17 Most Popular Excel Employee Timesheet Templates

17 Most Popular Excel Employee Timesheet Templates

June 25, 2021

Time tracking is becoming increasingly important for all types of employers. That’s why there are timesheet templates to get you started in the right direction.

A timesheet is a method for recording the number of time workers spend working. This can be a simple clock in and clock out system for the day or tracking tasks that add up to a final project.

In this article you can get insight into hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly printable employee timesheet templates–all for free.  You can download, edit, customize and print all timesheet templates and models.

Free Employee Timesheet Templates

Having a real-time timesheet can be very useful for companies to generate complex project reports, PTO, and leaves based on hours spent, etc.Try our free printable timesheet templates–find the most efficient one for your business, and eliminate manual steps.

1. Daily Timesheet Template

Daily Timesheet Template

Record time for separate intervals of the day and get an overview of how you are spending your time. Daily printable timesheet templates contain information about work hours (regular and overtime ) per day. In addition, the timesheet includes vacation time, breaks, etc.

Once this data is logged, the total number of worked hours will be automatically calculated. This simple timesheet is ideal for small firms that need to quickly track the time of employees.

2. Simple Weekly timesheet template and Weekly Timesheet for Multiple Employees

Simple Weekly timesheet template and Weekly Timesheet for Multiple Employees

Calculate your work hours on a weekly basis.  The total number of working hours is calculated automatically, and all you have to do is enter your total work hours from Monday to Sunday. These can be used both by people who work on an hourly basis or on a part-time basis.

3. Biweekly Timesheet Template

Biweekly Timesheet Template

Use this printable timesheet template if you calculate employeehours on a biweekly basis.

4. Monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly Timesheet Template

A monthly timesheet template is ideal for firms that calculate employees’ worked hours and pay on a monthly basis.

If you are looking for a printable monthly timesheet that lets you input time clock in and clock out, download our template in Excel.

5. Hourly Timesheet Template

Hourly Timesheet Template

Make employee timekeeping simple with an hourly timesheet template. This template is designed for hourly employees as timesheets are needed on a daily basis. Work hours tracker is a best alternative for tracking hours on a daily basis. Easily track when employees clock in and clock out on a daily basis.

6. Detailed Free Employee Timesheet Template

Detailed Employee Timesheet Template

In addition to work hours, detailed timesheets also contain information such as employee’s cost rate, pieces of work performed, billable hours, non-billable hours, and more.

7. Project Timesheet Template

project free employee timesheet templates
A project-related timesheet template helps track project activities and hours. It contains data related to a specific project and usually represents indicators of project efficiency and profitability. You can describe specific tasks, and enter billable and non-billable hours. This type of timesheet can be used in organizations where billable hours need to be tracked for sending invoices to customers or where an employee’s time is tracked against projects.

8. Client Timesheet Template

Client Timesheet Template

Client-related timesheets provide data on hours spent on a specific engagement. They should provide data on billable and non-billable hours as well as billable rates. You can download our template of a client-related timesheet or try some of client timesheet tracking apps.

9. Timesheet Template for Multiple Employees

Timesheet Template for Multiple Employees

If you have multiple employees on your team, this simple timesheet is ideal for you. The timesheet is built specifically for organizations with multiple employees who are looking to keep track of hours and payroll. 

Use of an excel timesheet for more employees could be difficult when you need to make aggregated data. As result, in a case where there are more than five employees, the  timesheet app could be better solution.

10. Consultant Timesheet Template

Consultant Timesheet Template
The consultant’s timesheet template is used by entering information about the client’s project, work dates, tasks to be worked on, as well comments.

11. Timesheet Template with Tasks

Timesheet Template with Tasks

12. Time Card Template

Time Card Template

Time card contains records of the start and end times of the working day in order to calculate total worked hours. You’ll need to add more detailed data to the time card to calculate profitability.

