Clio Time Tracking – Law Firm Time Tracking Features

Clio Time Tracking – Law Firm Time Tracking Features

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
March 16, 2023

Do you want to find out more about Clio time tracking?

You’re in the right spot.

Clio is one of the most famous time tracking and business management solutions for legal firms. The application covers many industry-specific features.

The options include case and client management, billing, and payments. However, the time tracking feature is the main one, as it allows all others to work seamlessly.

Specifically, the nature of law firms demands a firm grasp of the time invested in different cases and clients. This is true because the business standard requires charging only for this time.

Clio Time Tracking Overview

clio time tracking law software

   Source: Clio website

Clio time tracking is at the core of the application. It ensures accuracy with administration, accounting, invoicing, and more.

Additionally, the app’s time tracking feature ensures increased productivity. Optimizing workflows, accurate billing, and remaining on planned schedules are all important factors directly tied to time tracking.

However, finding a perfect time tracking solution for your law practice isn’t a task you should gloss over. We are here to inspect Clio time tracking features.

Automatic Time Tracker

Clio relies, first and foremost, on its automatic time tracker. This feature is simple to use and guarantees accuracy, as it eliminates human error.

The tracking principle is very simple. The application’s interface shows the timer front and center, so there is no need for a complicated routine.

You can simply

  • Start
  • Pause
  • Or Stop

Tracking the task you are working on. The timer will automatically take note of the changes and log them. The application is cloud-based and tracks across devices.

clio timers law software
                                 Source: Clio website

Tracking Time Manually

Lawyers and other professionals in the law industry face many hectic days. Their working time tends to extend over 8 hours a day. Hence, it is normal to forget to click a button.

This is where manual entries come in. The application allows adding single or multiple time logs. This way, you can add entries at the end of the day or (not recommended) week.

Additionally, you don’t have to manage your hours on your own. The application allows assistants and coworkers to track time instead of busy users.

Clio Mobile App

Using a desktop application isn’t convenient for the industry. Simply put, a lawyer’s job isn’t tied to their office, and carrying a laptop can be inconvenient.

Thus, Clio time tracking is available on mobile devices as well. Namely, mobile phones are a must-have to keep in touch with the office, and the application makes sure you can

  • Make automatic entries
  • Log time manually
  • Add business-related expenses as soon as you make the purchase
  • Track offline time
  • Track time from a non-registered device

All these conveniences enable a 360 insight into your day. Thus, they provide the highest level of accuracy.

Clio Time Tracking – Time Allocation

Simply tracking time isn’t enough to be proof of work. The logged time entries need to be connected to specific cases. For this reason, authorized users can connect tasks to clients and cases and assign them.

Lawyers, then, add time to the tasks as they track it. When a time log is created, it is also marked as a Clio time entry on the Activities page. This way, you will have proof of work you can revisit anytime.

Additional Time Tracking Features

Clio is a specialized time tracking platform for lawyers. This means it adjusts to its target demographic’s needs. Hence, you have features like

  • Calendar integrations
  • Email time tracking

These options make sure you aren’t missing a single billing opportunity. In other words, Clio works in favor of its users and helps them profit.

Clio Timekeeping – Pricing

clio time tracking pricing

Clio offers four pricing options. Each one has different performance levels.

  • EasyStart – $49 per user per month
  • Essentials – $79 per user per month
  • Advanced – $119 per user per month
  • Complete – $149 per user per month

Clio FAQ

What defines legal time tracking software?

Legal time tracking software refers to a software solution designed to facilitate the input, categorization, and recording of time spent on various work tasks. This is particularly valuable for legal professionals who often handle multiple cases and clients throughout the day. Trying to recall billable hours at the end of the day or month can lead to inaccuracies and potential omission of work from invoices. Legal time tracking software addresses this challenge by enabling real-time tracking, eliminating the risk of overcharging or underbilling clients. With such software, legal professionals can ensure precise and transparent time tracking for more accurate billing and client management.

Am I able to input time on behalf of other users in my firm?

Certainly! Users have the capability to add or modify time entries for other users within the firm. This can be done by simply selecting the respective user’s name from the Time Entry dropdown list and making the necessary adjustments.

If I prefer to record time entries on a weekly or monthly basis, how can I utilize legal time tracking software effectively?

You have the flexibility to create, edit, and delete time entries whenever you need to.

If you want to create time entries retrospectively, you can conveniently access the calendar entries, documents, and notes stored in Clio. From there, you can instantly add time entries based on the relevant information available.

Is it possible to make changes to time entries while approving a bill?

Certainly! When you’re in the process of generating a bill, all time entries will be displayed in an editable format. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments or modifications to the time entries before sending the bill to your client.

What are the various methods available for adding time entries to a bill using legal time tracking software?

Clio’s legal time tracking software offers five distinct approaches for adding time entries to your billing system:

  1. Utilize the time entry form: Input time entries directly into the time entry form within the software.
  2. Start a timer: Initiate a timer to track time in real-time, ensuring accurate and precise time entries.
  3. Add entries from documents, notes, calendar events, or client communications: Extract time entries from relevant documents, notes, calendar events, or client communications and seamlessly incorporate them into the billing system.
  4. Leverage Clio’s mobile app: Use Clio’s dedicated mobile app to conveniently record and sync time entries on the go.
  5. Utilize integrations: Integrate other software applications with Clio to automatically import time entries from those sources, streamlining the process and ensuring comprehensive time tracking.

