Projects (service lines) time reporting

Basic projects report

Select preferred reporting period in date filter boxes. For each project you can see:

  1. Total hours spent on a particular project
  2. How many of the total hours are billable and how many are non-billable
  3. What is the utilization of labor
  4. How much the project cost
  5. What is the average cost per hour.

What is the meaning of the above figures?

  • If you compare the total costs of the projects with the revenues of this project you can get an insight into the profitability of the project
  • In the case, you see more hours or costs than expected for some project you can terminate projects
  • Use date of hours spent for price determination for further similar engagement for these or new projects

all projects or service lines, it is possible to go into details, according to the clients, activities and employees who were engaged in the project.

Insight into details

Click on the “Details” button and you will get more details:

  • The client involved in the project engagement
  • Employees who were engaged in the projects
  • Tasks performed for the projects with hours structure


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