Google Sheets Templates for Time Tracking

Google Sheets Templates for Time Tracking

October 28, 2021

It’s not always easy to choose the best way to track employee hours accurately.

From the point of the business owner, the automated option in the form of time tracking software appears to be the most reasonable one.

But if you’re still shopping around and wondering if spreadsheets are right for you, download one of our free versions of the Google timesheet template.

What is the Google Sheets template?

One particularly common use for spreadsheets, including Google Sheets, is for tracking time such as billable or non-billable hours.

The spreadsheet time tracking method involves entering the time you spend on tasks in a spreadsheet template.

Google Sheets templates affords real-time collaboration between editors as well as different options for creating, updating, and sharing spreadsheets.

With this type of spreadsheet, in just a few clicks, you can start tracking your time right from Google Sheets.

Google timesheets functions

  • Editing and formatting spreadsheets
  • Users can create spreadsheet data for graphs, charts, and other diagrams
  • Editing can be done offline. Sheets can be edited offline even when not connected to the internet, and changes will be reflected once the connection is restored.
  • Sheets documents can be opened in a variety of formats
  • When other collaborators make comments or changes to the shared spreadsheet, emails can be sent, and users can view the version history.

What is the difference between Excel and Google spreadsheets?

Simplicity for Beginners: Google Sheets is simpler to use for beginners, while Excel timesheet can confuse a new user with a variety of possible selections.

Price: Google Sheets is free for personal use, whereas Excel requires an Office 365 subscription.

Data Load:  Google Sheets start to slow down as data increases.

Excel is designed to manage large data sets and is likely to remain responsive even when you analyze tens of thousands of rows of data.

Features: While Google Sheets has the essential elements of a spreadsheet application, Excel has a broader range of specialized features and functions.

Data Visualization: Excel offers more types of data visualization—from bar graphs and pie charts to interactive options

Integration: Excel is compatible with other Microsoft applications such as Power BI. While Google Sheets integrates with other Google web applications such as Google Drive.

Is it better for a company to use Google Sheets Templates or MS Excel?

For startups/SMBs -where data is not that huge, Google sheet is a good option.

For Larger enterprises, where data is huge/data security is a concern, MS Excel is a good option.

Download Free Timesheet Template in Google Sheets

weekly timesheet template

Our Google Sheet samples have the formulas already built in to calculate the daily work hours and calculate the total work hours for payroll calculation. Make a copy and choose an appropriate layout: daily timesheet, simple monthly or weekly timesheet, client and detailed timesheet template.

Available to download, share and print, no registration needed.

Download here daily, monthly, weekly, detailed, client and projects Google Sheets templates.

Alternative to Google Sheets

There is few reasons why google sheets should be replaced by time tracking tools. Google Spreadsheets may have worked great when your team consisted of 5 employees. But when a company approaches 15 workers, it’s hard to measure from an Excel spreadsheet.

When you noticed that manual data input takes too much time, especially with many projects, and It’s not that simple to calculate more advanced metrics like billable hours and project costs, you know that is the right time to switch from a manual timesheet.

timesheet data excel

It’s important to choose a time tracking software that is easy to set up, has an easy-to-use interface, allows smooth integrations, and is able to generate comprehensive reports.

  • No manual administration of timesheets
  • Works across platforms- desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Depth in the reporting and advanced filter options
  • Prevents mistakes
  • Manage employee performance instantly

If you have decided to download a timesheet software, you can choose from a multitude of options that exist.


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