13. Freelance Timesheet Template

Freelance Timesheet Template
Use this timesheet when you want to record information about the client’s project, work dates, tasks to work on, and client notes.

14. Timesheet Template in Google Sheets

The spreadsheet time tracking method involves entering the time you spend on tasks in a spreadsheet template. Google Sheets templates offers real-time collaboration between editors as well as different options for creating, updating, and sharing spreadsheets.

Download dailymonthlyweeklydetailedclient and projects Google Sheets templates here.

15. Simple Timesheet Template

simple free employee timesheet templates

Use this simple timesheet template if you want to track only the time your employees clocked in and out, and the total hours worked each day of the week.

16. Timesheet with Billing Rates

Timesheet with Billing Rates
The timesheet with billing rates will save you the hassle of making a timesheet from scratch each time. This timesheet template will make both monthly salaries and invoicing simpler.

17. Overtime Calculator

Overtime Calculator

This free overtime calculator reveals how much you will earn if you have to stay at work longer. It will calculate your overtime rate of pay based on your regular hourly rate using the OT multiplier.

Note that this value may vary in different countries and companies, so make sure to enter the correct multiplier in the overtime calculator.

Timesheet as a keeper of time and money

Did you know that multi-tasking without time-tracking decreases productivity to 35%?

Also, minor daily activities, like browsing the web, looking through your inbox, or trying to find that one document in a bunch of folders, can also be a thief of your time if you don’t properly record them.

So if you want to prevent burnout, and motivate your team to be more productive, timesheets may be the answer.

What type of timesheet exists?

Paper-based timesheet

Typically, data is recorded in tabular format to record hours worked at or for the company.

According to some research in the USA, in 2019, 38% of firms still use paper timesheets.

This is a worrying fact because managing the workforce with paper costs too much money and wastes too much time. Traditional paper-based timesheets are outdated and leave too much room for error.

Spreadsheet-Based Timesheets

This type of timesheet could be from  Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or a similar spreadsheet application to record employee hours manually.

Many managers are used to working with Excel rather than SaaS time tracking tools. The reason is that these timesheets are simple to use, and managers can use automated excel formulas to compute the total pay based on hourly rates and overtime work.

Online Timesheet Software

With the increasing use of working hours, asking employees to fill out paper timesheets is no longer the norm.

Today’s timesheet evolved from being more than just a time tracker.

Online timesheet software has multiple features to help you improve employee productivity, and it makes it easier for managers and employees to track employee work hours based on the easy entry of working hours for employees, and it’s easy for a manager to track results, costs, revenues, and profitability.

Employees can enter data online via a computer or mobile phone, which facilitates the use of working hours.

When does it make sense to use timesheet templates in Excel?

If you are looking for simple and free timesheet templates, and you think it’s not the right time to learn new time-tracking software, the Excel timesheet template could work just fine for your company.

This type of timesheet is ideal for those companies whose work-time rules and working arrangements are not too complicated, and that don’t want to manage employee absences online. Small to Medium size businesses around the world use employee timesheet templates to keep track of time.They choose them mainly because they are free, safe, and simple to use.

Finally, don’t forget that in most countries there are strict regulations about employee timekeeping.

Advantages of using employee timesheet templates

  • Easy to use — employees only need to log in at the start and end time for work hours
  • Simple calculations of total pay —the manager can use automated Excel formulas to calculate total pay based on hourly rates and overtime work
  • It is widely known- there is no need to introduce your employees to the program
  • Less energy spent on changing work processes
  • There are no additional costs.
  • Transparency in calculations and formulas

Disadvantages of using employee timesheets templates

  • Not suitable for managing a large number of employees. It takes too much time to manually enter data, especially with many projects or teams
  • It’s not as easy to calculate more advanced metrics like project costs. and billing hours.
  • Frequent mistakes like writing incorrect formulas or entering numbers incorrectly
  • Timesheets in excel are not designed to store historical data, so historical data is not safe
  • Excel timesheets can’t track actual work hours in relation to reported work hours
  • Excel is very limited in terms of Time and Attendance functionalities, so you may have to create your own formulas for some calculations.
  • You need to continuously remind your employees to send their worksheets.                                

