13+ Best Time Tracking Software for Architects

13+ Best Time Tracking Software for Architects

Bojan Radojičić
May 15, 2023

Are you in search of time tracking software for architects?

These tools can provide valuable insights into how much time your team allocates to various projects and tasks.

There is a wide array of solutions available, each offering a multitude of options and features.

Consequently, selecting the most suitable one for your requirements may prove to be a challenging task.

However, there’s no need to fret, as we have thoroughly tested numerous options and compiled a comprehensive list of the finest time tracking solutions.

Let’s dive right in and explore your options.

A snapshot of the best tools for architects

Let’s see what is inside each of them! Find out more about their benefits, features, integrations, pricing, and more below.

1. Time Analytics 

Best for productivity and project performance tracking for architecture teams. 

Introducing Time Analytics, an exceptional project management and time tracking software for architects. With its timesheet-based system, you can effortlessly track and manage your team’s time, ensuring accurate cost allocation and providing indisputable proof of work.

The timesheets are seamlessly connected to clients and projects, eliminating any concerns or uncertainties surrounding cost allocation and work verification. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing time entries and rest assured that Time Analytics has got you covered.

Best features

A. Time tracking

This feature helps architects to track time in a few clicks, analyze productivity and project results, and make data-driven decisions for further improvement:

  • Time tracking per tasks, projects, and clients allows for precise monitoring and analysis of time allocation for effective project management and resource utilization.
  • The ability to add or edit time manually provides flexibility and accuracy in recording and adjusting time entries as needed.
  • The use of a timer simplifies and automates time tracking, enhancing productivity and ensuring accurate time measurement.
  • Marking hours as billable enables seamless invoicing and revenue tracking by distinguishing billable hours from non-billable ones.
  • Adding notes to each time entry allows for additional context or details to be included, facilitating clear communication and future reference.
  • Billing and labor rates streamline financial management by automatically calculating costs and fees based on predefined rates.
  • Automatic cost allocation to projects eliminates manual effort by automatically assigning expenses to the respective projects, simplifying financial tracking and analysis
time tracking app architects

B. Timesheets

  • Daily timesheets display time entries per project, client, and task, providing a detailed overview of daily activities for precise project tracking.
  • Weekly timesheets summarize time entries for a week, facilitating efficient time management and reporting across projects, clients, and tasks.
  • Managers can review and edit timesheets, ensuring accuracy and accountability in time tracking.
  • Timesheets can be filtered and exported in Excel format, enabling customized analysis and seamless integration with other systems or reporting tools.

C. Time and profits reporting

  • Accurately determine project costs and profits by utilizing the time tracking data.
  • Gain insights into billable and non-billable hours per project, allowing for a clear understanding of the time spent on billable work.
  • Visuals and dashboard provide a visual representation of the time tracking data, offering a comprehensive overview.

D. Team productivity and efficiency reporting

  • Report on billable and non-billable hours per architect.
  • Track time utilization for improved resource management.
  • Gain insights into overtime hours.
  • Manage time-off, including vacations and holidays, and generate related reports

E. Transparent and accurate invoicing data

  • Review all services and tasks before invoicing
  • Review billable hours per task per clients
  • Export invoices to Excel and make final adjustments

Support options

  • In-app chat
  • In-app tutorials
  • Written help articles
  • Email support
  • Booking 1:1 live demo


Currently, Time Analytics offers a few pricing plans:

  • Starter: $4.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $5.99 (billed monthly)
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $8.45 (billed monthly)
  • Free trial: 14 days (No credit card needed)

For more than 50 users, Time Analytics offers a 30% off discount.

Pros of Time Analytics

  • Quick implementation
  • Ease of use
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Import of projects, clients, and tasks from Excel
  • Various roles and permissions
  • Actionable visual reporting
  • Detailed timesheets

Cons of Time analytics

  • No freemium plan
  • Chrome extension is still under development
  • Lack of integration with project management tools

2. Bill4Time 

Best for hourly-based project billing for architects.

