How to control the efficiency and profitability of clients?

The analysis of all clients for the selected period shows data on the total hours spent for a particular client, how many of the total hours are billable and how many are non-billable, what is the utilization of labor, how much did the engagement cost for the client, and what is the average cost per hour.

How to control the efficiency and profitability of clients

The cost of the engagement for the client is calculated on the basis of the previously set cost of employee salaries and other indirect costs and is the basis for assessing the client’s profitability.

Data on hours spent and the cost related to a specific client provide the possibility of redefining the contractual terms with clients in order to achieve optimal profitability, as well as the basis for determining the price in new engagements.

Labor utilization data provide insight into how much of the estimated working time is charged to clients and how much is covered from internal resources, and provide a basis for calculating the real hourly rate that is invoiced.

It is possible for all clients to go into details, according to the activities that are specific to the client, projects or service lines or employees – by clicking on the “Details” field.

Details for clients - employees

Details for clients - activities

Details for clients - services lines

All this data can be exported to Excel to make an accurate invoice to customers, as well as an invoice attachment as proof to customers about the services provided. Export is done from the Timesheet section:

Export to Excel