Booking of annual holiday and time off

Annual holiday

Annual holiday or vacation is to be booked in “Time tracker” option¬† in main menu:

  1. Go to Time tracker
  2. Check box “Annual Holiday
  3. Select Start and End Date of holiday (note that software will book all days in selected period including weekends, so you need to make sure only working days falls into selected ranged. That means in the case of more than one week holiday you need book dates range separately for all working days period).

Holiday time will appear in timesheet report. In a case of any change you can do an update in timesheet with “Edit” button in annual holiday line.

Time off

Other time off hours such as daily break, day off or sick leave should be booked regularly in Time tracker.

As that hours are not related to clients, you need to check “Internal work” box, and than in the filed of task and project you need to fill your time off type.