Clicktime Pricing, Packages, and Plans 2024

Clicktime Pricing, Packages, and Plans 2024

Ajay Jagtap
Written by Ajay Jagtap
March 1, 2023

ClickTime is a cloud-based time and expense tracking software businesses use to manage and analyze employee productivity, project budgeting, and billing. 

Using this tool, you can track your time, streamline payroll processing, and generate reports.

Need help understanding Clicktime’s pricing and plans? Here you go.

This is an in-depth guide to Clicktime pricing. It compares all four Clicktime plans, whom they are well suited for, and what they offer.

Sounds interesting? Let’s dive right in.

ClickTime pricing plans at a glance

Clicktime offers a flexible pricing model with several options tailored to meet the varying needs of different businesses.

Therefore, choosing the right one that suits your requirements best is crucial.

Customers can choose between these four pricing plans: Starter, Team, Premier, and Enterprise.

Here is an overview of Clicktime pricing plans:

clicktime pricing

What’s included in Product pricing plans?

As mentioned, Clicktime has four different pricing plans to cater to specific users.

Here are the four ClickTime plans and what they offer.

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $13 a month or $10 if billed annually. It comes with excellent time tracking, automation, expense tracking, and data & security features. 

But this plan misses out on some crucial features like—Time off management, Resource planning, budgeting & forecasting, etc.

Here’s an overview of some of the critical features of the Clicktime starter plan:

  • Easy time tracking & automation with essential elements, including timesheets, stopwatch, timesheet notes, etc.
  • Reporting with 70+ pre-built reports.
  • Google Apps and payroll export integration.
  • Advanced expense tracking & reporting.

2. Team Plan

The Team plan costs $17 a month or $13 if billed annually. 

Apart from the Starter plan features, It has some extra features such as integrations and Time off management, but it still lacks some advanced features like reporting.

Here’s an overview of the Team plan:

  • Advanced integrations—Rest API access, Zapier Integrations, Data export, and List import.
  • Advancement in Administration controls—Timesheet approvals, Messages and alerts, Overtime rules, and more.
  • Time off management features—Time off tracking, reporting, calendar, Time off request & approvals, and more.
  • Administrator training and extended onboarding support.

3. Premier Plan

The Premier plan costs $28 a month or $24 if billed annually. It includes everything the Team plan offers, but here’s what more to expect from the Premier plan.

  • Advanced reporting—Billing & Cost Reporting, productivity & utilization, employee performance, custom report builder, white-label custom reports, and more.
  • Advanced project budgeting & forecasting—employee availability, performance dashboard, project insights, and more.
  • Resource planning—Real-time resource planning dashboard, companywide utilization, employee billing goal view, and more.
  • Advanced Integrations—Rest API access, Zapier integrations, and more.
  • Time off management.

4. Enterprise Plan

Unlike other ClickTime pricing plans, this is a custom plan where you can schedule a demo, talk to their executives, and they can help you customize it depending on your conversation.

Let’s see what it includes apart from other plans:

  • Time tracking—Custom branding, complex project hierarchy, and more.
  • Integrations—Historical time data import and extended single sign-on (SSO)
  • Administration & Controls—Audit trail, DCAA compliance, sub-jobs
  • Support & Account Management—Named Account Manager

ClickTime also offers a 14-day free trial to new users, so you can try the tool for 14 days before making the purchase.

We understood what features all these ClickTime pricing plans include; let’s get into some of the most frequently asked questions.

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ClickTime Pricing FAQ

How does the free trial work?

ClickTime offers a 14-day free trial on Starter and Team plans. During the free trial, users can access all of the features in their chosen plan, such as easy time tracking, advanced billing rates, and Time off management. 

At the end of the 14-day free trial, users can purchase a ClickTime plan by clicking the “Buy ClickTime” button within their trial account or by visiting the ClickTime pricing page.

Do I need a credit card to sign-up for a free trial?

