BigTime Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

BigTime Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons

March 27, 2023

If you are looking for a solution to time tracking problems, look no further than BigTime.

With Bigtime software review, you will find the answers to the questions you are looking for.

BigTime streamlines your workflow helping you to stay focused on your team’s performance and productivity.

BigTime offers you features that can help you focus on the growth of your business rather than worrying about other things that can easily be taken care of by simply investing in BigTime.

What BigTime Offers?

BigTime time billing software

Businesses can use Bigtime to manage their productivity.
Many apps can be integrated with it, making it a great option for users who work on multiple apps at a time.
With BigTime, billable and non-billable hours can be tracked, and custom rates can be set up according to the task.
It can provide detailed reports on different tasks in progress.
For our BigTime software review, we will be taking a look at some of its features now. Let’s list them out first:

  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Review and Approval
  • Resource Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • DCAA Compliance
  • Mobile App
  • Integration

With the list updated, let’s check out what each feature does as we progress with our BigTime software review.

Time and Expense Tracking

  • With the help of smart timesheets, you can automate repetitive data entry for easier time and expense entries.
  • Users can also save, complete, and lookup with presets and defaults that are specific to them.
  • You also have the option to customize user rights for managers.
  • To reduce errors, speed up time entry, and control access to sensitive information, you can limit the information that employees see in the timesheet.
  • Billable hours worked and expenses for a client project can be tracked with a time and expense system. The system allows team members to track time and expenses against a budget for a project.

Project Management

  • With BigTime, you can streamline project budgeting, time, and expenses along with invoicing.
  • You can compare the actual hours put into work with the projected budget. This allows you to keep track of projects and not exceed the amount allocated to a project.
  • With a dedicated space that shows key data with easy to read charts, you can keep an eye on the project’s health. It allows you to view your data as diagrams and charts which makes it easy to understand.
  • With the interactive Gantt charts, you have the opportunity to improve project efficiency. With Gantt charts, you can analyze the gaps in the chart which can help increase the productivity of staff’s time and resources.

bigtime project

Review and Approval

  • By incorporating a robust, multi-level approval process into your workflow, you can spend less time waiting for approvals, which accelerates sign-off and streamlines work processes.
  • With BigTime’s approval system, you can create automated notifications that keep the review and approval on the move. As the notifications are sent to multiple channels such as BigTime inbox, email and Slack, you will never miss one.
  • With a system in place for approvals for timesheets, expense reports, and invoices, you can stay in control of your budget requiring manager approval for the cost of projects.

Resource Management

  • Resource management allows you to optimize your staff capacity and makes it easier to manage the workload enabling projection visibility to succeed.
  • With resource management, you can view which staff is available to work on a project and how much time you can allocate to each one. This will enable you not to overburden one staff with work while others have less.
  • You can decrease the idle time for staff using the resource management software.
  • With the skill matching options, you can find the right staff to work on a specific project that matches the skill needed to complete that work effectively and efficiently.

Billing and Invoicing

  • With BigTime’s intuitive billing and invoicing feature, firms can get paid faster with the visibility of what needs to be billed at what time.
  • You can send invoices with ease with the option to customize invoices relating to a project.
  • It also provides an option to configure invoices as per the requirement of the client with brand logos, company colors preference, and a lot more.
  • You also have the option to integrate with Quickbooks and Sage Intact which can enhance your AR work-flows. With a live look of your work in progress for the unbilled expenses and time, you can easily forecast your income.

Payment processing

  • You get a BigTime Wallet which offers your clients a personalized experience to make the payment on time with ease.
  • The Wallet has a customizable client portal that allows you to create a Branded client portal.
  • With BigTime wallet making it convenient for your clients to make payments via Credit card and ACH from their inbox, you will not have to wait for those checks in the mail.
  • With security being PCI-compliant, your data is safe. You can also connect to Quickbooks for payment postings to be done automatically.

Reporting and Analytics

  • BigTime software reviews the reporting and analytics to make the most profit out of it with a capability that allows real time project profitability reporting.
  • It empowers teams to make faster and better decisions which improves profit margins and also the performance of the teams.
  • With real time insights of your business on a single dashboard, you can reduce the time that is spent collecting the data for analysis.
  • With quick access to robust reporting for billable hours, unpaid invoices and staff utilization, you can optimize performance.
  • With reports being available to export and share in Excel, PDF, and MS word, it makes it easier for your team to get visibility of the data that matters to improve the project.


  • Express: $10 user/month.
  • Pro: $30 user/month.
  • Premier: $40 user/month.

*Billed yearly, and minimum 5 users.

Pros and Cons of BigTime

Bigtime pros and cons

BigTime FAQ

Which user groups primarily benefit from using BigTime?

BigTime caters to a range of professionals and industries, including accountants, architects, engineers, IT services firms, marketing firms, legal firms, as well as scientific and management consultants.

Does BigTime offer integrations with other applications?

Absolutely! BigTime provides seamless integrations with a variety of applications, including QuickBooks Online and Desktop, Sage Intacct, Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Lacerte, Zapier, Google Apps, and many others.

Does BigTime provide an API?

Yes, BigTime offers an API. For further details and information, please reach out to us directly.

Does BigTime offer guides, tutorials, and customer support?

Absolutely! At BigTime, we are committed to providing comprehensive support to our customers. We offer extensive onboarding services to ensure that your firm has the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively utilize our platform. Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Which platforms does BigTime support?

