How many work hours in a year?

Planning is one of the pillars of business. Setting up goals and benchmarks for a set period in the future is what drives companies across the world forward. That is why time tracking software has become one of the key tools in the modern workplace. Knowing how long a project is going to take is the basis for creating a sustainable plan.

Of course, none of us can predict things with certainty. The events of the last two years have shown us planning has to be flexible as well. Yet, knowing how much time you have to bring your plans to fruition will be helpful even if some major changes occur. Keeping track of how much time you have in a fiscal year (or any other period) is a great way to understand project health.

how many work hours in a year

Of course, you will have to account for public holidays as well. They give your employees a day to rest and spend with their families. They also reduce the total number of working hours. Here are the public holidays in the US for 2021.

Jan 01 – New Year’s Day

Jan 18 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Feb 15 – President’s Day

May 09 – Mother’s Day

May 31 – Memorial Day

Jun 18 – Juneteenth

Jun 20 – Father’s Day

Jul 04 – Independence Day

Sep 06 – Labor Day

Oct 11 – US Indigenous People’s Day

Oct 11 – Columbus Day

Nov 11 – Veterans Day

Nov 25 and 26 – Thanksgiving

Dec 24-27 – Christmas Day

Dec 30 and 31 – New Year’s Day

There is a rule that if a federal holiday occurs on a Saturday, the preceding Friday is considered a holiday (ergo, businesses are closed on said Friday). If, on the other hand, the holiday occurs on a Sunday, the following Monday is a holiday.


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