Bill4Time is an excellent time tracking software for architects who need accurate project time tracking.

Architects lose a significant portion of their billable hours due to ineffective time and expense tracking systems. With this tool, you’ll be able to capture every minute and every expense so you can invoice your clients accurately.

Flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use online invoicing makes billing fast and effortless.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Online time and expense tracking — automatically adding expenses by just taking a photo from your mobile device
  • Easy time entry
  • Billing/Invoicing — invoices are easy to read and provide the details that clients want
    Online payments and client portal


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


After the 14-day free trial, you may choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Time & Billing
    Yearly — $27per user/month
    Monthly — $29 per user/month
  • Legal Pro
    Yearly — $45 per user/month
    Monthly — $49per user/month
  • Legal Enterprise
    Yearly — $80 per user/month
    Monthly — $89per user/month

Trial period ✔

3. ActiveCollab 

ActiveCollab is a project management solution tailored for architecture firms. It allows projects to be organized into tasks and subtasks with customizable filters and dependencies. With features like time tracking, budget management, and invoicing, architects can efficiently manage their projects. The platform centralizes communication, files, and tasks while offering flexible pricing options and online support.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Bird’s-eye view of all projects
  • Creating invoices from tracked time
  • Shared team calendar
  • File sharing and uploading
  • Detailed invoices for your clients
  • Detailed budget and expense reports


Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad


After the 14-day trial, ActiveColab offers annual and monthly plans:

  • Plus
  • Annual billing – $9.50 per month
  • Monthly billing – $11 per month
  • Pro
  • Annual billing – $8 per month
  • Monthly billing – $9 per month
  • Pro + Get Paid
  • Annual billing – $11.75 per month
  • Monthly billing – $14 per month

Trial period ✔

4. Accelo 

Accelo time billing software for for engineers

Accelo is a cloud-based software for growing your business.

With Accelo, you can spend less time in meetings and more time focusing on your clients. The app tracks projects, client accounts, and timesheets.

Accelo’s engineering project management software is an ideal architect’s timesheet software.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Milestone and budget tracking
  • Project profitability reporting
  • Time tracking and automatic time rounding
  • Project collaboration
  • Invoicing
  • Client database
  • Email, forum, phone, and chat support


Web, Android, iPhone, iPad


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Projects — $39 per user /month — plan, execute, and deliver client work
  • Sales — $39 per user /month — create and nurture client relationships
  • Retainers — $39 per user /month —manage the ongoing contracts effortlessly
  • All-in-One ServOps — $79 per user/month — get everything you need to manage your operations

Trial period ✔

5. Journyx 

Make Smarter, More Informed Business Decisions

Journyx timesheet tracking software

Journyx is the perfect time tracking software for architects who need a fast and simple project time tracker.

One of the problems that architects face when handling a project, is keeping track of the team.

With project time tracking for architects, you can keep track of your team’s work and make sure that everyone is meeting their deadlines.

Journyx offers two products: Journyx JX Time Tracking Software for expense and project tracking, and Journyx PX Resource Management Software, which includes all of the great features of JX and more. PX provides the overall picture of the project, resource availability, and project status.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Time and expense entry by project or account
  • Offline time tracking
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Effective visual reports and business insights
  • Automated custom workflows and timesheet approvals
  • Integration with 15+ apps


Windows, Mac, Android, IOS


Journyx estimates the pricing on an individual level. For more information visit their website.

6. Minute7

Time and Expense Tracking in a Cloud

Minute7 software to track billable hours

Minute7 is a cloud-based architects’ timesheet software

designed specifically for professional services firms. With Minute7, architects can track time, plan and manage projects, and take care of finances. This billable time calculator is super-easy to use and it integrates easily with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Easy access from any web browser
  • Ease of creating expense reports
  • Partnership with Amazon Web Services
  • Quickly and effectively view summaries and reports
  • Mobile time tracking and entering time spent via the mobile app
  • Automated reminders


Web (Mac or PC), iOS, Android

Trial period ✔


After the 30-day free trial, you can choose the following pricing plan:

  • Standard $8 per user/month

7. MyHours

Powerful Time Tracker for Small Teams

MyHours is a web-based time tracking solution for architects who want to be more efficient and productive.