How to find the best solution?

Although the software it’s the best way to improve performance, it is still not used by all companies as part of their routine.

Some of them still use paper timesheets, while the rest companies use timesheets in Excel.

Microsoft Excel might have worked great when your team consists of a few employees.

But, as the number of employees increases, it becomes more difficult to manage them without using more automated solutions.

From timesheet templates to automated software

For many companies, it’s still tempting to stick to the familiar way of keeping track of the team’s time and progress. But, the timesheet in Excel is not flexible enough for fast-changing times.

When your company employs a few dozen employees, a lot of data can be inaccurate and irrelevant.

There are a number of problems with using paper. Mistakes happen. Someone can accidentally write incorrect formulas or enter numbers in the wrong column.

Paper timesheets need to be stored in a location where everyone can have access to them. Also, HR must look at each timesheet and that takes time and can leave room for mistakes.

Therefore, there are many reasons to modernize parts of your business. Fortunately, there are powerful software tools that allow you to rethink how to manage employee working hours.

Time tracking software – the best alternative to manual employee timesheet templates.

Why is time tracking software the best alternative to old-fashioned ways of tracking?

Simple, this way of tracking will make timesheet management far more transparent to the employee. It will free up human resources for other tasks that cannot be done by a machine, and give them more time for other important aspects of their job.

It will replace the old school process of manually recording project time and costs and will help you and your team focus on their primary tasks.

Time tracking software vs timesheet template in Excel

To helps you find the answer to which solution is the best for your company, we will show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.


When it comes to user-friendliness, it is very important for the employee to have an easy and simple approach to recording working hours

No matter if it is a manual or automatic timesheet, it has to be easy.


Excel is recognizable and there is no need for introducing employees to the program

✔ There is no need to spend energy on changing work processes

×󠆶 Excel cannot give an automatic notification when a timesheet is completed,

×󠆶 It is not suitable for people who spend most of their time out of the office.  It may be disturbing to open Excel as it may not be part of the employees’ work processes.

Time tracking software

✔No manual administration of timesheets

If you and your team use spreadsheets for other daily business tasks, it will be even easier to start tracking time in them.

You will not have to spend extra energy and effort on defining new time tracking processes and explaining them to your team.

✔User-friendliness has been included in the systems from the beginning

✔Employees can only keep track of their time for the right tasks and do not have to worry about handing over Excel sheets.

×󠆶 Implementation often requires changes in your employees’ routines.

Speed and accuracy

In terms of speed and accuracy, calculating, and analyzing work time entered in a spreadsheet has several main drawbacks. On the other hand, timesheet apps offer a better solution in this regard.

Let’s see the main problems and advantages of each of them.


✔Adding time to a spreadsheet is quick and easy. Therefore, employees should not have much trouble entering time in spreadsheets.

×󠆶 Spreadsheet timesheets require employees to enter their names, titles, job, projects, and tasks for each new timesheet they fill out.

×󠆶 It takes time to create timesheet tables in spreadsheets and takes even more time if the manager has decided to make the process a bit automatic, by adding built-in formulas.

×󠆶 The HR assistant needs additional time to find the necessary information, such as the time employees spent on vacations, sick leave, or unpaid leave.

×󠆶 The bookkeeper needs to open all the timesheets manually to check whether everyone has updated their work time.

×󠆶 You’ll need extra time to restore when you accidentally delete a cell if you even notice that you’ve deleted something in the first place.

×󠆶 It’s a high chance of data loss when HR managers need to extract the data entered by the employees to separate spreadsheets and apps.

×󠆶 Spreadsheets require manual double-checking.

×󠆶 Mistakes and missing timesheets bring problems with the payroll, which causes errors with employee payment.

×󠆶 The more people you have in your team, the harder it is to store and keep spreadsheets, and the more likely you are to make a mistake.

