How to control employee productivity and efficiency?

The employee analysis shows data on the total hours spent by the employee at work, then how many of the total hours are billable, and how many are non-billable, what is the utilization of labor, how much did the engagement cost for the selected period, and what is the average cost per hour.

How to control employee productivity and efficiency

It is possible to select detailed data for all employees, according to the activities that the employee performed, for which clients and how much he worked for them, on which projects or service lines he was engaged.

Employees details - Clients

Employees details - Activities

Employees details - Service lines

Based on these data, it is possible to minimize the unproductive behavior of employees, and at the same time they are a good basis for evaluating the work of employees, redefining work conditions, salaries and bonuses. Also, it is possible to determine overtime work and whether it is justified in the sense that it arose as a consequence of a real increase in work, or as a consequence of unproductive behavior.