10 Best Law Firm CRM Software Solutions for 2024

10 Best Law Firm CRM Software Solutions for 2024

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
September 12, 2023

Looking for reliable law firm CRM software?

We’ve extensively evaluated and curated a comprehensive list of the best options to help you manage cases and enhance client relationships.

In the legal industry, where precision and client connections are vital, CRM software offers transformative potential.

Our guide showcases top law firm CRM solutions, enabling you to select the ideal one for your firm, and fostering enduring and productive client partnerships.

Top 10 Law Firm CRM Software Solutions

#1 Zoho CRM

When it comes to law firm CRM software, Zoho CRM stands out as a game-changer that’s both accessible and adaptable. The platform flexes to fit your unique business requirements without skimping on its impressive array of features. It’s the sweet spot where simplicity meets functionality.

Say goodbye to the daunting learning curves; with Zoho CRM, you’ll be up and running in no time. But ease of use doesn’t mean sacrificing the robust capabilities your business demands.

Zoho CRM

Source: Zoho website

In fact, Zoho CRM excels in combining user-friendliness with a rich feature set. It’s the best of both worlds. And speaking of worlds, it doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium, or a corporate giant. Namely, Zoho CRM scales effortlessly to meet your needs. From small law firms and startups to established enterprises, spanning across industries, Zoho CRM empowers businesses to connect with their customers on a whole new level, delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

Top Features

  • Smart Web Forms – Effortlessly capture high-intent web visitors and initiate immediate interactions.
  • Multichannel Communication – Reach out to potential clients through a multitude of channels, including email, text, chat, and more.
  • Zia AI – Automate social media posts, execute text blasts, and craft captivating email campaigns, all with the brilliance of artificial intelligence.
  • Social CRM – Seamlessly publish targeted content across social platforms and bask in instant feedback, forging stronger connections with your audience.

Zoho Pricing

Standard – €20 per user per month

  • Basic modules
  • Tasks, calls, events
  • Sales forecasting
  • Multiple currencies

Professional – €35 per user per month

  • Standard features
  • Sales signals
  • Assignment rules
  • Macros

Enterprise – €50 per user per month

  • Professional features
  • Email parsers
  • Custom sales signs
  • Portals

Ultimate – €65 per user per month

  • Custom plan

#2 Clio

Clio is a revolutionary law practice management software. It stands at the forefront of the legal tech landscape. Offering an extensive suite of features, including robust case and document management, streamlined client intake processes, and a versatile CRM, Clio caters to the diverse needs of law professionals. Notably, while the CRM functionality is included in the highest tier, it can also be seamlessly integrated as an add-on in the lower tiers.

Clio Law Firm CRM Software Solutions

Source: Clio website

Clio’s adaptability caters to a wide spectrum of legal specialties, from estate planning to injury cases, intellectual property matters, and bankruptcy law. This versatility makes it a go-to choice for legal practitioners. This law firm CRM software offers unparalleled customization with its user-friendly interface. Craft online intake forms, mold document templates to your specific requirements, and structure intake stages to streamline your onboarding and case management processes. With Clio, you’re in control of your practice’s organization and efficiency.

Top Features

  • Client Intake Automation – Streamline processes for client generation, seamless onboarding, and effective retention strategies.
  • Effortless Document Management & E-signatures – Effortlessly send contracts and essential documents to clients for swift and secure electronic signatures.
  • Time Tracking Mastery – Create and manage time entries seamlessly, making task management and invoicing a breeze.
  • Performance Insights at Your Fingertips – Monitor essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions to drive your practice forward.

Clio Pricing

EasyStart – $49 per user per month

  • Time tracking
  • Hourly and flat rates
  • Document management
  • Outlook and Gmail integrations

Essentials – $79 per user per month

  • EasyStart features
  • Templates
  • Custom workflows
  • Communication channel

Advanced – $119 per user per month

  • Essentials features
  • Staff workload management
  • Fast searches
  • Profitability and contributions reports

Complete – $149 per user per month

  • Advanced features
  • Clio Grow
  • Client intake
  • Website and referral tracking
  • Automated forms and emails

#3 Freshsales

When it comes to versatile law firm CRM software, Freshsales takes the lead. It excels in providing an array of tools that simplify the storage, organization, and monitoring of client and case-related documents. To put it differently, document management becomes a breeze.

