Harvest Alternatives – Best Corporate Time Tracking Software (2024)

Harvest Alternatives – Best Corporate Time Tracking Software (2024)

March 29, 2023

Harvest is one of the best-known time tracking software, but what if we told you that switching to a Harvest alternative could save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars per year?

Harvest could be cheap for freelancers or small agencies. Still, if your team exceeds 20 members, Harvest pricing can be painful. Your cost will be $2600 at a minimum.

Choosing between all harvest alternatives can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of solutions on the market, all with different pricing, features, benefits, and support options.

But do not worry we summarized the best 12 Harvest alternative.

Harvest Alternatives Compared

List of Harvest Alternatives

1. Time Analytics

Best for simple time tracking for SMBs.

Time Analytics – Simple Online Timesheet App



A. Time tracking

  • Workspace views: Daily list or calendar (week) view
  • Time tracking on specified task, project and client
  • Start timer or add time manually
  • Mark hours as billable
  • Add notes to each timer
  • Billing and labor rates
  • Weekly time planning
  • Automatic cost allocation to the projects

B. Timesheets

  • Daily timesheets showing hours and rates per projects, clients and tasks
  • Weekly timesheets
  • Timesheets reviews and edit by manager
  • Timesheet filtering and export in excel

Timesheets Time Analytics

C. Project and client reporting

  • Time and cost reporting
  • Revenues and profits reporting
  • Time structure per activities
  • Billing efficiency review

D. Team productivity and efficiency reporting

  • Reporting on billable hours and non-billable for each employee
  • Time utilization reporting
  • Insights in overtime hours
  • Time-off review

E. Create transparent and accurate invoices

  • Review all services and tasks your team did for clients
  • Review billable hours for each client
  • Export invoice to the Excel and make final adjustments

Creating transparent and accurate invoices

Support options

  • In-app chat
  • In-app tutorials
  • Written help articles
  • Email support
  • Booking 1:1 live demo


  • Data hosted in – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Hosting of the SaaS application in a Privacy Shield Certified – ISO 27001 certified data center.
  • Amazon Web Services ISO 27001 Compliance
  • Encryption with SSL encryption (HTTPS)
  • Data back-ups every day


Time analytics pricing plans and options:

  • Free plan: Not currently available
  • Free trial: 14 days (No credit card needed)
  • Starter Plan: $4.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $5.99 (billed monthly)
  • Optimum Plan: $6.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $8.45 (billed monthly)
  • Discounts: 30% of above prices for more than 50 users or special prices for more than 150 users.

2. BigTime

Timesheets Online for Professional Service Industry

BigTime online timesheets for managing time


BigTime is a platform specifically designed for accountants, architects, engineers, IT services, legal industry, marketing, and creative industry. You may want to consider this platform instead of Harvest if your company operates in one of these fields.

With BigTime, you can improve the productivity of your staff by better time management. You can make a time budget for all employees and projects, track time consumed, and bill theta hours to the clients.  In the bottom line, it leads to an increase in profitability.


  • Time Tracking – timekeeping and expense tracking per project
  • Timesheets – comprehensive timesheet solutions
  • Billing – preparation of custom invoicing
  • Resource Allocation – task assignment, management of consumed and budgeted time
  • Project management
  • Reporting – dashboard, analytics, and metrics.
  • Integrations – Slack, Zapier, Jira, Salesforce


  • Express: $10 per month per user, billed annually (Minimum 5 users – minimal monthly charge is $50)
  • Pro: $30 per month per user, billed annually
  • Premier: $40 per month per user, billed annually

3. ClickTime

Online Timesheet Solution that Improves Your Performance

ClickTime managing your time with online timesheets


ClickTime is online timesheet software that assists you in driving your company’s profit and efficiency. With this platform, you will always stay on budget and optimize administrative costs.  Click Time is an excellent solution for the improvement of employee utilization, resource planning, and management of remote teams.

ClickTime offers few types of online timesheets: timesheets for employees, timesheets for managers, and timesheets for executives.


