Everhour vs Toggl: Which is Right for You?

Everhour vs Toggl: Which is Right for You?

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
July 5, 2023

Everhour and Toggl are some of the most prominent names in the world of time trackers. While there are many other tools, Everhour and Toggle provide similar features, but each has a twist. However, despite their similar working nature, there’s a good amount of difference between both software.

Choosing the right time tracking tool requires a deep understanding of the systems, principles, and concepts that these products have. Moreover, as a business owner, employee, or freelancer, you must also understand how these tools will affect your work or company.

Hence, in this blog, we’re covering Everhour vs. Toggle.

Everhour vs. Toggl at a Glance

Everhour vs. Toggl

Everhour Overview

Everhour is a popular time tracking pool with unique features like real-time data and reports. The integration options are quite diverse, and integration itself is seamless.

It features free time tracking software and timesheets. Moreover, while Everhour is a great team-tracking software, it isn’t cut out for field operations.

Why? Due to its buggy mobile applications, the little lag makes it a bit difficult to use for teams when they’re outside.

Besides, it has great visual planning features, the app is easy to use, the support is excellent, and the Pomodoro timer is exceptional.

Now let’s talk about the features that you get with Everhour.

Employee Time Tracking & Timesheets

Everhour is more than just a time tracker. It’s easy to use and supports many integration options. You also get mobile access and a time approval that managers can use to review and approve timesheets for the team members.

Moreover, with the timesheets, you can also view employee time spent and understand how much time a project is expected to take. Other time tracking and timesheet features include an auto-stop timer, reminders, and lock time editing.

  • Better quotes and estimates.
  • Project management features with profitability measuring.
  • Better team performance with reporting and invoicing.

Reporting and Expense Tracking

Report management is vital for any organization, and Everhour has easy-to-generate data, charts, and more, to take your business to the next level. With reporting, Everhour allows managers and administrators to make important decisions, make professional reports for clients, and work more transparently.

In the reporting toolkit, you get many tools like team timesheets, live dashboards, member profiles, project summaries, metadata, real-time sync, customization, and more.

  • Project Management: Create tasks, track time, and update the progress.
  • Reports: Create customizable reports and improve your trust with the clients.
  • Expense Tracking: See running costs, reimburse employees, and use costs in project budgets.

Shift Scheduling and Attendance Tracking

Employee scheduling is one of the most important features if your business is open for more than 10 hours daily. Sometimes, some employees have night shifts, and to track the seamless transition, you need a shift scheduling feature.

According to Everhour,  their software can work in various industries like restaurants, healthcare, call centers, construction, etc. However, due to the lag in their application, it is not the best tool for outside time tracking as it can be frustrating.

You can also track each employee’s attendance for efficiency and time offs.

  • Mobile Clock-in and Clock-out.
  • Attendance and payroll.
  • Time off.
  • Summary dashboard.

Pros and Cons of EverHour


  • Simple, intuitive, and insightful
  • Detailed reports by clients
  • Seamless invoicing
  • Great integration options


  • iOS mobile app can sometimes freeze
  • The mobile app is limited.
  • Fewer visuals
  • Sometimes errors in invoicing tools

Toggl Overview

Toggl is one of the most efficient team management and time-tracking tools. While Everhour does struggle with mobile time tracking, Toggl is as stable s they come. However, Toggl needs some features, like the lack of screenshots and other advanced features that Everhour provides.

Toggl is a great investment as a time-tracking tool, but it is quite expensive, coming off at $9/user/month. The only problem, aside from the lack of enough features I have with Toggl, is its slow nature and manual processing, which takes a lot of time. Here are some of the features that you get with Toggl.

Employee Time Tracking Features

Time Tracking is the strong forte of Toggl, allowing one-click time tracking syncs across multiple platforms. According to their reports, Toggl’s users gain up to a 25% increase in their billable hours after using the time tracking features.

Moreover, the software has 100+ integrations with the most popular tools like Notion, Slack, Salesforce, and more. Here are some of the time tracking features that Toggl offers.

