version. If that applies to you, you should probably look into a paid option. If you are unsure about choosing one, you can look for solutions that offer a free trial and make your decision once you’re acquainted with the way it works.

The Costs of Time Tracking Software

Remote time tracking software usually comes at a relatively low price point. Usually, the prices are around a few dollars per person per month. This is a great deal for small teams, but the sum grows along with the number of employees. Hence, many platforms offer a discount to large business teams. Our platform isn’t the exception and offers two such discounts. You can find out everything you need to know on the Time Analytics Pricing page.

Final Words

The fact is remote working is trending permanently, and the main challenge for employers is to make sure that the employees are working correctly.

Many business owners decide to start using a time tracking platform to prevent time theft. According to, the total annual losses US companies suffer due to time theft are around $400 billion, so this isn’t an empty fear. Additionally, time theft also means the company will hand in their projects later than they need to, which is a sure blow to their reputation.

The abovementioned study concluded that 3% of employees only pretend to work for 10 hours a week. This is a shocking number, as it makes up more than an entire workday. 21% of employees admitted to wasting up to 5 hours a week, 29% ‘’steal’’ up to 2 hours a week. As you can see, this is a very common occurrence.

Implementing daily time tracking into your workflow can help you improve productivity and keep your remote team in check. This is especially important if there are time zone clashes so you can’t keep consistent communication with all your employees.


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