Clockify vs Hubstaff – Which tool is for you?

Clockify vs Hubstaff – Which tool is for you?

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
March 3, 2023

Are you looking for a time tracking platform that seamlessly integrates your requirements? 

A tool capable of tracking working hours across multiple projects.

An app capable of supporting growing businesses with the right level of automation.

If you answered in the “Positive”, you are definitely on the right track.

However, there is a little problem, which pops up in the form of endless alternatives.

Sitting on the top of everyone’s minds is “Clockify” and “Hubstaff” – two apps that offer similar deliverables. With this in mind, we are on a mission to dissect these tools to help you make your pick.

Clockify vs Hubstaff at a Glance

Let us begin by understanding what Clockify and Hubstaff have on offer. 

Clockify is a free time tracking app that helps track work hours across different projects. The best part about this app is that it is “forever free.”

With a decent level of centralization, Clockify allows its users to measure employee productivity, track project-wise progress, and consolidate reporting and administrative work.

Hubstaff, on the other hand, is a cloud-based time tracking software that integrates well with third-party tools.

Activity monitoring, automated payroll, real-time tracking, invoicing, and scheduling are some of Hubstaff’s top-notch features.

Making a decision still feels difficult? Let’s draw comparisons for improved clarity.

hubstaff vs clockify

Clockify Overview

Clockify is a free time tracking tool used by millions to date. With this tool, you can track work hours across multiple projects. 

You can do so by using a timer or manually logging hours in the timesheet. Clockify is usable by unlimited users.

This app helps to track productivity, attendance, and billable hours using a simplified time tracker and timesheet. Additionally, it boasts a user-friendly interface.

Irrespective of your team size, you can use this app without paying a single cent.

Features of Clockify:

Let us now look at some of Clockify’s highlight features.

Time Tracking:

Clockify is for teams looking for basic time tracking support free of investment. You can get started on this app by switching on and off the timer or manually logging in the working hours.

The dashboard is such that it allows one-click tracking. The next step involves marking hours as billable. 

This app allows time tracking for pre-defined activities, monitors attendance and time-off requests, generates employee timesheets, and streamlines the workflow taking support from tools and software integrations.

Productivity Monitoring:

Businesses ride on profits to achieve which employee productivity becomes mandatory.  

This app prevents wrongful productivity recording by sending out idle time pop-ups, which, if gone unnoticed, makes the deletion possible.

Next comes the GPS Tracker that captures employee location, thus proving helpful for remote teams.

For improved focus, steps in the in-built Pomodoro timer that assists with breaking down work hours to boost concentration.


In terms of reporting, Clockify is a ten on ten for the several reports it produces. The filter helps segregate reports based on the user, client, project, and time range. These eventually become usable in the future.

Popular reports on this app include:

  • Summary Report
  • Detailed Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Assignment Report
  • Expense Report
  • Labor cost and Profits report (available in the paid plan)

Pros of Clockify:

Boosts Productivity

Time management is a difficult skill to master. That’s where Clockify comes to the rescue of its users by tracking time spent on different activities. This app smartly captures “wasted time” too.

For instance, the auto tracker on this app helps record time spent on different apps and websites you use. 

Clockify’s ability to remain operative from any device and integrate swiftly with platforms like Gmail and Trello further ups its productivity-boosting capabilities.

Improves Team Management

Once you start using Clockify, you will notice how efficiently this app 

  • Records time spent by team members on individual projects
  • The logged activity of each member
  • Time investment in every project

With this in place, organizing processes, prioritizing tasks, resolving internal conflicts, and attaining clarity on shared goals becomes possible.

Streamlines Processes

Clockify provides its users a clear snapshot of areas where the team may be experiencing downfall and clarifies ad-hoc requests, workload distribution, and cost capitalization.

Information on these lines helps to streamline processes, thus eliminating work duplication and resource wastage.

Use this  Clockify vs  Timely comparison to find the right tool for you.

Cons of Clockify:

Absence of Shift Scheduling

Clockify should help if you wish to manage your team member’s shift schedules

Hence, you will find it difficult to align schedules with fluctuating needs and save your workforce time and energy.

Integration Issues with Payroll Providers

For organizations looking to sync time tracking with payroll providers, Clockify’s software will not be able to help.

