Best Work Hours Tracker Apps (9 Solutions to Boost Your Business in 2024)

Best Work Hours Tracker Apps (9 Solutions to Boost Your Business in 2024)

Bojan Radojičić
February 20, 2024

Are you looking for the best work hours tracker? Looking for ways to track the work (billable) hours of your employees?

Friend, you are in the right place! I tested 9 amazing solutions and am here to showcase their features and pricing.

Do you want to be sure that your workforce is working on their projects? Are you tired of obsessively thinking about billable and non-billable hours?

Do you want to improve your productivity? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ you may want to start using a work hours tracker.

Here is the list of the 9 best work hours tracker apps.

A Snapshot of 9 Best Work Hours Tracker Apps

Work Hours Tracker

Best Features

Starting Paid Plan Price

Free Trial

Time Analytics

Financial tracking suite

$4.99 per user per month

14 days


Overview of current tasks

$29 per month

14 days

QuickBooks Time


$20 base fee + $8 per user per month

30 days or 3 months at 50%


Goal tracking

$5.75 per user per month

14 days



$26 per user per month

14 days


Jira and Todoist integrations

$12 per user per month

14 days


Customizable reports

$8.5 per user per month

14 days


Granular time and deadline tracking

$20 per user per month


My Hours

Accurate invoicing

$8 per user per month

14 days

1. Time Analytics

The Best Timesheet Management software

timesheet for therapist

Time Analytics is a work hours tracker that keeps proving itself as invaluable for professional service businesses. The software was created with the intention to increase company profitability and productivity. It does so by providing simple and convenient time tracking options. Namely, TA offers a simple one-click timer that tracks time spent on specific tasks. If you prefer logging your time manually – you’re in luck, as that option is available as well.

Each time entry is connected to a specific task within a project. the projects, in turn, are connected to clients. In other words, time allocation is as simple as two mouse clicks!

All data is stored in convenient timesheets, ready for revision and edits. You can filter through the time logs as you please, and even use the collected information to create transparent invoice appendices that will increase transparency.

Why We Picked It

I adore the app’s simple billable rate setup. Managers can assign hourly rates, or leave it up to the team members if they’re engaged in contracts with different fees. Additionally, all hours are labeled as either billable or non-billable. The interface is extremely user-friendly. I’ve used the app for quite a while, and from day one it has been smooth sailing.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time tracking across projects and activities – automatically connect tracked hours to their respective tasks, projects, and clients
  • Timer or Adding time manually – choose the way you track time (now with a convenient Chrome extension at your fingertips)
  • Timesheets – Generate daily lists of tasks or weekly timesheets with breaks
  • Time off tracking – choose one of eight categories, from daily breaks to national holidays
  • Transparent invoicing- Time analytics integrates with Excel making invoices an easy task
  • Intelligently manage your workforce- Time Analytics helps you have a precise overview of each one of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that everyone can work on a project that fits them the best
  • Monitor your admin tasks- Know how many hours you are spending on certain activities
  • Figure out where you need to make changes- Track how each client’s projects are performing and identify areas where increasing fees is necessary
time analyitics timer

Pricing plans: 

  • Starter- 4.99 USD per user,  month
  • Optimum- 6.99 USD per user,  month

Available on

  • Web, Chrome, mobile

Say goodbye to cumbersome tracking apps and try Time Analytics for 14 days.

2. ClockIt

Easy-to-use and simple time clock software

ClockIt timesheet tracking app
clockit time tracking apps for IT firms

ClockIt is a time clock software that tracks employee work hours. ClockIt software comes in handy with custom reporting, Slack integration, web clock, leave accruals and more. It also offers timesheets that are used to effectively calculate payrolls. The number of features is impressive, but can lead to a hefty learning curve for beginner users.

Why We Picked It

I enjoy the simple overview the app gives to its users. If you want a work hours tracker that will show exactly how time is spent and tracks time automatically, it could be a great option.

