12 Best Timesheet Entry Software Solutions on the Market (2024)

12 Best Timesheet Entry Software Solutions on the Market (2024)

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
March 30, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect timesheet entry software for your company? We have some options for you.

Timesheets have been a staple of offices everywhere for a while. Their most important function is giving proof of work.

Whether it’s for the employer or a client, having a clear overview of what an employee has done is always convenient.

With the development of different time tracking solutions, many companies are now looking to replace paper timesheets with different applications.

The benefits of this change include

  • Less time needed for logging
  • Higher accuracy
  • No workflow interruptions
  • Simple search functions
  • Automatic hourly billing rates
  • Automatic cost and time allocation

In short, all of these factors help users lead more focused and productive teams. So, let’s see what time tracking software has to offer.

Top 12 Timesheet Entry Software

1. Time Analytics ($4.99 – $8.45)

2. ProofHub ($50 – $99)

3. Harvest ($12)

4. TimeCamp ($8.99 – $11.99)

5. Scoro ($28 – $71)

6. Journyx (custom pricing per request)

7. Replicon ($6 – $29)

8. BeeBole (€6.99)

9. Hubstaff ($7 – $10)

10. Clockify ($4.99 – $14.99)

11. ClickTime ($10 – $24)

12. Tick ($19-$149)

The Most Important Features

We wanted to present you the best of the best. This means that we have a specific set of criteria to look for when creating the list.

Of course, different companies have different needs, priorities, and budgets. That is why the solutions we’ve chosen are so diverse. However, we made sure they all tick the following categories.

Ease of Use

Speed is one of the biggest advantages of going digital. Hence, the timesheet entry software of your choosing should help your team work more quickly.

The user interface and the complexity of the app are some of the main factors we’ve looked into. Thus, we made sure all the entries are quick to fill and maintain.


Besides having high-quality interface and great timesheet options, other features are also important. whether you’re looking for the simplest timesheet entry software or a feature-rich suite, we made sure to include something for everybody.

User Reviews

No one has a better understanding of these apps than the people using them. That is why we’ve made sure to look through reviews on reputable sites like G2 and Capterra.

This is how we made sure none of the entries are falsely advertising or actively scamming their users. All entries have high marks and positive reviews.

Pricing (Bang for Your Buck)

There is no universal solution that will fit every organization’s needs. This includes budgets as well.

Simply put, some companies have much more money to invest in a time tracking solution. However, this doesn’t mean the rest of them can’t have an effective time logging system as well.

Hence, our list contains solutions for everyone’s pocket. No matter whether you’re a freelancer trying to become more efficient or a CEO of an international company, we have your back.


We are well aware of the fact that timesheets contain sensitive data. They feature information on your business, employees, and clients. No one wants that information jeopardized.

That is why we made sure all timesheet entry software solutions we are presenting have taken all the precautions to keep your information safe.

1. Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a timesheet entry software solution that truly lets its timesheets shine. The application offers time management features, including tracking time off and overtime.

Time Analytics time tracking                                         Source: Time Analytics website

Additionally, you can mark all time entries as either billable or non-billable to keep an eye on your time utilization. All entries automatically allocate both time and expenses.

Best Features

The software has a lightweight, but extremely useful time management toolkit. This makes it a great choice for companies of all sizes looking to increase productivity.

Here are the most valuable additions to your workflow Time Analytics will bring.

Time Tracking

The time tracking component of the system offers two simple ways to keep an eye on all user activity.

  • Manual entries – create time logs directly in the timesheets at the end of your workday or as you work
  • Time clock – use an automatic timer to track specific tasks as you work on them for accuracy
  • Task lists – choose a task from a list and reduce the time you spend on log creation
  • Editing – make changes to logs, copy them, or move them elsewhere
  • Time utilization – simply mark your hours as either billable or non-billable depending on the task


As we’ve mentioned, the timesheets are Time Analytics’ most useful feature. They create a realistic insight into the way your organization ticks.

  • Project overview – see all the hours and activities that went into any project in a comprehensive list
  • Mandatory fields – create templates that will always gather the information you need
  • Convenience – anyone can fill the timesheets quickly and accurately due to the intuitive interface
  • Automation – if you use the time clock option, all entries will be turned into timesheet logs
  • Allocation – all the time and resources spent on a project are accurately allocated to the client

Client and Project Reports

No business can keep itself afloat if it doesn’t keep a close eye on its clients and contracts. That is why Time Analytics creates reports on these elements of the business.

  • Performance tracking – see which projects are the most profitable and recognize problematic clients
  • Profit estimates – use the data from the archive to project future costs and profits
  • Profit generation – let the insights help you lead a more productive company

Employee Productivity Reports

Time Analytics lets you understand your team’s habits, strengths, and weaknesses without micromanagement.

  • Productivity reports – see which employees are the most productive and at which time
  • Overtime tracking – observe the team members who can’t keep up and help them
  • Profitability reports – see which employees have the highest number of billable hours

Timesheet Entry Software Reporting

Billing Assistant

The final standout feature is the invoicing assistant. Namely, TA’s timesheets contain the information you need for transparent billing.