Time tracking software

✔Adding time is always easy and fast. When you add hours and define your hourly rates, the timesheet app performs the calculations automatically based on precise and accurate formulas.

✔With email reminders it’s much less likely that someone will forget to fill out a timesheet on time

✔Timeline applications allow the entire team to securely store their timesheets in one place.  You can also view the weeks of previous timesheets starting this week until the week you first created your account.

✔Timesheet apps save you from repetitive tasks


In terms of suitability for calculating time, spreadsheets are an easy approach to recording working hours, while timesheets apps have the advantage of having dedicated working time options.


✔Spreadsheet timesheets allow you to print them out

✔When you implement built-in formulas in your timesheets, anyone who enters time will be able to see all the formulas used for the calculations. Because of that, timesheets in excel are often transparent.

✔You have everything you need to make simple timeline templates

×󠆶Timesheets in Excel offer only manual time entry.

×󠆶 At the end of a workday, It’s hard to remember what you worked on previously.

×󠆶 Spreadsheets don’t offer options that you would normally find in spreadsheet applications. Categorizing work time by tasks, and billability status, defining hourly rates and, generating comprehensive working time reports are just one of those missing options.

×󠆶 Sometimes it can be overwhelming to find your spreadsheet when you need it or jump between different spreadsheets to carry out different tasks.

×󠆶 Spreadsheet timesheets lack professional appeal

Time tracking software

Timesheet app designed to help you with many different tasks, especially to help you log, store, and analyze work time.

✔Timesheet software helps you analyze your time and productivity level.

✔There are a lot of different options like the option to define projects, tags for categorizing work time, and hourly rates the timesheet system will use to calculate your earnings

✔The right timesheet app will help you understand how much time did you waste on secondary tasks and how much time did you spend on a certain project.

✔The timesheet applications allow you to export reports to PDF, CVS, and Excel

✔By exporting a timesheet through the app, you will be sure that your data is accurate.

✔Most timesheet applications also offer you the option to generate SCV and PDF files.

✔ Timesheet apps offer you to track project costs and profitability, and labor costs, and profit calculations. A profit report can help you understand whether you need to increase your billable hourly rates.

✔ Timesheet apps  provide print-ready sheets

×󠆶 Timesheet apps may take some time to get used to. Some of your employees may be wary of using the timesheet app at first.



It is in the billing process that many experience a certain difference in the use of Excel timesheets and time tracking systems.

×󠆶 Low invoicing percentage and delayed invoicing due to missing timesheets

×󠆶 Risk of errors and low invoicing percentage

×󠆶 Complex and long-lasting combination of timesheets to invoices

Invoicing problems keep getting bigger as the company grows, but this is also the case for smaller companies. If you do an invoice in Excel, you can lose money, because you do not invoice enough and you spend too much time doing that in Excel.

Time tracking software

Time tracking systems provide financial gain when you use them to invoice the hours.

✔ Time tracking software increase the invoicing percentage

✔ The time tracking system allows you to pull hours linked to projects or customers and convert them to invoices.

✔ Most systems have integration into the largest financial systems so the chain from hour registration to invoicing is connected.

✔ There is no room for mistakes because data no need to be moved between Excel sheets or systems.

Reporting and analysis


As your company grows, the need for time analysis increases.
What types and customers are time-consuming? What is your consultants’ realized hourly rate? You can get answers to these questions in both solutions.

✔There is transparency in calculation and formulas. The formulas are open and you can track calculations and adjust them if necessary.

✔You can build comprehensive reporting thanks to advanced setup options.

×󠆶 If you want to see data needed for deeper analysis, it takes a high level of users to make enough advanced reports.

×󠆶 Filling in the data in the reports is time-consuming when you need to collect and process timesheets and extract data from different sheets.

×󠆶 There is a high risk that errors occur. It is very difficult to track wrong calculations across Excel sheets.