Main features and benefits:

  • Generate reports- ClockIt meets your time and attendance needs with a dynamic reporting tool
  • Shift planning- An intelligent algorithm schedules shifts of employees
  • Time clock app- ClockIt is available for both IOS and Android and enables your employees to clock in and out anytime
  • Time clock kiosk- Set up a simple time clock kiosk and allow your users to clock in and out from different locations


14-day free trial.
No credit is required during the free trial. The price is set for the entire team.

  • XS- 29 USD per month (up to 10 users)
  • S- 49 USD per month (up to 20 users)
  • M-99 USD per month (up to 50 users)
  • L- 199 USD per month (up to 100 users)

Available on

Web, mobile

3. QuickBooks Time

Employee Work Hours Calculator

QuickBooks Time is a work hour tracker specially designed to track billable hours of the employees, invoicing, and scheduling. It is very easy to use and it offers time tracking apps for all devices- PC, Mobile phone, and Tablet. QuickBooks Time is a solution for freelancers as well as for companies such as construction companies, landscaping businesses, small businesses and more.

Why We Picked It

I was impressed with the application’s in-depth reports. Namely, there are 50 different reports to pick and choose from right from the most affordable plan. Another convenient feature I appreciated is the tax inclusion in the payroll. Not every work hours tracker offers this feature, so it was a breath of fresh air.

Main features and benefits:

  • Timesheets- Easily track time and efficiently manage your team
  • GPS time tracker- Add a location to each time clock so the managers know exactly where every timesheet is coming from
  • Integrations- Sync time tracking data by integrating your chosen accounting software with QuickBooks Time
  • Reports- Real-time, interactive reports increase profitability, predict time needs for jobs costs, and more


Free trial for 30 days or 50% off for the first three months

  • Premium – $20 base fee + $8 per user per month
  • Elite – $40 base fee + $10 per user per month

Available on

Browser, mobile

4. TrackingTime

Project Management and Work Hours Tracker App

TrackingTime is a unique, easy-to-use project management and work hour tracking app made to help both managers, as well as employees, boost their productivity, efficiency, and organization. Because of these reasons, companies from all walks of life use TrackingTime. This app offers a wide set of features that benefit the whole team.

Why We Picked It

I enjoyed the ease of both tracking time and editing time logs. The interface is simple and doesn’t leave room for errors. The app provides goal setting and tracking. I found this particularly useful when juggling a multitude of tasks. Additionally, the simple and affordable pricing makes this work hours tracker worth both time and praise.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time Tracker— Start tracking the working hours in one click
  • Project Management–– Project management to Improve Teamwork
  • Online Timesheet—Simple online sheets for successful payrolls
  • Time cards— Easy click in and out thanks to time cards
  • Attendance Tracking— Track breaks and attendance
  • Time reporting— Keep all your reports organized and in one place


14-day PRO Trial

  • Free- (collaboration up to 3 users)
  • Pro- $5.75 per user, per month (unlimited collaboration)
  • Business – $10 per user, per month
  • Freelancer – $8 (single user)

Available on:

Windows, Mac, web, mobile

5. Scoro

Work Hour Management Software

Scoro is a time management software that helps businesses with billing, project streaming, utilization optimizing, and other business processes. Scoro also shows you what your time is spending their time on and shows what time is worth.

Why We Picked It

Scoro provided me with a very simple invoicing feature. Additionally, quotes are easy to assess based on previous data. That is to say, this work hours tracker helped me improve my image with my clients. The app also gave me a simple yet comprehensive overview of clients, projects, sales, and inventory. Scoro’s CRM suite is one of the most effective I’ve seen.