This tool allows managers to create projects for specific tracking and calculates times automatically. One of the main features of this architect’s timesheet software

is insightful and powerful reports. It helps the employee schedule time and once the task gets done, quickly export and send it to clients who are billed hourly.

MyHours project management feature allows managers to create projects specific for clients, assign tasks, and team members to projects. Additionally, the system allows managers to specify billing rates per employee, project, and task assigned to a project.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Ability to manage many different projects and tasks for many clients
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Phone app available
  • Meaningful reports
  • Delegating work to team members in real-time
  • Integration with Quick Books and Zapier


Web, Android, iPhone, iPad

Free trial ✔

Free version ✔


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free — for individuals or teams just getting started with time tracking
  • Pro — $8 — for freelancers and teams actively managing their time

8. Scoro

Building and Construction Management Architects Timesheet Software

scoro time tracking apps

Scoro is a comprehensive work management software designed for service businesses, offering a unified platform to streamline operations. This time tracking software for architects consolidates project management, time tracking, collaboration, invoicing, and reporting, improving control and resource allocation. With data-driven insights, businesses can make informed decisions and drive growth and profitability. Scoro is a reliable ally for optimizing operations and achieving success.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Professional and creative services
  • Unique user interface with a dynamic design that provides a fantastic experience so it’s easy to implement on any platform
  • Holistic time management – knowing precisely what you need to work on and when, and see how changes and delays impact plans in real-time
  • Integration with 1,000+ other tools through Zapier


Web, Android, iPhone, iPad

Trial period ✔


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Essential — $28per user/month
  • Standard — $42per user/month
  • Pro — $71per user/month
  • Ultimate – custom pricing

9. TimeCamp

Simple Time Billing Software for Architects

timecamp timers

TimeCamp is a cloud-based time tracking software for architects. It offers collaboration features, billable hour tracking, and project monitoring. With automated time tracking and timesheets, it simplifies attendance and invoicing.

The time management feature analyzes productivity and provides insights via automated emails. TimeCamp helps architects streamline their time tracking and improve productivity.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Planning, tracking, and overseeing all projects
  • Measuring profitability based on real data
  • Calculating payrolls and measuring attendance
  • Billing clients with data-rich invoices
  • Operational and managerial reporting
  • Measuring your team’s productivity and the time spent on sites and other apps
  • Insightful and easy reports
  • Integration with 100+ other apps and work tools


Windows, Mac, Android, Mac, iOS

Trial period ✔


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Starter
    • Yearly — $2.99 per user/month
    • Monthly — $3.99 per user/month
  • Premium
    • Yearly — $4.99 per user/month
    • Monthly — $6.99 per user/month
    • Ultimate
    • Yearly – $7.99 per user/month
    • Monthly – $10.99 per user/month
    • Enterprise
    • Custom pricing

10. Time Doctor 

An Easy Tool to Grow Your Business

time doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful employee time tracking and performance management tool that provides detailed analytics of where time is spent during the workday.

The software allows users to enter the time spent on each project and calculate their billable and non-billable working hours.

With metrics for all workday activity, businesses can make data-based decisions and have the responsibility necessary for flexible work.

A mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices and the platform also integrates with various project management and accounting software including Salesforce, Basecamp, JIRA, and Slack.

