How to export data relevant for invoicing?

Export invoicing data in excel

All data recorded in the timesheets can be exported to the excel. In this way you can create an accurate invoice to customers, as well as an invoice attachment as proof to customers of the services provided. Export is done from the Timesheets section:

Export to Excel

How to prepare the invoice lines

When data are exported in Excel you will see all relevant columns:

  • Employee
  • Activity (service provided)
  • Client
  • Date of activity
  • Total hours spend on activity
  • Project
  • Check if the activity is billable
  • Billable rate

After that is very easy to filter the selected client for whom the invoice should be prepared, where data on all types of work done for that client are displayed, as the number of hours spent with an indication of what is billable and non-billable.

You just need to select billable lines and check validity of billable rates. You can also change billable rate and make final list for the invoice. This comprehensive table could be used as invoice appendix an a case you should send such appendix to the client.

Export by client

You can save all historical data (that is also exists in Time Analytics timesheet module) so you can send that to the client by its request.