17 Best Work Hours Trackers App you must explore today

17 Best Work Hours Trackers App you must explore today

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
March 8, 2023

Getting rid of time management issues has become a priority for individuals and entities alike.

The solution everyone is looking for is a centralized platform that can gather and store information related to streamlining business processes, make a day-to-day collection of timesheet data, and make data-driven decisions that will subsequently impact business growth.

On the employee front, tracking work hours to uplift employee performance, ensure legal compliance, adhere to on-point payroll processing, and amplify workplace transparency are other advantages these apps tag along.

We understand there are endless work hours trackers up and rolling in the market. It was vital for us to narrow down the best alternatives for you. 

Here’s presenting the Top 17 Best Work Hours Trackers App worth exploring today.

Work Hours Trackers App At a Glance

Work Hours Trackers App

#1 Time Analytics

Time Analytics Dashboard

Time Analytics is an outstanding work hours tracker app suitable for  freelancers, startups, and established companies. This is your app, irrespective of whether you wish to manage simple or complex tasks and projects.

The goal is to free your enterprise from compromising on your profitability goals, as this app guarantees 100% accuracy in billable hours tracking.

You can get started with the 14-day free trial to explore this user-friendly work hours tracker app that tracks hours, analyzes projects, and keeps a check on client performance. Time to focus on what matters.

Since work hours tracking reduces your burden of micro-managing mundane tasks, growing your company, acquiring new clients, and taking your business to new heights becomes easier.

Now that the billable hour tracking is on, there is a simultaneous review of costs. If you seek a productivity fix, do not think twice before investing in Time Analytics .

Features of Time Analytics:

Time Tracking 

This app allows you to track time spent across different projects at a click of a button. The best part about this app is its user-friendly interface that makes navigating a cakewalk. An all-in-one solution that aptly represents projects, clients, and employees while not missing out on the billable and non-billable hours. It further adds ease of invoicing and reporting as all the data is easily exportable.

Online Tiemsheets - Time Analytics

Productivity Management

If you are looking to keep a check on employee behavior while contributing to maximize their overall productivity, Time Analytics does the job for you. This app works fantastically well in calculating overtime and unused time. Billable and Non-billable hours are taken care of too. By reviewing employee time, this app assists with the optimum utilization of inhouse resources.

Invoicing and Reporting Assistance

With Time Analytics you can set your reporting worries free. This is your go-to to improve billing efficiency. In the end, it all comes down to driving profit from clients and projects, something this app makes possible. Most importantly, it makes it easy to get rid of micro-management while enjoying ease of updating client fees and terms of the contract.

Clients Reporting

Pricing of the Time Analytics app

Time analytics pricing

Enjoy a 14-day trial of any Time Analytics Plan you choose.

The two available options include:

  • Starter Plan priced at $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum Plan priced at $6.99 per user per month

A whopping 30% discount follows for companies housing 50+ employees. Bigger discounts for companies having over 150 employees are on offer.

#2 ClockIt

Small and mid-sized businesses can now explore a cloud-based time and attendance solution with the Clockit app. This app allows you to clock-in and clock-out employee timings while noting employee location.

The tracked work hours help to calculate employees’ work duration, attendance, PTO, and accruals. ClockIt stores all the data on the cloud, which is exportable in CSV and Excel formats.

Teams of all sizes can work around this app completely free of cost. ClockIt assists in automating workflows, generating customizable reports, ensuring improved workforce visibility, and integrating several biometric devices.


  • Location-based clock in clock out using GPS
  • Real-Time, Time Clock data available for use on a single screen
  • Smart notifications about time clock events in real time
  • Shift planning and custom schedule creation


A 14-day free trial is available. No credit card or contracts are required. Billed monthly at $2.99 per user and annually at $29.90 per user.

#3 QuickBooks Time

quickbooks time

With the QuickBooks Time app, you can save up to 4% on the payroll. This is your on-the-go work hours tracking app for simplifying overall project management. A standout feature of this app is that it easily integrates with about 50 accounting and payroll apps. You can track hours on this app in two independent ways.


  • Possible to manage multiple timesheets and approve time, thus giving you complete control
  • Approve time from anywhere using Android or iOS
  • Geofence setting that reminds employees to clock in and clock out
  • Plan payroll and enjoy valuable business insights


30-day free trial available across all plans. You can choose between the Simple Start plan priced at $15 per month, the Essentials plan at $27.50 per month, Plus at $42.50 per month, and Advanced at $100 per month.