No, you don’t need a credit card to sign-up for a free trial of any of the ClickTime plans.

What are the pricing plans for non-profits?

ClickTime has a discounted pricing page for non-profit organizations, including Team, Premier, and Enterprise plans. 

The team plan costs $12, $9 if billed annually, Premier costs $18, $15 if billed annually, and the Enterprise plan has custom pricing.

Which types of businesses use ClickTime?

Businesses of all sizes use ClickTime. It includes digital agencies, IT consultants, nonprofits, clinical research organizations, architecture firms, designers, and more!

Find more ClickTime alternatives.

Time Analytics As An Alternative

Time Analytics Dashboard

Does ClickTime not seem to be a good fit? Time analytics is an excellent alternative to ClickTime.

Time Analytics is an intuitive, lightweight, and easy-to-use time-tracking platform with timesheets that helps businesses be more productive.

Timesheets allow users to record their time directly, or they can use time

clocks to measure time spent on tasks.

It also helps you track time spent on projects, clients, and other activities. And reporting feature can help you analyze data to make more productive decisions.

Let’s understand Time Analytics pricing plans in detail for a thorough understanding.

Pricing Plans At A Glance

Unlike ClickTime, Time Analytics offers two pricing plans: Starter and Optimum. However, both plans are paid, as they provide various features. 

Neither plan limits the number of team members. So, whatever the size of your team is, you can choose the right plan for you.

You can purchase the annual subscription to get the tool at a discounted price.

Here’s an overview of Time analytics pricing and plans:

Time analytics pricing

What’s included in Product pricing plans?

Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $5.99 a month or $4.99 if billed annually. Here’s what to expect from the Time Analytics starter plan.

  • Time tracking features on clients and projects
  • Daily and weekly timesheet views
  • Overtime & utilization tracking
  • Time off, holiday, overtime, and utilization tracking
  • Cost allocation is automatic since each task can be designated as billable or non-billable, and the billing rate can be adjusted.
  • Time and cost reporting
  • Performance dashboard with visual reports
  • Billing and pay (cost) rates
  • Exportable reports
  • Data Import
  • Android & iOS mobile apps for Time tracking for remote employees

It is well-suited for teams or individuals wanting to cut down on admin work and be more productive. The starter plan comes with unlimited users, clients, and projects.

Optimum Plan

The Optimum plan costs $8.45 a month or $6.99 if billed annually. Here’s what to expect from the Time Analytics Optimum plan.

  • Starter features plus:
  • Invoicing (Time billing)
  • Profit & revenue reporting
  • Email reminders
  • Customized onboarding

The optimum plan is well-suited for companies interested in increasing profitability across projects and clients. It offers more transparency and accuracy while working with clients.

Check out the Time Analytics pricing page for detailed information.

Time Analytics Pricing FAQ

Are there any discounts on Time Analytics?

Yes, there are discounts on Time Analytics. You will get two extra months for free when you purchase the yearly license.

Furthermore, you can get a 30% discount if you purchase a license for a team of over 50 employees. If you have over 150 users, you may be eligible for an additional discount.

What’s the difference between monthly and annual billing cycles?

Time Analytics offers both monthly and annual payment options; you can select a payment option that is more suitable to your requirements. 

If you choose an annual license, you will receive only one invoice and must pay for an entire year’s subscription. Monthly payments do not include discounts and require a monthly invoice regime.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime. We will stop auto-renewing your subscription and terminate the service at the end of your current subscription period (month or year).

What happens when my free trial ends?

We do not require a credit or debit card to get a free trial so you won’t be charged following the expiration of the free trial. You can select a paid subscription to keep using the Time Analytics services. 

Let’s Give Time Analytics A Try!

Time analytics is an easy-to-use and the most effective way to manage your time and boost productivity.

It tracks how and where your employees spend their time to offer valuable and data-driven insights to optimize their workflow.

What do you think? Doesn’t it worth a try?

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