ClickTime Mobile App Review – Features, Pricing and Alternative

ClickTime Mobile App Review – Features, Pricing and Alternative

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
May 5, 2023

Are you interested in the ClickTime mobile app? We downloaded it and gave it a try. Here is our experience.

ClickTime is a timesheet-based time tracking tool. Its goal is to reduce admin time as much as possible. additionally, it helps business owners and managers recognize employee efforts.

The app also features extensive reports on costs and project performance. To put it differently, the app helps users make informed decisions.

The app has a native mobile version. We are here to present its features and value for money.

ClickTime Mobile App – an Overview

Clicktime invoicing

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Tracking time on the go is the best way to stay accurate. However, many employees’ daily tasks require them to spend time away from their computers. Hence, the need for a mobile app is understandable.

ClickTime resolves this issue through its mobile application. The app is synchronized with other devices and offers real-time updates.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It features a notification system that alerts managers of timesheet submission delays as well.

Automatic Time Tracking

The first feature we’ll look into is the mobile stopwatch. This is a feature that ensures accuracy from anywhere.

  • Simple commands – simply click a Start button to start tracking time spent on a task
  • Synchronization – all mobile logs are available in all versions of the app thanks to its cloud
  • Project details – the time invested in a task is allocated to projects and includes billing rates

Mobile Timesheets

The employees can also make time entries directly in the app’s timesheets. This way, you will be able to log expenses and receipts on the go.

  • Time logs – easily create time entries in the app in a matter of minutes
  • Expenses – create accurate expense sheets while the details are still fresh in your memory
  • Receipt upload – take pictures of your receipts and upload them instantly


Making mistakes is inevitable. Thus, the ClickTime mobile app features a notification system. this system sends an alert to users who forget to submit their timesheets in time.

  • Notifications – users are notified when their timesheets are due for submission
  • Approval – the management can check the timesheets and make sure they’re accurate

Time Off Tracking with the ClickTime Mobile App

The employees can use the app to submit and track time off. This is a great perk, as it makes team availability transparent.

  • Time off requests – mark the time off you want and submit the request
  • Review – the managers can review and approve and reject the requests through the app
  • Comments – the management can also add comments on their decisions when necessary

ClickTime Pricing

clicktime pricing

The app is available in four different versions. Here are the prices and features for each one.

Starter ($13 per user per month)

  • Simple time tracking
  • Email reminders
  • More than 70 pre-built reports

Team ($17 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Advanced billing rates
  • Time off management
  • Workflow approval

Premier ($28 per user per month)

  • All Team features
  • Project budgets
  • Utilization goals
  • Resource planning

Enterprise (custom pricing)

  • All Premier features
  • Single sign on
  • Named account manager
  • Custom integrations

Read more about ClickTime Review.

ClickTime FAQ

How is the free trial of ClickTime structured?

The free trial period for ClickTime offers you 14 days of complimentary access. During this time, our team will provide assistance in setting up your account and ensuring that you maximize your usage of ClickTime’s features and capabilities.

How can I modify billing rates?

ClickTime offers flexibility in managing billing rates by supporting 7 different Billing Rate Models. You have the freedom to change these rates whenever needed. For detailed guidance on changing billing rates for historic time entries, please refer to the relevant section in our Billing Rates Guide.

What type of assistance and support can I expect to receive?

Our team is ready to provide support and guidance through email, phone, and chat channels.

Is a credit card required for the sign-up process?

No. You can explore ClickTime for a duration of 14 days without any charges by signing up for a free trial.

Which businesses use ClickTime?

ClickTime is employed by a broad spectrum of businesses, including digital agencies, IT consultants, nonprofits, clinical research organizations, architecture firms, designers, and numerous other industries.

Looking for a ClickTime Alternative Tool? Check out Time Analytics!

ClickTime mobile app is a great time tracking solution. We won’t deny its benefits for an active team.

Yet, its pricing is quite steep. Additionally, one of its features (time off management) isn’t available in the most accessible plan.

If you’re looking for a lightweight time tracking application, we recommend looking into Time Analytics. The application is extremely user-friendly but still offers deep insights into your business.

The app also has a fully functional native mobile app. Let’s look into its most important features.