The software is available to users on a monthly subscription basis and offers multilingual customer support via live chat, email, phone, and an online help desk.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Time tracking and employee monitoring — creating a summary of the time spent on each project, client, and task
  • Online timesheets and payroll — fully customizable payroll setup that includes a variety of payroll periods and supports all currencies
  • Productivity measuring and summary reports — the screen monitoring function reports on employee activity via a screenshot capture
  • Distraction alerts
  • Screenshots and activity levels — taking screenshots of users’ computer screens every few minutes, as well as providing insight into mouse and keyboard activity levels


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Chrome operating systems

Trial period ✔


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Basic — $7/month
  • Standard — $10/month
  • Premium — $20/month
  • Enterprise — custom price and plan

Check out what is included in each plan in our article on Time Doctor pricing.

11. Timeneye

Easy and Stress-Free Time Tracking

Timeneye timesheet tracking software

Timeneye is a time tracking tool designed for small and medium-sized companies, particularly beneficial as timesheet software for architects. It enables tracking productivity levels and reallocating time efficiently. Timeneye enhances personal and group productivity effortlessly, allowing architects to complete tasks on time and optimize their time utilization.

Main Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly and colorful time tracking
  • Automated timer or manual entries — an effective way to track your time
  • Project tracking tools — see the progress of your projects in real-time
  • Reports for meetings and clients — a detailed overview of your business progress


Web, Android, iPhone, iPad

Trial period ✔


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Pro – $6 per user per month when billed yearly or $7 per user per month when paid monthly
  • Enterprise – custom solution and pricing

12. Toggl Track

Work Smarter with Timesheet  Software for Architects

TogglTrack is an online time tracking system that provides tracking time with multi-device support. The software helps teams save money and time.

It offers, tracking time for clients, tags, and projects so that you can create your own classifications. Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire are two other tools that Toggl offers.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Track time across the web, desktop and mobile app, or browser extensions with a one-click timer track
  • Set up Toggl to trigger time entry suggestions and auto-track time
  • Over 100+ app integrations
  • Scheduling reports to email
  • Receiving alerts as the project nears completion


MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Trial period ✔


After the 30-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free —for up to 5 users
  • Starter
    • Monthly — $10 per user per month
    • Annually— $ 9 per user per month
  • Premium
    • Monthly — $20 per user per month
    • Annually — $18 per user per month
    • Enterprise – custom pricing for a bespoke solution

Check out what is included in each plan in our article on Toggl pricing.

13. Wrike

Project Management Software

Wrike is a leading remote work software that helps companies do their best work — no matter where their employees are based.

Wrike has everything you need to work from custom workflows and dashboards to team-specific automation to simplify processes.

The software is a perfect fit for mid-sized businesses and companies that embrace teamwork, run multiple projects, and clients. It’ll provide you with real-time performance insights and empower your teams to do their best.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Customized tools for any team – workflows, dashboards, request forms, and more
  • Ability to instantly share files, tasks, and reports
  • Storing your personal to-do list and ideas
  • Collaboration and reporting— built-in proofing and approval tool that allows faster review and approval of images, videos, PDFs, and more
  • Easy integration with popular apps


Web, Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone

Trial period ✔


After the 14-day free trial,  you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free — a simple task list for small teams
  • Professional — $9.80 per user/month
  • Business — $24.80 per user/month
  • Enterprise — comprehensive solution with advanced security and controls

Need Help Choosing the Right Time Tracking for Your Architects?

With so many options on the market, finding the right time tracking for architects can be overwhelming.

The best way to find a perfect solution is to test some of the above tools and see which works best!

Remember, these are a must-have features:

  • Adding and editing time manually
  • Start timer to track time across multiple tasks and projects
  • Track time per clients
  • Timesheets
  • Cost rates, billing rates,
  • Automatic cost allocation to the projects
  • Time utilization tracking, billable vs non billable hours
  • Security standards
  • Nice onboarding process and super-efficient support

If you want to try Time Analytics you can do it through a free trial. We’ll guide you to the simple steps with full support that include:

  • In-app help articles
  • In-app chat
  • Quick demo video
  • Help set up your team, projects, clients, and tasks

Bojan Radojičić

Bojan Radojicic, Master Degree in Economics, is a financial performance consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He is responsible for adding value services based on innovative solutions.

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