Clockify Review (2024) – Is It Worth A Try

Clockify Review (2024) – Is It Worth A Try

February 23, 2023

Clockify claims to be dependable time-tracking software used by some of the leading players like Google and Amazon.

However, making claims and fulfilling those claims are two different things.

In this Clockify review, we will try to decode everything related to this time-tracking software to find out how true its claims are.

Clockify – Overview and Review or Clockify is a time tracking and timesheet application permitting end-users to track time and working hours in real-time across all projects.

It claims to handle the processing of unlimited users without charging a single penny.

With capabilities like employee tracking, budgeting, time management, and many more, Clockify is now more than a time-tracking tool.

One thing you need to know here is that it’s not a completely free time tracking tool, as the company markets it. Only the time tracking feature is free. But, if you want to enjoy advanced features, be ready to spend a decent amount of money.

Let’s review the features offered by the globally recognized time-tracking tool.

Clockify website

#1 – Time Management

The tool offers capabilities that you need to remain productive and track attendance, billable hours, total hours consumed, and many other metrics using a simple yet powerful time tracker. You can log the details in interactive timesheets.

The feature offers you an integrated stopwatch to track the time for specific actions and tasks. This way, you can manage the available hours based on your priorities.

Need specific timelines for specific tasks? Don’t worry! You can edit the time and enter the task hours manually. Time tracking is real-time and is well integrated with the calendar. The calendar integration is praiseworthy as you can visualize your workable hours and track them with appropriate metrics.

There are powerful and feature-rich desktop and mobile apps to make time tracking easier than ever. You can download the apps for Chrome, Android, iOS, Firefox, Linux, and Mac platform and enjoy a great time tracking data accessibility. All these apps are offered with highly interactive user-interface and don’t consume much time in installation as they have one-click installation.

  • Auto tracker to stay updated
  • Maintain weekly timesheets
  • Edit trackable hours manually
  • Set reminders for due hours

Clockify timesheet

#2 – Timesheets

With timesheets, Clockify users can log their daily, weekly, and monthly activities without being bogged down with tons of data.

You can create activity-wise timesheets and share them with the team. Just to avoid your precious manual hours, while generating timesheets, you get to enjoy pre-built templates. However, they are limited. We see a great scope for improvement on this front.

  • Quick activity loading
  • Pending timesheets reminders
  • Approval control for timesheets

clockify timesheet

#3 – Reporting

Create interactive and data-rich reports to find out who has worked how much and is eligible for compensation.

With Clockify. me, you can easily track the time utilization by your team and take appropriate actions.

  • Breakdown activities based on users, days, and hours
  • Share and export reports over a single click
  • Use sound encryption to protect report data
  • Apply for access privileges for reports

Clockify reporting

#4 – Projects

Clockify lets you manage every aspect of your project from a single point of contact. You can track the team’s performance, schedule project tasks, handle the invoicing, and even set deadlines.

  • Forecast the project budget and expenses
  • Manage an unlimited number of team members
  • Set project milestones and track project growth in real-time
  • Generate time off policies for every project

We loved the way Clockify has simplified the invoicing generation process for billable hours.

You can generate invoices based on the tracked time, expenses, and hours. The process is 100% customizable.

clockify project

#5 – Invoicing

You can edit the time and expenses included in the invoices anytime, before sending them to the client.

As these invoices are downloadable, you can get them and share them with the concerned authorities instantly. All in all, this feature is great.

But it could be better than this if Clockify would have offered invoice templates. This way, invoicing will be swifter.

  • Customize invoices with logos and notes
  • One-click invoice download facility

Clockify invoicing

#6 Integrations

The kind of integrations Clockify provides is indeed worth thousands of praises. In fact, this is one of the factors that place this time tracker tool at a higher place, as compared to its peers. Some of the most notable integrations are:

Jire, GitHub, Asana, Trello, Gitlab, Basecamp, and many others for project management.

Pumble, QuickBooks, Outlook, and many more for productivity.

You also get Zapier and API integration to stay connected with the tools of your choice.

clockify integration

#7 Support

You can contact the technical team of Clockify via email and phone. There is chat-based support, but it doesn’t provide live support.

There is a contact form facility as well. You can leave your concerns, and the team will revert with the appropriate solution.

There are enough guides and tutorials offered. But, they are not very extensive and lack dependability.

#8 Pricing

clockify pricing

Many think that it’s a free tool, which is not the reality. There are four subscription choices offered.

  • Basic – $3.99 per user per month 

Besides all the free plan’s features, Basic Plan users are allowed to add time for others, time time/pages, do bulk edits, perform customized exports, and use project templates. Required fields, decimal format, historical rates, profile editing, time import, Kiosk PIN, and breaks are some other essential features of this plan.

  • Standard – $5.49 per user per month 

Standard plan users has access to all basic features, alongside the special abilities like time-off, invoicing, approval, lock time, targets, reminders, role management, task rates, rounding, Force 2FA, Kiosk customization, and QuickBooks integration.

  • Pro – $7.99 per user per month 

Scheduling, user fields, email reports, assignment reports, force timer, alerts, data regions, screenshots, GPS tracking, expense management, custom fields, labor cost, profit, budget, estimates, and forecasting are the features that the PRO users enjoy over the Standard features.

  • Enterprise – $11.99 per user per month 

Enterprise users can access all PRO plan features, while having more options to enhance the control and security of their Clockify accounts. Single Sign-on (SSO), account control, audit logs, and custom subdomains are the major additional features available to the Enterprise Plan users of

Learn more about Clockify pricing.