Main features and benefits:

  • Holistic Time Management- Know exactly what you need to work on and when
  • Easy-to-use Platform- Choose the way you get your work done
  • Profitability- Time is money so make every minute matter
  • Integration with your favorite tools- Integrate Scoro with the apps you already use
  • CRM – manage sales, potential leads, contacts, and their information in a user-friendly interface


Get started for free, no credit card is required

  • Essential- 28 USD per user per month
  • Work Hub- 42 USD per user per month
  • Sales Hub-42 USD per user per month
  • Ultimate- Pricing upon request

Available on

Web, mobile

6. HourStack

A Simple Time Management Tool for Teams of All Sizes

houstack time tracking
HourStack schedule tasks, track time, export reports

HourStack is a simple-to-use time management software suited for tracking employee billable hours, invoicing, and project planning and management. HourStack is the easiest way to boost the productivity of both you and the members of your time so that every task is delivered on time. Start intelligently managing your time now.

Why We Picked It

I truly appreciate HourStack’s simple task overview. The app shows upcoming, current, and finished tasks in a convenient overview, so all work is accounted for. The app’s integration system worked for me without hiccups as well. The Todoist integration allowed me to work with a reliable calendar, which, in turn, helped me organize my time and see my plans through.

Main features and benefits:

  • Track with Ease- Log the time without using the calendar
  • Analyze with Insight- Visual reports help you improve time utilization
  • Plan your success- Build transparent schedules that maximize productive time
  • Remote Teams- Monitor work progress of the whole team


  • Personal- 12 USD per month, per user
  • Team- 15 USD per month, per user

Available on

Web, mobile

7. Everhour

Time Tracking Software with Integrations


Everhour is an accurate time tracker for client invoicing, expenses, billing and budgeting, project management, painless payroll and visual planning. It is a project management tool that will help your company grow and profit.

Why We Picked It

As I’ve mentioned, a Chrome extension can be a lifesaver for me. Everhour delivers one, as well as Jira and Asana integrations. The features are numerous, which is always a bonus with a work hours tracker as well. The reports are high-quality and I find them especially useful, with great customization options.

Main features and benefits:

  • Quick Setup- Connect Everhour app with your tool and start tracking working hours
  • Native Integration- Time tracking control automatically appear inside your project management tool
  • Automatic Updates- Your reports will always show the freshest data


14-day free trial

Free – for up to five users

Team – $8.50 per month, per user

Available on

Web, mobile

8. BigTime

Billing and tracking of your most important assets

BigTime is a work hours tracker created for the purpose of time tracking, billing, and invoicing. Besides this, BigTime also offers a set of features such as resource allocation, project management, reporting and analytics, and integrations.

Why We Picked It

I found granular time and deadline tracking a breeze with this tool. The overview of each team member’s time and tasks is as clear as day, and truly helped me make further plans with certainty that I won’t overwork my team or remain short-staffed.

Main features and benefits:

  • Time tracking- Easily visible and transparent data of your team members’ activity
  • Billing & invoicing- Send custom invoices quickly and effortlessly
  • Project management- Organize budgets, expenses, billing, and projection creation
  • Reporting & Analytics- Have a clear picture of how your business looks like with the benefit of advanced dashboards, analytics, and reports.
  • Integrations- BigTime is cloud-based, designed to be integrated with the apps you use the most such as Google Apps, Slack, and many others.


BigTime, besides a free trial, offers three plans:

  • Essentials – 20 USD per user, per month
  • Advanced – 35 USD per user, per month
  • Premier- 45 USD per user, per month
  • Projector- from 60 USD per user, per month

Available on

Web, mobile

9. My Hours

Report Your Work, Organize Projects, Track Time

My Hours is a work hour tracking app perfectly suitable for freelancers and teams who wish to actively manage their time and work hours. It is also completely beginner-friendly which makes it extremely easy to use.

Why We Picked It

My Hours really helped me keep an eye on my team and current projects. My team enjoyed using it, as it’s very user-friendly. This work hours tracker also gave really good results when it comes to creating accurate invoices. The process is painless and simple, saving me effort on this task and leaving me with more time for actual work.

Main features and benefits:

  • Timesheet report
  • Timer or add manually
  • Timesheet view
  • Task and project templates


14-day free trial

  • Free- for up to five users
  • Pro- 8 USD per person per month

Available on

Web, mobile

Benefits of Using a Time Tracking App

Forget Excel and Paper Timesheets

Say goodbye to outdated Excel sheets and paper timesheets! The modern office manager knows that there are better solutions available. These new tools offer a range of benefits, such as calculating key metrics for clients, tasks, and employees, revolutionizing the way time is tracked.