Freshsales law firm

Crafting and sending documents to clients is made efficient thanks to the inclusion of templates for essential legal paperwork. It includes contracts, agreements, and NDAs. Freshsales has an autotagging feature, seamlessly linking these documents to the corresponding contact records. This ensures easy access, allowing you to view, share, and collaborate on documents with your clients via email while preventing duplicate files.

Top Features

  • Document Templates at Your Fingertips – Craft contracts, proposals, and NDAs effortlessly using Freshsales’ library of prebuilt forms.
  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Customization – Customize your documents with ease and tailor your documents to perfection to seamlessly incorporate e-signature elements.
  • Effortless CPQ Automation –Automate pricing and quote processes and send them to your clients directly within the platform.
  • Seamless Integrations – Sync Freshsales with popular apps like Google Workspace, DocuSign, PandaDoc, and more.

Freshsales Pricing

Freshsales has multiple pricing plans.

  • Free (free) – kanban view, chat, email and phone, contact lifecycle, 24/5 support, email templates for up to 3 users
  • Growth ($18 per user per month) – Free features + AI contact scoring, workflows, product catalog, sales sequences, 1 CPQ license
  • Pro ($47 per user per month) – Growth features + multiple sales pipelines, auto-assigned rules for different elements, AI deal insights, sales and teams territory management
  • Enterprise ($83 per user per month) – Pro features + custom modules, audit logs, account manager, field-level permissions, AI forecasting insights

#4 Lawmatics

Lawmatics is a cutting-edge CRM and legal intake platform. This law firm CRM software seamlessly connects with your clients through an intuitive appointment scheduling tool. Additionally, it finds the perfect moment for consultations. Lawmatics transforms disorganized client data into a structured goldmine. Imagine effortlessly generating legal documents with the click of a button.


Source: Lawmatics website

Moreover, Lawmatics keeps you in the loop at all times. Track phone calls, court appearances, and consultations effortlessly through their pipeline and time-tracking tool. It’s not just about managing clients; it’s about elevating your legal practice to new heights.

Top Features

  • Document Management – Craft tailored intake forms and documents effortlessly, ready for e-signatures.
  • Marketing Automation – Segment your contacts and reach out with tailored emails, ensuring your message resonates with specific demographics.
  • Proactive Triggers – Watch agreements turn into action as invoices are automatically dispatched once signed.
  • Visual Pipeline – Navigate your leads with anintuitive kanban-style pipeline.

Lawmatics Pricing

Starter – $259 per month

  • 1 user
  • 500 contacts
  • 5 custom reports
  • 25 monthly eSignatures

Plus – $399 per month

  • 5 users
  • 10.000 contacts
  • 50 custom reports
  • 150 eSignatures

Premium – $1.199 per month

  • 20 users
  • 25.000 contacts
  • Unlimited reports
  • 500 eSignatures

Enterprise – custom plan

  • Custom pricing and user count
  • Unlimited features
  • Quarterly business review
  • Account manager

#5 Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a user-friendly law firm CRM software that acts like a customizable toolbox for your law firm’s success. With a range tools at your fingertips, you can engage potential clients and streamline your documentation process effortlessly.

Get a glimpse into who’s interacting with your content and campaigns with Pipedrive’s Web Visitor add-on.

pipedrive law firm

Source: Pipedrive website

Transform casual website visitors into promising leads using LeadBooster. Capture them through web forms, prequalify their potential, and watch them land in your lead inbox – all in a few clicks. As your leads evolve into clients, Pipedrive smoothly transitions into managing legal cases with its Projects add-on. It’s the natural progression from lead to case management, all in one versatile platform.

Top Features

  • Web-to-Lead Forms – Capture both inbound and outbound leads effortlessly, all through embedded forms that work like magic.
  • Contact Mastery – Pipedrive offers an intuitive contact management system, ensuring you can easily store and access vital client data and past conversations.
  • Deal Rotting Feature – Pipedrive’s Deal Rotting Feature acts as your alert system, helping you identify missed meetings and engagement chances, ensuring you never leave potential on the table.
  • Seamless Integrations – Customize Pipedrive to suit your law firm’s specific needs with industry-specific features.

