How much does Bill4Time cost in 2024?

How much does Bill4Time cost in 2024?

November 18, 2022

Bill4Time is one of the best law firm management software solutions currently on the market.

The platform offers a wide variety of features specifically catering to law firms, but it also expands into different industries, like consulting, healthcare, architecture, etc.

Its primary goal is to help organize and manage entire practices in one interface. This includes time tracking and legal practice management.

We are here today to look into the platform’s most prominent features, as well as price comparisons between different services.

So, let us see what makes Bill4Time such a great option.

Bill4Time Pricing – Two Distinct Products Within the Same Platform

Bill4Time offers two different products – Time & Billing and Legal (consisting of Legal Pro, and Legal Enterprise).

If you are looking for time tracking or law firm management software, we are here to help you find the best one for your practice.

The size of your business, as well as the budget you can set aside, are the biggest factors when deciding which product to choose.

Let’s dive in.

Time & Billing

This plan contains a simple time tracking feature that helps users make the most out of their billable time.

Law firms and other professional service businesses rely on employee time and expertise spent on different projects.

That is to say, these two factors are what make the bulk of the company’s profit.

Having a system that tracks billable and non-billable time, as well as internal hours is a great option.

This is what Time & Billing offers.

The price of the plan is $27 per user per month.


Time Tracking Features

This product focuses on automatic time tracking features.

  • Time tracking – track time from different devices and let the system categorize it
Financial Features

Time tracking isn’t valuable unless it comes with careful financial analysis.

  • Expense reports – make note of all transactions that need reimbursement with a collection of receipts
  • Billing & invoicing – create and email professional invoices with accurate rates
  • Online payments – receive online payments directly through the platform
Client Features

Make sure your clients have an insight into your practice.

  • Client portal – give your clients an overview of your work for higher transparency

Not included:

  • Project management features
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • Detailed invoices
  • Collaboration tools
  • Email notifications


As we’ve previously mentioned, Bill4Time is dedicated to law firms.

In other words, its features are designed with this industry in mind.

While time tracking is important, there are other options you could be taking advantage of when leading your legal practice.

There are two Legal plans – Pro and Enterprise.

Their pricing is $45 and $80 per user per month respectively.

This is what you get from this product:

Management Tools

Manage different aspects of your business with documents as proof.

  • Project management – plan, organize and see all projects come to fruition
  • Task management – automate your team’s workflow, assign and prioritize tasks
  • Document management – access all important documents safely and from any device
Client Features

Make the clients feel respected and comfortable with your services.

  • Trust accounting – keep track of the clients’ funds you’re holding in trust
  • Customizable invoices – create invoices containing all the data you need
  • Detailed reports – receive in-depth reports on your firm’s performance
Team Features

Allow your team to collaborate to the best of its capacity.

  • Collaborate – keep everyone working on a project in the loop
  • Email notifications – receive case updates

As you can see, there are two distinct products within the Bill4Time offer.

One is dedicated exclusively to tracking employee time and billing, while the other helps with multiple aspects of legal practices.

That is to say, any business can use the Time & Billing plan, no matter its industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more users?

Yes. The platform bills per user per month, so you can add as many users as you need.

Are there additional fees?

No. The monthly subscriptions include all features the platform offers.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes. Large companies and departments can get volume discounts.

Thinking About an Alternative?

Bill4Time is a great platform. It offers a good selection of time tracking, collaboration, and invoicing tools.

Yet, we need to address the big issue.

Namely, many companies will find the price point too high.

Moreover, if you are looking for time tracking software exclusively, Time & Billing is especially expensive.

That is why we have an alternative solution for the fraction of the price – Time Analytics.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time Analytics Pricing

Starter – $5.99 per User per Month

You will get:

  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • User roles – give your team members roles to reflect their position in the company
  • Task management – create tasks and allocate them to different team members
  • Reports – receive and export reports on KPIs in PDF and Excel
  • Cost management – track real costs alongside planned budget
  • Email support – write to our support team about any issue you may be facing

Optimum – $8.45 per User per Month

You will get:

  • Everything from Starter
  • Invoicing – create itemized invoices that list all activities that went into a specific project
  • Email reminders – weekly reminders for the employees who haven’t submitted their timesheets
  • Profit reports – understand the state of your business at all times with detailed visual reports
  • Custom onboarding – start using the platform with our help every step of the way

Monthly vs Yearly Plans

Time Analytics offers two pricing options – monthly and yearly.

The difference between the two lies in the pricing.

If you decide to buy the annual licenses, you will be paying Starter $4.29 and Optimum $5.99 per user per month.

However, if your business has over 50 employees, you will receive an additional discount.

To seal the deal, you can try both plans for 14 days, completely free. Then, if you are satisfied, you can choose the best option for your business.

Time Tracking Features

Online Tiemsheets - Time Analytics

Time Analytics’ primary purpose is to track employee time. However, the platform doesn’t have an overly strict approach to the practice.

