Jibble Pricing – Everything you need to know and more (Offerings, and FAQs answered)

Jibble Pricing – Everything you need to know and more (Offerings, and FAQs answered)

Gauri Aras
Written by Gauri Aras
March 3, 2023

Are you looking for employee timesheet tracking software that tracks staff attendance for payroll?

If that is the case, Jibble becomes an alternative worth considering.

Even though Jibble 1 came out as a basic version, the new and improved version of 2021 offers a multitude of benefits.

This tracking tool is free, powerful, and innovative. In today’s blog, let us attempt to get an elaborate sneak peek into Jibble’s offerings.

Let’s look at Jibble’s Price Points

Jibble pricing

You can collaborate with Jibble by exploring the following four plans

  •         Free
  •         Premium
  •         Ultimate
  •         Enterprise

The Free version is a perfect pick for small teams where managers would want to receive verification and real-time alerts.

The most popular paid plan, Premium, allows advance time tracking with GPS, overtime calculations, and a platform for multiple work groups.

Unlimited Time Tracking – That’s what the Ultimate Pricing Plan offers.

For companies housing 500+ personnel, the Enterprise plan makes a perfect pick.

A Detailed Overview of Jibble’s Pricing Plans

The “FREE” Jibble Plan

Are you looking to start with the basics? If yes, sign up for Jibble’s Free Plan.

As already discussed under this plan, managers can perform time tracking for their small teams by receiving verification and real-time updates.

Core features of this plan include:

  •         GPS Time-Tracking from mobile or a shared kiosk
  •         Secure Biometric Verification using facial recognition and PIN
  •         2 Geofences
  •         Automated timesheets and reports to support payroll
  •         Pre-decided time tracking policies

Fee plan limitations

When you have too many choices, you get confused which way to go. Something similar happens in the case of Jibble’s Fee Plans.

Speaking of the free plan alone, the quantum of deliverables it offers is very limited, which means in most cases opting for a paid plan, becomes mandatory.  Most importantly, if you are looking to add tailor-made inclusions or have a fairly larger team size, using the free plan does not seem feasible.

Ultimately, you end up upgrading your plan to access the improved service basket making the free plan non-sustainable.

 Jibble’s Premium Plan

A popular paid plan from Jibble – The Premium Plan works out at $ 1.91 per month.

Apart from the benefits of the Free Plan, this alternative includes

  •         Unlimited work groups with custom restrictions
  •         2 admins and 5 managers inclusion
  •         Payroll timesheets inclusive of breaks and overtime calculations
  •         Advanced time tracking policies and device restrictions
  •         Scope for unlimited work schedules
  •         3 kiosk instances
  •         8 Geofences
  •         Export Files
  •         Leave Balances to be included soon

The Ultimate Plan

Do you not mind spending a little extra to enjoy limitless time tracking?

You must go for Jibble’s Ultimate Plan now available at $ 3.85 per month.

With this plan, you get to time track not just employees and teams for payroll but also projects and clients.

In this case, along with the premium plan benefits you also enjoy

  • Unlimited locations & geofence restrictions
  • Unlimited kiosk instances
  • Unlimited admins & managers
  • Unlimited groups
  • Attendance insights report
  • Live location tracking

The Enterprise Plan

A time-tracking tool that can do justice to companies that house a headcount of 500+ is challenging to find. Jibble has ended this worry with its Enterprise Plan available at custom price points.

Hit “Let’s Chat”, and Jibble will create a plan inclusive of the following features:

  • Enterprise Account Manager
  • On boarding and Rollout Manager
  • API Support Manager
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Require SSO
  • Require 2FA
  • Local Data Residency
  • Self-hosting

Jibble time tracking

Answering Jibble’s Pricing FAQs

Is Jibble Free or Paid?

Jibble is available in both free and pro-versions. The free version is 100% free with no hidden or add-on charges, free from employee and time limits.

Three pro-versions are also available. The free version is near accurate for most teams, who can operate without paid upgrades.

Are upgrade and downgrade options available?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your Jibble plan. Your initial choice of plan does not matter.

For downgrading, you can switch to the free plan. Plan upgrade is available during the trial period and at the end of it.

What are the payment options in Jibble?

