ClickTime Timesheet – All You Need to Know Before Buying

ClickTime Timesheet – All You Need to Know Before Buying

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
April 21, 2023

Want to find out more about ClickTime timesheet? Let us guide you.

ClickTime is a time tracking tool that understands the value of your time. That is why it provides businesses with a simple way to map out each employee’s workflow. The secret? Simple timesheets.

The application takes a holistic approach to time tracking. In other words, it helps users with each step of all projects. From planning to data analysis, the platform has something to offer.

The app also has a native mobile version. Thus, it helps hybrid and remote teams keep track of all activity.

ClickTime Timesheet Overview

ClickTime managing your time with online timesheets

                                       Source: Clicktime website

Timesheets should be as simple to fill out as possible. ClickTime has designed this feature to be extremely user-friendly.

The employees can fill their timesheets either via a web browser or iOS and Android mobile apps.

On the other hand, managers have the task of making sure the documents are accurate. Hence, they will be able to fix any mistakes before the timesheets are approved and sent.

This is very important, as the timesheets contain information that helps calculate payroll. Moreover, they are designed to be sent to clients as proof of work.

ClickTime Timesheet Accuracy

ClickTime helps users fill in their timesheets as accurately as possible from the get-go. This reduces the time managers need to spend controlling them.

  • Easy access – employees can simply log hours via ClickTime’s web page or on their phones. This is a great option for remote and field teams, as they don’t spend their days at the office.
  • Auto-fill – the timesheet has a pattern recognition feature. The time entries are pre-populated with information about the project and the task. All the employees need to do is enter the time they’ve spent on the task
  • Stopwatch – if you want absolute entry accuracy when it comes to time, this feature is very handy. Simply start tracking time through the stopwatch, and then allocate it to a specific client, project, and task

ClickTime employee timesheet software solution

                            Source: Clicktime website

Workflows and Approvals

Each ClickTime timesheet needs to be approved by the management. This way, you will be sure all information is accurate and there are no accidental mistakes.

  • Permission control – allow managers and admins access to specific timesheets to control. Each manager can control their own team or department
  • Automation – the app has a notification system that alerts employees to fill and submit their timesheets on time
  • Accessibility – the process of submitting completed timesheets is quick and simple. The employees can do it from their computers or mobile devices

Timesheet Completion Tracker

Managers’ time is extremely valuable. That is why every ClickTime Timesheet has a place in a completion tracker. The managers can easily see every timesheet’s completion status.

ClickTime Pricing

clicktime pricing

ClickTime has four pricing plans. These are their most important features.

Starter ($13 per user per month)

  • Time tracking
  • Pre-built reports
  • Email reminders

Team ($17 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Workflow approval
  • Advanced billing rates
  • Managing time off

Premier ($28 per user per month)

  • All Team features
  • Utilization goal tracking
  • Project budgets
  • Resource planning

Enterprise (custom pricing)

  • All Premier features
  • SSO
  • Account manager role
  • Custom integrations

Looking for an ClickTime Alternative? Give Time Analytics a Try!

ClickTime is a great time tracking solution. However, some businesses may be thinking about an alternative due to its steep pricing.

Time Analytics is a more affordable lightweight solution. However, its timesheets are on par with ClickTime’s.

The app reduces time spent on administrative repetitive tasks. This is how it helps all involved – employees and managers alike – dedicate more time to actual work.

Let us see how Time Analytics’ timesheets compare!

Time Analytics time tracking

Simple Time Entries

Time Analytics has an extremely user-friendly design. Thus, creating time entries takes very little time. This is important, as the app’s goal is to not interrupt employees’ workflow.

  • List of tasks – simply choose a task from a pre-populated list without constant entry creation
  • Manual and automatic tracking – start a simple time clock or add all time data manually depending on what’s more convenient
  • Entry management – make edits to the entries, move, or copy them
  • Time utilization – simply mark the time spent on a task as either billable or non-billable


The app’s timesheets offer deep insights into your team’s time. employees can track time against tasks, projects, and clients. This allows great insight into the overall state of your business.

  • Choose a period – choose the dates you want to see in a timesheet to make the timesheets as concise as possible
  • Choose what to include – pick the categories you want to see in the document (e.i. project, client, employee, etc.) – this also eliminates overwhelming and unnecessary information
  • Two views – pick between a weekly overview and a more detailed daily report

Timesheet Management

Managing employee timesheets is a crucial part of tracking time. This is why Time Analytics offers several simple editing options.

  • Review – make sure time entries, billing rates, and billability are in order before approving the timesheet
  • Make changes – add notes to time entries, edit, remove, and filter them in seconds


Do you want to use timesheets as proof of work for your clients? Time Analytics has your back.

  • PDF – print out the documents and send them to the clients as a billing appendix
  • Excel – analyze the information and manage the timesheets

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

You have the choice between two plans – Starter and Optimum. You can try either one for free in a 14-day trial.

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Simple client and project time tracking
  • Exportable and visual reports
  • Cost allocation
  • Time utilization and overtime tracking
  • Two timesheet views
  • Billing rates
  • Manager role
  • Data import

And more

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • All Starter features
  • Invoicing
  • Email reminders
  • Custom onboarding
  • Revenue reports

ClickTime Timesheet vs Time Analytics

Both applications offer simple time tracking and informative timesheets. However, Time Analytics offers them at a much more affordable price.

Let’s look at the features side by side

clicktime timesheet


Trying Time Analytics

Time Analytics has been created with the end-user in mind. However, the popularity of the app with the employees isn’t its only benefit.

The app offers comprehensive reports any business can use to plan the next step. Whether it’s organizing the workload more equally or terminating an unfavorable contract – the app will help you make an informed decision.

Understanding how your team ticks (remote and hybrid teams included) will point you to your top performers. Utilize this knowledge to help other team members and reward the hardest workers.

Time Analytics is a tool that can help you obtain a deep understanding of your team members’ habits. Moreover, it will do it without micromanagement.

In other words – allow Time Analytics to increase transparency and your team’s happiness!

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