Clockify vs Timely: Which is Best for You?

Clockify vs Timely: Which is Best for You?

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
February 20, 2023

Are you wondering about Clockify vs Timely? If you want to learn the differences, pros, and cons of the two platforms, you’re in the right place.

Both applications offer time tracking as their primary function.

However, the approach they take toward this goal is quite different.

Both solutions are an improvement of the traditional time tracking methods.

You will not have to use paper timesheets or Excel tables anymore. Thus, you will avoid the problems they bring.

We recommend taking the time to learn more about the software you’ll be using. It should reflect your company’s policies and employee expectations

Clockify vs Timely at a Glance

timely vs clockify

Clockify Overview

Clockify is a time tracking and project management solution. The platform focuses on improving employee productivity.

The platform utilizes timesheets as a time tracking method. Then, it uses the information provided in the timesheets to report on employee productivity and the way every team member utilizes their time.

The app allows users to track billable and non-billable hours. This addition helps the business create accurate invoices and calculate the profit.


Time Tracking with Clockify

As we’ve previously stated, the platform relies on timesheets. However, there are two methods to fill those timesheets in.

The methods are

  • Manual
  • Automatic

The first method allows users to enter all required data by hand. The second uses an automatic timer with a simple Start/Stop system for each task.

Employees’ tasks are shown in a list, with each task connected to its respective project and task.

clockify for consultants

The Employee Monitoring Policy

Clockify has multiple features that monitor employees.

  • Keystroke tracking
  • Mouse activity monitoring
  • Tracking applications and websites used during the day
  • Sign-in kiosk
  • Idle time detection
  • Optional screenshots

Thus, the application gives information on the employees’ activity in great detail. Hence, you need to be aware of the probable hostility towards the software.

The application detects the time the employees aren’t actively typing on their computers. The team members have the option to edit or remove idle time entries.

Clockify’s Integrations

The platform is aware of the importance of different software solutions working well together. Hence, it offers integrations with different business platforms.

The options include

  • Synchronizing employee calendars via Google Calendar
  • Communicating with other team members and sharing files with them through Microsoft Teams
  • Tracking time against other productivity tools like Zendesk
  • Seeing the progress of their projects and receiving new tasks through different project management tools
  • Integrating with other software solutions via Zendesk

Clockify Project Management Features

Besides being able to integrate dedicated project management solutions, Clockify has its own PM features.

Team leaders and other authorized users can create projects and tasks. They ensure each project is connected to its respective client. Hence, the time and funds needed for different tasks are allocated to them.

There are two types of projects

  • Private projects are visible to the employees connected to them
  • Public projects are visible to all team members


There are three kinds of reports you can receive through Clockify.

  • Summary reports present all time entries created within a specified period. All expenses are available, as well as time utilization
  • Expense reports show all expenses. You can filter them per project, client, and team member
  • Assignment reports list the tracked hours for the entire team. You can compare employee engagement and productivity by going through them

Pros and Cons of Clockify (G2)

clockify pros and cons

You can read here more about Clockify alternatives.

Timely Overview

Timely is a time tracking solution with a high level of automation. The application is meant to run in the background with little to no interaction from the employees.

Simultaneously, Timely has a policy that strongly opposes employee monitoring. In other words, the platform takes care of safety and privacy issues.

The application is available on multiple devices and synchronizes across them. Hence, the team members don’t have to worry about their data.

Time Tracking with Timely

The platform allows the employees to do their work uninterrupted, as it tracks activity automatically. this makes it a great solution for industries and positions with a plethora of smaller tasks.

Timely collects information on the webpages and applications the users interact with. Based on this information, it creates timesheets containing that information.

The timesheets are completely private, and the employees can submit them when they’re ready to do so.

Timely and Employee Monitoring

As you can deduce, the level of monitoring is quite high. The application makes records of

  • used applications
  • visited websites

using them to create timesheet entries.

the platform’s designers were aware of the possibility that many employees wouldn’t be too happy with this level of observation.

That is why employee privacy is one of the most important principles of the software, as we’ve already mentioned.

Timely’s Integrations

Timely has two options when it comes to integrations.

  • Direct integrations with different apps
  • Using Memory (Timely’s mother company) to keep track of time in other applications

The integrations themselves include project management solutions like Asana and Jira. Collaboration through tools including Microsoft Teams and Slack is possible as well. You can even receive payments via Stripe directly.

There are other useful integrations. Invoicing services will help you create accurate appendices for your clients.

Project Management in Timely

Timely also allows users to plan for the future period. You can create a list of tasks and have all activities in the near future listed and ready for an overview.

You can set up the priority of each task and adjust it when necessary.

Besides task lists and overviews, Timely also offers

  • Project health tracking
  • Budgeting

So you can be sure you’re delivering your projects on time and profiting from them.


Timely has an entire dashboard dedicated to reports. the reports can be shared and deleted from these dashboards.

Authorized users can create reports from scratch by customizing and filtering the information they want to see. These include

  • Time frames
  • Users
  • Clients and projects

The reports show billed and unbilled hours, and tags to help you filter even further. Additionally, you can choose the visuals you want for your charts as well.

