6 Innovative Ways To Increase User Engagement In Your Saas Offering

6 Innovative Ways To Increase User Engagement In Your Saas Offering

March 30, 2023

Well, selling SaaS products is an uphill task. You’ll probably know the kind of effort it takes to attract buyers and keep them hooked for the long haul.

But there are ways to do both!

Did you know that boosting user engagement can significantly contribute to the success of your SaaS product? That’s great news!

According to a recent study, companies investing in engagement have 26% higher revenue growth.

Wow, it means you can do a lot more for your business by having an engagement strategy in place. But how do you do that?

Are there any shortcuts to keeping your users engaged and satisfied?
There aren’t many when you look around, but you can definitely find a few by scratching the surface and being creative. And of course, we can help. Let’s share some proven tactics to boost user engagement in your SaaS product. Here you go!

Gamify your product

Tech ninjas, gamification is here to stay! And it can add zest to your SaaS product too.

Who said software has to be boring? You can leverage gamification to make it more engaging and fun for users.

Try incorporating game mechanics, such as badges, points, and leaderboards to keep them hooked.
By adding a gaming element, you can foster a sense of competition, increase user motivation, and encourage participation.

It also helps users learn new skills and gain knowledge in a more engaging way.
Not to mention, they likely retain information better by breaking down complex concepts into bite-sized tasks. That sounds exciting, right?

Optimize the onboarding process

The first impression matters the most when it comes to customer engagement. In fact, it’s even more crucial for SaaS companies because they thrive on trust.

An optimal onboarding process gets you there, so ensure it matches the UX expectations of your consumers.
An ideal onboarding process should help users understand the product’s value and encourage them to use it more frequently. You needn’t do a lot to optimize your onboarding process.

Start by providing clear and concise instructions on how to use the product.
Offering a guided tour or tutorial is a good idea. Also, emphasize the key features and benefits of your product and give real-world examples of its use to gain engagement right from the onboarding phase.

Personalize the user experience

That’s basic to engage your customers, but most businesses overlook the need for personalization.

You’ve got to understand their needs, pain point, and motivation drivers to personalize their experience. Remember that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it, specifically in the SaaS domain.
The good thing is that you can easily work with analytics tools to gather data on your target customers’ behavior, preferences, and usage patterns. For example, you can track their clicks, interactions, areas of interest, and conversions. Lucky for you- these tools are easily available and you can find them here, all in one place.
By using them, you can gain valuable insights into what your users find valuable and what motivates them. You can use them to personalize user experiences with relevant content, suggestions, and recommendations. It’s a good way to keep them engaged and drive conversions.

Give exceptional customer support

Another factor to excel with user engagement for your SaaS product is customer support. You’ve got good scope to impress them here because most customers face issues at some point. They’ll have questions that require prompt and helpful responses to maintain trust and engagement with the product.
If you can offer real-time, high-quality support, you’ve got them! Well, you need to have a robust support system in place. It means a team of friendly and knowledgeable support agents who can quickly respond to queries and provide effective solutions.
Also, include multiple channels for users to reach out, such as phone, email, or live chat. A chatbot is a plus as it can handle the role when human support professionals aren’t around.

Encourage feedback

Well, exceptional customer support is great for engagement. But why not try improving your product to prevent problems instead of resolving them? That sounds much better, right?
Encouraging user feedback does the trick. It’s a great way to keep customers engaged and invested. By soliciting user feedback, you can show people that their experiences and opinions matter to you. Not to mention, you gain valuable insights you can use to improve your SaaS offering.
Gathering feedback is easier than you imagine. Start by using customer support interactions as an opportunity. Ask people about the potential areas for improvement in your product and work on them. You could also use polls, surveys, or social media to collect user feedback.

Offer incentives

Everyone loves free stuff, and SaaS buyers are no exception. You’ve got to offer incentives to keep users engaged and motivated. Don’t worry about the expense because it’s more like an investment to make people stick around for the long haul.
Why not think of creative incentives that do not burn a hole in your wallet? Consider goodies like discounts, free trials, and exclusive access to premium features to hook the audience and convert them into loyal customers.
By offering incentives, you encourage users to engage more with the SaaS product and try new features. Moreover, they serve as a valuable customer retention tool for your business. You can also leverage referral bonuses as incentives. They’re a way to thank loyal customers for spreading the word and bringing more users to your SaaS product.

Summing Up

Customer engagement is a magic word for any business, even more for a SaaS provider. Remember that you’re in a hyper-competitive domain where both acquisition and retention are challenging. And your buyers are smarter than the average B2C consumer, right?
So you definitely need to go the extra mile with your engagement strategy to overcome these roadblocks. Luckily, these tricks and tactics can help you engage your audience and keep them with your business for good.

Try them, boss, and you’ll have a crowd following your SaaS product like loyal fans. Go for it!

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