Gone are the days when managers had no automated view of who completed their timesheets and who didn’t. Enter simple timesheet programs and hour tracking apps, which have gained popularity for good reason. Not only are they affordable (often just a few dollars per user per month), but they also bring efficiency to the table. Users can simply spend a few minutes at the end of their day to log their work in detail.

Upgrade your time tracking game with modern timesheet software and bid farewell to the relics of the past. Embrace efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced productivity in the new era of time management.

Make Logging Time as Simple as a Single Click

Many time tracking platforms offer a complex system with multiple timers and criteria. The process can take quite some time and disrupt the usual workflow. In other words, the employees will end up taking up more time to track time than on work itself.

That is why it is important to choose a work hours tracker that allows simple and quick time tracking.

Time Analytics dashboard

Make Sure You Are Secure With Transparent Work Hours Tracking Timesheets for Your Employees and Clients

Your company’s reputation is its most important aspect. Accurate invoices play a crucial role in building trust with your clients. By including detailed breakdowns of every item, whether it’s resources, time, or expertise required for the project, you enhance their confidence in your fairness. This is the best way to a great reputation.

Work hours trackers become indispensable when it comes to creating accurate and detailed invoices. They enable you to provide precise and comprehensive information, addressing any potential questions your clients may have about the charges.

Keep an Eye on Profitability

Project profitability reports help you find your best clients with time tracking apps. You can track each client’s project and important KPIs with a work hours tracker as well. This way, you can decide to raise fees or end contracts with clients. This is a great way to boost your billable time and client pr

projprofitability per project

Hours Structure Optimization

Each manager and business owner should understand the structure of billable and non-billable hours in their company. Optimizing this structure means reducing the repetitive and menial tasks that don’t contribute to the overall profit of the company. Instead of wasting time on these activities, you can spend it on the tasks and projects with higher billing rates.

billable and non billable hours

Improve Productivity

An app to track work hours helps employees too. They can track time and boost productivity. They can see how they spend their time and measure their productivity during the day. They can use their peak times for hard tasks and their low times for easy or restful activities. This helps them work smart and stay healthy.

Regulatory Compliance

Different countries have different labor laws. You need to know the laws in your area. The FLSA, for example, requires businesses to track working hours. However, some monitoring methods, like screenshots, may break time tracking regulations. Time tracking software can keep the records ready for audits without intrusive monitoring.

Curb Buddy Punching

Buddy punching is the practice of clocking in instead of a coworker who is running late or has left earlier. Once you start using an hours tracker this way to ‘’steal’’ time becomes impossible.

75% of businesses in the US suffer from the effects of time theft, according to The American Payroll Association. The total productivity losses were calculated to be $400 billion per year.

Immediately React To Overtime

Overtime has become one of the staples of modern workplaces. Time tracking software alerts you of employees working extra. Overtime has many causes. They include forgetting to clock out, increased workloads, or wasting time. Different overtime regulations protect employees’ right. Hence, you need to know why overtime happens and pay your team accordingly. You can also improve work habits and reduce distractions. An employee time tracker calculates overtime and assigns hours to projects and clients.

Prevent Time Theft

Time theft costs US employers $11 billion a year. You need a system that tracks your employees’ work activities. This helps you avoid time theft and do time audits. Your employees can also improve their productivity and well-being by knowing and adapting their work patterns.

Different Forms of Time Theft

  • Buddy punching (we have already explained this practice)
  • Stand-in attendance – an employee signing in and out instead of an absent coworker
  • Late starts and early finishes
  • Super long breaks
  • Unauthorized overtime – this means overtime isn’t necessary, but the employee is still getting paid for it
  • Taking care of personal activities at work

As you can see, there are many ways to commit time theft. A single employee won’t see the significance of their actions. Simply put, five or ten minutes doesn’t seem very important. Except, once these practices become common and widespread in a company, the numbers will add up to quite a sum.