If you wish to sign up for Jibble’s paid alternative, then you can choose to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. The said amount is payable using international debit and credit cards.

For the free trial of 14 days, you do not have to provide your credit card details.

How does the invoice calculation work?

A per-seat upfront payment option is available in the monthly and annual plans.

The number of users is equivalent to the number of paid seats. Different users can use the paid seats. Similarly, it is possible to remove members from the People list.

Exploring Time Analytics as an alternative

If Jibble does not seem like an interesting bet for you, let us discuss Time Analytics – an equally or more efficient time tracker.

We understand it gets difficult to track billable hours, something Time Analytics’ user-friendly dashboard makes easy and seamless.

Businesses run for growth and profits, which seems distant in absence of productivity, something this tool aims to tackle closely.

Working with Time Analytics means tracking time across every project becomes possible at a click of a button.

From managing time entries, setting billing and pay rates for the team to automating cost allocation, this tool helps every business and in-built team thrive.

Time Analytics Price Points at a Glance

Time Analytics Dashboard

Too many choices lead to immense confusion. Keeping this in mind, Time Analytics has made it simple by offering “2 distinct alternatives” – the Starter and Optimum plans.

The best part is that you can take a Free Trial of 14 days, loaded with all features to understand what best suits your team or organizational objectives.

Overview of the Time Analytics Pricing Plans

Decoding the starter plan

What is in-store in the Starter Plan?

Available at a competitive $ 4.99 per user per month, the Starter Plan is for individuals who wish to reduce the burden of admin work to squeeze in more productivity and corresponding billable hours.

Brownie Points for: Limitless Users, Clients and Projects

On availing of this plan, you enjoy:

  •         Time tracking on projects and clients
  •         Daily and weekly timesheets
  •         Utilization and overtime tracking
  •         Time off and holiday tracking
  •         Automatic costs allocation
  •         Time and cost reporting
  •         Performance dashboard
  •         Visual reports
  •         Billing and pay (cost) rates
  •         Manager role
  •         Exportable reports
  •         Data import
  •         24 hours e-mail support
  •         Mobile app (Android and iOS)

Jibble alternatives - Timer Time Analytics

Decoding the optimum plan

What is in-store in the Optimum Plan?

Available at a lucrative offer of $ 6.99 per user per month, the Optimum Plan makes a perfect alliance, especially for growth-oriented companies looking to clock in enviable profit figures. This plan is a market fit across diverse clients and projects

Brownie Points for: Improved work transparency and accuracy in client interaction

On availing of this plan, you enjoy:

  •         Starter features plus:
  •         Invoicing (Time billing)
  •         Revenue and profit reporting
  •         Email reminders
  •         Customized on boarding

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics Pricing FAQs answered

1) Post the Trial Period, will my plan become active?

 Time Analytics offers its users 14 days Free Trial without making it a compulsion to enter their credit card details. This means users can take a call about whether or not they would like to switch to a paid plan post-completion of the trial.

2) Can I get discounts on the paid plans? 

Yes. Users enjoy two types of discounts when availing of Time Analytics Starter or Optimum Plan.

 The first discount comes in the form of yearly payments, where users enjoy additional two free months on availing of the annual plan.

 The second discount is 30% less, applicable for teams with 50+ member subscriptions. In the case where there are 150+ users, an additional custom offer becomes applicable.

3) What are the available payment options?

 All plans are payable using credit cards. For annual payments, wire transfers and payment through PayPal options are available for teams involving 30+ members.

4) Is it possible to cancel the Time Analytics Subscription?

 Users can terminate their subscriptions at any point. Once this is through, the renewal will stop immediately.

 However, users can use the tool until the paid subscription ends. No refund policy is applicable. 

Without Further Ado, get started with Time Analytics:

A time tracking tool built with the idea of “no special skill set requirement” to run the interface surely needs attention for improved productivity, performance, and profitability.

Time management is not a constraint, as timesheets here do not require endless filling hours, making it easy for the team members to focus on their core functions.

With this tool, missing billable hours is now a thing of the past. The best part is that you no longer have to juggle between what matters and what doesn’t because Time Analytics thoroughly tracks hours, analyzes projects, and plots client performance, making the onward roadmap smooth.

Why are you still waiting? Hurry up and get started with Times Analytics


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