Pros And Cons Of Clockify


  • It lets you manage unlimited projects
  • Provides great device and browser app support
  • Single Sign On facility for Enterprise subscribers
  • Customized kiosk app
  • Custom subdomain


  • Time editing is so much simplified that its simplicity that be a great threat if someone misuses it. There should be some user-access controls to avoid this from happening.
  • Presented as free, but some essential features are paid
  • Employers can spy on employees at any time
  • Compared to other apps, its Firefox app doesn’t seem to be that much responsive.
  • User interface
  • Try handling multiple projects and the software will start breaking down. It’s good to do one thing at a time.

Find more Clockify alternatives.

Reviews and User Rating

As soon as you land on the website of Clockify, you will find the company being boisterous about positive Clockify app reviews across the platforms. Let’s discuss them as well.

clockify review

Use this  Clockify vs Hubstaff  comparison to find the right tool for you.

Time Analytics: An Ideal Clockify Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

What offers is commendable, but it’s certainly not the best option available. It lacks functionalities when it comes to advanced project tracking. Also, there are no embedded guides, and it’s not a completely free option to consider.

With these lacking or inabilities, one can’t expect seamless time tracking. Time Analytics is a great alternative to consider here.

Time Analytics is an inventive time management and tracking tool enabling end-users to do real-time tracking of projects, clients, and the workforce. The tool uses advanced AI and ML in task planning and tracking. It can record the most accurate time consumption that companies can use to manage the workforce and resources effectively.

Let’s review some of the most consider-worthy features of Time Analytics.

#1 – Time Tracking

Get ready to do project and task-based real-time time tracking over a single click. The tool enables end-users to add notes to any trackable time, edit the entries, mark entries as billable, and even record the start and end times of a project.

  • Get a fully managed weekly or daily view of tracked time
  • Time tracking on specified task, project and client
  • Set activities as billable or non-billable
  • Manage leaves and holidays

#2 – Track Project Profitability

You can manage the projects from beginning to end with the Time Analytics tool that can perform actions like:

  • Track project costs
  • Project tasks optimization
  • Track billable and non-billable hours of a project
  • Review work before invoicing

Time Analytics Timers

#3 – Employee timesheets

Time Analytics provides you with one timesheet to manage all your admin tasks and understand which employee is costing you how much and bringing how much revenue.

  • Maintain daily and weekly culprit
  • Manage timesheets with easy edits
  • Export and import employee timesheets from PDF to Excel or vice versa

#4 – Security

We must admit that Time Analytics does a great job is protecting your data and providing robust security with features like:

  • HTTPS SSL encryption
  • Providing zero access to 3rd party
  • ISO 27001-certified data center for data backups
  • Automatic backup for 7 days in case of an attack
  • Enough support to deal with a data breach

#5 – Support

Time Analytics is super supportive. It provides a wide range of guides and tools to ensure its end-users can start tracking time immediately.

For having timesheet management, overtime calculator, and profit margin calculators. Email-based support is also offered. You can contact the team for immediate help and support via the contact form available on the website.

#6 -Pricing

The best part about Time Analytics pricing is that it doesn’t market itself as a free option and charges you later for its services. It has maintained transparency on this front.

There are two subscription choices offered and both are more economical than Clockify.

  • Starter – $4.99 per user per month 

This is the basic subscription of Time Analytics that offers a wide range of features like daily & weekly timesheets, cost reporting, visual reports, and so on.

  • Optimum – $6.99 per user per month 

The second subscription that you get to enjoy with Time Analytics is Optimum. It features every single facility of the Starter pack. In addition, you have email reminders, fully customized onboarding, time billing, and profit reporting capabilities.

Both these plans are offered with a 14-day trial that you can avail of without providing your credit card details.

Pros and Cons of Time Analytics


  • Powerful encryption is used
  • Backups are taken-up regularly
  • No data access to 3rd party tools and resources
  • Identifies the money leaks in the organization
  • You can calculate work hours, utilization, revenue, cost, and profit in the reports directly
  • Enough guides and technical support are offered


  • The integration profile is not that impressive
  • More subscription choices are always welcomed

Summary: Clockify vs. Time Analytics – Which One Is Best?

From this detailed Clockify review and its comparison with Time Analytics, we can easily determine that both solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. As an end-user, you need to reap the benefits from both tools and avoid loopholes as much as possible.

You should go for Clockify when you need a time-tracking or management tool that you can access on all devices and browser types. Its app and browser support is amazing. You also get a Kiosk app that works on all devices.

Time Analytics is the best pick when you need standard and sufficient time tracking features at an affordable cost. Its Starter Subscription is packed with advanced features, which is not the case with Clockify.

Getting Started With Time Analytics

Time Analytics is an easy-to-use tool. You need to present your email and password details to get started with the tool. You can also sign up directly using your Gmail account.

Once you provide these details, you have to provide your company details.

Provide that detail, and your 14-day trial will be activated. Next, you will be directed to the Dashboard.

Access Reports, track time, create teams, and do whatever you want to do from the Dashboard.

Final Say

Clockify is a great way to track time and work hours within a team. It can help you manage multiple projects at a time, but it’s definitely not the best in the market – especially at the cost it comes at. You must be aware of an alternative like Time Analytics. Time Analytics delivers more in terms of cost. You can do a lot more with the Starter subscription. This GDPR-compliant time-tracking solution is worth a try.

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