Automatically Track Time Off

Employee attendance and time off are crucial for any business. You need to schedule shifts and avoid conflicts with meetings and staff shortages. An hour tracking app helps you do that by recording who is working and when.

Knowing whether your employees are at work, and understanding their planned and emergency absences is an important aspect of any business. Knowing how to plan shifts, as well as whether you’ll be able to rely on a specific employee at a specific date prevents understaffing as well as meeting and shift clashes.

Expense Tracking and Estimates

A time and expense tracking platform will draw the total price of a work hour. This includes direct and indirect costs like office space lease and supplies. The platform then automatically allocates them per project and client.

As you can see, a work hours tracker can be used for cost management too. Simplifying business processes while making them more accurate is beneficial to the total productivity as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Tracking Apps

How does a time tracking app work?

Team members usually have the option of either logging their hours manually or using an automatic stopwatch. The apps allow employees to mark the hours they log as either billable or non-billable and give them a field to track their billing rate as well.

Once you create a time tracking sheet, you can use it as a template or recurring task pattern for the future. The data is stored in a base and used for reports on time usage, productivity, etc.

How Does a Time Tracker App Address Privacy Concerns?

Time tracking’s popularity among employees isn’t high, especially in the beginning. Simply put, the practice logs and makes observations about an employee’s activities during the entirety of the workday. That is why you need to be transparent about the data you’re collecting and have your team’s consent.

Using a trust-based time tracker is the best way to go. That is to say – allow your team to log time without intrusions and monitoring. This way, you will be able to improve results without risking employee trust and retention.

How Do the Time Tracking Apps Address Security Concerns?

Time Analytics protects your data with many measures. We only use your data for time tracking and analysis, as our Privacy Policy says. We never sell or misuse your data. We care about your privacy and data security, both personal and business. We use technical, administrative, and organizational measures to ensure data safety.

Is an Employee Time Tracking App a Good Fit for Both Small and Large Businesses?

A company of any size can benefit from using a time tracking app. Simply put, accurate employee time tracking will save you time and money no matter the size of your team. It will point to the underlying problems and show both positive and negative practices. It will also save you a lot of effort, as it will help you calculate both invoices and payroll. Even freelancers can use time tracking programs to determine the best way to distribute their time during the day.

Will a Free Time Tracking Application Be Good for My Business?

Some time tracking apps are completely free, while others offer a free plan. The quality of these free options can vary. Using a free program or a free version can be a great option for your business if said software provides all the data you need.

Simply put, some businesses only need a relatively simple solution, while others demand a more complex approach. If the version of the software you’re currently using limits your possibilities significantly, you should look into a paid solution with more options.

How Much Does Time Tracking Software Cost?

Employee time tracking software usually costs only a few euros per employee on a monthly level. This isn’t a big expense for smaller teams. However, larger companies may find the cost burdensome. Hence, some tools offer a discount for a larger number of employees. For example, you may find a plan that suits you on the Time Analytics Pricing page.

Final Thoughts

Wage and time theft cost companies across the world billions of dollars per year. The results of these practices don’t only impact the revenue, but also the reputation of your company.’s statistics show that time-wasting and wage theft are still very prominent. Namely, the data shows that 39% of employees waste up to an hour on non-work-related issues, while 29% waste up to 2 hours. Then there are the extreme cases – 21% of employees waste 5 hours a week, and 3% ‘’steal’’ a quarter of their workweek.

The last year has shown a rise in overall productivity once most employees started working from home. Yet, if this trend is to continue in the future, it is necessary to make sure your employees are using their time the best way they can, while also paying attention to equal and fair work distribution to avoid overwork and burnout. A time tracking system could be the perfect solution if you manage to introduce it as a positive addition to your practices instead of a spying and micromanaging tool.

Bojan Radojičić

Bojan Radojicic, Master Degree in Economics, is a financial performance consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He is responsible for adding value services based on innovative solutions.

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