Adding of working tasks

There is two possibilities how you can add working takes. It can be done in initial set-up, i.e. you create a full list of working tasks before work, or you can start filling timesheets and time tracking from immediately while working tasks could be added on the on-going basis – during work.

1.Adding full list of working task in initial set-up.

If you want to create all working tasks before you start to track time of your employees, you need to crate a list of full working tasks.  After your is ready you need to fill working task list in Time Analytics in the section of SET UP of the main menu at left side of interface:

STEP 1 : Click on the button “Task (Activities)”

STEP 2: Click on the button “Create new activity”

STEP 3: Fill working task name and save.


Adding of working tasks

2.Adding of working during a work (no need for initial set-up).

During filling a timesheet just type working task in the “task field”. After that just click on button “Create new” and your task will be created.

This is a recommended list of usual working tasks that you can use:

Account management procedure
Planning of engagements
Internal – preparation of analysis, reports for management and timesheets
Internal – accounting and bookkeeping, reporting, banking, statistic, tax returns, tax balance etc.
Internal – HR activities
Internal – Employees evaluation and development
Internal – Quality and risk management
Internal – other
Administration – office management and maintenance
Administration – agreements, proposals, invoices, invoices, post office
Administration – work with documentation, scan printing
Supervision and control – Accounting and payroll services
Supervision and control – Tax consulting services
Supervision and control – other services
Marketing and Sales – Meetings with new targets, contacts and clients
Marketing and Sales – Networking
Marketing and Sales – targeting, market and competition analysis
Marketing and Sales – Content and marketing material preparation, newsletters
Marketing and Sales – Digital activities
Compliance – AML
Compliance – Internal compliance activities
Purchase activities
Business and services development
Technical control and preparation of reports for clients
Meetings – Current services execution
Assisting to other colleagues
Execution of internal procedures
Events organization and attendance
Communication with clients – current services execution
Annual holiday and days off