BigTime is designed to be accessible across various platforms. We support all major web browsers, ensuring compatibility regardless of your preferred browser. Additionally, we offer dedicated mobile applications for both iOS and Android, allowing you to access BigTime from your mobile devices.

How can I determine which plan is suitable for my business?

We offer two options to assist you in finding the right plan for your business. You can either take our quick assessment, or you can schedule a free consultation with our team.

Time Analytics as another option

Even though BigTime has some wonderful features, such as customization and project management, it also has some limitations, which make it unsuitable for everyone.

When looking for an appropriate time tracking system, business owners should also consider Time Analytics.

With its innovative time management and tracking tool, Time Analytics allows users to track clients, projects, and the workforce in real-time. Companies seeking to manage their workforce and resources efficiently can benefit from its near-perfect accuracy.

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Tracking

Time Analytics offers two ways to track time.

  • Manual entry in the timesheets
  • Automatic timer

By selecting either option, users are able to connect the task to the project they are working on, and then to the client. Entries can also be moved, copied, and edited for easier handling and accuracy.

It provides the option to mark hours as billable or non-billable, making billing a lot simpler.

Online Timesheets

It reduces administrative work with online timesheets. Using the filter option, managers can easily find information within the timesheet. The timesheet can be viewed in two ways.

  • Daily
  • Weekly

Employee Performance Report

Employee performance determines how efficient a company is. Time Analytics gives you insight into team activity and performance. Accuracy is assured by the data collected.

By generating reports, you can optimize employees’ productivity and performance without having to keep a constant eye on them.

Time reporting-Time Analytics

Transparent Invoicing

Transparent Invoicing allows you to mark hours as billable or non-billable, so you can create invoices that clients will appreciate.

In an ongoing project, you can create an itemized list of tasks completed. A list of billable and non-billable hours provides a high level of transparency.

Using Excel sheets to make final adjustments, you can deliver your data accurately to your client.


One thing you don’t need to worry about with Time Analytics is security. Time Analytics is committed to protecting our Clients’ information at all times. Here are a few of them:

  • Data Encryption
  • SSL Encryption
  • Back up of data everyday
  • Our automated backups are available for 7 days in an event of disaster

Support options


1. Started plan: $4.99 per user/month.

2. Optimum plan. $6.99 per user/month

Pros and Cons of Time Analytics

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics FAQ

Will any fees be applied once my free trial period comes to an end?

No credit card is required for the free trial, and there won’t be any costs involved. If you decide to proceed with a paid plan after the trial period, the charges will be calculated according to the selected plan.

What is the process for determining the cost of the license?

Compute the final cost by multiplying the price per user/month stated in the pricing plan with the number of active (enabled) users in your organization.

What methodology is used to tally users for billing?

You are only billed for users (team members) that are marked as Enabled in your Team section. If an individual leaves the company or you decide not to track their time anymore, simply mark them as Disabled. When a user is disabled or deleted, their presence is disregarded for billing. Data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be stored for future reference.

What are the disparities between monthly and annual payment arrangements?

If you decide on an annual license, you enjoy a significant discount (equivalent to two months at no cost), will be sent just one invoice, and are required to pay for a year-long subscription. With monthly-based payment, there are no discounts provided, and you need to handle invoices every month.

Do you offer discounted prices?

If your team has more than 50 employees subscribed, a 30% discount is applicable. Furthermore, if your user count exceeds 150, you may qualify for an additional discount.

Can I opt to cancel my license whenever I deem it necessary?

Yes, that is possible. Time Analytics will put an end to the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will be concluded at the culmination of your present subscription period (month or year). Until the end of the subscription period, you will have access to Time Analytics, and no refunds are available for the timeframe spanning from the cancellation date to the end of the subscription period.

After my subscription terminates, can I still export my data?

Definitely, you are able to export all your data entries after your plan expires.

Is the protection of my data guaranteed?

We take data security extremely seriously at Time Analytics. Our servers are located in a world-class data center protected by round-the-clock surveillance, and we make it a priority to keep our application updated with the latest security patches.

BigTime Vs Time Analytics

With our BigTime software review coming to its conclusion, let’s put it side by side with Time Analytics to understand which tool you should go with depending on your business needs.

As we know, both software solutions are designed to help mainly with time tracking and managing their business more effectively and efficiently. Still, there is a difference between the two.

1. Features: In terms of features, BigTime has a lot to offer with billing software project management, and also forecasting your incoming, whereas Time Analytics main focus is on time tracking and analytics.

2. User Interface: Both of them have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to find the features they need. Time Analytics, while also intuitive, is more focused on displaying data and analytics.

3. Integrations: Time Analytics offers integration options that are popular with business, but may lack in the number of integration available compared to BigTime.

4. Pricing: When it comes to pricing, BigTime has several options to choose from depending on the size of the business, while Time Analytics offers two options to choose from.

In the end, selecting the Time tracking software would come down to what your business requires, and its size of it. There are factors to consider such as what objective you have when selecting the Time Tracking software, and also the budget.  If your main purpose is to track time and analytics, then Time Analytics is better suited to fulfill your requirement.

Starting off with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a great option for businesses of all sizes when it comes to Time Tracking and Analytics solutions.

Being a User-friendly tool, and having powerful features, it makes it easy to track your team’s time and productivity to gain valuable insights for your Business operations.
With our software being scalable and having customization options, it makes it a great fit for businesses of all sizes or industries.

To top that, our transparent and affordable pricing options, you can easily budget for the services without any surprises at all.

You can start optimizing your business operations today with Time Analytics – the smart choice for time tracking and analytics.

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