Time tracking software

✔Comprehensive and deep reporting

✔Most time tracking systems have a set of predefined reports that take data directly from time and expense. This makes the job of collecting and preparing timesheets to disappear.


If we take the price into account, spreadsheets emerge as a costlier solution. Of course, there is always a free solution. The same goes for the timesheet app,  which allows you to enjoy the basic timesheet features for free.


✔There are free alternatives, such as Google Sheets.

×󠆶 According to Capterra, the price of Excel starts at $ 8.25 per month per computer. So, if you have a lot of employees, you’ll have to pay a much higher price so that everyone can follow the time in Excel’s timesheets from their devices.

×󠆶 Your firm spends more money while managing employee time in spreadsheets. Managing in that way takes more time and costs, even if you choose to use free spreadsheet timesheets.

Time tracking software

✔Timeline applications are very different when it comes to their prices. But it can also be free. If you sign up for the free version, you’ll be allowed to use all the essential time tracking features for free.

✔Timesheet applications reduce the cost of your business as a whole. You can save money through quick time entry and through other benefits

Tips for Improving Time Tracking

As simple as it may seem, a lot of things could go wrong with time tracking.

Some employees find it difficult to record their exact hours spent on a task, and some are just too lazy or forgetful to log into the timesheet software daily.

Also, when it comes to manual entering, this aspect makes the process vulnerable to errors and estimates.

Therefore, great attention is paid to the ability to accurately track employee hours.

You can use these tips to simplify timekeeping and improve labor cost accuracy.

Introduce time tracking to your team

Be smart about introducing tracking software to your team.

Make sure that your employees understand the importance of time tracking tips and best practices, and clearly explain what your time tracking tool is meant for.

if you do not want employees to develop a negative attitude towards the new norms, don’t just train them on how to fill the timesheet, but also educate them on the benefits that doing so will achieve.

Give them information on how long their breaks should be,  and how they can correct entries if they made a mistake.

By explaining to them why it’s better if their time spent is tracked, your employees will not use using the timesheet system as just another chore.

Don’t regret spending enough time making sure everyone understands the benefits of using an online timesheet.

Automate your time tracking system

When it comes to time tracking, automation is the way to go.

if you still have been using paper timesheets in your company, now it’s time to take the next step to better employee time tracking and get rid of manual timesheets.

When you choose a time tracking app that makes a perfect match for your team, you will get 100% accurate timesheets.

Automating your record-keeping provides many benefits, from making it easier for employees to document their working hours to simplifying the record-keeping for your HR.

Make time tracking easy for your managers

If you still use the old ways of tracking time, the time tracking process can also be the annoying and the least favorite part for HR managers.

Managers must routinely collect all reports, check them for accuracy in terms of calculated working hours, overtime, and correct errors.

It is common occurrence employees are not good at reporting their working hours. Therefore It can take a lot of time for managers to prepare data for analyzes.

Collect enough detail about employee work hours

Properly tracking overtime is necessary.

That not only ensures that employees receive overtime pay but also allows your organization to better manage its resources and reduce overtime costs.

With the right time tracking tool, you can track hours to specific projects, job sites, and more.

Motivate employees to track time daily

Poor time tracking is costly.

Employees can fill timesheet at the end of the week, but that is not a good idea.

Filling a timesheet each day is much better than at the end of the week, and it’s less counterproductive.

Daily time tracking doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

By choosing the right software, you will reduce the unwillingness of employees to fill their timesheets on time.

Make time tracking data transparent

You can restrict who can see time tracking entries on administrators or everyone. But you should try to make the process transparent.

It’s important that the team see who worked on what and that people regularly fill their working hours and they will be motivated to do so.

Put your time tracking data to use

When you start using software, you can begin to use the information you collected to gather insights.

With accurate tracking, you can make smart decisions about how you use your resources.

A time tracking platform not only automates an essential component of your business but can help your company to perform better.

The more accurate data you gather, the more valuable your analysis becomes.