  • Processes tracking – time, expenses time off, overtime, mobile
  • Management – hours, budgeting, performance, employee permissions
  • Reporting – business intelligence, dashboards, custom reports, and analytics


  • Starter: $9 per user per month (easy time tracking, email reminders)
  • ⁠Team: $12 per user per month (include starter features plus approval workflows, advanced, billing rates, time-off management)
  • ⁠Premier: $24 per user per month (include team features plus, project budgeting, resource planning, utilization management)
  • ⁠Enterprise: custom price on-call (include premier features plus custom integrations, single sign-on)

4. Clockify

Simple and Free Forever Online Timesheet App

Clockify online timesheets for managing time


Clockify is an easy-to-use Harvest alternative with powerful online timesheets. The platform allows users to track and manage their team’s time spent on each project or client.

Clockify is integrated with many other apps such as Jira, Asana, Trello, Todoist, Basecamp, Monday, Wrike, Teamwork, Power BI, Salesforce, etc.


  • Time tracking
  • Online timesheets
  • Productivity management
  • Calendar: Visually track time and log activities
  • Dashboards and Reporting


  • Free Plan: $0 forever – time tracking per project and clients
  • Basic Plan: $4.99 per user, per month (additional features: time tracking for others, time audit, customized export, templates, and rates management).
  • Standard Plan: $6.99 per user per month (additional features: timesheet locking, time approval, email reminders, timesheet import, time rounding, billing).
  • Pro Plan: $9.99 per user, per month (additional features: labor cost and profit tracking, detailed reports, budgeting, alerts, GPS tracking).
  • Enterprise Plan: $14.99 per user, per month (additional features: a custom subdomain, and control accounts)

5. Everhour

Timesheet Solution For Small and Medium Business

Everhour online timesheets for managing time


Everhour is a Harvest alternative suitable for small and medium service companies. With this app, you will have accurate time planning and an excellent database for billing and payroll.

The platform is integrated with ClickUp, Github, Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and Jira.


  • Timesheets online
  • Time tracking
  • Task estimate and processing
  • Visual planning
  • Expenses management
  • Budget management
  • Invoicing
  • Customize reports


Pricing starts from $10 per user, per month. A minimum monthly license fee is $ 50.

6. Elorus

Best for agencies and service professionals

Elorus online timesheets for managing time


Elours is a simple software that allows you to track your time live from every screen, register your weekly online timesheets and invoice your time with just a click.


  • Project time tracking
  • Easy and custom invoicing (based on project hours and expenses)
  • Collaboration and improvement of team performance
  • Project controlling
  • Expense tracking and management
  • Payments


  • Free: $0 (Free plan is available with limitation to 5 active clients)
  • Starter: $9 (limited to 25 active clients)
  • Standard: 19$ (limited to 500 active clients)
  • Premium: 39$

In addition to the above price, you need to pay $6 for each extra user.

7. Hubstaff

Time Tracker For Managing Fields or Remote Teams

Hubstaff Harvest alternative


Hubstaff is a time and productivity tracking tool designed to help you with reporting, invoicing, employee payments, and more.

Hubstaff is integrated with project management apps such as Jira, Asana, ActiveCollab, Paymo, Trello, Wrike, Zoho project, etc.


  • Online timesheets, timesheet approval
  • Activity and work time tracking with time off management
  • Payroll management
  • Location view
  • Dashboard for management with full metrics
  • Screenshots, apps, and URL tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Managing project’s budget
  • Tasks assignments and scheduling
  • Transparent billing


  • Free Plan: limited to one user
  • Basic Plan: $7 per month, per user if billed monthly ($5.83 if billed annually)
  • Premium Plan: $10 per month, per user if billed monthly ($8.33 if billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: $20 per month, per user if billed monthly ($16.67 if billed annually)

8. myhours

Organize Your Timesheets Online With Simple Software

myhours Harvest alternative


My Hours is cloud-based time tracking software designed for small teams and freelancers.

With this tool, you can coordinate projects and tasks, track your work hours and create insightful reports.


