Can You Get More Out Of Your Business Software?

Can You Get More Out Of Your Business Software?

January 16, 2023

Businesses are more dependent on software than ever before. Online activity is surging globally, and companies are increasingly working from home and storing data on the cloud.

As firms look for ways to further embrace digital technology, some of them misunderstand what’s required here.

The tech world is everchanging, and new corporate software is released more often than other products and services.

That said, it doesn’t always mean that businesses must constantly replace every program they use and look for the next ‘big thing’.

It’s vital to bring stability to your business and make the most of the existing tech that you utilize.

Keep reading for tips on getting more out of your current software infrastructure.

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Work with Great Providers

Choosing the right software is an obvious but essential step. When choosing a provider to work with, you must also look beyond the surface.

Try to research examples of the software you’re considering in action. Seek out any information that indicates if the software was tested anywhere.

Browse the reviews of other users on third-party platforms, and try to authenticate them if you can. You could also reach out to your industry connections to see if they utilize the same tools or have heard anything about them.

It may also be worth investigating whether the software supplier has been vulnerable to cyberattacks before and reviewing how they dealt with the issue. Have there been repeat incidents? Do you have full confidence in them?

If not, it may be better to look elsewhere, as your firm’s data can be vulnerable to them.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection of potential software for your firm, try to gauge whether the provider guarantees ongoing support. Does the software experience regular updates?

Are the support team responsive and forthcoming with detailed answers to any questions? Is there a chatbot service that can field any questions quickly?

Integrate Other Programmes

It’s valid to want to give your software logistics a bit of an overhaul. Still, you don’t need to clean the slate to do so.

Programs like Vevox can be integrated into your existing software, featuring on Zoom, YouTube, Moodle, and even Microsoft programs.

It’s a live Q&A and surveying tool that users can engage with anonymously, giving you a steady stream of honest feedback from all your workers. You won’t need to close one program down and open up another; everything you need can be browsed in one place.

Software integrations enable you to enhance existing processes rather than redefine them completely. You also make life easier for your colleagues, as you won’t clutter their devices with programs that must be separately accessed. Bridge any gaps in your processes, and favor subtle tweaks to your software rather than radical do-overs.

Depending on the size and scale of the integration, it may be worth approaching it in stages. That way, you can ensure everybody gets onboard at a steady pace, and minimize disruption to existing business processes.

Define Software Use

Many firms bring in new software but have no real strategy or know-how on how to use it. It can be a waste of time and resources.

Once the software is introduced, try to make the most of it. Establish clear goals around how the software will function in your firm, and set expectations on the results you’d like to see. Approach your colleagues for their input as well.

Once you’re all on the same page, the software will be utilized to its utmost potential in your company.

It’s a good idea to approach the software providers with any questions you have should you or your team members experience any doubts.

How is the software best utilized? What features would they recommend? Are there any problems you’re experiencing that you hope the software might solve? Their representatives should help you get on track immediately.

One person’s understanding of the software doesn’t necessarily naturally extend to the entire team.

If there are varying degrees of enthusiasm, it may be wise to instruct your IT department to hold a ‘software 101 course’ for the rest of your workers.

That way, everyone can be brought up to speed while simultaneously engaging in some light-hearted team building.

Keep Updating the Software

As mentioned earlier, software providers must fine-tune their programming with strategic updates. However, though they might have fulfilled their end of the bargain, that doesn’t mean you can let yours fall by the wayside.

There’s lots of best-practice advice out there on updating the software on devices, and you and your colleagues must heed it. After all, many people can postpone these updates to avoid any mild inconveniences during their day. It’s not acceptable.

These updates must be initiated the minute the software notifies you.

Outdated software can be more vulnerable to cyberattacks. There may also be lag and stuttering if that program version is no longer supported. You may also miss out on incredibly useful new features if you don’t schedule the upgrade. If you or your team members don’t wish to be inconvenienced, schedule the update before you go on a break or to a meeting elsewhere. They have to be completed as soon as possible.


The software that firms use can be a game changer, but only when it’s utilized properly.

There are also dire consequences if these digital tools are undervalued. Work with reputable services and integrate programs responsibly.

Set clearly defined goals around using the software, and keep updating it at the earliest opportunity.

Business software should have promising practical applications in your business rather than be a background nuisance, so keep mining these programs for all their potential.

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