Boost an efficiency and profitability of projects

As part of the initial set-up, it is possible to monitor work and activities for all selected projects or service lines. Therefore, depending on the nature of the business and the importance of such reports, the client chooses whether to manage projects or service lines.

Project or service line analysis provides data on the total hours spent within a set project or service line, how many of the total hours are billable and how many are non-billable, what is the utilization of labor, how much the project cost, and what is the average cost per hour.

Cost data provide insight into the profitability of the project or service line, which is the basis for redefining the business policy in the entry for certain services and projects.

How to control the efficiency and profitability of projectsFor all projects or service lines, it is possible to go into details, according to the clients, activities and employees who were engaged in the project.

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