  • Proof of work – create a transparent itemized list showing how much work went into any given project
  • Billing rates – set up employees’ hourly rates and simply calculate the cost of work on the project
  • Editing – only show relevant information in the invoicing appendix and edit it down before sending


Time Analytics offers two pricing options – Starter and Optimum

Starter Plan

  • Price – $4.99 per user per month (annual license) and $5.99 (monthly)
  • Features – timesheets, time tracking, cost allocation, time and cost reports, mobile app, employee performance dashboard

Optimum Plan

  • Price – $6.99 per user per month (annual license) and $8.45 (monthly)
  • Features – everything in Starter + custom onboarding, email reminders, invoicing, revenue reporting

You can try all features in a 14-day free trial.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is a timesheet entry software that includes team collaboration and project management features. In other words, it provides the tools to handle projects from start to finish.


                              Source: Proofhub website

Time tracking is done either manually or via a time clock. The app lets you download and export the timesheets effortlessly. The app’s reports offer an informative insight into the team’s activities.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – create time logs directly in the timesheets or use an automatic timer
  • Workflows – plan entire projects and make sure you’re on track
  • Reports – understand how your team is utilizing time and how productive everyone is


  • Essential – $50 per month (unlimited users, 40 projects, 15 GB storage)
  • Ultimate control – $99 per month (unlimited projects and users, 100 GB storage)

3. Harvest

Harvest is a simple timesheet entry software solution with invoicing and reporting features. The user interface is simple and allows quick, non-distracting time tracking.

Harvest time tracking

                                  Source: Harvest website

The application is very transparent. It offers insights into employee performance and ongoing projects and their health. Finally, you will be able to see whether your budget is on track or not.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – an intuitive tracking system that reduces the chances for mistakes
  • Reports – let the system analyze the data your employees provide and receive actionable insights
  • Timesheets – user-friendly documents that show all you need to know about employee activity


  • Free – free (single seat and two projects)
  • Pro – $12 per user per month (unlimited projects and seats)

4. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is an extensive timesheet entry software solution. This app has the goal to reduce paperwork as much as possible. it also aims to direct your attention to the causes of workflow bottlenecks.

timecamp system

                                         Source: TimeCamp website

The app has a high level of automation that reduces user interactions to a minimum. Hence, it allows the employees to focus on their tasks rather than the time tracking process.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – let the app automatically track your time and create accurate logs in the timesheets
  • Reports – get accurate overviews of your employees’ workweeks and identify issues
  • Idle time detection – the system will note periods of no computer activity


  • Free – free (unlimited tracking for projects and tasks, no user limit)
  • Basic – $8.99 per user per month (reports, management roles, productivity tracking)
  • Pro – $11.99 per user per month (billing rates, invoicing, timesheet approval, screenshots)
  • Enterprise – custom plan (personalized training, self-hosted server, private cloud)

5. Scoro

Scoro is a time tracking application that aims to simplify the entire business management process. Thus, it is equipped with a complex toolkit including time tracking, team and assignment management, etc.

scoro time tracking apps

                                  Source: Scoro website

The app gives a detailed overview of the entire company. This includes project progress, each employee’s hours and productivity levels, as well as projected budgets.

Best Features

  • Time management – let every team member know what they need to invest their time and focus in
  • Collaboration – remote and hybrid teams can collaborate through the platform from anywhere
  • Reports – understand all completed and planned tasks, time usage, billing, etc.


  • Essential – $28 per user per month (projects, tasks, invoices, dashboards, reports)
  • Standard – $42 per user per month (Gantt charts, time tracker, recurring tasks, expenses)
  • Pro – $71 per user per month (project budgets, timesheets and time locking, labor cost)
  • Ultimate – custom pricing (single sign-on, budgets and forecasts, client portal, WIP reports)

6. Journyx

Journyx is a timesheet entry software solution with a strong expense management feature. It allows users to track time and resource usage within projects as well as in general expenses.

Journyx timesheet tracking software

                                Source: Journyx website

The timesheet feature is automated. In other words, the employees can simply track time and it will be turned into a time entry. The timesheet approval process is also automatic.

Best Features

  • Project time tracking – track employee time spent on projects for accurate payroll and billing
  • Biometric identification – avoid buddy punching and make sure the attendance reports are accurate
  • Reporting – get real-time and accumulative reports on employee activity and productivity


Contact Journyx sales team to get a pricing estimate for your team.

7. Replicon

Replicon is another more complex timesheet entry software solution. The application is aimed towards large and remote teams. Hence, it has a global time feature for employees from anywhere.

replicon time tracking

                                    Source: Replicon website

GPS location is another useful feature allowing employees hands-off time tracking. You can set up billing rates, track time off and attendance, as well as keep an eye on everyone’s gross pay.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – an AI-based time tracking system that doesn’t require user interaction
  • Project tracking – compare real-time results to your projections to ensure you’re on track
  • Billing – create projects related to clients and capture time accurately for billing


  • Time and attendance – $6 per user per month (time tracking, global time off tracking, compliance)
  • Project time tracking – $12 per user month (project time tracking, cost management, PTO tracking)
  • PSA and PPM – $29 per user per month (professional service automation, project portfolios)

8. BeeBole

BeeBole allows its users to track time per day, week, month, and in real time. If you’re looking for a simple solution, it might be a great option for you. The interface is customizable and tracks only the necessary data.

