Adding of projects or service lines

As part of the initial set-up, it is possible to monitor work and activities for all selected projects or service lines. Therefore, depending on the nature of the business and the importance of such reports, the client chooses whether to manage detailed projects or general service lines.

Examples of the client who chooses to manage detailed projects in the program:

If the activity performed by the User is of the project type, i.e. he does the work for the Clients on a project basis, then a list of all projects can be entered, so that in the analysis all projects are monitored in terms of costs, employees and activities performed within each project.

Examples of the client who chooses to manage service lines in the program:

The law office provides services in several areas of law: Labor Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Civil Law. For this type of business, it may be justified to enter each branch of law as a separate Service Line, within which, later in the analysis, you will have insight into all activities by service lines, employees, customers, and costs incurred by each service line.

For example, an audit or consulting firm may have service lines: audit, accounting, financial consulting, tax consulting, payroll.

Let’s see how to input all projects that your company use. At the main menu, under section Set-up there is a button – Projects. After clicking a button, your initial list will be empty. Just click Crate new project at the blue button in the right side and fill project (or Service line name).

Adding of projects or service lines

If you want to avoid this initial set-up and start to work immediately after log-in, when you fill time sheet, in the field of project you just need type of wished project of servcie line. You will get a notice that such project does not exist, but you just need to fill a project name and click “Create new” at the button below the field.

At any time, you can edit or delete project already used in system.

Who can make a change?

Adding, editing or deleting a projects (service lines) is granted to team member with roles of “–źdmin” and “Editor. Role of “User” does not have a right to make any change in project set-up.

See also how to add new team member to Time Analytics.