How can Educators Use Technology to Manage Time and Improve Proficiency?

How can Educators Use Technology to Manage Time and Improve Proficiency?

November 14, 2022

Every industry is benefiting from the technological revolution happening around the world. Be it the hotel industry or healthcare, there is multiple software that is easing the workload and increasing productivity.

Likewise, the education department is also taking advantage of technological tools to manage their work, track employee engagement, and comprehend the learning capacity of students.

They can use different file formats to receive and send assignments, questionnaires, and even mark sheets. PDF is one of the finest file formats that benefit teachers and educators.

There are more than one ways that this file format can help teachers.

Curious about how teachers can use this format in their classrooms? Let’s dive in and learn more about how it helps them reduce their workload, be more productive, and manage their time well.

We will also mention a few tools every educator must use for time management and efficiency.

What Different Ways Educators Can Work with Portable Document Format (PDF)?

  • Craft Worksheets and Questionnaires for Students

Today, there is not one but numerous resources online that teachers can use to create crafts and worksheets for their students. You can save them in a PDF format and edit them according to the lesson needs and requirements.

Similarly, it is easier for educators teaching high school students to share questionnaires in this format. It helps in saving a lot of paperwork. Moreover, sharing a non-editable PDF also reduces the chances of unauthorized document changes. Yes, educators are sending secure docs to ensure they do not have to spend time correcting any unauthorized changes.

We understand that many teachers who use MAC need to learn about this feature on their devices. If you are also looking to learn the same, you can check this guide on how to make a pdf non editable on MAC and ease your working. Moreover, it helps save a lot of time for you and your students. Consequently, you can be more productive because it reduces your paperwork.

  • Improve Parent Teacher Communication

This file format allows you to engage regularly with your students and their parents. You can collect information from parents at the start of the semester and use it whenever you require it without having to look through paper files. The hard copies of questionnaires are challenging to manage. Also, it could be more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, if you need consent for the student, you can directly send it over an email and get it signed. Many educators also share their students’ performance in PDF over email so their parents know the situation. This way, they can speak with their student’s parents before a specific day.

  • Learning Presentations

The intelligent education system calls for teachers to get creative with their presentations. They have numerous resources to take inspiration from for creating engaging presentations for their students. Visual learning has proven to be more effective in clarifying concepts than giving theoretical lectures.

So, if you use PowerPoint, Excel, or Word for presentations, you can now change them into PDFs for easy sharing. It is because PDFs are compatible with every hardware and software combination, thus, making it possible for every student to view the files regardless of their device.

Also, when it gets more accessible for students to access presentations, they can review the information at their own pace and prepare better for tests, quizzes, and class projects.

  • Classroom Organization

Classroom management is a significant part of an educator’s job role. They must manage the seating arrangements, lesson plans, classroom rules, and more. In addition, they have to keep a report of every student’s learning abilities, participation, and other things.

So, PDF format makes saving a form for the semester checklist, rules, and lesson plans more accessible. Then, you can edit them according to the requirements. There are several editing tools that you can use to complete the tasks effectively.

Moreover, you will save a lot of time on creating the same formats repeatedly because most schools have to do the same paperwork year after year. So, by keeping it once, you can quickly edit it the following year and be more productive with your schoolwork.

What are some of the must-have tools for time management for Educators?

Time management tools have come as a boon for most people in different industries., likewise for educators. Use time management tools to help you plan your day, remember the activities, and ensure they are completed on time.

1. Todoist

As Benjamin Franklin once said, Fail to plan, and you intend to fail. Therefore, it is essential to plan your day and include all the necessary stuff in it. Todoist is one app that helps you plan the day and share it with your colleagues if you have a joint project to work on. It has a simple UI and does not need programming knowledge to operate.

2. Doodle

There are various one on ones that teachers have to take with their students and have to attend staff meetings too. So, to avoid double-booking time with people, you can use the Doodle app. You can connect Microsoft and Google calendars with Doodle and send personalized links to students, colleagues, and administrators, reminding them of their meeting times.

Bottom Line

The aim of mentioning the information in this article is to help you understand how you can amp up your productivity at work by using technology. You don’t have to be technically strong to use these tools and tricks. Instead, try your hands on different apps and pick the one that serves you the best. The objective is to help to manage time and be more efficient in your work.


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