Lack of Value Add

If you want to work around Clockify’s free version, you will have difficulty exploring the advanced features, which in some cases, may be mandatory.

Price Plans of Clockify

If you are looking to invest in Clockify, you get to choose between 4 independent plans. Here’s what the pricing division looks like

  • Basic – $3.99 per user per month
  • Standard – $5.49 per user per month
  • Pro – $7.99 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $11.99 per user per month

You can find more information about Clockify pricing here.

Hubstaff Overview

Are you feeling burdened by productivity panic?

It’s time to heave a sigh of relief by turning to Hubstaff – a team-empowering app.

With this app, you can increase organizational transparency and receive real-time productivity insights.

With its mobile, web, and desktop applications, team members can keep an eye on their to-dos while tracking time spent on every project.

Taking a bird’s eye view would mean getting your hands on a workforce management platform to skyrocket your business numbers.

Features of Hubstaff:

Let us now look at some of Hubstaff’s highlight features.

Time Tracking:

Working around Hubstaff is easy and seamless with its minimalistic and intuitive user interface. All it takes is “one-click” to track time on this app.

It is also easy to switch between different projects and view and create tasks as a subset of the parent project.

The best part, however, is the adjustable idle timeout settings, which prevent employees from billing for work hours when the timer was mistakenly left on.

Productivity Monitoring:

Activity and productivity management is one area where Hubstaff stands out as a clear winner. 

This becomes possible as this app tracks the percentage of time employees spend interacting with the keyboard and mouse.

Keep viewing the Activity section on the dashboard every 10 minutes, and you will continue to receive fresh updates.


Reporting, in general, is an in-depth affair that Hubstaff holistically resonates with.

This app provides 30 distinctive reports across areas like time tracking, activity, invoicing, and attendance. Unique reports related to project budgets and job site visits further add value to the process of app-based reporting. 

You can export these reports to spreadsheets and PDF files if you’d so like.

Pros of Hubstaff:

Improved Mobile Functionality

Hubstaff is your go-to to explore mobile team management while taking the same to the next level.

The app’s mobile version auto-starts and stops using geofenced job sites.

Tracking time and location, viewing timesheets, managing schedules, exploring reports, and checking on the field teams using the GPS Tracking feature comes as a comprehensive package in this app.

Effective Time Off Management

One area that Hubstaff takes care of right from scratch is time off management. It is possible to initiate use by requesting time off within the app, which the manager can easily approve or reject.

Ultimate consolidation helps access the time earned for every hour, add holidays, and keep a track of annual time off balances.

Multi-device Support

If you are considering working with Hubstaff, you do not have to worry about the compatibility of this app.

Hubstaff works well with MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android. Alternatively, you can also; explore the web app or give the Chrome extension a shot.

Cons of Hubstaff:

Employee Spying

In some cases, Hubstaff might prove counterproductive, as employees might feel spied on. An atmosphere of distrust may build between the team members and the manager.

This may demotivate employee and further pull down productivity levels.

Time-consuming setup

Working around Hubstaff may seem easy. However, the initiation process is somewhat tedious and time-consuming. For some, this may seem a turn-off.

Need for Premium Plan

Those of you looking for client and project budget tracking, will have to invest in a premium plan to use Hubstaff to your benefit. 

Price Plans of Hubstaff

Are you looking for the basics? If yes, you can settle for the free plan.

If you are open to exploring the paid plans, you have 3 choices

  1. Desk Starter $5.83 per user per month
  2. Desk Pro $8.33 per user per month
  3. Enterprise with 100% customization 

You can find more information about Hubstaff pricing here.

Clockify vs Hubstaff – Time Tracking  


Clockify is a basic, free time-tracking app that includes timer and manual logging for working hours. This well-organized app adds custom task tables, which help the user in setting priorities. The upgraded version offers basic GPS features and a live map to keep a check on the team’s whereabouts.


Hubstaff on the other hand helps in tracking time in one click, aids in easily switching between different projects, and creating sub-tasks for the parent project. This tool boasts of a clean, intuitive interface that makes moving between devices possible without losing a second of tracked time. GPS Features make it easy to track locations and accordingly structure payments of the construction and landscaping teams.

Clockify vs Hubstaff – Productivity Monitoring

There are vivid differences in terms of productivity monitoring between Clockify and Hubstaff. 