You’ll be able to answer questions about time, and costs much faster, and you’ll be able to plan projects with an extra level of detail that ultimately benefits you.

Keep It Simple

When you implement a timesheet tool it’s very important that it has a simple, intuitive, and inviting user interface.

The simpler the timeline software, the more your employees will use it on a daily basis.

Simple and easy software only requires online registration to fill working hours.

Time Analytics – comprehensive timesheet

Do you feel that you have no insight into how much time your managers or team members have spent on different activities?

Without an appropriate timesheet, managers cannot be aware of the spent time structure of their teams.

Good time management software leads to improved efficiency and productivity, less stress, and more success in life, and also to more opportunities and less time wasted on trivial activities.

All timesheet software should have numerous benefits such as:

  • Transparency in work processes
  • Increased accountability in employees
  • Understanding of billing and operational efficiency
  • Knowledge where resource demand is the highest

Time Analytics has all these features of a good time tracking solution.

With this solution, you can plan, organize and control time consumption per employee, client, task, and project.

Whether you’re a consultant, lawyer, engineer, or accountant, this powerful platform will help your company to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

With Time Analytics, you can analyze time tracking data to create more accurate estimates for new projects or find areas where you have too many resources and can save money.

Good time tracking software, like this, should provide more time, more opportunities, stress relief, and the ability to realize the goal.

How do you track team performance online with Time Analytics?

Time tracking of employees minimize unproductive behavior of employees

Time tracking per client offers to track of all-time consumption per client, how many hours are charged per client, what tasks are performed, what is the cost of engagement, what is the profit per client.

You can create an invoice based on real-time data and get an invoice appendix in a form of an appropriate timesheet.

Time tracking per activity provides an analysis of the efficiency of working tasks

Time tracking per service line and projects offers an analysis of the profitability of certain projects and lines of services.

Basic features of Time Analytics

The best online time list should require only a few minutes from each employee to enter time per task, project, and client. It is obvious that with manual entries there is a possibility for wrong entries.

When using an online timesheet it should provide notifications to identify incorrect and false data entered.

In order to avoid losing time while consultants fill repetitive tasks, according to customer experience, time for filling data by the consultant should be in the range from 5 to 7 minutes.

That’s why Time Analytics developed an interface that would require no more than a few minutes per day to enter data for end-users.

Let’s first quickly run through the standard features of Time Analytics software.

Employee’s timesheet tracking

Time Analytics timesheets include records of billable and non-billable hours per employee, projects, clients, and work tasks.

Performance management

Time Analytics dashboards provide an overall picture of an organization’s performance so you can take corrective action based on overall performance and real-time details.

Performance management allows you to track time utilization, billable and non-billable hours per project, employee productivity, client profitability, accuracy in invoicing, and more.

Clients monitoring

This module will give you an opportunity to keep evidence of completed tasks on client requests, and to monitor the profitability of each client and each project.

User-friendly solution

There is an option to use self-prepared templates for repetitive tasks.

Productivity management

Time Analytics can help you discover unproductive behavior, based on tracking billable hours and costs.

Invoicing assistant

Time Analytics prepares invoice data based on time utilization


The paper-based timeline template has worked well for many years, but, in today’s digital world, it is almost unthinkable not to use an automated solution

Now the question is whether Excel is enough?

Or does it make sense to invest in a dedicated time tracking software?

The fact is that the use of Excel and basic spreadsheets do not incur additional costs on technology and the mentioned tool does not require significant updates. But, a manual system like this has a high probability of error.

Depending on manual timesheet templates creates a bunch of problems, and there are definitely better ways to handle these disadvantages.

Fortunately, there are more modern and convenient ways to manage timesheets.

Relying on an employee time tracking app provides many benefits that make the process of dealing with an employee timesheet management easier than usual.

Keeping track of time is key to understanding how you spend your time, personally and professionally.

So it’s very important to start using the right software in order to get valuable data on time and be able to use them in future work processes.

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