Everhour Pricing, Packages & Plans 2024

Everhour Pricing, Packages & Plans 2024

February 12, 2023

Everhour is a time tracking tool that helps you to manage your team’s time. It helps in creating reports, tracking employee performance and other important metrics.

Everhour can be used for both personal and professional projects. The tool has many features that make it ideal for both types of users.

Here are some of the features that make Everhour one of the best time tracking tools:

Time Tracking: Track your time with an unlimited number of projects and tasks. Use multiple timers at once if you have more than one project going at once.

Invoicing: Create invoices from your tracked time data in just a few clicks. Set up recurring billing so you don’t have to do anything every month but sit back and collect money!

Reporting & Analytics: Get instant access to detailed reports showing how much money you’ve earned from each client as well as how much time was spent on each project or task for each client over a specified period of time (e.g., last week).

Everhour Pricing  Plans

An overview of three diverse plans:

everhour pricing

Free Everhour Plan

Free plan is limited for up to 5 users and include following features and benefits:

  • Time Tracking — Start and stop your timer as you work on projects, or enter your work hours manually.
  • Unlimited time tracking entries
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited reports
  • Exporting reports
  • Adding time for others
  • Export reports
  • Web app and  browser extension
  • iOS app available

What is not included in Free plan?

If Free plan you can’t track time per clients, make time budgeting or schedule email reports. Support team will not give the priority to the free plan users. Besides there are some other features that are not allowed in free plan:

  • Invoicing
  • Reminders
  • Billable rates, costs, profit
  • Lock time entries at certain rules
  • Reminders
  • Schedule reports via email
  • API is not available

Lite Everhour plan

This plan starts at $ 6 per user per month.

Still, the minimum fee applied is $12 per month, even if you are solo user. The plan is limited for up to 10 users and include everything in the Free plan stated above plus:

  • Clients — Time tracking for each client
  • Billable rates, costs, and profit — Set your budgets in hours or money, based on the billable rates of your employees
  • Invoicing — Easily create an invoice based on tracked time and expenses.
  • Reminders — Make sure your team doesn’t forget to log their work time with handy reminders to track time.
  • Time budgeting
  • Lock time entries at certain rules
  • Schedule reports via email
  • Integrations: Trello, Todoist, Notion
  • Fast and responsive support
  • Available API

What is not included in Lite plan?

  • Time off tracking
  • Time cards review
  • Expenses tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Time approval

Team Everhour plan

This plan starts at $10 per user per month. The minimum fee applied is $50 per month (minimum 5 users). The plan includes everything in the Lite plan stated above plus following benefits:

  • Unlimited users
  • Time approval — Allow project managers and administrators to review and approve timesheets for other team members.
  • Time cards — calculate overtime working hoursand include them in the payroll
  • Time off — Track vacations, sick leaves, and any other PTO types
  • Expenses — Track business expense and see the actual budget status
  • Optional screenshots — See all your generated screenshots when you open Everhour web app.
  • Single Sign-on
  • Integrations: Clickup, Monday.com, Asana, Jira, GitHub, GitLab

Although Everhour is an all-in-one tool for project management and time tracking, if you need to track the hours of multiple employees in your team over a long period of time, then Everhour might not be the ideal solution for you. While Everhour is a great tool, there are a few cons to using it.

It doesn’t allow you to assign different projects to different users within one account.

Also, hours aren’t easily accessible by clients because they have no access to their own data unless they pay extra fees for custom features like reports or exports

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right tool for your needs, or else you may find yourself wasting time with a tool that doesn’t fit your or your team’s needs.

Pricing FAQ

What is the trial period purpose?

When you sign up, you get a fully-functional account for 2 weeks, which gives you access to everything Everhour has to offer. After 14 days, you will need to pick a plan and enter your credit card details.

Can I change my plan later?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. You will be credited for the remainder of your current plan and charged for your new plan when you upgrade

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa, Discover Network, American Express, Diners Club International or JCB logo.

Which currency will I be charged in?

We charge you in US dollars. However, the debit currency depends on your card and your bank.

Interested in an Everhour alternative?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Everhour, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of other time tracking apps out there that provide similar features but at a much cheaper price than Everhour.

One such tool is Time Analytics.

Time Analytics is tool that relies on simple time tracking, detailed reports and timesheets.

Time Analytics time tracking

The tool provides business owners and managers with an overview of their entire operation in a simple yet effective way. It doesn’t only provide information on who worked on which project for how long, but delivers clear and accurate reports that can help any business thrive.

There are many reasons why you might want to track your time with Time Analytics:

  • Know how much you spend on different projects and tasks
  • Know when you’re working, or if your employees are working
  • Find out if you’re spending too much time on administrative tasks
  • Track your productivity per project, task, or client

Time Analytics Pricing

Time Analytics offer two different pricing plans.

Time analytics pricing

Starter plan

This plan is best for teams or individuals that want to cut down admin work and get more productivity or billable hours. Features and benefits:

  • Unlimited users, clients, and projects.
  • Tracking time on projects and clients: Use a time clock or manually enter entries
  • Daily and weekly timesheets: Keeping track of your employees’ time is a great way to improve productivity. Time can be tracked by task, project, and client
  • Paid time off tracking: Schedule and shifts will allow your team members to enjoy their time off.
  • Billing and pay rates
  • Roles and permissions: Admin, Manager, Typical user
  • Assign teammates to managers
  • Assign clients to managers
  • Utilization and overtime tracking
  • Automatic cost allocation: The timesheet calculator automatically allocates all generated costs to clients and projects.
  • Performance dashboard: You can evaluate your ROI much more effectively with a unified reporting dashboard
  • Data import and export
  • Support: 24 hours e-mail support, in-app chat, 50+ written tutorials


This plan is ideal for companies interested in increasing profitability across projects and clients. With this package you can create more transparency and accuracy in working with clients. Features and benefits:

  • Everything in Starter plan
  • Invoicing (Time Billing):Ensure that all tasks and services are suitable for billing, and prepare a transparent invoice appendix
  • Revenue and profit reporting: Receive accurate reports on your key metrics, and top performers
  • Email reminders
  • Customized onboarding


Time Analytics Pricing FAQ

Will I be charged when my free trial period expires?

No. Our policy doesn’t require credit card information during the trial. You will only have to pay a fee once you decide to purchase a plan.

Can I use Time Analytics for free after the expiration of the trial?

Yes. Time Analytics gives its users additional 14 days of free trial once the initial period expires. Then you will need to choose a paid plan to continue using the platform.

How to calculate the license cost?

Time Analytics charges by the active member. Thus, you can calculate the total cost by multiplying the number of active users by the price per user per month stated in the pricing plan.

How do you count users for the purpose of billing?

Only the users marked as Enabled are billed for. You can mark any user as Disabled without losing their data. You can disable users no longer working at the company, or users who don’t need to track their time.

What is the difference between paying monthly or annually?

We offer monthly and annual licenses. The main difference between the two is the pricing. Additionally, the yearly plan entails a single invoice and payment, while the monthly plan is charged each month.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely, we take data security seriously at Time Analytics. Our servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by 24-hours surveillance and we ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches.


We’ve covered a lot in this post, but we hope you’re now able to make a more informed decision about whether or not Everhour is right for you. But if anything, this post should serve as an important reminder: take time to research each tool before investing time and money into it, so that you can be sure that any new tool is really worth using.


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