Clockify does wonders in tracking time spent on various activities, apps, and websites along with the wasted time that isn’t serving any of the core functions. It captures screenshots to derive the time employees spend on their to-do lists. 


Hubstaff on the other hand offers real-time updates every 10 minutes, which are calculated based on employee interaction with the mouse and keyboard.

Clockify vs Hubstaff – Reporting

Reporting is another crucial area where both Clockify and Hubstaff come handy to users but in different ways. 


Clockify provides distinct reports and in-built filters for category-wise segregation. Overall, this app marks decent reporting capabilities comprising a helpful dashboard, summary time reports, detailed time reports, and weekly timesheet reports.


Hubstaff makes available 30 reports, which can be exported into spreadsheets and PDF files. These reports pertain to areas like that of time tracking, activity, invoicing and attendance.

Clockify vs Hubstaff – What should you choose?

hubstaff vs toggl


Clockify vs Hubstaff – Summary

Now that we have looked at the various offerings Clockify and Hubstaff bring to the table, it’s time to roll out a clear snapshot.

If you are looking to use a time tracking tool free of cost, Hubstaff is a good place to start.

Secondly, the purpose of choosing a time tracking software matters too. If streamlining workflows and improving productivity is the priority, Clockify is for.

Contrary to this, if you want your business to multiply and have remote and field service teams to handle, Hubstaff makes a safe spot for you.

In the end, it all comes down to which tool you find comfort working around.

Do you wish to look beyond Clockify and Hubstaff?

Time Analytics time tracking

Let us now; explore another hot-selling alternative that makes time tracking easy without losing billable hours. The Time Analytics tool it is.

This is your tool if you are looking to manage timers and draw conclusive proof around the cost, profit, and time matrix.

Would you mind guessing the best part? Free from unnecessary employee spying, screenshots, and clock-in-clock-outs, which helps respect employee privacy and build a strong team. 

Time Tracking

With this tool, you can track both your team’s work hours and organizational costs.

In fact, time tracking with this tool is a cakewalk, all thanks to its user-friendly interface.

All it takes is a single click to track time across various projects. It is equally efficient in managing all time entries.

Time Analytics allows cost automation and sets necessary billing and pay rates for the team.

billable time tracking app

Productivity Monitoring

Time Analytics coincides with the needs of anyone looking to monitor and boost employee productivity.

This tool makes productivity achievable by:

  • Keeping a check on billable and non-billable work
  • Reviewing Employee Time Utilization
  • Tracking overtime and unused time
  • Eliminating unproductive behavior
  • Optimizing the usage of team resources


Time reporting-Time Analytics

With Time Analytics’ Reporting Resourcefulness, organizations can track project profitability of individual projects.

This tool’s reporting feature can help you

  • Track billable hours and improve billing efficiency
  • Identify missing profits
  • Derive profitability of every project and client
  • Get rid of micro-management
  • Continue to update client fees and terms of contract

Price Plans of Time Analytics

Time analytics pricing

  • Time Analytics is available under two paid plans – Starter and Optimum
  • The Starter Plan costs $4.99 per user per month, and the Optimum Plan costs $6.99 per user per month
  • Starter Plan is ideal for teams, and individuals looking to reduce admin work but enjoy unlimited user, client, and project access
  • Optimum Plan is suitable for clients looking to increase profitability, introduce transparency and accuracy


Clockify vs Hubstaff vs Time Analytics

It’s Verdict Time. 

If you are looking to consider Clockify you must know overall  its a value-driven bet, suitable for Unlimited Users. You can get started with the Basic Plan priced  $3.99 per user per month. This one’s suitable for small and medium businesses looking for a full-featured app.

Those of you considering Hubstaff. This is perfect for Employee Time Tracking with Solid Employee Monitoring Features. Get started with the Free or Basic Plan priced  $5.83 per user per month. Suitable for businesses looking to improve overall team productivity.

Time Analytics is undoubtedly a Superior Time Tracking Solution.  This app helps with in and out tracking of every activity. The Basic Plan priced  $4.99 per user per month. Suitable for businesses looking to streamline processes

If you wish to settle for a more rounded time tracking solution, your search should end with Time Analytics.

You can always begin with the free trial and eventually upgrade to a suitable plan.

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