# 4 TrackingTime


Take your productivity to the next level by choosing the TrackingTime work hours tracker app. With this app, it does not matter where your employee works. You can easily install the TrackingTime button in Chrome, Firefox, and any other productivity app your employees use regularly.

This app allows timecard approval, which makes hassle-free clock-in clock-out possible. It becomes possible to run projects on time, clearly define work schedules and eliminate data inconsistencies with timesheet audits.


  • Preparation of professional timesheets in a time-bound manner
  • Ease in measuring team productivity
  • Highly flexible reporting engine
  • Team’s workload management in real time


A 14-day free trial is available across both plans. You can choose between a Free plan for up to 3 collaborations per month and a Pro plan for $5 per user /monthly billed annually.

#5 Scoro

scoro time tracking apps

Rolled out with the objective Time is Money, Scoro helps you in tracking time as minutely as you track your finances. The biggest differentiator in this work hours tracker app is that it highlights the areas where your employees are spending time while notifying them about the worth of time spent.

100+ways is how Scoro empowers your team. Agencies, consultancies, and professional service firms can benefit from using Scoro. All in all, Scoro makes end-to-end work management possible.


  • Makes tracking projects, sales, and daily activities easier by acting as a control hub
  • Pushes the aspect of holistic time management
  • Stands out as an easy-to-use collaborative platform
  • Highly configurable integrations with leading accounting software, cloud storage solutions, and 1000+ other tools


You can choose between four different plans. The Essential plan at $26 per month, the Standard at $37 per month, the Pro at $63 per month, and Ultimate Plan is tailor-made.

#6 HourStack

houstack time tracking

 HourStack makes a perfect work hours tracker app for teams of all sizes. With this app, you can oversee the entire timeline from project planning to completion. Seamless task and time management are what sets this app apart.

Working around this app guarantees work organization, transparency in collaboration, work scheduling, and time tracking all in one place.


  • Project Management with flexible task views – list, board, and calendar
  • The flexibility of Use – Available across desktop, mobile, and browser extension
  • Team management while balancing workload
  • Scheduling that ensures resource optimization and use


You can choose between two plans, Personal for $9/month and Team for $12/month.

# 7 Everhour

One of the best work hours tracker apps, Everhour allows free time tracking while making integrations hassle-free. This app is handy in budgeting, client invoicing, and payroll management.

With this app, you can track time and monitor progress in 40+ apps. Assures ease of usage as it includes quick setup, pushes in native integration and feeds automatic updates. 


  • Makes it possible to track time on apps that are already in use
  • Allows monitoring of teams’ time usage
  • Running projects on a budget becomes possible
  • Lifts overall work transparency
  • Helps to prevent burnout by foreseeing it


You can choose between a Free plan for up to 5 users per month, a Lite plan for $5 per user monthly, and Team Plan for $8.50/month.

# 8 BigTime

BigTime time software

Running projects on time and within budget has only become possible because of this well-defined work hours tracking app -BigTime. This is a spot-on operating platform for professional firms looking for real-time insights.

The best part about this PSA software is that it provides a personalized experience along with visual pleasure.


  • Time Tracking is made possible by timesheets derived from easy-to-use and intuitive data entry.
  • Billing and Invoicing initiated through custom invoices
  • Resource management that eliminates under and over-scheduling
  • Project management and workflows to build better processes
  • Cloud-based solution with deep integrations on offer
  • Advanced dashboards, analytics, and reports


You can choose between three plans, Express for $10 up to 5 users per month/billed annually, Pro for $30 up to 5 users per month/billed annually, and Premier for $40 up to 5 users per month/billed annually.

# 9 MyHours


My Hours is a trending work hours tracking app that has a clear objective to organize projects, track time, and report work. This is an all-in-one app to tracks work hours, coordinate tasks, and help with creating visually appealing client reports.

When working on this app, you get to reorganize yourself, which also helps with improved day-to-day productivity. You get to set budgets with timely in-built reminders as you near the set brackets.


  • Tracks employee attendance and tasks
  • Measures profitability of projects
  • Helps with time tracking across individual projects and tasks


You can choose between two plans. Free for individuals and Pro for up to $6 per month/billed annually for teams and freelancers.

# 10 Jibble

Jibble time tracking

A work hours tracking app that is free for unlimited users is Jibble. The best part about Jibble is that you can manage work hours from any device. Jibble allows every device to turn into a time clock app for work hours management.