Time Analytics time tracking

Automatic Time Tracking

Similar to the ClickTime mobile app, Time Analytics features a timer available on desktop and mobile. The commands are extremely simple. Thus, anyone can use the app quickly and efficiently.

  • A Start/Stop timer – start and stop tracking time spent on a task with a click of a button
  • Task list – the employees simply choose the task from a pre-populated list or make their own
  • Billing rates – each time entry has a customizable hourly billing rate


Timesheets are at the heart of Time Analytics. These convenient documents are also simple and user-friendly. In other words, the time tracking process takes only a few minutes.

  • Cost allocation – each time entry is connected to a project and client to make the billing process simpler
  • Two views – observe different tasks in a daily or weekly overview depending on their scope
  • Time utilization – mark each task as either billable or non-billable for accuracy

Timesheet software

Time Off Tracking

Time Analytics has a time off tracking feature as well. It helps managers create shifts that take employee availability into account.

  • Eight different templates – make sure your time off request represents your absence accurately
  • Availability overview – simply mark the days you’ll be absent to help your coworkers and managers
  • Avoid understaffing – ensure your clients’ needs are met while your team isn’t overwhelmed

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics offers two pricing plans. You can give them a spin in a 14-day free trial. No credit card info is required!

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Time tracking by task, client, and project
  • Time off tracking
  • Convenient timesheets with two views
  • Overtime and time utilization tracking
  • Time and cost allocation
  • Performance dashboards
  • Exportable reports on time and costs
  • Customizable billing rates
  • Data import

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Invoicing appendix creator
  • Reports on profit
  • Email reminders
  • Tailored onboarding process

Time Analytics FAQ

Are there any fees associated with the expiration of my free trial period?

During the trial period, we do not ask for a credit card, and there are no charges involved. If you opt for a paid plan once the trial period ends, the charges will align with the chosen plan.

How can I compute the expense for the license?

Determine the overall expense by multiplying the price per user/month stated in the pricing plan with the number of active (enabled) users in your organization.

How do you determine the user count for billing?

The payment is limited to the users (team members) labeled as Enabled in your Team section. If you no longer wish to track the time of an individual or they have departed from the company, you can easily mark them as Disabled. When a user is disabled or deleted, they are no longer considered in the billing process. Data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be kept intact.

What sets apart paying monthly versus paying annually?

When choosing an annual license, you enjoy a noteworthy discount (two months without charge), receive a sole invoice, and are obliged to pay for an entire year’s subscription. There are no discounts for monthly payments, and you need to handle invoice administration every month.

Do you provide any discounted offers?

Teams with a subscription of over 50 employees can enjoy a 30% discount. If your user count exceeds 150, you may be eligible for an additional discount.

Am I allowed to cancel my license at any given moment?

Certainly, that’s possible. Time Analytics will halt the automatic renewal of your subscription, resulting in the termination of the service at the conclusion of your ongoing subscription period (month or year). Until the subscription period ends, you will have access to Time Analytics; therefore, there will be no refunds for the period from the cancellation date to the end of the subscription period.

After my subscription ends, can I export my data?

Certainly, after your plan ends, you can export all your data entries.

Is the safety of my data ensured?

At Time Analytics, safeguarding data is our top priority. Our servers reside in a world-class data center equipped with 24/7 surveillance, and we diligently maintain our application’s security by regularly applying the latest patches.

ClickTime Mobile App vs Time Analytics

As we’ve previously stated, the two biggest issues with ClickTime’s mobile application are the pricing and the lack of time off tracking in the Starter plan.

In contrast, Time Analytics’ pricing plans are more affordable and feature all presented options in both plans.

When it comes to performance, the two applications are extremely similar. Both perform well and are more than enough to track time efficiently.

clicktime review

Choosing Time Analytics

Time Analytics is an easy-to-use time tracking solution that helps users focus on work. This is possible due to its extremely user-friendly interface.

Additionally, the information each employee enters in their timesheets is turned into productivity reports. The reports also show project health and client performance.

The app’s goal is to reduce the time and effort needed to accurately track time. Additionally, the system keeps track of billable and non-billable hours and other crucial metrics.

You can even use the timesheets to create an accurate invoicing appendix.

Improving productivity is possible without micromanagement. Try Time Analytics and see your business and team thrive!


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