5 Foolproof Tricks To Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

5 Foolproof Tricks To Increase Your Employee’s Productivity

December 8, 2022

Running a successful business depends on your employees’ productivity.

While it might seem hard to increase productivity while creating a passionate and compassionate team culture, creating a good team environment that gives your employees what they need is crucial if you want to boost their productivity.

From team culture and proper tech, such as NICE’s software for customer experience, to improved management practices and diversified workspaces, giving your employees the technology, space, culture, and inspiration to work better can boost productivity levels through the roof.

If you feel like it’s time for a company change, check out these top 5 tricks to increase employee productivity.

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1. Diversify Workspaces

One of the most important ways to improve employee productivity is to encourage a safe and diversified work area.

This not only means creating diversity and celebrating differences in the company, but it also means giving your employees the right spaces to do their work correctly.

For example, if you offer a product or a service, have a space where your employees welcome or interact with customers, manage, or conduct production, plan future work, or do work evaluations.  

It’s important to have a break room where employees can focus on their own tasks when they’re not working in a collaborative space.

Having collaborative workspaces and private workspaces will let your employees work together or focus on getting their own tasks done.

If they have a dedicated personal workspace, they won’t have to waste time trying to carve out a space to do the work that they need to do.

In the same way, there should be an appropriate public space to greet visitors rather than bringing them back to a behind-the-scenes workspace for meetings.

Highlighting and rewarding diversity can help your employees celebrate their differences and be able to focus on collaborative work and personal productivity.

2. Give Your Employees Cross-Training and Development

It’s no secret that your employees need hard skills and proper training to succeed at their jobs.

When they start their job, employees should get the training that they need to do their work.

Don’t stop at initial training, either.

Regularly update your employee training with outside learning sessions, and cross-training, and give them a voice in letting you know what works and what doesn’t in the workplace.

Many small businesses function with employees wearing many hats.

This is great in terms of cross-training since your employees gain diverse skillset.

When your employees are well prepared to do multiple different jobs, this can develop their confidence to make them more effective employees.

3. Give Them the Right Technology

When your employees don’t have the right tools to do their job properly, this will result in plummeting productivity.

According to a recent poll, 56% of employees think that their company doesn’t give them the right technology that they need to do their job effectively.

This is a problem in smaller companies which often can’t afford to buy new technology or advanced equipment. This can include mobile devices that can make payments easier, faster, and more secure or cloud computing that reduces capital costs by letting you pay just for resources you use instead of buying an entire software license package.

Giving your employees the right technology is a big step towards helping them succeed in getting the job done.

4. Encourage Team Collaboration and Positive Culture

Your company culture can make or break productivity.

That’s because company culture includes a company’s goals and vision, the work environment, and how people support or interact with each other. According to recent research, teamwork and team building are one of the biggest reasons behind employee productivity.

Improve productivity by encouraging people to work hard together.

When people are pulling together to help reach a goal, they will work harder, support, encourage, and communicate with each other.

A positive and collaborative team culture creates good work habits and helps each employee support each other’s productivity levels.

5. Set Goals and Avoid Micromanaging

People who have an achievable goal will boost their productivity.

Setting goals for your employees and then analyzing their performance can increase self-motivation.

Set up a system where employees can monitor and track their own performance.

That way, they can see whether they’re being productive or not, and have a measurable way to improve performance and reach target goals.

Setting and reaching goals can help build employees’ confidence and enable them to believe that they can succeed.

One of the biggest things that can derail employee productivity is micromanaging.

Even if you think that closely monitoring your team will help them work harder, feeling watched and controlled will have the opposite effect.

Instead of micromanaging, try giving your employees the freedom to control their own workflow, tasks, and activities.

This will help people feel happier and give them more independence which results in increased productivity.

Final Thoughts

Getting your employees’ productivity on track can seem tricky. At the core, it’s also simple.

Happy employees give back more, while low productivity levels can signal that your employees aren’t thriving or don’t have the things that they need to give work their best effort. Give people the encouragement and support, the tools that they need, and the right environment to do it in.

This will help keep employees from checking out and sleepwalking through the day or even walking off the job.

Humans aren’t machines. Cr

anking up employee productivity should be done through leadership and support rather than through fear of losing their jobs. Take feedback from the voices around you.

Try to implement some positive changes where it’s possible and watch your employees revolutionize their productivity levels that impact your bottom line. 

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