Is it possible to personalize the billing rates for different types of time entries when using Clio’s time and expense tracking software?

Absolutely! Clio’s time and expense tracking software allows you to customize billing rates based on various factors. Here are the different types of rates that can be configured:

  1. User Default Rates: Set default rates for individual users within the software.
  2. Matter Rates: Define specific rates for different matters or cases.
  3. Client Rates: Establish customized rates for specific clients.
  4. Custom Rates: Create unique rates tailored to specific hourly activity descriptions.

Time Analytics as an Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

Clio is an amazing specialized time tracking solution. However, the platform’s steep pricing can get in the way of actually purchasing a plan. This is especially true for new practices and large teams.

Hence, we are here to present Time Analytics as an alternative. The software offers time tracking features, as well as leave management at a much more affordable price.

Additionally, the platform is very intuitive and simple to use both in the office and on the go.

Automatic Time Tracking

Time Analytics users also have the option to track their time automatically. The application provides them with a simple time clock. All you need to do is

  • Choose a pre-existing task from a list
  • Click the Start button when you start working on the task
  • Click Stop once you’re finished or taking a break

All tasks are connected to their respective cases and clients, so the time and expenses are allocated automatically.

Manual Time Entries

As we’ve previously mentioned, lawyers’ days can get very hectic. Thus, sometimes time cannot be tracked at the moment. This is where the app’s timesheets truly shine.

The timesheet feature is at the base of the entire application. Users can log time and all other necessary details quickly in a user-friendly interface that doesn’t allow missing crucial information.

These timesheets also contain automatic time logs and can be used as proof of work. You can even send filtered information to the clients as an invoice appendix.

timesheet software

Billability Features

Any firm’s reputation depends on its relationship with clients. Accurate and transparent billing is the basis of this relationship.

Hence, Time Analytics allows each case to have its own billing rate, as well as each team member. Combining this data with the logged hours provides the highest level of accuracy.

As we’ve previously mentioned, you can also create an addition for your invoices. This itemized list shows all tasks your firm has performed within each case.

Time Off Tracking

Increasing transparency within the firm itself is one of Time Analytics’s biggest advantages. Namely, availability is a huge factor in how a business works.

This is why Time Analytics offers a time off tracking and scheduling feature. The employees can simply mark the period when they’ll be out of the office.

The overview allows higher-ups to assign cases knowing they won’t be short-staffed. This, again, positively impacts the relationship with clients.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics offers two pricing plans for its users – Starter and Optimum.

  • Starter ($5.99 per user per month) – all time tracking features, utilization and cost reports, performance overview, time and cost allocation
  • Optimum ($8.45 per user per month) – invoicing, custom onboarding, profit reports, email reminders to track time

Time Analytics FAQ

Am I obligated to make a payment after my free trial period expires?

There is no obligation to provide a credit card during the free trial, and there won’t be any charges. When you choose a paid plan after the trial period, the charges will align with the selected plan.

What methodology should I employ to calculate the license cost?

Multiply the price per user/month specified in the pricing plan by the number of active (enabled) users in your organization to determine the total expense.

What method do you use to count users for billing?

Only the users (team members) specified as Enabled in your Team section are subject to payment. When someone leaves the company or you no longer want to track their time, you can easily mark them as Disabled. Users who are disabled or deleted do not impact the billing calculations. Data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be maintained for record-keeping purposes.

What separates the payment plans of monthly and annual subscriptions?

When choosing an annual license, you avail yourself of a substantial discount (equivalent to two months without charge), receive a solitary invoice, and are responsible for paying for an entire year’s subscription. Opting for monthly payments means no discounts and the need to manage invoices each month.

Is there a chance to receive discounts?

If your team has over 50 subscribed employees, you can benefit from a 30% discount. Moreover, if you exceed 150 users, you may qualify for an extra discount.

Am I at liberty to cancel my license at any point in time?

Certainly, you are permitted to do that. Time Analytics will stop the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will be terminated at the end of your current subscription period (month or year). Time Analytics remains accessible until the subscription period expires, and no reimbursements are provided for the duration between the cancellation date and the end of the subscription period.

Will I be able to export my data after my subscription period is over?

Certainly, all your data entries can be exported once your plan comes to an end.

Can I be assured that my data is in a secure environment?

At Time Analytics, we place great emphasis on data security. Our servers are housed in a highly secure data center with round-the-clock surveillance, and we diligently maintain our application’s security by regularly applying the latest patches.

Clio Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

Clio is an industry-focused time tracking solution. This means it offers many law-specific features. However, this does come at a very steep price.

Time Analytics can be used in any industry, and, hence, offers a more general toolkit. Yet, its time tracking features are as useful as Clio’s. both platforms include

  • Automatic time clocks
  • Manual entries
  • Overviews of all tasks
  • A mobile app for teams on the go

So, if you are looking into Clio specifically for time tracking, Time Analytics can be a great substitute.

Time Analytics – an Overview for Beginners

TimeAnalytics is a time management and tracking platform. It focuses on accessibility and has an extremely user-friendly UI.

In other words, time tracking takes mere minutes, allowing teams to work on their tasks without distracting interruptions.

The system provides a template option that prevents employees from forgetting any important information. Simply set up mandatory fields and never lose any valuable data.

Even though the program doesn’t ask for much information, the quality of time logs allows it to analyze the entire business practice. Hence, you will receive accurate reports on projects, clients, profitability, as well as individual team members.

If you’re interested in giving Time Analytics a try, you can use the 14-day free trial to make sure it fits your needs.

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