Namely, micromanagement is a famous morale-killer in any place of work.

That is why the tool allows the employees to track their time on their own terms.

Moreover, the entire interface was created with user convenience and workflow in mind.

  • Simple time tracking – start tracking time on a specific task simply by clicking a button
  • Manual option – the users can also create entries manually directly in the timesheets
  • Suggestions – prevents creating the same entry multiple times and makes tracking simpler
  • Two views – plan on either a daily or weekly level depending on your work tempo and industry
  • Task allocation – create tasks with deadlines and assign them to employees with ease
  • Real-time tracking – get information about revenues and costs as they occur

Project and Client Performance Tracking Features

No company is an island. All businesses depend on outside factors – clients being the most important one.

Time Analytics offers client performance reports that show exactly who your top clients are.

On the other hand, you will be able to identify the clients and projects that aren’t bringing you profit.

  • Project reports – track all metrics necessary to keep your projects profitable in real-time
  • Client insights – find out which clients are the most valuable and discover the ones that cost you money
  • Profit generation – get information about profit per project or service line and optimize workflow
  • Optimize billability – don’t leave any billable hours uncharged for
  • Invoice transparency – let your clients see where their costs are coming from and the tasks you do for them

Team Performance Insights

Each business is as strong as the team standing behind it.

That is why it’s necessary to keep track of your employees.

Yet, monitoring them too eagerly only causes issues in the long run, as no one likes being under the spotlight or feeling micromanaged.

That is why Time Analytics takes a more employee-friendly approach.

  • Tracking unrecorded hours – check whether all employees are working through all scheduled hours
  • Tracking overtime – learn which team members are struggling with their workload
  • Evaluating productivity – have an insight into employees’ billable hours
  • Work structure – learn how to optimize your team’s tasks and help them be more efficient
  • Increasing profitability – compare your revenues to the predictions you’ve made

Online Timesheets

Online Tiemsheets - Time Analytics

Simple online timesheets are at the core of Time Analytics.

That is to say, the employees have a great amount of control over their data. This signals the employer’s trust and promotes accountability.

The timesheets can be filtered to show only relevant information.

  • Report customization – create templates that include all necessary information without distractions
  • Two views – observe daily and weekly tasks in a clear overview depending on your team’s workload
  • Editing – create, remove, and edit entries to ensure maximum accuracy before submitting the timesheet
  • Reviewing – the managers can then have another look at the timesheets before approving them
  • Exporting – export the documents as PDF for printing or Excel tables for analysis

Time Billing

Employee time is the biggest resource of any professional service company. In other words, this time is what you’re really selling.

That is to say, it is time-consuming and illogical to charge your clients without using time data.

Time Analytics makes this process simple and quick.

  • Invoice appendix – provide your clients with information about all activity done for them in an itemized list
  • Billing rates – set default and custom billing rates for your staff members and let the app calculate the costs
  • Customizability – decide what you want the appendix to show and avoid clutter
  • Editing – make final changes to the appendix if they weren’t automatic
  • Exporting – export the invoices to send or print a physical copy

Tracking Time Off

Understanding attendance and time off is crucial for any business.

To put it simply, you cannot plan and project workload or deadlines successfully without knowing which team members will be present.

Time Analytics has taken care of this with compact, yet powerful time off features.

  • Requesting PTO – simply submit PTO requests within the application
  • Scheduling transparency – the managers and employees will know which team members they can rely on
  • Variety – eight different PTO forms cover all types of leaves
  • Tracking time off – track the time spent outside of work

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged when my free trial period expires?

No. Time Analytics doesn’t ask for credit card information during the free trial period. Once the trial expires you will only be charged if you select to continue using the platform and purchase a plan.

Can I use Time Analytics for free after the expiration of the trial?

If you don’t choose a plan after the trial expires, we will extend your trial for an additional 14 days. When this extended period passes you will need to choose a plan you prefer to continue using Time Analytics.

How to calculate the license cost?

You only need to multiply the number of active users by the user monthly price of the plan you’ve selected.

How do you count users for the purpose of billing?

The only users you will be charged for are the ones marked as Enabled. If you disable a user due to them leaving the company, you will not be charged for them. However, the system will retain the user’s data.

What is the difference between paying monthly or annually?

The annual plan has a lower price point. Additionally, you will receive a single invoice, as you will be paying for the subscription for the whole year. The monthly plan doesn’t offer a discount and sends you invoices every month.

To Wrap Things Up

Bill4Time is among the best law firm management software solutions.

The platform offers a variety of features specially created to help lawyers manage their cases and bill their hard work correctly.

However, you should consider the state and needs of your business.

The biggest obstacle for small firms is Bill4Time’s extremely high price point.

This is why we have given you an alternative with more basic features and considerably lower-priced plans.


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