Homebase Pricing – Breaking down the Costs

Homebase Pricing – Breaking down the Costs

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
May 5, 2023

Managing work schedules, time clocks, payroll, and other HR functions can work out to be challenging, especially for small teams.

That is where the Homebase time tracking app comes to the rescue of such organizations.

The goal is to help the organization to focus better on their people so that productivity levels can improve, ultimately contributing to overall profitability.

The best part about the Homebase app is that it helps to reduce paperwork multifold times.

On that note, let us look at the pricing plans the Homebase app offers. Alternatively, we will also look at pricing plans provided by Time Analytics, yet another powerful and masses-recommended time tracking tool.


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Homebase App – Pricing Plans at a Glance

Now that we have understood what the Homebase app has on offer and how it can benefit small teams, it is now time to explore its pricing.

Essentially, this app is available across four independent pricing plans.

If you wish to get started without shelling out any money, you can start by using the basic, free plan.

If you have a budget and do not mind spending $20 per location per month, you can settle for the Essentials plan.

Teams, which have a somewhat higher budget can opt for the Plus plan available at $48 per location per month open to unlimited employees.

Lastly, if you for up for an all-inclusive plan, look no beyond the All-in-one app, which is available at $80 per location per month for unlimited employees. The pricing listed herewith is based on annual billing.

What’s included in Product Pricing Plans?

Homebase pricing

  • Basic:

If you are interested to explore workforce management all through an app without making any initial investment, then you can work with the Homebase Basic, Free plan priced at $0.

This plan is perfect for small firms looking to set up a team. This plan is suitable for 1 location and covers up to 20 employees.

Listed below are the inclusions available with this plan:

  • Basic Scheduling
  • Basic Time Tracking
  • Employee Management
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Payroll add-on available
  • Essentials:

If you have realized the importance of using a scheduling and time tracking app and do not mind spending towards it, opt for the Essentials plan.

This plan is priced at $20 per location per month for unlimited employees. This plan is perfect for those looking to simplify the process of tracking and managing employee shifts.

Features available under this plan include that of basic plus:

  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Advanced Time Tracking
  • Team Communication
  • Payroll add-on available
  • Plus Plan:

All those of you, who are open to the idea of going a notch higher than the Essentials plan, may want to explore the Plus Plan.

This plan does wonders in boosting team productivity and improving overall communication.

You can avail of this plan at $48 per location per month for unlimited employees.

This plan provides the following features in addition to the Essentials plan offerings:

  • Hiring
  • PTO & Time Off Controls
  • Departments & Permissions
  • Payroll add-on available
  • All-in-one:

The most recommended plan here is the Homebase All-in-one plan. This plan is suitable for firms looking to oversee labor costs and streamline operations.

You have to pay $80 per location per month for unlimited employees under this plan.

Along with the features provided by the Plus plan, this plan offers:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Labor Cost Management
  • HR & Compliance
  • Payroll add-on available

Pricing FAQ

Does the Homebase App offer a Free plan?

If you are looking to work with the Homebase app but do not wish to make any initial investment, you can get started with the Basic, Free plan. You do not have to shell out a single buck to work around this plan. You can also take the 14-day free trial without parting with your credit card information.

How does the billing work?

If you decide to use Homebase, you have to choose one of the plans. If you opt for a paid plan, you enjoy the liberty of paying monthly or annually. If you decide to go with the latter, you are likely to receive a further discount of 20% on the paid plan you opt for.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You have the free will to cancel your subscription at any point in time. Even if you do so, you can use the plan till the time you have paid for it. There are no refunds given.

Is it possible to switch my plan?

Yes, you can switch plans. However, the new plan will only be activated once the previous plan ends, which means at the next billing cycle.

Time Analytics as alternative

We have now taken a thorough look at what the Homebase app has to offer in terms of its features and pricing. It is quite possible that you are not 100 percent convinced about using this app.

If that is the case, I would be happy to draw your attention to Time Analytics, a performance-driven time tracking app that most businesses are more than happy to use.

Time Analytics time tracking

If you decide to work with this app, you get the liberty of tracking time both manually and with the help of a timer, something not many apps seamlessly offer.

Similarly, you can use this app for tracking billable and non-billable hours, analyzing projects, gathering client insights, and for cost allocation.

Before that let us get to know the pricing plans this app offers.

Pricing Plans at Glance

Time Analytics provided two paid plans namely the Starter and Optimum plan. At present, no free plan is offered. However, both plans are priced competitively with an option to opt for a 14-day free trial.

You can decide to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. Do note, yearly plans are somewhat cost-effective as they offer a massive discount of 25% over the monthly pricing.

Time analytics pricing

What’s included in the Product Pricing Plans?

Starter Plan:

The Starter Plan is available at $4.99 per user per month. This plan is suitable for freelancers and teams looking to cut down on admin work. Unlimited clients, projects, and users can work with this paid plan.

With the starter plan in place, team productivity is sure to show an upward trend.

Features available with this plan:

  • Time tracking on projects and clients
  • Daily and weekly timesheets
  • Utilization and overtime tracking
  • Time off and holiday tracking
  • Automatic costs allocation
  • Time and cost reporting
  • Performance dashboard
  • Visual reports
  • Billing and pay (cost) rates
  • Manager role
  • Exportable reports
  • Data Import
  • 24-hour e-mail support
  • Mobile app (Android and iOS)

Optimum Plan:

If you do not mind spending furthermore, you can opt for the Optimum Plan. This plan is available at $6.99 per user per month.

This plan is suitable for companies looking to increase profits across projects and clients. With this plan, transparency and accuracy are taken care of.

   Features of this plan include:

  • Starter features (as listed above)
  • Invoicing (Time billing)
  • Revenue and profit reporting
  • Email reminders
  • Customized onboarding

Pricing FAQ

Will I be charged at the end of my free trial?

You will not be charged any amount at the end of the 14-day free trial.

If you wish to switch to a paid plan, you can choose the plan of your choice, initiate a payment, and continue to use the app.

Does Time Analytics offer any discounts?

Time Analytics has multiple discounts in store for its users.

If you have a team of 50+ employees, you receive a massive 30% discount. There is a further discount in case the employee count is more than 150 users. If you opt for yearly plans, you get free usage for 2 more months.

How can I make the payment?

You can use your credit card to sign up for a paid plan. Similarly, if you are interested to pay for 30+ members annually, you can opt for wire transfers or PayPal.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you cancel, the auto-renewals will stop. You will not receive any refund. However, you can continue to use the app for the period for which you have already paid.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is the solution if you are seeking a reliable time tracking system that has simple costing but includes premium features. 

You may maximize your use of time and experience true growth by utilizing this software.

You can gauge project profitability and raise team productivity by using the Time Analytics app. With a 14-day free trial, you may start using the app right away. 

Start utilizing the platform to become accustomed to the Time Analytics app. 

Join thousands of companies that grow with Time Analytics

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