Jibble has interesting add-ons tagged along with GPS time tracking using geolocation technology, face recognition-based attendance, and offline timesheet creation without internet connectivity.


  • Ability to track work hours in 3 easy steps
  • Mobile-based free-flowing operations
  • Time-based and location-based reminders
  • Auto clock-outs and customizable overtime settings


Jibble is available across four plans. Basic plan is free forever. The premium plan is $1.91 per month, the Ultimate plan $3.85 per month, and the Enterprise plan customized.

# 11 Time Doctor

When you have to track the work hours of remote and hybrid teams, you must turn your attention to Time Doctor. This app allows employee-friendly time tracking and builds productivity insights that ensure teams put forth their best efforts.

Managers love working around this work hours tracking app as it helps to oversee how employees spend their time. 

Above all, it helps in recognizing strong performers, thus pushing every employee to give their best shot.


  • Increased visibility and actionable work insights
  • Real-time productivity analytics for performance management 
  • Workday Analytics


14 days free trial available. 2 months free on annual payments. You can choose between 3 plans, namely Basic priced at $70 per user per year, Standard at $100 per user per year, and Premium at $200 per user per year.

# 12 Replicon

Replicon Work Hours Trackers

Replicon makes a perfect work-hours tracking companion if an all-in-one app is what you seek. The best part about this app is that it is easy to use and configure. The highlight feature of this app is Time & Billing, which involves tracking time, looking over expenses, managing resources, and billing your clients.

Project management, resource allocation, time-off enforcement, and attendance streamlining are other inclusive elements in this app.


  • Work hours tracking of all employee types irrespective of the location
  • Adjusts well with your organization and its unique needs
  • Individualized timesheets to reduce errors and improve compliance
  • Easy and real-time reporting with a few clicks


Available across 3 plans. Project Time Tracking at $12 per month, Time & Attendance at $6 per month, and PSA and PPM at $29 per month.

# 13 RescueTime

RescueTime is award-winning software to help you control your time while encouraging you to be more focused, motivated, and productive. A unique feature of this app is that it compares your work style and meeting schedule with 3 billion hours of on-app activity to arrive at a daily focus work goal for you.

This work hour tracking app checks your activities amidst which information nuggets are pushed during working time and end-of-day summaries when it is time to call it a day.


  • Automatic time tracking that helps block distraction
  • In-depth reporting to help you gain better control
  • Supercharged daily focus


This app allows a free 2-week trial. The paid plan is billed at $6.50/month annually.

# 14 Beebole

An intelligent and stress-free time management software, beebole is a leading work hours tracking app used by 1000+ companies across 60+ countries. Suitable for teams of all sizes, this app assists with time tracking, attendance management, and watching on the time spent on various projects, tasks, and clients.


  • All in one, powerful tracking solution
  • On-point usage for time management, project management, and resource planning
  • Compliant with time tracking laws worldwide
  • Powerful reporting across unlimited projects, clients, and activities


Available at one flat rate of $8.41 per user per month.

# 15 Hubstaff

Hubstaff, a work hours tracking app, is an excellent productivity panic solution. Suitable for teams ranging from 1 to 1000+, Hubstaff increases transparency by offering real-time productivity insights.

An excellent pick for remote teams, Hubstaff helps your team understand areas where they are losing time while improving focus and keeping the team on task.


  • Automates administrative work, making team management easier
  • One-minute setup and 40+ integrations
  • High-degree customization possible


 Free trial available for 14 days. Available in 3 plans. Desk Free, Desk Starter at $5.83 per user per month, Desk Pro at $8.33/user per month, and Enterprise plan with customization.

How to Choose the Best Work Hours Tracking App?

Selecting the best work hours tracking app is a very subjective choice. However, few things to be taken care of before making the final selection.

  • Opt for an advanced app that offers all-inclusive features
  • Look for an app that matches your organization’s requirements and team size
  • Settle for a work hours tracking app that helps leverage upon the customization

This is where you can try exploring Time Analytics.

Getting started with Time Analytics:

Working around Time Analytics is super easy. This is your go to, to efficiently track work hours, which makes growing your company a cakewalk. This app offers highly competitive plans that track hours, costs and analyze project profitability.

You don’t have to get confused about exploring multiple plans as Time Analytics offers two straightforward options, choosing between which is easy. The wait is over! Time to up your work hours tracking game. 


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