Pipedrive Pricing

Essential – $11.90 per user per month

  • Lead and deal management
  • Product catalog
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Custom fields

Advanced – $24.90 per user per month

  • Essential features
  • Important fields

Professional – $49.90 per user per month

  • Advanced features
  • Formula and required fields
  • Mentions and comments
  • File attachments

Power – $59.90 per user per month

  • Professional features
  • Phone support
  • Implementation prigram
  • 200.000 open deals

Enterprise – $74.90 per user per month

  • Power features
  • Security rules and alerts
  • Unlimited deals, fields, and reports
  • Unlimited custom permissions

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#6 Law Ruler

Law Ruler is a comprehensive law firm CRM software that combines customer and legal case management, marketing automation, and client intake software, all in one powerful package.

Seamlessly handle both client and case data, keeping everything organized and accessible within the platform.

Law Ruler

Source: Law Ruler website

Streamline your outreach efforts with automated email drip campaigns and text messaging marketing. Engage clients with follow-ups, appointment confirmations, court date reminders, and more, all with the click of a button. Connect with your clients in a whole new way.

Law Ruler lets you launch voice-calling campaigns, delivering pre-recorded, targeted messages that resonate and drive engagement.

Top Features

  • Client Intake Excellence – Streamline your client intake process with Law Ruler’s advanced features. Harness the power of decision tree logic and personalization to automate client onboarding, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience.
  • Effortless Document Management – Craft forms, contracts, and essential documents with ease.
  • Instant Connectivity – A built-in dialer offers an intuitive click-to-call phone system, ensuring you can contact leads instantly and effortlessly.
  • Marketing Automation Mastery – Launch and manage trigger-based marketing campaigns that resonate and drive results.

Law Ruler Pricing

Pro – $199 per month

  • 3 users
  • 10.000  contacts
  • Custom intake forms
  • Appointment management

Premium – $249 per month

  • 3 users
  • 15.000 contacts
  • 1-click referral management
  • Email marketing campaigns

Enterprise – custom pricing (10 user minimum)

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited automations
  • DNI ad keyword tracker
  • Marketing source reporting

#7 HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM reigns supreme as the go-to choice across various industries.

This law firm CRM software brings your sales process to life with its intuitive visual sales pipeline. Dive into essential sales reporting features that provide insights into your business performance. The app offers integration with the free tiers of HubSpot’s marketing and service platforms as well. This unlocks a treasure trove of features, including drip campaigns, web forms, and case management.

 HubSpot CRM law firm

Source: HubSpot CRM website

It’s important to note that while HubSpot CRM provides a stellar free option, venturing into its paid tiers can come with a significant price tag. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a versatile and robust CRM solution to enhance your business, HubSpot CRM is your partner in success.

Top Features

  • Ecosystem Synergy – Seamlessly sync with HubSpot’s free Marketing, Service, and Operations Hubs.
  • Intuitive Management – Navigate your CRM effortlessly with HubSpot’s intuitive interface. From contact management to reporting, it’s designed to simplify your tasks and amplify your insights.
  • Real-Time Conversations – Connect with clients and prospects in real-time using the free live chat widget.
  • Efficient Conversation Routing – Ensure every conversation lands in the right hands, whether it’s a specific lawyer or department.

Hub Spot Pricing

  • Free (free) – marketing, sales, CMS, operations, and commerce tools
  • Starter (starts at $18 per month) – Free features + recurring tasks, multiple currencies, goals, simple automation, e-signatures, all for two users
  • Professional (starts at $450 per month) – Starter features + workspace, coaching videos, playbooks, sequences, call transcription, forecasts, ABM tools

#8 SalesForce

Salesforce is an undisputed market leader in law firm CRM software. The platform boasts a remarkable history spanning more than 20 years. Its reputation as a go-to choice is particularly strong among medium-sized and large enterprises. Salesforce’s complexity is a testament to its rich feature set. While it can be challenging to implement, a vast community of experts is available to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success.


Source: Salesforce website

Salesforce is a comprehensive solution with an arsenal of features that sets it apart. From workflow creation and task management to cutting-edge customer engagement tools, it’s a powerhouse of capabilities. The app seamlessly integrates with a multitude of platforms and its limitless customization possibilities.

