Timesheets review

After you track your time in Time Tracker, data will be shown in comprehensive timesheets.

What you can review?

  1. Select date range for review timesheets items for preferred period.
  2. If you have Admin role, you can view timesheet items for all team members. Click “Show mine” to get insights only in your work.
  3. If you want to see time for specific employee, client or project type their name into Search box

Timesheet columns

  1. Person – team member who log its time
  2. Client – client that time entry is related to
  3. Task – default tasks that time entry is related to
  4. Details – description of work performed
  5. Project –¬†project that time entry is related to
  6. Billable – contain “yes” if the time is billable and “no” it time is non-billable
  7. Date – date of time entry
  8. Rate – specific billing hourly rate to the client
  9. Action – you can delete or edit timesheet line here

Actions in timesheets

  1. Click “Export” button if you want to export all data in excel for the easy processing
  2. Click ” Edit” in timesheet line if you want to edit previously entered data in specific line
  3. Click “Delete” if you want to delete timesheet line
  4. Click “Create Timesheet” button for new line entry
  5. Slick show (10,25,50 or 100) to expand timesheet table

Timesheet export