  • Project organization with billable time settings
  • Online timesheet management
  • Project budgeting
  • Time and task tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Billing rates management
  • Workflow management
  • Reporting
  • Invoicing


  • Free Plan – $0 (unlimited team members & projects, track time on projects & tasks, set billable rates & budgets, generate detailed reports)
  • Pro Plan – 6$ per user, per month if billed annually (priority support, generate client invoices, add & edit logs on behalf of your team, approval workflow)

9. Rescuetime

Best for large teams

Rescuetime online timesheets for managing time


ResqueTime is an award-winning tool that helps businesses become more focused, productive, and motivated.

With this powerful time tracking and distraction blocking software, you will get more from your day, without working more.

The upgrade version has an advanced report, unlimited data, real-time alerts, and more!


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Detailed reports and dashboards
  • Offline time tracking
  • Distracting Websites blocker
  • Productivity reports
  • Daily highlights


  • Lite: $0 basic automatic time tracking (limited historical data)
  • Premium: $12 per user, per month if billed monthly ($78 per user, per year if billed annually)

10. TimeLog

Easy Time Tracker for Freelancers

TimeLog Harvest alternative


TimeLog is a fully-featured project management software that helps businesses manage time tracking.

TimeLog allows employees to report for leaves and sickness absences and send approval requests to managers in real-time.

It offers a variety of functions such as communication management, customizable workflows, collaboration, performance monitoring, and data management.


  • Time tracking – flexible and intuitive
  • Project management – a complete overview of projects
  • Automated project invoicing
  • Reports – more than 80 management reports
  • Resource and HR management
  • Integration with several third-party platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Outlook, SharePoint, Fortnox, Exact and more


TimeLog Projects

  • Basic 5€ per license/month
  • Basic Plus 10 € per license/month
  • Advanced 25€ per license/month

TimeLog Invoicing

  • Basic 8€ per license/month
  • Basic Plus 16 € per license/month
  • Advanced 35€ per license/month

11. ActiveCollab

Project Management with Time Tracking

ActiveCollab online timesheets for managing time


ActiveCollab is a Harvest alternative that focuses on project management and gives you complete control over your work.

With this useful tool, you’ll always know where to start and what your team needs to do next.

It’s ideal for large teams in international corporations and small startups alike.


  • Business planning and organization
  • Project management – new project and tasks, collaboration, duplication, categories, templates, labels, progress tracking
  • Collaboration – discussion, teams, notes, files
  • Tracking and metrics – time tracking, timesheets, reporting
  • Invoicing and payment – billing, projects budget, and expense tracking


  • Free: $0 – suitable for small teams or individuals with smaller projects. The free version is limited to three seats.
  • Plus: $9 for 3 users – suitable for teams that need a platform for collaboration, task, and project management. This version is also limited to three seats.
  • Pro: $7 per user per month – for larger teams that need a full overview of the workflow.

12. allhours

Best for billing rates tracking

allhours Harvest alternative


Produced by Slovenian company Spica, allhours is a comprehensive solution for time attendance with automatic timesheet reporting. The platform’s goal is to increase productivity and profitability while lowering labor costs.


  • Time and attendance tracking – know what your employees are doing
  • Reporting for payroll – pay the workers accurately according to their work
  • Absence management – approve leave requests
  • Terminals – clock in with cards, badges, or bio-metrics
  • Time logging with terminal cards or bio-metrics
  • Analytics and reports


  • EUR 20 total costs per month if you have up to 10 users
  • EUR 4 per user per month if you have more than 10 users
  • EUR 3.5 per user, per month if you have more than 20 users
  • EUR 3 per user, per month if you have more than 50 users
  • EUR 2.5 per user, per month if you have more than 100 users

There is no available information about a free trial.

The Must-ask Questions when Choosing Harvest Alternative

  1. What features does my business need?

Usually the most important features should be

  1. What is my budget?

Harvest pricing starts at $10.80 per user per month, if billed annually. That means if you If you want to switch to the another time tracking tool look at a cheaper option at least.

  1. What support options I have with new solution?

The best way to test quality of support of new time tracking provider is to create trial account and check the response of support team. Check in-app chat options, written articles and tutorials, video material and email support.

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