Top Features

  • Workflow Creation – Streamline and automate your business processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Task Management – Organize and track tasks seamlessly to boost productivity and meet deadlines.
  • Customer Engagement Tools – Elevate customer interactions and relationships through powerful tools designed for meaningful engagement and connection.4

Salesforce Pricing

Starter – $25 per user per month

Professional – $80 per user per month

Enterprise – $165 per user per month

Unlimited – $330 per user per month

#9 Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM allows business owners and sales teams to automate and manage the entire sales cycle. This platform streamlines all customer data in one centralized place. With the intuitive, powerful, and easy-to-use platform, you can capture leads from any source, easily manage contact information and communication. Additionally, it allows you to automate manual processes with no code automations, and track every deal’s status so that no opportunities or deals slip through the cracks.

Monday Sales CRM law firm CRM

Source: Monday website

You can view your deals with one simple click, and analyze your sales processes using real-time data and updates with customizable dashboards. Once a deal is won, all post-sales activities can be managed directly from Monday sales CRM. Connecting all company stakeholders, such as finance, legal, and account managers to all necessary information in one place, ensures smooth billing, contracting, and onboarding.

Top Features

  • Centralized Data Hub – Easy access to a unified repository of customer information, streamlining operations and collaboration.
  • Effortless Lead Capture – Efficiently manage contact details and communication channels, ensuring you stay connected with your leads.
  • No-Code Automation – Automate routine tasks and processes, save time and reduce manual errors.
  • Comprehensive Deal Tracking – Real-time data and customizable dashboards for in-depth analysis, helping you optimize your sales strategies.

Monday CRM Pricing


  • Up to 2 users
  • 3 boards
  • Unlimited documents
  • 8 column types

Basic – €8 per seat per month

  • Free features
  • Unlimited viewers
  • 5GB storage
  • Priority support
  • Dashboard based on one board

Standard – €10 per seat per month

  • Basic features
  • Timeline and Gantt views
  • Guest access
  • 250  monthly automation and integration actions

Pro – €16 per seat per month

  • Standard features
  • Private boards
  • Formula column
  • Time tracking

Enterprise – custom pricing

  • Pro features
  • Automations and integrations
  • Advanced analytics
  • Tailored onboarding

#10 Keap

Our final law firm CRM software choice is Keap. It is a game-changing software that seamlessly integrates sales, CRM, and marketing automation. The platform empowers you to not only generate leads but also categorize them, ensuring the right messages reach the right people, boosting your conversion potential.

Keap law firm CRM

Source: Keap website

Keap comes loaded with a robust set of tools, including email marketing, in-depth reporting and analytics, a streamlined sales pipeline, CRM capabilities, powerful sales and marketing automation, appointment management, payment processing, and much more. Create tailor-made forms and seamlessly embed them into your landing pages and websites. Trigger real-time automated actions that keep your operations running smoothly.

Top Features

  • Lead Generation and Segmentation – Efficiently generate and categorize leads to ensure precise message targeting.
  • Customer Experience Enhancement – Craft exceptional customer journeys to build long-lasting loyalty beyond transactions.
  • Comprehensive Toolset – Access a rich array of tools, from email marketing to payment processing, for a complete sales, CRM, and marketing solution.
  • Automated Sales Follow-up – Boost lead conversion rates by automating your entire sales follow-up process through the integrated sales pipeline.

Keap Pricing

Pro – $199 per month

  • 2 users
  • 1500 contacts
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Automated lead follow-up

Max – $289 per month

  • Pro features
  • 2500 contacts
  • Lead scoring
  • Promo codes

Max Classic – custom pricing and advanced features


In conclusion, the market of law firm CRM software is evolving rapidly to meet the ever-changing needs of legal professionals. With the right CRM solution in place, law firms can streamline client management, automate critical processes, and elevate their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large legal team, investing in a robust CRM system is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s competitive legal landscape. Embracing the power of CRM software can not only enhance client relationships but also drive growth and success for your law firm in the digital age. So, take the leap, choose wisely, and watch as your practice transforms into a more agile, client-focused, and thriving entity, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s legal world.

Jelena Lukic

Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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