Beebole time tracking

                                Source: Beebole website

Tracking customization also means no-nonsense custom reports on the most important performance indicators. You can use the app to create shifts and schedules as well.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – know which team members are working on different projects and tasks
  • Customization – track only the important metrics for your business
  • Reporting – use the collected data for deeper insights into activities, clients, and projects


  • Everything but the kitchen sink – €6.99 per user per month (unlimited clients, projects, tasks, and reports, live support)

9. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking platform that helps companies stay on track with their plans. it is especially suitable for remote teams as you can track from anywhere and any device.

hubstaff time tracker

                               Source: Hubstaff website

The app tracks team members’ activity rates and offers a screenshot option for a more detailed insight. Of course, we advise you to keep the company morale in mind when using this option.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – an automatic tracking system that monitors activity levels
  • Monitoring – make sure all employees are being truthful and productive with this feature
  • Analytics – track schedules, payroll, and invoices through a user-friendly interface


  • Desk Free – free (single user, time tracking, activity monitoring, limited reports)
  • Desk Starter – $7 per user per month (2 users minimum, 1 integration, unlimited screenshots)
  • Desk Pro – $10 per user per month (2 users minimum, app and URL tracking, idle timeout, payroll)
  • Enterprise – custom pricing (VIP support, unlimited job sites, HIPAA compliance)

10. Clockify

Clockify is a timesheet entry software with time tracking and simple task management features. It also delivers reports on all logged time. The app offers an insight into employee schedules and habits.

Clockify tracking

                          Source: Clockify website

Team members receive work summaries that can help them identify issues and manage their time better. The app features a visual calendar that can help them create time blocks.

Best Features

  • Timekeeping – use a timer and timesheets to keep track of tasks
  • Reporting – receive reports on activity and earnings, track project estimates and locations
  • Team management – schedule shifts and tasks, track time off, record expenses per project


  • Basic – $4.99 per user per month (time tracking, calendar, required fields, bulk edit)
  • Standard – $6.99 per user per month (time off, invoicing, attendance, overtime, manager role)
  • Pro – $9.99 per user per month (expenses, scheduling, reminders, budgets and estimates)
  • Enterprise – $14.99 per user per month (SSO, control accounts, audit log, custom subdomain)

11. ClickTime

ClickTime is a cloud-based timesheet entry software with time management and reporting options. the app relies on simple timesheets that manage to deliver powerful reports.


                             Source: ClickTime website

The app synchronizes between devices, so hybrid and field teams can get a lot out of it. The platform’s dashboards and reports offer a deep insight into the ins and outs of any organization.

Best Features

  • Timesheets – receive accurate timesheets on time and view completion reports
  • Expense tracking – update and approve all expenses within your organization
  • Scheduling – plan shifts and hours, set up time goals for the team and publish them


  • Starter – $10 per user per month (time tracking, reports, reminders)
  • Team – $13 per user per month (workflow approval, time off management, billing rates)
  • Premier – $24 per user per month (project budgeting and resource planning, utilization goals)
  • Enterprise – custom pricing (SSO, account manager role, custom integrations)

12. Tick

Our final choice is a lightweight timesheet entry software solution with a simple and user-friendly interface. Tick is a mobile app that tracks time spent on different tasks and logs it in timesheet overviews.

tick Timesheet Entry Software

                               Source: Tick website

The toolkit the app offers also contains project budgeting tracking that keeps all projects on course. Additionally, you will receive reports on employee time and be able to easily calculate payroll.

Best Features

  • Time tracking – a highly mobile simple automatic tracker and manual entries
  • Budget tracking – real-time budget updates as soon as a team member submits an entry
  • Reports – collect time data and review team and project performance


  • 1 project – free (unlimited team members, Basecamp integration)
  • 10 projects – $19 per month (same as 1 projects)
  • 30 projects – $49 per month (unlimited team members, recurring projects)
  • 60 projects – $79 per month (same as 30 projects)
  • Unlimited projects – $149 per month (same as 30 projects)

How to Choose the Perfect Timesheet Entry Software for your Organization?

Each new tool you implement into your team’s daily workflow needs to pull its weight. Hence, you should seek out the solutions that fit your needs, rather than the most popular one.

Simply put, some companies require in-depth reports and monitoring options. Others, on the other hand, only need a lightweight suite to keep track of time spent on projects.

This is to say, you should choose the timesheet entry software solution your entire team will appreciate.

Time Analytics is a user-friendly solution that helps all employees understand their own work rhythms. it also helps achieve a high level of transparency. This is true both for the employer and the clients.

The application offers a level of automation that doesn’t exclude edits. This way, you will be able to achieve utmost transparency and increase your business’s reputation and profitability.

Jelena Lukic

Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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