Brilliant Tools That Can Boost Productivity and Save You Time

Brilliant Tools That Can Boost Productivity and Save You Time

April 20, 2023

In the business world, we’re all striving to be more productive.

Ideally, we want to get more done at home and work while working less.

Although, with remote working on the rise and distractions in both the digital and personal space, staying productive and motivated can be challenging.

In fact, it can take far more than individual efforts to stay productive.
Thankfully, technology has come on leaps and bounds over the years.

There are tons of productivity tools one can use at their disposal which can keep you going and get more done in a shorter timeframe.

Here are just some fantastic productivity tools to try out today that are sure to work for you, not against you.


From cruising social media pages to checking website analytics, it can be difficult to meet demands when you’re pulled from your focus zone every 10 minutes.

Should you download the Freedom app, this can block alerts, websites, and other digital distractions, meaning your full focus will be on your current project.

The reason why this app is a cut above the rest is because you’re able to block websites on several devices.
This means you won’t be able to grab your phone and scroll to get around the block on your computer.

Just make sure you let your employees know you’re entering a distraction-free zone, otherwise, they may be confused why you are not replying to their messages!


Your passwords need to be kept safe and secure at all times in business.

It’s important to create strong passwords that are unique and different for each account. Understandably, if you’ve got an endless scroll of them, it can become impossible to remember them all.

While you may think writing them down could help, this isn’t a safe move to make, especially if you’re using public Wi-Fi at a local coffee shop.
There are tools out there to help store your passwords, like 1Password.

They can lock your passwords away safely, meaning no unwanted third party can gain access to them. If you need to sign into something, all you’ll need to remember is one master password and you’re good to go – perfect!


Another must-have tool for any business owner and marketer is Calendly.

This productivity tool gets rid of the distraction of scheduling meetings and allocating time to work. When you use this app, you’re able to set up events from your existing calendar, as well as block out times when you are busy.
Should somebody want to set up a meeting, they’re able to reserve a timeslot in Calendly without needing to submit a calendar request via email or have to go back and forth on a time which works for everyone.

Make sure to use the buffers in this app. This lets you create buffer times in between meetings, such as a 10-minute break for travel time or to stretch your legs.


In business, you’re going to have all kinds of documents and PDF files that house important data. For that reason, it’s time to turn your attention to Pdftools.
They have an array of services and tools you can use which can cut time down and keep you productive. These include their PDF conversion service, optimizer, and PDF-to-image converter.
Pdftools also offer PDF extract, PDF merge split, and PDF printer that lets you easily view and annotate PDFS, as well as print automatically. Using their tools can help you master the art of PDF and improve and accelerate how you and your team work with documents.


Perhaps you need to block out annoying sounds or boost your focus. Maybe you need to reduce stress levels after a stressful task.
Whatever it is, Noisli can help. This isn’t your typical white noise generator.
Instead, you can mix sounds to create a brilliant working environment, enabling you to be your most productive self.
For those who work remotely and have others living at home, the distractions and noises of children or loved ones can be incredibly frustrating. If this hustle and bustle is getting to you and you find you’re struggling to stay motivated with your work, simply switch on Noisli so you can get into your zone of concentration easily and quickly.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

We’re all aware of just how important a good night’s sleep is, particularly for staying productive at work.
If you rock up to the office with barely any shuteye, you aren’t going to produce good quality work.

This can really hinder your operation and make you susceptible to making rookie errors.
If you’ve ever woken up with a pounding headache and more exhausted than you were before going to sleep, these are often as a result of waking in the deepest part of a sleep cycle.
You are far more likely to awake refreshed if you’re getting adequate rest each night.
There are tools like the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app that can monitor your sleep and automatically wake you at the right time. This will help you feel productive, refreshed and ready to work.


Throughout the working day, you’re going to likely switch back and forth between devices. Whether it’s your smartphone, iPad or computer, those who are always bouncing around are setting themselves up for a day of distracting transitions.
This can make it hard to get stuck back into projects and tasks you’re working on. If you’re wondering what would make things that little bit easier, it’s time for Pushbullet to help.
With their tools, you’re able to send text messages from your computer, share files and links instantly without the need of emailing them to yourself, as well as check your smartphone’s notification on your tablet.
These are just several of the benefits Pushbullet provides.
If you’re a multi-device worker, this tool can be a godsend!
As we’ve shown above, there are a plethora of tools you can use both in and out of the office that are great for boosting productivity levels, saving you time, and helping you get the most out of your workload.

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