  • Cross-platform apps.
  • Ideal tools for freelancers, agencies, professional services, and enterprise teams.
  • Worked with big companies like Amazon, Uber, LinkedIn, SAP, and more.

Reporting and Billing

Reporting is another area where Toggl works well. However, it’s not as advanced as EverHour. You still get great actionable insights from projects that managers can use to optimize the business’ workflow.

Using the powerful reporting features, you can also get ROI reports, earning per-client data, profitability projections, and much more. Regarding billing and invoicing, Toggl allows you to track billable reports and get the exact time every employee puts in for accurate billing.

Pros and Cons of Toggl


  • Decent reports and analytics.
  • 100+ integration options.
  • Friendly user-interface.
  • Plethora of labels to apply to track time.


  • Reports need to be clarified.
  • Tags are limited.
  • Expensive compared to many competitors.
  • The manual process takes a lot of time.

Everhour vs. Toggl: Reports Comparison

Even though Toggl has filtering and grouping options, it’s much more limited regarding reporting. Everhour allows you to create your version of reports and offers much deeper customization than Toggle.

Moreover, you can easily manipulate columns, filters, add or exclude specific information, change orders, and even apply various filters.

Everhour also contains multiple layout options so you can view the data in a much more user-friendly way. On the other hand, while Toggl is still an excellent time-tracking tool for reporting, it needs more depth than Everhour covers.

Everhour vs. Toggl: Integration Comparison

Integrations are the heart of any time-tracking tool, and both tools nail it. Firstly, let’s talk about Toggl. Considering the number of integration options available, Toggl wins because it supports over 100+ options.

However, Everhour has the cake regarding syncing, adding tags, sections, and other customization options. Both tools have their expertise here, with Toggl winning the numbers game and Everhour winning the customization game.

Time Analytics as an Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics is the perfect alternative to Everhour and Toggl as it lands between both applications. It lets you track your time easily and increase profitability with its reports and timesheet options.

Time Analytics comes at a much more affordable rate than Everhour and Toggl, making it perfect for startups, freelancers, and even big companies with many employees. You get one of the most user-friendly interfaces, so Time Analytics is perfect for businesses of any industry.

But how does it stack against Everhour and Toggl? Let’s find out.

Everhour and Toggl vs. Time Analytics: Time Tracking Comparison

Time Analytics has an all-in-one team track app built to cater to remote and hybrid work. Unlike Everhour, which can be used in on-field jobs, Time Analytics isn’t ideal to use in those situations. Its main expertise incorporates people working from home or the office.

Time Analytics allows one-click time tracking with strong reporting and analytics options. All three tools offer many time-tracking options, with Everhour having the most advanced ones. On the other hand, Toggl and Time Analytics have similar features, making them a great alternatives to each other.

Everhour and Toggl vs. Time Analytics: Timesheets Comparison

Time Analytics has a simple timesheets feature that aims to reduce admin tasks, help you understand the costs better, and allow you to focus on important things. It has advanced features like choosing a specific period and filters like employee name, project, tasks, client, notes, etc.

You can also choose between daily and weekly timesheets with Time Analytics. But that’s not where the feature ends. With Time Analytics, the biggest benefit is using a user-friendly interface. Timesheets are displayed in a way where they can be viewed, and anyone can understand using the bird’s eye view.

You can add, edit, filter, or remove a note so your employees or managers know something important. Moreover, Time Analytics is the perfect tool for reviewing the team’s activities and notes.

Everhour and Toggl also feature powerful timesheet features, but Everhour takes the cake for providing the most project management tools. Time Analytics is perfect for beginners new to time tracking, and Toggl is a great pick for freelancers and contractors.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

  • Starter: $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user per month


Everhour and Toggl are great tools for time tracking and project management. While both offer excellent time tracking features, project management features, online timesheets, and reporting, Everhour has a slight advantage regarding advanced options and customizability.

Moreover, Time Analytics is an affordable yet effective alternative to Everhour and Toggl as it provides all the time tracking and online timesheet features.

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