Timely – Pros and Cons (g2)

Timely pros and cons

Time Tracking Comparison

The biggest difference between Clockify vs Timely is the way they collect data.

Clockify requires constant interaction with the tracker. This opens the door to human error. On the other hand, Timely collects data automatically and with no interruptions.

The verdict should be on Timely’s side after a glance. Yet, it is important to remember that computer error is frequent as well. In other words, you may get the wrong information due to automation.

To conclude, both platforms require a degree of human interaction to make sure you’re being as accurate as possible in your time tracking process.

If you aren’t sure about the optimal solution for your needs, pay close attention to your staff. The important factors are

  • The average age of the employees
  • Their willingness to learn
  • Your industry (frequency and scope of the tasks)

Clockify vs Timely – Employee Monitoring

In contrast to the previous feature, Clockify is the application with a higher level of monitoring.

Even though both apps track employee activity, Timely keeps the information private. On the other hand, Clockify goes a step further in its monitoring policy and allows optional screenshots.

That is to say, Clockify relies on timesheets, but still offers a more thorough insight into the employees’ activity. In contrast, Timely doesn’t allow any spying but automatizes the tracking process.

Project Management Feature Comparison

Both platforms have solid project management features. They allow for the creation, allocation, and monitoring of the projects and their health.

Reports of Clockify vs Timely

Both platforms deliver reports based on the data they collect. However, Timely has a more customizable approach to the activity. You can create more reports, and decide which information to include in them. The visual aspect of the reports is also more customizable.

Clockify vs Timely -Pricing


Time Analytics – an Alternative

Time Analytics can be a good alternative to both time tracking platforms we’ve introduced in this article. It is an intuitive solution, accessible to any user – no matter their computer prowess.

We are aware of the different needs of each business. Hence, we’ve decided to go with a simple, lightweight, but still accurate tracking style.

The interface of the application is extremely intuitive, allowing users to track their time in a few minutes.

The software is customizable and can fulfill the needs of organizations of all sizes. Among other features, it offers

  • Overtime and time off tracking
  • Time off request management
  • Adjustable billing rates

Time Analytics and Time Tracking

Time Analytics relies on employee-filled timesheets. There are two ways to create time entries

  • Manual entry
  • Using an automatic timer

The team members can keep their unfinished tasks in a favorites list, or create them from scratch.

Again, all entries are connected to specific projects and clients. That means the time and expenses are allocated automatically. They can later be used as proof of work and sent as an invoice appendix.

The automatic time tracker allows higher precision when measuring time against specific tasks. Turning the timer on and off is simple, and requires a single click.

Time Analytics and Employee Monitoring

The platform is firmly against any monitoring method that could put an employee’s personal data in danger. In other words, there is no

  • Idle time detection
  • Screenshots
  • Keystroke or keyboard activity measuring
  • Monitoring employee device use

On the other hand, the employees can increase transparency in their own way. Namely, they can measure their overtime. This is an effective way to understand which employees are struggling with their workload.

Alternatively, there is also a time off request system. The employees can submit their requests and the managers will approve them. Again, this helps transparency, as the team will be able to manage time depending on the available manpower.

Manage Projects and Teams with Time Analytics

Time off management helps all companies using Time Analytics avoid overwork and subsequent burnout.

Tracking time off is a feature employees can use to enter their planned time off. On the other hand, the managers can see the requests. In other words, you can manage time off completely through the app.

This feature allows all users more transparency and a much easier shift planning and scheduling.

Time Analytics’ Reports

The platform offers a multitude of client, project, and employee-related reports. Here are some examples:

  • Track key performance indicators related to your business, industry, and company size
  • Profit generation reports will show you the service lines and projects that bring you the most profit
  • Billability reports prevent any company from missing any billable hours
  • Client reports indicate the quality of your contracts and jobs, helping you negotiate new terms
  • Overtime reports show which employees or teams are overwhelmed and help you pay them accordingly

As you can see, the reports cover all important aspects of a business.

They come as graphics that show the most important trends even at a casual glance. Their goal is to help you get rid of unprofitable contracts and clients while increasing your profit.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

The platform offers two payment plans.

The Starter is priced at $5.99 per user per month and includes

  • Time tracking
  • Daily and weekly views for timesheets
  • Time off and overtime tracking
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Performance dashboard
  • Visual reports
  • Data import

On the other hand, the Optimum plan costs $8.45 per user per month. It includes all features from the Starter with the addition of

  • Invoicing assistant
  • Revenue and profit reporting
  • Customized onboarding
  • Email reminders

Both pricing options come with a 14-day free trial.

To Wrap Things Up

Clockify and Timely are some of the most popular time tracking software solutions on the market. Their features differ vastly when it comes to the time tracking method itself, as well as employee monitoring.

You should keep in mind that strict monitoring isn’t a popular option with employees. this is true since harsh monitoring options indicate a lack of trust on the employer’s side.

Hopefully, our review helped you decide on the winner of the Clockify vs Timely match.

We have also given you a third option – Time Analytics. The platform is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t require any training, or high computer skills.


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Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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